Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 334

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 334 Non Human

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"Cheh! What are you smiling for?"

Korra snorted with an unpleasant expression as she never witnessed Shen Xiu smiling since she had known her in the past few days and by Gods, does she look beautiful!

"Hmm?" Shen Xiu looked towards Korra and couldn't help but feel happy. It was Korra's rough attitude that kept her frustrations at bay for quite some time. With a slight smile, she looked towards Nik, who was sitting opposite to Lanrou and spoke up, "Something good happened to me."

Ning'er's face grew hot as she messed up her moves and exhaled deeply.

"Let me help you."

Shen Xiu stopped and turned towards Ning'er. Her words made Korra slip up as she fell on her butt while staring towards Shen Xiu's back. Even Shen Xiu's ass looked wider in Korra's vision.

'Did she eat or drink something?'

Korra frowned and felt amazed that Shen Xiu was so womanly, and she failed to note that feature about her. Just this morning, Shen Xiu was comparable to a frustrated bitch!

"I can do it myself," Ning'er remarked and took her stance once again. Her actions made Shen Xiu pause as she recalled her elder brother's actions against Xiao Ning'er's Wing Dragon Family. Shen Hong used his devious mind to push the Wind Dragon Family into a substantial debt while offering his assistance in the form of a political marriage. Not only was Ning'er beautiful, but she was also talented and perfect in Shen Hong's eyes to bring into the family as his elder son's bride.

Finally, Shen Xiu nodded and decided against pushing Ning'er and took her stance once again. She did not feel pity for Ning'er. After all, Shen Xiu barely knew her. The trio started training as Nik kept Lanrou in mild illusion. This time, Lanrou faced a gargantuan Lily. It's large violet petals were marred with many eyes, and the crimson stem of the flower was embedded with nightmarish thorns. Finally, the monstrosity could move!

Lanrou cussed and looked around the giant violet orb that confined the floral nightmare and her together. This was an illusion, and Lanrou knew it. But this was one of the most effortless fantasies she can be placed into. The tough ones are the lands filled with known individuals. But still, finding a trigger was not an easy task, and the illusion could continue endlessly. She could be tortured by the monstrous being with her body torn to shreds, and she will be brought back to 'normal' once again.

After Nik tailored an easy fantasy for Lanrou to train her powers of illusion in, he opened his eyes and looked at the trio. Korra, Xiu, and Ning'er trained silently. Their moves were now slightly more refined. In the world filled with spiritual energy and strange skills emerging from Spirit rings, the quality of one's physique barely mattered. But for the spirit masters in the lower edges of the ranking system, the ability to move one's body according to the intentions of the mind was quite a beneficial thing.

"Teacher Nik?"

Ray's voice suddenly attracted everybody's attention except for Lanrou. Ray wasn't alone, and alongside the succubus stood Ye Ziyun, Nie Li, and Shen Yue.

"Hmm? What is it, Ye Ray."

Nik inquired with a mocking grin as Ray flinched. With a forced smile, Ray gestured towards Ye Ziyun, "Ziyun wanted to ask something."


Nik looked towards the purple-headed girl and smiled silently. Ye Ziyun looked at Ning'er for a moment. Both of their gazes met before Ning'er turned her head away wordlessly. With her gaze growing complicated, Ye Ziyun took a deep breath and spoke up, "I wish to train under Teacher Nik."

Unlike Shen Yue and Nie Li, who felt their minds abuzz, Ray had already considered the possibility that Ye Ziyun might've asked to train under Nik's pants. Alas, his techniques in martial arts are what she truly wanted.

'Considering Nik... not for long, I guess."

Ray thought while Nik nodded naturally, "The class starts at 2 in the morning. Be sure to wear a training outfit, or I won't be teaching you anything."

"Me, too, Teacher!"

Nie Li instantly shouted, and Shen Yue joined in, "I want to join, too!"

Nik gazed at the duo silently and closed his eyes worldlessly. He had no intention of humoring any male outside the class schedule, the troublemakers were a priority that Nik loved ignoring.

Seeing that Nik wasn't replying, Nie Li decided a different approach, "Teacher Nik, let's bet. We both will spar for five minutes, and if I manage to land a blow, you will allow me into your classes."

Nik still remained wordless. Since he had already decided to ignore the duo, he would see his actions through. He opened his eyes and observed Nie Li with a curious expression. Nik parted his lips, and when Nie Li felt that he had successfully trapped Nik, the l.u.s.t apostle turned his head towards Ray and inquired, "Ye Ray, do you also wish to join in the classes?"

"No, Teacher."

Ray shook his head. 2 in the morning? Heck, Ray only let Ye Hong sleep a little after 4 in the morning!

Nik nodded in understanding and closed his eyes once again.

"You three, continue your training."

It was already known that Shen Xiu was Nik's apprentice outside the classroom. So, Shen Yue wasn't surprised that Shen Xiu accepted Nik's command and instantly took her stance.

"teacher Nik, if you want, I can pay for your teachings."

Seeing Ye Ziyun walk away with Ray, Shen Yue spoke up with a slightly irritated expression.

Once again, silence is what greeted the impudent youth. To think that Nik's heart could be moved with money! Ha!

Seeing Shen Yue's tactic fail, Nie Li frowned and thought internally.

'Teacher Nik isn't moved with wealth or status. All his apprentices are females, and one of them is already taken by the Teacher in front of others...

Could he really be as the rumors describe him?'

Nie Li's heart grew anxious as he thought of his Zyun in the arms of someone else, and he couldn't help but scowl.

"Teacher Nik, if you don't accept a single man in your training sessions, many rumors might damage your reputation."

Nie Li did not like jumping to conclusions, so he decided to advise Nik. Alas, all he received was silent stare before Nik closed his eyes.

Rumors that inform the truth are called facts. So what if Nik is labeled as a womanizer? He would have felt hurt if he wasn't called that!

Nie Li bit his lips as Nik remained unresponsive and finally walked away. He needed to save Ziyun, and he will do it in any way required.

Shen Yue tried persuading one last time before walking away.

It was only after the two had receded that another girl with her bluish ended hair covering her gaze and slightly thin body approached the training group and spoke out, "Um... Teacher, can I also train here?"

Nik opened his eyes and observed the girl in front of him. She was one of the sincere ones in his class as he nodded naturally while instructing her the same thing he did to Ye Ziyun.


She wasn't named until she was nurtured in her mama's belly for a hundred thousand years. She was called a lot of things when she was inside her mom's belly. Honeypuff, little fire-breather, cutie slaughter, putty butty. It was a strange experience for her. To be inside her mother's belly for a hundred-thousand years as a monster and then birthed as a human, and even though she was conscious most of the time, she had also succ.u.mbed to years of sleep.

With a click, she entered her house as the shout of her mother warmed her heart. She was safe. They both lived to see another day, even amongst human society. She recalled the fact that a kid named Nie Li from her class knew about the sacred rules of the world that allowed the spirit beasts to achieve Godhood and couldn't help but shudder.

She quickly walked up to her room and looked into her mirror while pushing her large bangs aside. Once again, she witnessed her slightly glowing neon-blue pupils. She had a round face and a pair of large eyes. Unlike her mother, who was born a beast and turned into a human, she was something else, even in the words of her mother.

"Ryu'er! Your scent is all over the place! Didn't I tell you to keep ye'r emotions in check?"

A toned woman with a face similar to Ryu'er walked into the room with a blue apron draping her figure and a spatula in her hands. Just like Ryu'er, the end of the woman's hair was dyed blue.

"Yes, Mama!"

Ryu'er, a monster-human hybrid turned into a human nodded with a bright smile and quickly changed her clothes.