Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 341

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 341 Forgotten Taste

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Every dinner in the Star Restaurant should be memorable; That is the establishment's motto. Based on this motto, Shen Xiu started to indulge in the pleasures of gourmet to relieve herself of the stress from her family. Each meal should leave a mark on her tongue, and every glass of wine should leave a burn over her heart. A feeling that she wouldn't forget. A feeling that would last long enough to make her live through her darkest hours.

Consider her rage and desperation when she realized that the food she loved, her only addiction, grew tasteless. Bland. A peak form of dullness touched her life, and she finally felt losing it all.

No, she did lose it!


Nik's thick fingers snapped in front of Shen Xiu's face. Her eyelids fluttered as her gaze focused on Nik, "Are you lost or something?" Xiu shook her head at Nik's inquiry and gazed at her plate filled with equally sliced gold-brown meat with glimmering red sauce on top of it. Mouth-watering juices leaked through the inner portion of the flesh as Xiu pierced one of the pieces of Lemon Hen's b.r.e.a.s.t and ate up.

With a burst of sourness that quickly morphed into a tangy aftertaste, Xiu enjoyed the taste she had long forgotten. An unprecedented wave of sweetness overwhelmed her heart. This wasn't supposed to happen. Xiu shouldn't feel like this. It wasn't a taste, this time, what Xiu enjoyed was the sweet emotion filling every fiber of her being.

With a gulp, Xiu picked another piece and chewed. It wasn't bland, and still, Xiu couldn't feel satisfied. Now that she knew what she wanted, she could not enjoy the taste of her food, and even when the fiery wine filled her throat, her gaze remained soaked with the vision of Nik enjoying his meal. Nik loved to take large bites, his hands moved without a shred of etiquette, and with all his kindness, he looked absolutely barbaric at the moment, and even then, Shen Xiu felt her heart throbbing.

It was just like the first time her teenage self ate a dish from this restaurant. She was enjoying the taste of Nik's company. It was 'colorful.'

The meal lasted for more than an hour. With training routine so intense, even Xiu's appetite had increased, and while she couldn't help but feel sweetness flooding her being whenever Nik offered her wine, Xiu barely let anything transpire on her face. Finally, one of the most cherished meals Shen Xiu ever ate came to an eventual end. Nik leaned back on his chair and exhaled in content while letting his hands pat his abdomen. The nutritional value of the spirit beasts was too high!

"Thank you for the food."

Nik sighed and stood up. His body wasn't feeling that tired, and even if he was now aware of his body's need to reset, he just rested this morning. Nik was still as lively as an enraged bull!

Before Nik left, however, Shen Xiu decided to speak up and confirm tomorrow's plan. She did not like leaving anything to luck, and since she now understood that she could feel even the slightest bit happy with Nik, she would take her chances.

"Will you come tomorrow, too?"

Xiu's sudden question made Nik falter for a moment before he grinned brightly and nodded, "You got it."

It would be a lie if Nik wasn't pleased with Xiu's initiative. It was somewhat refreshing to see a fierce woman showing such a cute face while asking a question.

Hot, even.


With all his tasks of the day completed, Nik had already retreated to his room.

"Took you long enough!"

Lanruo whispered with her body on Nik's bed and her figure covered by Nik's bedsheet. Her shoulder-length pink hair was slightly disheveled while her grip on the edges of the bedsheet tightened. Her face blushing to the extreme, and her heartbeats resounding within the tiny room.

"Yeah, sorry about that," Nik sat on the edge of the bed, his gaze scanning Lanruo from head to toe with a genuine smile on his face. In the matters of taking the initiative, Lanruo easily surpassed most of the girls Nik had been with. The ends of Lanruo's pink bangs were wet, and her figure exuded a calming scent. She had taken a bath quite recently, maybe a few minutes ago, that much was evident.

"T-this is only for today," Lanruo whispered while covering the lower half of her face with a pull of bedsheet and gazing at Nik with bashfulness, "Don't get used to this."

Yeah, if it wasn't for Xiu hugging Nik for the entire night, Lanruo wouldn't have decided to respond in kind. How she managed to explain the situation to her father was something that Nik could not imagine.

Nik took a deep breath and enjoyed Lanruo's scent. He looked around and finally took out multiple scented candles from his spatial ring. Tonight's guest was the only reason he decided to bring the scented candles. Nik's own scent was a virtual aphrodisiac but subjecting Lanruo to one when she emphasized that she would be willing to do the deed only after the engagement would have been selfish and unkind towards Lanruo.

Lanruo's gaze was instantly attracted to Nik's current visage under the glow of pink flames.

He did not plan to make Lanruo's curvaceous body writhe in pleasure under his debauched treatment

Wait, he had planned just that!

Nik eventually walked into bed while removing his tunic, baring his chest as Lanruo's gaze was instantly attracted to his muscular physique. Nik settled beside Lanruo. He tilted his body to face the pinkette. Nik was outside the bedsheet, and his weight slightly tugged on the bedsheet over Lanruo, accentuating her curves. Nik gently caressed the side of Lanruo's face and whispered, "Thank you."

Lanruo's agreement to sleep with Nik was already a step filled with her expectations, and Nik did not intend to let those hopes down. In fact, he would surpass those expectations by quite a margin.

"For what?"

Lanruo's voice buzzed as her hands finally lowered, revealing her entire face as she tilted her gaze to match Nik's violet orbs. She shifted her face slightly so that her cheeks could easily nuzzle against Nik's warm hand as her expression softened while the scent of the candles worked their charm and calmed Lanruo down. She let out a soft sigh as Nik lowered his lips, Lanruo closed her eyes. She had already kissed Nik before. But tonight felt different. Nik looked kinder, hotter, and more ravishing. Just like Nik, Lanruo wished to seal her lips and enjoy Nik's warmth. It was mind-numbing for Lanruo.

She was unable to believe how sweet Nik's mouth tasted. His tongue was slightly rough, and his skills impeccable. She could feel Nik's hand shifting and cupping the side of her face as Lanruo let go of her inhibitions and move her hand towards Nik's body. The bedsheet slid down and finally revealed the strapless lingeries with a traditional charm. Embroidered in flower, the cloth around Lanruo's bosom was opaque, unlike the free-flowing, gown-like design with translucent clothing and a ravishing frilled panty wrapped around her waist.

"Mmh," Lanruo let out a sweet m.o.a.n as she felt a strange sensation invade her mind. Her n.i.p.p.l.es grew erect while her p.u.s.s.y just squirted for a brief moment. Even Lanrou tilted her body as both of her hands not traced Nik's abdomen while engaging in an ardent kiss full of warmth. As their kiss grew heated, Nik wrapped his arms around Lanruo and pulled her body closer to his. Her bosom squished against Nik's chest as her cleavage became prominent.


They both m.o.a.ned softly, enjoying each other's soft lips and slowly lost themselves in passion.