Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 344

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 344 Failed Exposure

The classes began in the absence of drama. Though the students remained indignant, the parents eagerly supported such a change. They were getting invited by one of the most talented professors to discuss the future of their children. Only the wealthy felt hesitant at the prospect.

The lesson plan now dictated the students to bury their heads in the art of inscription, something Nik couldn't teach, so he kicked back and relaxed while Xiu taught the class. She still wore her hair in a braided tail, but her outfit had changed into an alluring dress that exposed her bosom and h.i.p.s. An unhealthy sight for the kids, but for Nik, the morning treat couldn't be healthier.

"So, using this Lightning Fire Inscription pattern, a spirit master can enhance his weapons..."

Xiu recited while drawing on the board of the class. Her practiced motion quickly constructed a strange pattern that Nik felt headache just by seeing it. Xiu did well, but when he thought of the lessons he needed to attend to become as proficient as her, Nik floundered.


As Xiu finished her inscription, a chuckle rang amidst the silent class, and Nik really got a headache as he realized the owner of the laugh. Xiu stopped in her tracks and turned on her heels to calmly match the youth who has been nothing short of a source of irritation.

"Would you please share it with the entire class as to what is funny, student Nei Li," Xiu demanded calmly. She was in a good mood, and the delirious actions of the youth failed to disturb her.

"Nothing, teacher," If it was nothing then Nei Li would not have stood up and since he had quite a bit of bad karma with the Sacred Family in his past life, he decided to settle a few scores today, "But I think that Teacher Shen misdescribed the inscription pattern. This inscription pattern belongs to the Temperature Controlling collection of the dynasty before the age of darkness."

Nei Li then continued to spread his arms and shake his head in theatrics to dramatize his point, "Of course, Teacher Shen knows better than me. There is a book with a similar pattern"

"I understand," Xiu nodded calmly. Entering into an argument with a kid was what her tasteless self would have indulged in. There was no point in meaningless banter, and if the inscription pattern she taught was incorrect, she could always pin the blame on her tutor Vice-Principal Ye Sheng.

"You can take your seat now."

Xiu turned her back and gave no attention to the kid standing with a dazed face. Seeing his expression, Nik couldn't help but frown and make a few guesses. Nei Li has always jabbed against the members of the Sacred Family in the class. Maybe his family has some misunderstanding with the behemoth named the Sacred Family, or maybe Nei Li was an abandoned child from one of the higher-ups of the Sacred Family. Nik had no way of affirming the cause of Nei Li's issue with the Sacred Family.

Nei Li, meanwhile, grew fl.u.s.tered. The only way to expose the Sacred Family was by showing how ugly they look when someone criticizes them, but Shen Xiu's reaction surpassed Nei Li's expectations. How can he even get into an argument if the second party is not interested? A clap cannot resound if both the hands do not collide!

"Is there anything else?"

Xiu turned and looked at Nei Li, who still stood in a dazed stupor. The eyes of his classmates fell on him as they all looked at him strangely. Part of the reason Xiu did not have any reaction was that she couldn't care less if she was teaching the students correctly or incorrectly. She cared for Shen Yue and decided to take the apprentice class, that is all.

"Yes," Nei Li spoke with his jaws clenched. His gaze scanned Shen Xiu from head to toe, but instead of licentious thoughts, fiery indignation scorched his heart.

"I just want to say that the Sacred Family has copied most of the inscription patterns from the past master's hard work!"

He spoke loudly, and yet, Shen Xiu nodded calmly. She felt quite strange. She should be angry and riled up, but when she looked at Nei Li, Xiu couldn't help but think if she would have a kid just

Xiu quickly shook her head and turned to match Nik's gaze for a moment. The moment Nik's vision landed o Xiu's expression, he gulped softly.

That expression was unfair!

With a sigh, Nik stood up and looked at Nei Li. A yawn escaped his mouth, and he inhaled sharply. Seeing Xiu's expression... those bright eyes and such a genuine and bashful smile, even he did not have the heart to argue with the kid and waved his hand in a non-committal manner, "Right, right, we get it. Just sit down and let the other fools study. Or do you want to take the lecture and teach all of us?"

The gazes of Nei Li's classmates not held hidden annoyance that the three-hundred-year-old kid could quickly point out, and he finally sat with a defeated sigh. He felt even more depressed when he found Ye Ziyun's stare and Shen Yue's sneer.

The classes continued, but even when Xiu did not look towards Nik, she was more than aware that her patiently growing feelings for him were already exposed. As the class regarding the inscriptions ended, the students formed lines and moved towards the martial field where Nik made his apprentices step out of the ranks and perform in front of him while the others struggled to finish the foundational technique. As Nik kept on observing the trio's movements, his gaze was finally attracted by Nei Li's actions.

It was only for a moment, but Nik was sure that he could observe a sublime intent that tapped into the insights of the world. This was a realm that even Saeko and Shigure failed to reach, for they only mastered a single insight to the point where they could wield it through their will.

Nei Li, on the other hand, tapped into many insights at once, and that is the cause of Nik's attraction. This was a feat that did not depend on talent but years of experience. Years that surpassed the realms of mortality.

Nik retracted his gaze, but he could not help but feel slightly curious. His roguish nature soon prevailed over his innocent curiosity as he decided to unveil whatever secret Nei Li had under the wraps. Heck, he now could not help but recall the surge of energy around Nei Li during the first day of the class.

Nik's thoughts did not linger on Nei Li for long. The art of mastering insights, multiple ones, and being able to utilize them in a single, combined move was something Nik did not dare to achieve with months of practice. If Nei Li had something that made it easier to advance the martial path, then Nik would make sure that Nei Li shares his fortune with him out of his good intentions.

Meanwhile, Nei Li heaved a sigh of relief as he found that not even Nik was attracted to his action of embedding the corresponding insights into his movements. It was a sudden feeling that allowed him to combine all of his insights, and at that very moment, a new path was opened for Nei Li in terms of his martial prowess.

With Nik teaching the other classes and spending his time with Lanruo, he finally made his way towards the lecturer, who would be teaching him the art of inscription for the next month. The residential Inscription Master of the Snow Wind Family Xue Yin, and the person Nik asked to accompany during his travel stung Nei Li to no end.

Ye Ziyun.