Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 345

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 345 Ziyun Isn't A Kid

Ye Ziyun was a known beauty. In this world, a girl is considered an a.d.u.l.t eligible for marriage at the tender age of thirteen. Ye Ziyun was already fifteen, and walking alongside Nik, whose figure overshadowed her, the citizens walking across the pair could not help but feel strange. Nik was already considered a philanderer who targeted his apprentices, and god forbid if Nik takes a male apprentice! When the older and experienced citizens looked at the two who looked nothing short of a young couple, they could not help but lament Ye Ziyun's misfortune for settling for a person of Nik's stature. Of course, the women, on the other hand, had thoughts that would make the wet dreams induced by Nik within the minds of his fellow professors look like a children's tantrum.

"Teacher, you really don't know anything about inscriptions?"

Ye Ziyun was the kind of girl that unconsciously denied the approach of her peers while secretly thirsting for a good and long chat. There were a few people who were not intimidated by her background. Shen Yue was one and Xiao Ning'er the other. Alas, the former, reminded her of a wealthy buffoon, and the latter distanced herself from Ziyun actively for reasons unknown. Only now did she chance upon a jewel named Ryu'er, and even if the petite classmate did not take a shine to Ziyun, she was still honest and made it easy for Ziyun to approach her. Nik was another person Ziyun felt like she could approach despite his deviant tendencies. Her gaze curiously scanned Nik from head to toe and failed to digest the fact that the man was only five years older than her.

"I tried learning inscriptions, but there are matters in the world more delightful then scribbling weird lines formed from blood and plants."

Nik shrugged and kept his senses to the limits. His calm exterior did not make his inner self any less cautious. This world was a lawless one, and Nik did not feel the need to go easy on his observations. His eyes scanned the street, and soon, he nodded internally, 'That lady has a nice butt, premium type, and that auntie, wheewhoo~ Those are humongous!' Nik concluded the results while anyone else failed to stir his mind.

"Say, Ziyun," Nik did not mind calling his apprentice by her first name and inquired the question in his mind chewing on his innards since yesterday, "How is Xue Yin, you know, as a person," Nik and Ziyun's gaze matched as they both looked at each other from the corner of their eyes. Hearing herself remarked by her first name, Ziyun faltered momentarily but willing to build a healthy relationship, she decided to bite the bullet and speak up, "Aunt Xue is one of the best Inscription Masters in the City. She specializes in Utility Inscriptions, and her main element is water."

"Aunt Xue? You two are close?" Nik inquired as he stepped aside and bypassed the old woman taking her stroll before shortening the distance between himself and Ziyun as she nodded, "Aunt Xue taught me everything aside from martial arts. She has been there for me ever since my mother passed away."

Nik sighed at her words. Why would all the mothers pass away? Seeing Ziyun's charm, Nik was more than sure that Ziyun's mother would be the kind of beauty that could kindle his interests. Still, he did not need to become an insensible jerk and let his thoughts ruin Ziyun's mind. "Sorry," Nik replied after a moment's hesitation while the Purple-haired teen shook her head and rested her hands on her back while leaning forward with a smile, "It's okay, teacher."

Her gaze was then attracted to Nik's scarless palms. It was a strange thing to notice, but she did it regardless, "Teacher... your hands... aren't they a bit too smooth?"

"Hmm?" Nik looked at his palms and then recalled that his body simply wasn't damaged to the extent that any memorable scars would remain. Not to mention, his body is actually 'refreshed' during the process of evolution, so any and every mark on his body would be removed during the period, "I guess nobody really injured my arm," Nik's words made Ziyun slightly speechless.

"Anyway," Nik continued, "Tell me more about my new instructor," he requested while Ziyun was more than happy to talk about the woman she looked up to while continuing such a pleasant chat. Her left index trailed her soft, pink lips while she rolled her eyes as if thinking a few lasting qualities of Xue Yin. A tiny smirk made way to her face, and with a playful expression, Ziyun finally spoke up, "Hehe, teacher, Aunt Xue is quite a beauty, you know! She is single, too!"

Wishing to pull a reaction that was not 'teacher-like' from Nik so that she could feel more comfortable around Nik and closer, too, Ziyun decided to feed information to Nik that might be of his interest if the rumors about him were even slightly true. Nik arched his brows as he heard Ziyun, and with a twitch of his lips, he flicked her forehead as she staggered back with a soft yelp while covering her forehead. Her violet pupils matched Nik's mocking orbs of violet with righteous indignations, "You are still a kid," Nik smirked and expressed his real thoughts. Even with a curvaceous body, Ziyun was a kid, and even if the laws of this world dictated that even a thirteen-year-old girl could be bred, Nik would still wait. It was more fun when a person reaches the limit of its growth. After all, bedding a kid that barely held any understanding of the society was far worse than bedding a harlot known for a cunt that could accommodate two, if not three, c.o.c.ks in her honeypot.

"I am so not a kid," Ziyun hissed with a reproaching pout as Nik cackled, "You even speak like one, Ziyun. Anyway," Nik's expression turned serious, and he nailed Ziyun with his passionate gaze, "She is single, you say... your Aunt?" His inquiry instantly pulled a peal of laughter from Ziyun. She couldn't help it! The expression and words were so far apart, and when spoke from Nik's mouth, they strangely clicked together. She covered her mouth while her forehead still housed the red mark of the flick of Nik's index finger. After her chuckling stupor, Ziyun nodded with a bright smile, "She is. But, she is also a talented teacher, and I am sure that Teacher will easily learn the basics of the inscriptions."

Nik shrugged. He could have never thought that Ziyun could be such a delight to chat with. He shouldn't have judged her based on her looks. Nik exhaled sharply as the duo finally reached the City Lord's Mansion. The site encompassed an area of a small village right in the heart of the city. Multiple courtyards within the mansion housed prominent officials and their families, and Nik's teacher, Xue Yin, also lived in this grand mansion. The main gates of the mansion were guarded by the men cultivated by the Snow Wind Family from their childhood. Each one of the guards boasted the cultivation of Rank-3 Spirit Grandmaster with two rings, and their captain was a Rank-4 Spirit Elder with three spirit rings.

Aside from the two guards operating the gate, a mature woman with her dark hair pulled up into a bun, and a loose robe draping her figure stood in wait for Ziyun. The moment her emerald green eyes fell in Ziyun's figure, the lady's expression brightened and she did not even wait for Ziyun to reach before making her way towards the purple-headed teen and smiled, "Yun'er, how was the school today?"

Seeing her aunt, a cheeky grin that Nik had never seen on Ziyun's face, emerged, and she gestured towards Nik with a pleasant expression, "Aunt Xiu, why don't you ask teacher instead? He will tell you that I focused on my studies!" Ziyun's words finally pulled a frown out of Xiu Yin as she turned her head and scanned Nik from head to toe. A body burlier than Ye Zong's and fingers thicker than the delicate brushes to draw inscriptions. His prospects did not look promising, but Nik's polite attitude pulled a sigh of approval from the lady as Nik bent his waist slightly and spoke with a pleasant smile, "It is an honor to make acquaintance with Master Xiu. I hope to learn as much as I can."

His greeting was short and concise, with no intention of over familiarizing himself. Xiu Yin nodded and then leaned forward to stroke Ziyun's head with a kind smile, "Of course, I know that Yun'er isn't an irresponsible girl," With that, she looked towards Nik and with an intimate smile, she nodded, "Thank you for taking care of Ziyun and teaching her the art of martial arts, Faran Nik"

"Please, call me Nik," He interjected, and though surprised, Xiu Yin did not reject the gesture and smiled, "Then please refer to me as Yin. There is no need for honorifics between us. If it weren't for Ziyun, maybe, I would have never even made up my mind to teach another teacher," she spoke with an informal approach as Nik nodded and then looked towards Ziyun, "I guess, I should thank her, too, then," his words pulled a pleased smile from Ziyun as Xiu Yin shook her head and then gently knocked on Ziyun's forehead.

With a loveable pout under the presence of her aunt, Ziyun stuck her tongue out and then ran towards the main gate. Before entering the gate, she turned and then waved towards Nik, "Teacher, be sure to learn everything and then teach us tomorrow!" Her shout attracted the attention of the nearby guardsmen, but after identifying the parties, they returned to their stations once again. Yin looked towards Nik and then finally gestured, "Let's continue this inside, shall we, Nik?"

Nodding in approval, Nik wordlessly followed the beauty. His gaze scanned Yin from top to bottom. His vision rested towards the area of her buttocks, but due to the astoundingly large robe, not even the slightest hint of curves on her body could be visualized. Still, Nik did not feel depressed. It just meant that he would need to genuinely learn the art of inscription from Yin without fearing any sort of disturbance or loss of focus. Maneuvering through the large mansion constituting of many rooms and architectural style that could make most of the visitors feel lost, Yin led Nik towards the center of the estate where the quality of the air seemed to get fresher, and a natural scent lingered that relieved the tension from Nik's body.

Finally, Yin led Nik into a courtyard furnished with an outdoor furniture set and a small hut that looked duller than anything else in the mansion but the moment Nik stepped into the cabin, his eyes widened in a confused stupor while a smug smile graced Yin's face for a mere moment.