Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 346

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 346 Inscriptions

An ordinary hut it was not. With an interior boasting the size of a modern house that could accommodate a family of five. This world boasted a few advanced technologies, but Yin's abode made it hard for Nik to digest the fact that this plane was an ancient one in its architectural concepts. Xiu Yin's home looked like modern apartments with quilted couches in the living room and an open kitchen with a dishwasher and whatnot. It was only the lack of modern electrical appliances such as oven and television that reminded Nik that this house merely resembled his home.

"Too surprised to enter?" Yin inquired while standing behind Nik. While she misunderstood the cause of Nik's stupor, he was in a daze nonetheless, and her voice broke him out of his reverie. Nik's gaze retook the scene, and finally, he stepped into Yin's home. He was definitely astonished by the change in the space, but the architectural design tugged on his attention. With Nik stepping in, Yin finally had the room to enter her own house and gestured towards the light green couches flanking a table constructed from a translucent crystal that imprisoned a stream of Kaleidoscopic gas that twisted within.

"Please, take a seat while I prepare tea," Yin moved towards the open kitchen while Nik took a seat on the couch. Now he felt slightly embarrassed. When Ye Sheng visited his room, he should have offered the man something. Well, it was the Institute's fault for not providing him with a kitchen, too. Not that he can cook incredibly delicious meals or anything. Nik sat on the couch to face the kitchen and openly observed Yin brewing a pot of tea and preparing a tray of snacks. Instead of his teacher, Yin acted like a peer. She was done within minutes and gestured Nik to sit when he stood up to help her place the utensils on the table.

"I find it slightly hard to believe that a member of Gin Family does not even know the basics of inscriptions," Yin began as she walked closer to Nik and bent slightly to place a cup in front of him and pour a bluish-tea. Her disbelief was not unfounded. The Gin Family utilized the art of inscription patterns to temper their prized wine through multiple situations and pull the taste that no ordinary vintner could even hope to match. She took a seat opposite to Nik and served herself a cup of tea before looking at Nik and finally sizing him in scrutiny.

"So?" She inquired and picked her cup and brought it closer to her lips as her lips parted slightly and Yin blew softly, "If you are naturally untalented in the art of inscription, please inform me now. You are Yun'er's master, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that you don't face any disrespect for your inability to form inscriptions." In all honesty, Yin felt that she was right on the spot, but a spiritual existence fumed within Nik, "Don't hear that stuck up bitch's words! Untalented? Me? I freaking invented inscriptions and other art styles!" Asmodeus' angry voice rang into Nik's mind as he struggled to drink the delicious tea without spitting it out and muttered darkly, "Will you shut it with your drama? I get it. You are a talented painter. But you don't have your memories! So, don't you dare shout in my head, missy!"

"... fine, geez, what a dominatrix," Her words made it harder for Nik to even think of learning from Asmodeus, but he focused on the real world and shook his head, "Talent, I have plenty. It is the lack of an appropriate master that could make me focus on the art that has stunned my growth in this aspect." Nik's words made Yin raise her eyebrow in amus.e.m.e.nt, "You think I am that master?" Nik placed the cup on the table and picked the soft-pink jelly-type sweet and took a small bite before shaking his head, "You are a teacher. Your compatibility still needs to be tested before I can make some sort of decision."

"I see," Yin smiled while she sneered internally. Baseless roosters heightening their egos were the type of crowd Yin was familiar with, and the Nik seemed to have clicked into the category entirely. Still, she decided to give Nik the benefit of the doubt due to his earlier achievements. "Then, let us see that if I am a compatible teacher and if you are as good in the art of inscriptions as you are in martial arts."


After the snacks, Yin led Nik to her work area filled with stacks of worn-out papers with inscriptions scribbled onto their surfaces; both sides. In the next hour, Yin patiently explained the theory of the inscriptions and classified it based on the intent behind the inscription patterns and its elements. Inscription patterns could range from steaming rice to warping space. Yin's hut was inscribed with such a formation, but she informed that she wasn't the owner of the inscription pattern and merely encountered one during a fortuitous adventure. She brought the inscription pattern back to study its mysteries and heighten her own understanding of the art.

Next, she detailed the items used to construct inscription patterns. The material of each inscription pattern depended on the effects that the Inscription Master desires. If the creator of the inscription pattern wishes to create a ball of fire that could move at the user's will, then he must use a parchment formed from the hide of a fire-elemental spirit beast and utilize the ink formed from the blood of a psychic spirit beast or spirit herbs. This was just one of many examples. She then explained how she has concluded the inscription pattern of her hut that resembles the spatial rings must have used the materials from one of the Void spirit beasts of the legends.

"So? This is all pretty basic. Now is the moment of truth!" Yin exclaimed as she picked one of the newer parchments out of her stock and placed it on her working table before opening a small tube filled with greenish liquid and drained its content within a small bowl. This seemed all new and exciting to Nik, but the moment she picked a paintbrush, Nik's expression turned slightly sour, and when she drew an inscription pattern on the parchment, Nik couldn't help but ask Asmodeus, "Can you learn all of this? This inscription looks pretty complicated."

To Nik's question, Asmodeus' smug tone rang, "Heh~ amateurs. I can quickly get his done. And that space inscription she showed us, easy peasy. I just need to try it out in here for a moment and then tell you how to draw it." Nik felt gratified, an emotion he felt for Asmodeus for the first time in forever as he exhaled, "Ah, I see. So, I don't need to learn all of this, after all."

"Lazy bum," Asmodeus muttered as Nik was far from getting offended. If he had to paint, he would happily paint a nubile lady on the canvas. The moment the thought crossed his mind, he hastily inquired Asmodeus, "What will happen if I somehow become able to turn inscription patterns into a human?" Asmodeus felt slightly intrigued, but when she thought of the gift Lady Mirage left to Nik, her eyes brightened, and she smiled, "Well, you'll get another onahole for yourself. It is a good thing that we have a few experiments to test this upon."

Even Nik seemed to have understood something, and he nodded secretly while Yin was already done with her inscription pattern and showed it to Nik, "This is a lower-tier air conditioning inscription pattern. The entire mansion is inscribed with one to provide cleaner and refreshing air. If I slowly fill the pattern with my spirit power," Yin spoke as her spirit energy gushed into the pattern as it glowed in a greenish light, Nik felt the temperature around him turn slightly low while he felt somewhat refreshed. He nodded, and Yin stopped the pattern, "The frequency of the uses of the inscription patterns depend on the quality of the pattern and the materials. This one can be used five times."

She then placed the parchment back and observed Nik. Usually, the first reaction of the person towards the inscription patterns is unconcealed curiosity. Most of these people could barely focus on the art the moment their interest settles. Alas, instead of curiosity, unveiled disinterest flashed on Nik's face as he inquired, "Is that it?" Seeing this, Yin frowned and advised, "I understand that this seems slightly difficult"

"You misunderstand me, Yin," Nik smiled. Even if he did not feel like diving deep into the subject, he could show interest and talent in the department to create conversational topics with beauty. Becoming a master Inscriptionist requires a lot of training? Easy, Nik can grind it out.

With a smile, Nik asked for the study material so that he can share it with his new study buddy Asmodeus.


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