Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 348

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 348 Ning'er's Interests

"Why didn't you come to training?" Jogging around the Training field was practically Korra's method of warming up. It was the same for Huyan Lanruo since she now diverted from the original training and steadily progressed her martial arts while training her powers of illusion under Nik's direct guidance. Korra's inquiry made Lanruo curl her lips as she proudly proclaimed, "Why else? Nik barely let me have any sleep the previous night." Her words implied that needn't be explained, and Korra raised her eyebrows in amus.e.m.e.nt, a reaction that Lanruo did not expect.

Raised akin to a wild beast, Korra was as open to the idea of mating as the wild animals are. Spread your scent and attract a suitable mate that can defeat you. Aside from Nik, none seemed to fit the bill. What Lanruo facilitated was Korra's thoughts of Nik's skills. The more skilled a person is, the better. Indulgent fools who did not even stop their romping h.i.p.s to consider their mate's preferences were the ones that usually get eaten by the female beast after the deed is committed.

"It is quite bold to go on a honeymoon before marrying," Korra remarked as Lanruo instantly shook her head. In a moment, she regained her bearing and whispered, "It wasn't like that." The unnatural blush on Lanruo's face painted the fact that there was something more to the story than what met her eyes, and Korra was instantly attracted to the mystery, "What are ya hiding the details for? Come on, tell yer senior how Teach rocked ya world."

Korra exclaimed while Lanruo nailed Korra with an intense stare and inquired somberly, "You gossip?" Her pink pupils focused on Korra's face as the tanned teen grinned, "Who doesn't?"

Gulping to prepare her throat to spread the information that painted Nik in a world far away from banal mortals, Lanruo began.

Meanwhile, under Nik's careful guidance, the four apprentices the fox, the silent, the purple, and the shy began their training. The beginning of the routine was simple enough for the four of them now that they were more proficient. They were far from the level to even feel the insights, but as long as their body gets used to them, it would be enough. It was only in the later portions that they needed Nik's assistance.

After the training ended, it was only Ziyun, who scooched closer to the meditating Nik while attracting the attention of the other three, "So? Teacher? Did you learn new things from Aunt Xiu?"

Nik looked towards Ziyun and smiled broadly, "But of course, your Aunt's gonna rethink her evaluation of me once we meet today," His words attracted the trio as Ning'er looked towards Ziyun and decided to speak up, "Teacher, how is your teacher?" She inquired with a curious expression as Xiu remained silent and chose to observe. She had her fair share of time with Nik and didn't feel like expressing herself in front of others. It was Ryu'er that felt the most pressurized, and she instantly blamed her mother for that!

'I always begged her to just give birth to me and let me see the world, but noooo!'

She looked on as Ning'er actually moved towards Nik on her fours. It was probably unintentional, but the pose was alluring, and for a moment, the people around Ning'er focused on her body as she innocently closed her distance with Nik. Feeling the stare, she could not help but look towards Nik, "Is there something wrong?"

"None," Nik smiled encouragingly. Seeing that, Xiu couldn't help but form a scowl. Nik then continued to answer Ning'er's inquiry and thought for a moment, "My teacher... she is a talented woman." Hearing this, Xiu scoffed and nailed Nik with her narrowed gaze, "Xiu Yin is one of the five master inscriptionists of the city. Talent flows in her veins."

Nik smiled and nodded, "I was just going to say that she is a great cook, too," he looked towards Ziyun, "Especially that candy."

"Ah, you mean the Sweet Jelly?" Ziyun inquired while Ning'er had already settled on her butt right next to Nik.

"Yeah, that. Those sweets may be the only reason that I am motivated to learn from Yin."

Hearing him and recalling how much of a beauty the mature inscriptionist is, Xiu couldn't help but sneer, "The only reason? Are you sure that it is the sweets?"

The redhead asked in a suggestive tone that was all too familiar to the teenage girls around Nik as he thought how sweet of a kiss he might have with Yin and nodded, "Yes, sweetness, indeed."

By this time, a red-faced Korra and slightly satisfied Lanruo finally settled. Seeing Ziyun and Ning'er flanking Nik, the pinkette's lips curled into a mocking grin as she dragged her body and in front of her peers, slumped on Nik's lap while purring softly, "Ah! I'm tired," Lanruo spoke with an exhausted expression while letting her hot body rub against Nik while her tunic latched onto her perky bosom and jiggled with every move of the pinkette.

The other girls finally felt their face grow hotter as Nik gently pecked Lanruo's earlobe and did not shy away from the public display of affection, "Here, let me recharge you," Nik whispered as his arms coiled around Lanruo's lithe waist. Seeing this, Ning'er's eyes moved towards Xiu's direction. She still remembered the scene of Xiu resting on Nik's lap. While Xiu showed a calm expression, it was Korra, who averted her eyes and sat in a more defensive position. Even her thighs were pushed against each other.

Meanwhile, Nik eyed others and spoke up, "You guys should head back, too. You know, rest for a while before the classes begin."

Each of them had dorms within the institute itself, and this allowed them to change into a more casual outfit after the training.

The girls nodded and stood up as Nik also picked Lanruo in his arms rather fluently while standing up on his feet, making her yelp in surprise and deepening the blush of the girls around the duo. Nik was going to remain faithful to his words and recharge Lanruo as he moved back towards his room. Meanwhile, all the girls had different reactions once they reached their own dorm rooms.

Ziyun felt slightly bashful, but the relations of a man and a woman failed to grip her heart when she recalled Nik's pleasant expression as he praised her aunt. To Ziyun, Aunt Xiu was no less than a mother. She was strict when the situation demanded and more than caring and protective than most of the actual mothers. Naturally, Ziyun felt a sense of sweetness and pride when someone teaching her praised a motherly figure in her life. She quickly tossed her sweaty clothes in her spatial ring and freshened up before jumping into her bed.

Ryu'er, on the other hand, could curse her shy nature.

"What use is cursing now?" Ryu'er asked herself rhetorically and then recalled how easily and innocently Ning'er seduced Nik's gaze onto her lewd body, "Yeah, like her. Just wave your butt and invite Nik while acting innocent, that's it!" Her blue pupils regained their glimmer as her confidence boosted.

Meanwhile, the girl in question Ning'er decided to eat the pastry she had been saving till now! She finally crossed the two-third part of the technique, and the fact itself was worthy of celebration. She had already brushed her teeth, so it wasn't a problem to indulge her cravings for sweetness and bit on her soft and fluffy pastry.

"Hmm~" Pure bliss. With one hand holding the pastry and the other cupping her cheek, Ning'er continued to devour the celebratory pastry while deciding on the flavor to be eaten after she completes the technique in its entirety.

"Probably, baked honey."

She wondered out loud and then recalled Nik's expression when he praised Ziyun's aunt's cooking.

"Maybe... I should bake it myself..."


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