Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 350

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 350 Gojira

A/N (Really long so if you are not interested in the thought factor of this world, then skip right down.): Hey guys, it's your sc.u.mmy boy! This note is written to finally discuss why I ended up using the Soul Land cultivation system instead of TDG (Tales of demons and gods) cultivation system.

For those of you who have not read TDG, the cultivation system allows an ordinary fighter to become a demon spiritualist of the following ranks bronze, silver, gold, black gold, and legendary. Each demon spiritualist can absorb a demon core and get ahold of the demon beast's essence to take on their form. My decision to make Shen Xiu's martial spirit a Scarlet Flaming Fox.

The canon cultivation system is quite cool, but Nei Li's existence made it hard for anyone to breathe easily. He is primarily a three-hundred-year-old man child with psychotic tendencies and obsessive behavior. The cultivation system in itself is also quite loose and allows quite a bit of variation. This, combined with the fact that Nei Li has a vast pool of experience makes it hard for anyone in this world to compete with him unless the opponent has an equal advantage, that is, knowledge of the plot and a golden finger that is less restrictive than Transmigration Paradise. (Shout-out to Chado_Sama's How Much for Your Soul? It is an excellent novel with proper execution on how to deal with Nei Li properly.

Now, the cultivation system of Soul Land is quite restrictive, and since it is the base foundation of this arc, I won't delve into it much. But with this change itself, the potency of Nei Li's future knowledge is restricted only to alchemy, inscriptions, and the future plot alongside a few martial techniques. In essence, he does not have a cheat in his cultivation itself, like in the canon.

With that said, I wish to clear out a few complaints regarding Battle Arts. If you think that this is the highest form of this skill, then you are wrong, I will only say that. While I thought of turning this skill into the trigger that allows Nik to gain ultra instinct in the later stages, I have decided on something else now. This also brings the concept of insights into my mind. This concept is shamefully taken from TomVanDyke's Paragon of Destruction. If you wish to enjoy sweet, sweet words regarding training and satisfactory breakthroughs, then give that novel a go, too.

Now, if you read till this much, I would like to thank you and bless your spirit with another satisfactory (Hopefully?) chapter.


"You look ravishing," Nik now knew that Xiu only reveled in compliments of candor and did not entertain any modest praise. She did not even dress to receive humble recognition. Her luscious body was covered in a green qipao with a deep cut for neck and cleavage with the edges and the collar embroidered in gold, making her olive-tinged skin stand out while her seductive gaze made use of the thigh split of the dress to its highest potential.

"And you look unusual," Xiu remarked as she noted Nik's covered arms, outlining the musculature of his arms. He looked decent than usual, and the thought that she felt slightly reluctant to be unable to observe his veiny forearm made her feel refreshed. Frustration, it was still, but refreshing nonetheless.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Nik smiled. Astonishingly, Xiu fell silent before whispering softly, "It was meant a compliment."

Nik observed Xiu from the corner of his eyes as the two walked out of the teacher's block and made their way towards their classroom. Needless to say, the two attracted multiple pairs of eyes, but the order of their superior made them unable to gaze at the two for long!

"What should we do?" Xiu opened up, "This conference was your idea, so, explain it to me. What should we speak with parents?"

"The same thing the kids won't understand," Nik sighed softly, "Nurturing a process best committed under the guidance of parents. They need to learn the truths of the requirements of their kids and modify their schedule to fit the needs of the children."

"Parents changing themselves for kids?"

Xiu frowned at the thought as the Student's block was already in the view, "Why not?" Nik countered, "If you can't take care of them, don't create more, right?"

He smiled, "What I mean to say is, the parents need to know that their kids have the potential. And the little turds do have potential, but they are also required to find the direction in which this talent can be used more efficiently, like Bi Ding, she has a high ability in the art of alchemy, but the institute is not allowed to teach the subject.

By now, under the guidance of the Alchemist Association, she may have achieved wonders."

"Alchemy is not easy."

Xiu flipped the left lock of hair back and snorted.

"Well, all I am saying is, no need to crush their hopes and dreams."

Nik smiled, knowing fully well how disastrous Xiu's words are.

"I'll try not to," Xiu remarked drily as the duo finally reached their classroom. In a few minutes, the two were already visited by a mother.


"Hey," Gojira sniffed as she walked alongside Ryu'er and let her palm fall on the top of her head, "Your scent is getting heavier," the toned woman spoke with amus.e.m.e.nt lacing her voice. Gojira wore her usual outfit. A coarse tunic to cover her assets. Honestly, even in these fifteen years, Gojira barely restrained her habit of tearing her clothes and then living her life 'commando' style. Alas, a mighty behemoth capable of snacking on her dragon of a mate, she was not. And right now, even the puny, self-delusional men held the strength to force their bodies on her should she spread her scent.

{A/N: Gojira literally means Godzilla in Japanese.}

"No, it isn't!"

Ryu'er lowered her head and whispered out as she walked stiffly. Seeing this, Gojira couldn't help but smile. She was all too familiar with a female bitch in need of some action. Her previous mate attracted many, and she devoured them all. If her daughter found a right mate, all Gojira had to do is to make sure that he is worthy and give him a test ride. Unlike a purebred behemoth of destruction, the unique beast to ever live Godzilla, her daughter was a c.o.c.ktail of half her genes and the other half shared by a human's and a dragon's lineage.

That man was strange, Gojira could only think of that. Well, he was destined to transcend and become a God, but to have the galls to leave her made that nobleman Gojira's subsequent supper. Needless to say, this time, Gojira truly felt full.

"Is it your teacher? That everyone is talking about? The nearby vendor said that he is quite a handsome kid," Saying this, Gojiro smoothly grasped her daughter's hand and inquired with her gaze growing intense, "Are you sure that you aren't leaking for him?"


Ryu'er stammered while knowing all too well that her mother would easily catch her lie. Just like Ryu'er, her mother had glowing blue irises and a dangerous crimson pupil and feeling her pulses, Gojira's pupils grew in intensity and brightness as she licked her luscious lips with a broad smile, "Troubles of being a mother... just like how your grandmother rode my mate until he satisfied her, I'll have to give your appointed mate a test ride and prepare him for you; all soft and squishy," Gojira's slightly pointed canines were exposed with that bright grin of her's on her tanned body, and she looked forward to her meeting.

And set her heart aflutter did Nik!

In a mere moment of laying her gaze on Nik, her feral scent restrained by her great control flared up. Unlike Ryu'er, who was slowly developing her scent, Gojira boasted an ensnaring scent that instantly attracted Nik's attention, who was chatting with a red-haired snot with a pleasant expression. Her violet hues tilted, and the moment his gaze met Gojira's crimson-blue orbs, a wild smile touched her lips as her grip on Ryu'er's hand tightened.

Internally, she vowed one thing that would even apply to her daughter, and if Ryu'er really belonged to the noble descents of the lizards that inhaled dragons and gods alike, then she would make her mother proud.

This just turned into war.

"Nice to meet you! I am Ryu'er's mother, Gojira."

Seeing her mother's expression, Ryu'er couldn't help but feel a peal of indignant blaze being lit within her heart as she also released all of her pent-up scent and then with her eyes still covered, smiled and waved towards Nik, "Hello, Teacher Nik, Teacher Shen."

The mother-daughter pair could easily observe Nik's nose twitching, and their hearts thumped simultaneously. While Ryu'er already knew Nik's quality, Gojira knew none. But the two-hundred-thousand-year beast could easily locate another mate worthy of ascending, and while she wouldn't commit her earlier slights of swallowing the mate whole only to feel lonely and 'unfilled' for the years to come, she sure as hell wouldn't let him off of her grasp that easily. Not to mention the inhumane scent and presence within Nik! The more experienced a being is, the greater their sight, and the better they can access another person. Nik was an existence her eyes could not measure the depths of, something that even the prestigious City Lord couldn't escape.

"Please, take a seat," Nik gestured towards the three chairs placed on the other side of the table, and the duo quickly accepted Nik's direction. Shen Xiu's gaze focused on Gojira's face and her hair for a moment.

"What're you looking at?"

Gojira c.o.c.ked her brows and inquired with a scowl as Shen Xiu's expression grew slightly colder. Just before she was about to lay waste on the filthy commoner, Nik coughed softly, and both of them reigned themselves. Nik smiled towards Ryu'er and opened up, "Miss Gojira"

"Gojira is fine," The woman with motherly charms hurriedly spoke up. Nik had long known about Ryu'er's scent around him. While interested, Nik still pushed it aside as a teen's crush. While he may not take the whole she is a young girl thing seriously and may even take his own students, Ryu'er simply did not look like the type of girl who would like any sort of advances until she felt comfortable. Gojira, on the other hand, the woman's scent made his head dizzy for a moment. It was full of passion and invitation, and if Nik did not need to hold the conference, he might have accepted her invitation within moments.

"All right, Gojira," Nik smiled, replying in kind and finally letting his scent unveil in a full blast after all this time, making the three women subdued by his charms flinch. His charms trapped the three of them, and they all held similar thoughts for Nik, just like the thoughts he now formed for the three of them, including Ryu'er. It was no time to feel shy, "You must feel quite proud for raising such an exemplary daughter. Ryu'er is a serious student when it comes to her studies, and honestly, she is one of the best students a teacher can ever ask for. Don't you think so, Xiu?"

While Nik's expression remained of a kind teacher, his scent was anything but that. Continuous waves of literal passion barrelled the three harshly and making their toes curl as their cheeks flushed, and their breathing grew heavier.

"Y-yes," Xiu nodded, unable to point out the cause of such an increase in her bodily reactions. The fact that Nik and Xiu were sitting close already set her heart aflame in flames of ardency!

Gojira, on the other hand, felt pleasantly astonished, and when she looked at Nik again, she failed to see a human. He might be another beast, a better one, and a more ensnaring one than her!

Mind you, in the past, her glimmering scales attracted multiple mates, and just the sight of her shooting beams of spiritual energy from her wide maws sent her fanbase crazy!

"Teacher Nik," Gojira began as Ryu'er already had troubled speaking up without letting her condition known obvious while Nik interjected with his eyes narrowed and a grin that touched Gojira's lips almost every time a wolfish one "Please, call me Nik."