Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 353

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 353 Hair Plucked

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Shen Hong was raised by a delusional father who ended up dying under his hands. He raised the Sacred Family in status and removed its lousy reputation since the time of his grandfather! He even selected multiple partners just to give birth to a genius like Shen Yue and a few offsprings that could quickly grow into potential masters of the City.

"Please, pluck your hair and let me verify."

Nik spoke with a solemn expression. To help Ning'er grow past her family's limitations is something Nik will ponder upon later. Right now, he needed to have a strand of this old man's hair no matter what. Plucking it himself would feel extremely suspicious, not to mention, Shen Hong wouldn't just sit and let his hair get plucked.

"I... don't understand."

Shen Hong opened up with a dark expression. His gaze swept past the trembling Shen Xiu and an impassive Nik.

"Like this," With an understanding expression, in front of more than astonished Shen Yue and Xiu, Nik brought his palm towards Shen Hong's beard slowly and carefully to not scare him away. For a moment, Shen hong's expression darkened, but before he could say anything, Nik's palm blurred in an inhumane speed, and instantly, a feeling of sting grazed Shen Hong's broad chin, "and pluck."

Nik finished up.

Everyone fell silent and did not even dare breathe too loud. The scene unfurling in front of the eyes of the nobility was simply beautiful. A teacher teaching how to pluck strands of hair and parents paying their utmost attention. Crazy! Shen Hong instantly painted Nik to be a harebrained buffoon unable to differentiate pranks from insults. Alas, the somber expression on Nik's face as he actually gazed at the single strand of hair before blowing it away, made Shen Hong unable to speak.

"See? It was simple. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now, let us talk about Shen Yue."

"Miserable runt!" Shen Hong slammed his palm on the table, and yet, as he expected the table to shatter from his strike, he looked down only to find his hand caught by Nik. A grip so tight that made Shen Hong unable to control his own arm.

"Please," Nik requested, "Damaging the Institue's property is subject to multiple fines."

His violet orbs nailed the impudent Patriarch, completely ignoring the fact that he had just plucked a strand of his beard.

"Let me go," Shen Hong commanded with a stormy expression. The use of Martial Spirit by outsiders was an offense that made the Principal make a move directly. Shen Hong still felt slight inhibitions towards the Perverted Master and only flooded the entire classroom with his spiritual pressure, burdening parents and kids alike.

Once again, even in the matters of pressurizing, Shen Hong felt short-handed when he felt a massive surge of weight pushing him down. From his beard plucked and his strike resisted to being subject to pressure far exceeding Shen Hong had ever felt, the old man's expression grew worse and worse, making him reassess the threat Nik was from the moment he issued his challenge to the patriarchs of all the noble families.

"Refrain from causing any more troubles. It makes it harder for me to determine who is the real naughty one in between your father-son pair."

Shen Hong's cheeks flushed as the pressure increased to twice the gravity while Nik's taunt struck him to his core. With a barely audible snort, Shen Hong stopped his antics and felt the pressure above him removed. Shen Yue and Xiu also grew less tense as Shen Hong muttered, "I hope that you can remain this casual while we battle," If Shen Hong had not a single notion to entertain the delusional youth with his challenge, he now had every intention to tear Nik from his limbs!

"The discussion about your son seems appropriate in this classroom. As for our engagement, how about I swing by your place this evening real quick?"

His words finally sent the classroom into a silent uproar as Shen Hong finally smiled with unveiled expectations, "How fortunate of me."

Nik smiled and turned to face Shen Yue, "As for your son, Shen Hong, he is a monstrous youth that can easily surpass your old bones. It is fortunate that I am his teacher and uncover his potential that was slowly rotting under your care."

With a smile, Nik advised, "You should make slight adjustments to your routine. Oh, and I heard that you like to go into seclusions, maybe don't enter a dark dungeon and actually teach Shen Yue something?"

Nik kept jabbing at Shen Hong with a gleeful expression. This was highly unprofessional of him, but from the moment he looked at Shen Hong, he could only see a close-lid trash can. He barked waste, and he smelled shit. Well, this was all metaphorical, but the way he gazed at Xiu, even if for a moment, grew on Nik's nerve and he would be damned if he did not clear all his resentment in a single day! This was merely a start.

"I have heard enough," Shen Hong replied, seething in rage and humiliation, he stood up and held Shen Yue's hands before leaving wordlessly.

Not willing to waste his time further on drama, Nik smiled broadly and laughed out, "Can we please continue the conference?"

The couple that walked out barely looked different than commoners if not for the fact that spiritual energy rippled from their bodies. A muscular man and a voluptuous woman, slightly buxom as she filled her clothes duly.


With no kid by their side, it was hard for Nik to determine their identity. The beautiful woman quickly spoke up, "I am Xiao Yun and this Nie Li's father Nie Ming," she spoke up with a hesitant expression, but when face with Nik's charming features, she felt her inhibitions melting.

"Ah, Mr., and Mrs. Nie, where is that troublemaker?"

Nik inquired with a chuckle as the duo showed a strange expression. Xiu was already petrified and sat silently beside Nik. Even others felt the apparent change in Nik's behavior. Strangely, it was their children that felt more than excited at the moment! Their teacher was damn cool!

The chat with Nie Li's parents went uneventfully besides the fact that Nik felt slightly smitten by his mother.

{A/N: I changed Nie Li's mother. She is one of the twins from the famous hentai Twin Milfs.


As the couple left, Nik happily chatted with other parents without disturbing Xiu and even entertained Ye Zong, the City Lord, respectfully. His treatment towards Shen Hong was already public news, and when Ye Zong inquired about it, Nik once again replied with the unwillingness to discuss anything aside from the ways to brighten Ye Ziyun's future. His smile pulled a bashful expression from the purple-haired teen.


The parent-teacher conference was a success, and the Principal's decision to make this a quarterly event for all the classes made all the kids sight in distress.

During the evening, as Xue Yin grew frustrated at Nik's inability to attend his classes on time, a piece of shocking news sent a massive uproar within the entirety of the City.

Nik challenged the Patriarch of the Sacred Family.

The result

Shen Hong was not even graced with a complete corpse.