Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 356

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 356 Thankless Endeavor

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Shen Mao raised the standards of living of Glory City. As the eighth City Lord, he did everything in his power to create a brighter future for the city. He caught women with rare spirits and lower backgrounds before impregnating them and testing his own offsprings. Aside from a mighty warrior, Shen Mao was also an avid researcher, and the effects of mates with various spirits birthing rare mutated spirits tickled his fantasy. He had a particular liking to redheads, the cause of the sudden drop in the number of the redheads within the city.

Alas, he encountered someone he shouldn't and hunted him down only to get trapped in the weak youth's scheme.

After annihilating the Red Jade Family out of vindictiveness, the current Demon Lord was hunted down by Shen Mao, and when the time came to kiss his life a goodbye, the Demon King offered Shen Mao a technique that would trigger the eventual terrorism within the Sacred Family.

Spiritual Constellation Technique.

A sinister spirit technique that allows the cultivator to possess a newborn for the sacrifice of multiple children.

To Shen Mao, the life of a person depended on their values and contribution to his research, and with multiple resources in the form of mediocre children, Shen Mao felt tempted and let the Demon Lord escape. The price being the Technique itself.

On the day that one of the noble families, Red Jade Family, was eradicated, another piece of shocking news sent an uproar throughout the city. The Sacred Family suffered a fatal blow from Demon Lord's desperate action and killed almost every single concubine and young children of the slaughtered City Lord.

Shen Kin rose to power. He was a mysteries man but strangely, he followed his late father's path of crazed research. Instead of openly bedding rare talents, Shen Kin started underground slave trading and purchased his goods there. It was from one of the more amazing products that Shen Xiu was birthed. But his eldest son was his prized possession. A talented Phantom Fox!

Shen Hong, at that moment, represented the peak of his research.

Alas, one day, Shen Kin disappeared mysteriously, and so did his concubines. Only Shen Xiu, Shen Hong, and their younger sibling remained. But the disappearance of her father and her brother taking the same actions finally made Xiu suspicious, and one thing led to another before revealing the fact that not only was Shen Hong her brother, he was also her father and grandfather!

Just as the thought boggled her mind, Shen Hong's deviancy led to Shen Xiu's life full of torture. The last act that brought Shen Hong's deviant tendencies to its peak was the murder of her sister-in-law, Shen Yue's mother. She had to die, of course. She instantly opposed the idea of her son becoming the next host of a monster!



Shen Hong's most treasure whip landed on his cheek as his knees crunched under the pressure of gravity. The spectators couldn't believe their eyes as Nik continued the act of whipping Shen Hing mercilessly, lacerating his face and neck in the process as Shen Hong was not even allowed a single moment to scream. The process was just as painful as it was for others to watch.

"Say, Shen Mao, if I exposed you and your secrets, what would happen?"

Nik whispered as Shen Hong... no, Shen Mao's eyes widened.

As Nik questioned, he stopped the whip laced with lightning and set it on flames while pulling Lilith back into his spiritual world. Shen Mao, with his mouth filled, had trouble breathing as blood squirted out of his mouth. Seeing his pathetic state, Nik sighed.

"Man, all these years, you are going to die after so much hard work... that's gonna sting till the next world, huh," Nik smiled and reached out for Shen Mao's neck.

Nik nailed the old bastard down with his gaze and smirked, "Oh, I am going to enjoy this one."

Shen Mao finally felt threatened. While he did feel his attacks weaker than usual, he did not think that such a slight weakness would mark his downfall! His frightful gaze sought assistance from the crowd and assist they did as Ye Zong stepped forward and spoke loudly.

"Nik, killing is forbidden"


"Hmm?" Nik crushed Shen Mao's windpipe and his hopes of survival while looking back and matching Ye Zong's gaze with an innocent expression, "Say what?"

The crowd felt stunned as Nik let go of Shen Mao's neck and akin to a stringless puppet, his body collapsed and raised a cloud of dust.

Ye Zong's eyes widened, but before he could act, Nik's eyes widened, and he sidestepped, alas, Shen Mao's palms still pierced into his abdomen as his shriveled body bear-hugged Nik's while cackling madly.

"Hahahaha! Nobody can kill me!

I am Shen"

As the three martial spirits materialized behind Shen Hong's body, each of them belonging to the past experts of the Sacred Family that disappeared mysteriously, everyone felt an explosion within their consciousness. Meanwhile, Nik looked towards Shen Hong's shriveled face with an infuriating expression and smiled.

A spirit ring unfurled behind Nik as a small, palm-sized bat screeched loudly, warping the area around Shen Hong's head!


With his head torn off, Shen Hong's body collapsed, this time, for a good while the bat disappeared. Nik, meanwhile, took out his handkerchief and cleaned his face. Astonishingly, Shen Mao also had three spirits, but, for better or worse, did not use it against Nik.

'He couldn't use it. It felt like some sort of inferior Technique to wrap time and flesh with spiritual energy.'

Sky's voice rang as Nik nodded. His gaze fell on Shen Mao's fingers, and after a moment's thought, in front of everybody, Nik took his ring and pocketed it before turning to the trembling Ye Zong and smirking, "No need to thank me."


"Mom, did you hear it"

Flushed, Ryu'er ran towards her mother's room to relay the news of Nik's astounding victory only for her gaze to witness a debauched scene of her mother Gojira spreading her legs and her darkest dungeon while filling the empty space with her fingers as she m.o.a.ned ever so softly with a deep blush on her face.

"Eh? Heummm!"

Gojira let out a weird m.o.a.n as her index pushed against one of the many grooves that got her going, utterly unaffected by her audience as she changed her position and turned her body to rest on her shoulders while raising her butt high in the air and rubbing her entrance and swollen clit with wild abandon!


Ryu'er yelped loudly as Gojira m.o.a.ned, "Ahh, that Nik... he.. ah, he needs to be invited, Ryu'er! Ohhh!"

Gojira let out a heart shaking m.o.a.n as her tanned butt cheeks trembled before she let out a long gush of her honey juice that reached Ryu'er's foot.

This was the feature she loved the best about such a small and flexible body.



While Nik accompanied with Xiu was escorted to the City Lord's Mansion for further questioning, a lone figure on top of the Institute's Library looked towards the location where Shen Hong turned into a rabid dog and frowned.

"Spiritual Constellation Technique... what is the Reincarnation God's Technique doing here?"

Her expression grew grim as she closed her eyes to hasten the completion of her body.