Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 358

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 358 Matriarch

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While the Sacred Family's affairs leaked to the public and attracted outrage from nobility and commoners alike, the hidden forces of all the nobilities ended up agreeing to auction the assets under Sacred Family's name in the upcoming Spirit Master's Auction and finally, the culprit with pieces of evidence against them were arrested or killed based on their actions. At the same time, the innocents were publicly called out and given various jobs to sustain within the City.

Ye Zong went as far as to proclaim that it was only Shen Mao's schematic that twisted the Sacred Family and the Clan itself, due to its past merits, will now fall under the most meritorious member of the Family Shen Xiu, the first Matriarch in the history of the City!

The Matriarch with no subject under her name except for her youngest nephew since Shen Yue's elder brother was also found to be in cahoots with the Dark Guild, alas, only to serve his philandering nature further.


"Have you settled in?"

Nik inquired as Shen Mao's wealth already filled Xiu's coffin, allowing her to buy a rather pricey house near the Institute for her and Shen Yue's comfort. With no monster breathing down her neck to dress scantily, Shen Xiu wore what looked even more elegant and dignified than her peers.

With a nod, Xiu replied with a gratified look as Nik scratched his eyebrow and scanned her openly, making Xiu expect a somewhat dishonest compliment this time only for him to lean down and take her lips in front of the children slowly entering the classroom. It was a mere peck, but as they say Actions speak louder than words and a sweet feeling spread throughout her body from her heart with a powerful explosion.

With a stagger, Xiu took a step back with a deep flush rejuvenating her expression as Nik held her hand and walked into the class. Since the acc.u.mulation of the assets of the Sacred Family would take some time, Shen Xiu decided to remain a teacher, but when she tried to explain the situation, Shen Yue readily accepted the truth with a calm expression.

Too calm to be true in fact, and when Xiu thought that Yue might be possessed, Yue did something extraordinary. So strange that Xiu instantly let go of her inhibitions for Mao was incapable of committing such an act.

"I am sorry, Aunt... for everything," Shen Yue's voice cracked as warm tears finally touched his face. It seemed like crying was infectious in the Sacred Family, and before it got to Nik, he moved out of Shen Yue's room to give the two the privacy they deserve to resolve their issues.

Heck, Nik felt so tired that he even sent a message for his girls to take a break for today's training and slept peacefully while Xiu arranged her house at night.


"Oh... Shit..."

Lu Piao trembled in his seat as his fiancee stood in front of him while Nie Li and Du Ze barely felt interested in his shenanigans. Shen Hong's death and his traitorous acts were public knowledge, and finally, the entire City took Nik seriously. He just established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

"Nie Li," Du Ze turned to face the brother who helped him in his most despairing moments and nodded, "What do you have in mind for today?"

Tracing his chin, Nie Li thought of getting the Alchemist Association as his backing and formulated plans for the same when a figure stepped in and silenced the entire classroom. He was Shen Yue, and with a casual expression, he chose a seat far away from Ye Ziyun. The boys around Shen Yue looked at him strangely, and while many believed Ye Zong's words, there were still a few students who grew to despise Shen Yue due to his backing.

An orange-haired kid being the front of that particular faction. With a sneer, Nie Li delightfully thought about his plans, but for others, things grew violent.

"Asshole! How dare you walk back into the classroom?"

A student from the Gin Family grabbed Shen Yue's collar and pinned him down, ready to punch his face as Shen Yue looked at the youth calmly. For a moment, the young student felt that Shen Yue wasn't the same Shen Yue he used to know.

'But he bleeds like everyone else, right?'

The boy thought before his fist struck!


With blood leaking through his nostrils and a cut on his lips, Shen Yue finally turned to look towards the youth who had no past enmity with him. With the phantom of a three-headed fox with deep violet fur constructing above him, the child felt his heart shiver as Shen Yue instantly changed the position and stood up. Shen Yue wiped his nose and looked at the kid with a look so faint that he felt his heart tremble.

"This punch is for all my past misdeeds," Shen Yue spoke while straightening his tunic and then sat on his seat. A condescending gaze still lingered on the youth's body as the fallen nobility continued, "There won't be the next time."


While others felt cold, Nie Li only felt a blaze of indignation spread within his body. A villain to the very end! He would take care of Shen Yue in the future.

At this time, Nik and Xiu walked in, and the entire class instantly cheered loudly!

As the youth of the Gin Family stumbled on his seat, Nik looked around with a frown. With two family heads defeated, Nik was now ready to take on all of them and had to create an appropriate schedule. The fact that there are so many nobilities made Nik feel even worse.

'Maybe... I should invite all of them together?'

He kept that thought while gesturing for the class to quieten down.

"I know you all enjoyed the Parent-Teacher Conference yesterday. No need to applause for this conference will be held after every examination."

Nik smiled, and the students, who had forgotten the injustice they received after reaching their home from the conference groaned.


Lu Piao spoke up, "My dad... are you really going to fight him?"

This was a priority based question for Lu Piao, but Nik only smiled, "Please, keep all these matters for our chats outside the class or when we have free time. Today, I want to make an announcement alongside Teacher Shen."

Nik placed the reading materials on the table, "Yesterday, due to the Sacred Family's Patriarch, the Clan itself got demoted to the Lower-Level Aristocracy, and aside from two members, all of them left or got arrested for their past misdeeds. I expect all of you to treat these two with the respect they deserve as a human."

"After they treated us like objects?"

The previous youth sneered and interjected. Shen Xiu already sat with a peaceful expression while Nik looked towards the kid and smiled, "Gin Kao, what is it you want to share?"

Gin Kao stood up and pointed at Shen Yue, "Teacher, you said to treat him with respect, but does he even deserve it?"

His outburst made other students feel slightly self-righteous. Ning'er wasn't present in the class, or else, the youth wouldn't have the courage to openly raise his voice against Nik.

"What he deserves is something you cannot determine," Nik explained and then spoke up, "Treat others the way you wished to be treated."

He walked towards the board and wrote the statement large fonts, "If you wish to be mistreated, then do the same for others."

"But teacher," Nie Li interjected this time, "Your concept is incorrect. With enough power a person can do anything and deserve everything."

What Nik described was, in reality, a lie. Even the L.u.s.t Apostle knew this, but children are not supposed to face the harsh realities of the world. At least, they need a nurturing hand to grow more mature so that they understand the importance of a proper upbringing and do the same for their future generation.

Nik always wished to be treated right, and since he didn't get his wish, the least he can do is give that treatment to others.

"Strength is a concept as corrupting and relieving at the same time," Nik then gestured for both, Nie Li and Gin Kao to take their seat.

"With enough strength, a rogue can take your wife, kill your family, and uproot your existence. Do you all want that?"

Nik inquired as everyone, including Nie Li, shook their head.

"Then, instead of pursuing power, pursue a lifea healthy one where you feel happy and content. And to keep that life safe, you grow strong.

So? Who do you want to be? A power-hungry monster who kills others for no reason or a human being with values and loved ones?"

The obvious answer from the kids pulled a satisfied smile on Nik's face, and he continued with the lesson. Gin Kao's expression grew guiltier by the second as Nik and Shen Xiu finished taught the class.

It was only after the class was finished that Gin Kao stood and walked towards Shen Yue. His move attracted everybody's attention. Even Ray looked with an amused expression. By now, Ray slightly regretted becoming a Student. He, now, preferred to have Nik's role that could easily influence others to his direction and motives!

"I am not going to apologize to a"


A punch landed squarely on his face as Shen Yue stood up and smiled for the first time after yesterday's incident.

"Don't apologize then. I'll treat you to food."

He extended his arm towards Gin Kao as his nose bled. Gin Kao, though pained, smiled and took Shen Yue's hand.

"Well, tomorrow's treat is on me, then!"