Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 359

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 359 Ziyun's Dilemma

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Nik believed that the specified Martial Technique he created for the Spirit Master Association would generate him treasures necessary for Lilith, and it did. He was easily able to place his own demands once the higher-ups had a taste of Nik's techniques. Since the routine was generated for sharper and powerful attacks, Nik could demonstrate it in flare and manipulate the situation into taking out a total of three blades coated with rust and said to be more than a thousand-year-old. They weren't spectacular spiritual weapons, and the higher echelons of the Spirit Master Association were more than happy to lose the weapons of historical importance in exchange for the technique with higher capabilities.

A broadsword, a dagger, and a dual-edged blade were chosen.

'Now, you have committed an act like a true man,' Lilith complimented, her words laced with unveiled excitement as Asmodeus snorted. Spirit Rings of only a few items were needed for the duo while the remaining spirit rings would belong to disastrous demon beasts. Meanwhile, Sky's requirements were much more moderate.

With his tangent to the Spirit Master Association successful, Nik made his way towards City Lord's Mansion. He needed to keep his classes up with Xue Yin. Although he was suddenly interjected and got asked to visit the Alchemist Association, Nik turned the invitation down. He had no interest in places of more medicine since he had already collected herbs for Asmodeus. Still, to remain courteous, he assured that one of these days, he will visit the association.

He lied skillfully.

The guardsmen of the Mansion allowed Nik to go in without a moment's delay, and he made his way towards Xue Yin's 'Humble' abode. Well, needless to say, he was surprised to see Xue Yin and Ye Ziyun together once he knocked on the Hut's door and entered the place.

"Master!" Ye Ziyun changed her way of greeting abruptly and stood up. Xue Yin, meanwhile, still stood within her kitchen and placed another cup of tea for Nik. She would discuss yesterday's transgression later. Right now, she needed to help Ziyun with her troubles.

"Ho~ Thanks, Aunt Xue!"

A cheerful voice made Nik's voice stuck within his throat as he looked towards the hallway and found Ray walking out while cleaning his hands.

"It's not a problem at all, child,' Yin smiled happily and looked towards Nik, "Yun'er has some troubles she wished to discuss. I'll be joining you in a few moments, but until then, you should hear her out."

Nik nodded and looked towards Ray.

"Student Ye Ray," He nodded somberly as Ray's smile receded, and he did the same, "Teacher Huyan Shen Nik Faran."


How the turntables!

Nik and Ray sat facing each other, and Ye Ziyun sat beside Ray with a troubled expression.

"Master... I..."

Ziyun began with crimson hues while Ray spoke up, "Actually, a boy flirted with Ziyun and almost took liberties with her."

Ziyun clutched her slightly long skirt over her knees while Xue Yin momentarily faltered in her preparations and almost ruined her tea. Ziyun lowered her head with her face flushed while Nik's expression turned neutral, and he sighed. He really wished to say that is wasn't a great deal of a matter. Being a beauty with a backing, it only meant natural to get hit upon. But if he said that, Nik, for surety, knew that Xue Yin's tray would come flying towards his face.

So, Nik decided to go with this world's trend and inquired smoothly, "Ziyun, who do you want me to beat up?"



Ray finally couldn't control it as Ziyun's expression turned even hotter. Her glazed pupils scanned Nik's gaze as she bit her lips. Her master would do that for her? Just the thought made her happy. After all, from various sources, it was already a theory that Nik actually killed Shen Hong for Shen Xiu... so it shouldn't be too much trouble for him to help her out, also...

'But does that mean he...'


Yin placed the tray on the table and huffed while sitting on the third couch. She then looked at Ziyun and inquired with a fierce expression, "Who's the guy? I'll tear him apart."

'Cause that's what people do to protect each other...' Nik noted the irony with a sigh. As Xue Yin persuaded Ziyun to expose the guy, Ray and Nik entered into a chat of their own, [I should say that I am impressed. Brian would be so proud of you.]

Nik's lips twitched as he countered, [He isn't my father, dude.]

[I meant as a big brother or something cause you two know each other before me, but sure, father it is.]

Ray smiled, [Either way... can I also learn something unique from you?]

He inquired candidly. Nik's and Ray's body held the same strength even if Ray had a smaller physique. It was only Nik's technique that set them different, and now, even he felt slightly tempted by Nik's martial arts.

[I'll owe you one,] Ray stated as Nik refused the notion, [No need to owe me anything... if I had to keep our relationship purely transactional, then when would we start considering ourselves each other's peers? And...

I know for sure Brian wouldn't have charged you anything.]

Ray raised his eyebrow in amus.e.m.e.nt but did not reject Nik's action as the L.u.s.t Apostle continued, [I'll tailor down a technique for you.]


Ray nodded. He got his hands on one of the copies of the video inscriptions from the battle and felt genuinely astonished by Nik's feat of defeating someone whose energy stat easily reached the level of Rank 4!!

{A/N: The highest rank available in the tiny world the place Nik currently is in will have people and other existences from Rank 1 to 5. While spiritualists would only have the energy value of the rank, demon beasts may also boost the physical strength of that rank. Just to clarify, Rank 6 and higher all belong to the higher realm Draconic Ruins and cannot force their way into the tiny world. Rank 5 in this world boasts the strength of a hundred thousand to a million-year beast.}

"Nie Li..."

Ziyun finally crumbled under Xue Yin's relentless inquiry and described the situation.

Ziyun needed to confirm a few inscription patterns and decided to make her way towards the Library. Although Ziyun did not provide the real reason for her sudden interest in Inscription patterns, she did explain that with Nik learning from Xue Yin every day, she had a lot of free time in the afternoon and would usually spend it in the Library.

Today, however, the orange-haired troublemaker, who always refuses her master's words, decided to walk up to her. He got ignored, obviously. While thirsting for friendship, Ziyun hadn't fallen to the level of depravity where she would enjoy a company if the well-renowned troublemaker.

It was only after Nie Li caught her harms and drew an inscription pattern of a level higher than her aunt's mastery did she feel indignant enough to complain to her aunt instead of her father.

"Yeah, that boy has surpassed the level of debauchery that knows no bound," Yin explained somberly as Ray and Nik locked gazes with each other. If this was Yin's reaction after someone caught Ziyun's wrist, it was soul-numbing to even think of what would happen if someone...


"Aunt Yin, it's not like..."

Ziyun began, but one stare from her aunt made Ziyun sigh as Nik spoke up, "Why didn't you kick his ass yourself?"

His words stunned the room. Instead of complaining, it would have been a damn fine story if Ziyun actually kicked his ass from the techniques he taught her.


I froze, master. I am sorry."

Ziyun spoke with a horrible expression as Nik thought for a while and then smiled, "Good. Instead of letting us take action, I'll train you even harder. So much that anyone, who does not attract your eyes will get his bones shattered if he decides to approach you."

Needless to say, Yin approved of the solution while also conducting her research on the boy. Of course, this was only later after Nik had completed all the materials of the day and returned to whatever he did in his usual time.

'Come to think of it... aside from the knowledge about him being a martial arts genius and his association with Shen Xiu and Huyan Lanrou, nothing is known about him. The fact that he had dual Spirits only emerged in yesterday's battle...'

Yin thought as she recalled Nik's overall personality.

Talented and handsome.

So talented that Ye Zong looked like a country bumpkin when he was at Nik's age.

So handsome that Ye Zong, once again, looked like a country bumpkin when he was at Nik's age.


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