Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 361

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 361 Flavors

"Papa, you were amazing," Ning'er spoke again while tending to Yunfeng's blue facial features herself. Yunfeng nodded silently as the servant poured a cup of tea for Nik as he gazed at the duo with an amused expression. Feeling that her father still felt bitter over his eventual, one-sided beating, she spoke again, "For real! You looked extremely cool!"

Her eyes were wide and a cute pout on her face. This was an expression that Ning'er forgot to make from the moment the burdens of her family fell on her shoulders. While Yunfeng felt embarrassed, he was more than willing to see Ning'er's current expression. The defeat felt sweet and worthwhile.

Meanwhile, Nik picked up his cup and tasted the contents of the tea. Though delicious, Xue Yin's tea made his tongue comfortable and loved. It was a strange comparison, but the truth nonetheless.

"And teacher," Ning'er looked towards Nik and bowed, "I am"

Before she could apologize, Nik snickered, "You are grateful for a demonstration, I understand," he placed the cup on the table and then continued, "And, I expect to see you for training tomorrow morning."

He stood up, and Ning'er felt more than sweet at the moment as Nik readily accepted her after her previous outburst. He turned but not before assuring Ning'er, "Oh, and we all had a break today. So you don't have to worry about catching up or anything. Bai Bai~"

Nik left as Yunfeng gestured one of the elders present at the scene to walk Nik out. He then turned his attention to Ning'er, who still felt dazed and finally let his palm stroke her head wordlessly. She felt emotional, and it wasn't wrong to feel as such.

"Ning'er... you are a kind child," Yunfeng whispered while ruffling her hair softly. She nodded silently and stood up, her shoulders trembling, and her expression hidden from Yunfeng, yet the crack in her voice made her emotions all too evident.

"I... should go and train."

She whispered out while Yunfeng nodded, "You should."


'So cool~ I never took you as a kind of guy who loved to act like a teacher!'

Asmodeus chimed in wondrous delight as Nik walked past the streets. While he became somewhat of a local celebrity, strangely, the people of this world knew how to give celebrities their space... well, it was that, or if they crowd around an expert and annoy them, their lives would be virtually placed at risk.

'What do you mean by act? I am a teacher.'

Nik huffed as he felt more than annoyed with Star Restaurant getting sealed for the time being. No matter what assets Shen Xiu loses out, Nik would make sure to loot more and more whorehouses to win back the Star Restaurant. Heck, since his mission made him stay within this world for two years, he planned for Star Restaurant to be his base of debauchery!

'Hee~ Now I wish I had such a hot teacher!'

Asmodeus' voice rang as Nik sneered, 'Aren't I a teacher of yours already? Who is giving you the reading materials to study?'

He inquired as Asmodeus replied with an understanding tone, 'Oh, that's true, too... now I hope that I had a Teacher that could just bring me to the levels of'

'S.l.u.t, shut up, already!'

Lilith's enranged voice rang and made Nik's consciousness buzz before the angered war blade continued, 'And did you just scooch my egg over to your side? Wanna get diced?'

The blade inquired as the slime snickered, 'Ah~ Nik, you really gotta let Lilith get her body first. Be sure to deepthroat her! She loves that!'

'Dicing it is!'

Lilith roared before the duo fell silent. Nik, meanwhile, decided to take an active role in whatever that comes from the egg. No way he is going to let another one of his spirits become like these two.

'I am not like the two of them, though,' Sky spoke up as Nik nodded, 'Yeah, you're the best.'

'Hmm, as long as you understand.'

Sky left with a complacent remark. Her disappearance was just as sudden as her appearance.

Finally, Nik found an appropriate place to eat up. Once again, someone from the Alchemist Association approached him. His tone felt urgent. Spirit Master Association, Nik could understand. Holy Orchid Institute, he could once again, understand. But what did he have to attract the likes of the Alchemist Association?

Scanning the middle-aged man with an unmistakable, nose-scrunching smell of herbs and other medicinal pastes, Nik finally drained the soup directly from his bowl, wiped his mouth with his forearm it was unhealthy, the man noted and inquired, "Why does Alchemist Association have such an interest in me?"

Surely, they wouldn't have a beautiful woman who just wants to chat with him

"Our Association's Director would like to hire your services, Sir."

The man replied as Nik frowned, "If it is my services, then you should know that all my abilities are only in the service of the opposite gender. Females in this case. Just clearing it up for you."

The man felt slightly speechless as Nik tore out a large chunk of meat from the demon beast platter and nailed him with an intense gaze.

"Anyway, before I even decide to come and visit your institute, you should prepare a gist of the objective that my services would be used for. Before that all this" Nik pointed at himself and the man, "Is a fool's errand."

The man thought for a while and then nodded, "I'll let the Director know. Thank you for your time."

"No worries," Nik chimed and finished his meal while the man walked away. Later, Nik decided to pursue his training in Inscription patterns while giving his peers another one of their wet dreams with his Illusions. Oddly, the inscription patterns already took far more of his consciousness than Nik would like, but surely, he felt that he was making progress in terms of handling multiple operations at once. Even though he could not pursue his training in the manipulation of elements, conversion of energy, and their fusion alongside his Battle Arts, Nik felt a noticeable improvement in his L.u.s.t Domain as he now kept it activated almost every time.

Alas, his intended five-hour training, was cut short with a knock, and one sweep from [Life Vision] identified the newcomer to be Xiu. While others would have felt odd as to the sudden change in her schedule, the overflowing scent and heat from her body made Nik smile pleasantly, and he stood up to open the door for the beauty.


The middle-aged man who managed to pull out a response from Nik stood in front of a table stacked with parchments that almost reached the ceiling. He noted that the stacks barely felt unstable and could as well support the heavens! These were all ruined or incomplete recipes regarding various alchemical products of the olden era. Peculiarly, those that dealt with the enhancement of the body.

"Director, I am back from my meeting with Nik Faran," The man spoke and instantly attracted the owner of the lavender-colored head. The woman looked up, half of her face hidden behind the locks of her hair. She observed the man with her droopy eyes and saliva dripping down her chin. Sloppy and disheveled The man noted. The movement on the table finally interrupted the harmonical balance of the stack of papers, and with a dramatic tilt, the parchments kissed the floor.

"Hmm?" The woman rubbed her lips with her tunic and looked at her assistant, "Really? You must be so proud."

Yang Xin replied while taking candy out of her desk drawer, "Here, have some candy."

The man looked at the wrapped treat in her palms. Mint Herb Flavor he noted. His favorite flavor.

He took the candy, unwrapped it, and then placed the treat in his mouth while placing the wrapper in his pocket and continued, "Nik Faran asked me to prepare a summary of our mission before we contact him again."

Yang Xin nodded and then lowered her head once again, "I'll leave it to you. Add some candies to the rewards, too. They are good. I am sure Nik would also take an interest in them."

The man's face hardened, and he inquired softly, "Which flavor, Director?"

"Hmm? Nik is a close-combat master, right? So... green strawberry."

Yang Xin replied with a yawn while the man thanked the heavens for keeping the medicine flavor safe.