Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 362

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 362 Night Visit

Why Shen Xiu ever thought that this was a great idea, still eluded her. Maybe she caught symptoms of debauchery and shamelessness from Nik? Or maybe, with Shen Mao not controlling her life, she decided to celebrate with losing... no, rewarding her multiple first times to Nik. While Xiu abhorred outfits that illicitly exposed her curves to the world, it was an entirely different concept during the night. She wore an outfit that only the boldest could ever muster their will for.

Of course, she covered herself up. Voyeurism was a game she had no talents in and dared not dip her toes in that murky pool of s.e.x.u.a.l kink.

With back against Nik's chest, her butt over his crotch and her may as well exposed bosom in Nik's tender care, soft yelps of delight rang while heart faltered with the knowledge that the walls of the dorm were too damn thin. Her body already produced sweat and an unnaturally sweet scent. Under the soft glow of candles, her lingerie covered curves were played with a gentle Nik. His mouth never inquiring the factors that led to this ardent decision and never hesitating even for a moment. His erect member sandwiched in between her plump buttcheeks made her slightly terrified.

No man should have a member this thick, and yet, Nik did.

While her body was nurtured to m.o.a.n in pain and feel disgusted by kindness, right now, all of Shen Mao's mechanism seemed to fail against Nik's soft squeeze of her bosom, his titillating pinched and tugs on her soft pink n.i.p.p.l.es, his tender kisses on the back of her ears and his playful whispers triggering her deepest and darkest of desires. Nik's scent quickly overwhelmed Shen Xiu's. While Xiu was already wet under Nik's ministration, she had barely done anything to please Nik with.

And to think that 'she' came to reward 'him'.

The notion felt laughable.


A cry of relief rang as Nik carefully bit on her left earlobe, finally introducing the much-desired pain and instantly, her juices gushed out. Nik's palms cupped Xiu's large and ample bosom from beneath, weighing her curves while his index and thumb twirled her n.i.p.p.l.es harder. Xiu's arms already traced Nik's sensual muscles and replied in kind as her scratches drew an even more enchanting scent.

The scent of blood.

The scent of Nik's blood instantly made Xiu's eyes widen, her crimson pupils dilated, and her body felt emblazed with l.u.s.t and desires that made her e.r.o.t.i.c bits flare and introduce a musky scent. Her breaths grew heavier. This high was on a whole new level. A level of addiction that made the scars etched on Xiu's back turn into a mockery of the dead and his vain efforts. They did not feel like scars anymore. They were badges. She survived the cruelty of an old monster. She was saved by a wonderful man, and despite his flaws, his hands felt kind. She was blessed in the most hedonistic manner. So much so that she was being rewarded just for her intention to do the same for Nik.

"S-somebody will hear us!"

Xiu whispered, but the expression on her face yelled more! Make her scream more! Let everyone know that she did not belong to their illicit gazes and only to her savior's her man's arms. Living the rest of her life to become a part of him!

"Let them," Nik whispered, breaking his peers out of their sweet dreams and tracing the tip of his tongue down the back of Xiu's neck, reaching the beginning of her scars before letting go of Xiu's b.r.e.a.s.ts and gradually lowering his palms down her voluptuous curves. Letting his fingers dig into her clenched thighs and enjoying the wet sensation.

Currently, Shen Xiu's figure was dr.a.p.ed in E.r.o.t.i.ca-cut lingerie. The fabric of her brassier tracing her exposed a.r.e.o.l.as and her panties tracing her cute, slick fold with her backdoor hidden by the sheer ampleness of her butt. Her thighs were drenched, and Nik made an effort to not take her lips. To seal her lips was to silent her, and that was far from his intentions. He is tagged as a debauched bastard who preys upon his apprentice and jow, he demonstrated the equivalent strength. Solidifying that title within the hearts of the people of the city required his partners needed to let their m.o.a.ns known to the entire city.

And m.o.a.n Xiu did as Nik parted her thighs and let his finger trace her drenched snatch. Already sloppy, already hot and ready to be pumped. Just like her martial spirit, Xiu's body belonged to the kind of foxes that were ever so ready to get their share of love!


Shen Xiu's deranged m.o.a.n startled the couple's peer, and they questioned themselves if this wasn't another one of their desiring dreams.

Xiu's head rolled back, and her lips parted. From the corner of her l.u.s.t-glazed pupils, Xiu found Nik looking up while pleasing her back. Their gazes met, and for a moment, Xiu's consciousness slipped as Nik's left index finally rubbed directly over her wet pink flesh, revealing the hole that eluded the dreams of the city's youth's and before pushing past her defenses and letting his index get wrapped by her searing, tight walls!


L.u.s.t Domain, Pheromone Illusion, Mirage Manipulation...

Nik used most of the arrows in his quiver. And the finger's gentle stir instantly brought an unhinged wave of passion that baptized Xiu's entirety and resulted in a long shower of squirt that soaked most part of Nik's bed.

"Sweetheart," Nik whispered as he finally took Shen Xiu's plump lips, sucking on her treasured juices and grazing her tongue in a tantalizing curve that instantly melted Xiu in Nik's embrace.

With a soft flip, Nik turned their position, and his hands now rested on either side of the breathless Xiu, his body shadowing her's and her b.r.e.a.s.ts pulled back by the world's gravity, resembling balls of flesh with cherry-pink toppings. With unveiled intentions, Xiu gradually raised her arms and cupped Nik's cheeks. A bright smile finally streaked her face, and she canted her head sideways, "Don't you dare go easy on me, now!"

A wolfish grin replied Xiu's gesture, and Nik supported with his right hand and lowered his pants with his left. While his erect member remained dry with his head marred with minuscule globules of prec.u.m, it was easy enough to lubricate his member, and with a tweak from his [Mirage Manipulation], his c.o.c.k oiled itself at a breakneck pace with aphrodisiac-like liquid. He aligned the tip of his c.o.c.k against Xiu's wet cunt and pushed slightly.


Instead of an educated pain, debauched pleasure hit her with a power of maddened Jagged Rhino left her breathless.


Nik exhaled softly. Her walls were slippery and tight. A c.o.c.ktail of heat and pleasure that wished to devour his c.o.c.k. And this was the feeling he only received after pushing his tip.

More discoveries awaited.

More boundaries needed to be pushed!

With a deeper move of his pelvis, his c.o.c.k pushed deeper, bringing flavorful m.o.a.ns of delight marring the nights of the other teachers in the dorms with their breaths abated and their hearts racing. Male or female, it did not matter. If there was one thing Nik held certainty of L.u.s.t does not know discrimination.

It is a driving force present in every living being. They just needed to find their own passion.


Xiu groaned with her jaws clenched and her hands tracing down Nik's abdominal muscles. She finally let her palms fall above her crotch, and feeling the slight bulge, Xiu matched Nik's gaze with an expression that pulled 200% of his passion.

"We did it, Nik! We are finally one... I am happy," She smiled and turned into the very picture of divine radiance!

A happy smile touched Nik's lips, and he leaned down, pecking the vixen's lips, "Yeah. I love you, Xiu," Nik whispered and pulled Xiu up in his embrace, her crotch finally cushioning down to the base of his c.o.c.k and making Xiu's eyes roll up momentarily.

"L-let's stay like this for a moment," Xiu whispered with her arms coiled around Nik's back while resting her cheeks on his shoulders. Feeling Nik tracing her scars once again, she inquired, "After this, should I get those scars removed?"

While Mao took illicit pleasure in seeing Xiu writhe in pain, Nik didn't.

"Does it still hurt?"

He inquired while Xiu shook her head.

"I see... then I'll remove them myself. From this moment, I'll be damned if I let any out kinky session leave a mark on your body."

Xiu felt speechless before chuckling.

"I am more than relieved then."

She smiled brilliantly and leaned forward to take Nik's lips.

"I love you, too, after all."


A/N: I know, I lost some of my skill to write lemons, but with one scene already published, you can expect more and more! I genuinely hope that you enjoyed this chapter. Love you all (Not like Nik or Xiu, though)