Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 363

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 363 Plans For Motherly Assistance

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Xiu did not wish to take a rest. While understanding the truth behind Nik's existence exposed her to the matters of the worlds that even the strongest couldn't fathom, her determination to train soared and with Nik's Life Energy manipulation, reinvigorating her physique was a child's play.

Finally, to keep matters under control... Xiu openly exposed the fact that she took Nik for an entire hour. Using the gap between her palms to attract the kids with his apparent size wasn't healthy, and Nik instantly put a stop to her actions.

"Y-you cheat!"

Lanruo punched towards Nik's face only to find herself in a different dimension. A world she was familiar with, and as the electrifying sensation filled her mind, she found a pair of arms wrap around her waist from behind.

It was a world of crystal-clear water with the beautiful seabed layered with colorful corals.


Nik whispered. In his Illusions, no female needed their clothes, and he extended the same courtesy to Lanruo. His fingers comfortably clutched her crotch while his right palm forcefully squeezed her right bust. Nik breathed into Lanruo's ear hotly and continued, "You hurt me, darling."

He whispered as Lanruo pouted, with a flush, "If your actions aren't befitting a cheat's, then what are they?"

"Teachings of pleasure and spreading of l.u.s.t," Nik chuckled. While he took care of Xiu tenderly, in this world of illusion, he could wantonly make use of his s.e.x.u.a.l prowess and that he did! With a masterful stroke over her fleshy entrance and a tender kiss on her cheeks, Nik controlled the water and instantly coiled four thick tendrils of water around her limbs, spreading her body in a vulnerable position.

Waving his arm behind her butt and letting a resounding spank impact her beautiful ass, Nik continued calmly while constructing his image in front of Lanruo, and even if her vision got stunned by the visual treat, he is, Nik smiled, "Lanruo, this is your test. Break this illusion in an hour."

Turning her head, Lanruo snorted, "I won't. Do whatever you wish."

Nik's grin broadened, "You knew what you were getting into. Besides, if you don't break out of this illusion, the punishment will be something I won't do for the next year and give this treatment to other girls."

"What do you mean?"

Lanruo matched Nik's gaze. Even when her body remained exposed, Lanruo had already spent the night with him and allowed him to have his way. Letting her assets glaze his vision was something that failed to affect her in this world of illusion.

"I mean, you don't come out of this world in an hour, and I won't sleep in the same bed as yours for an entire year."

With her eyes snapped wide, Lanruo hissed in indignation, "You wouldn't!"

With his form slowly morphing into the water and becoming one with the sea, Nik's whisper rang from all the directions, "Try me."

Now alone in the world of illusion, Lanruo finally felt her head getting hot as she sighed and wondered out loud, "Shen Xiu... really wasn't lying about his size, huh."


For the next hour, Nik sat beside Lanruo as he gave Xiu the reigns of the training, and before Korra could object, he made sure that Shen Xiu finally demonstrated the martial arts that Nik finally engraved within her mind using his [Spiritual Connection] and [L.u.s.t Recruitment].

In fact, Nik sat on the edges of the field while he allowed the girls to train as they wished for the time being. Now, he had to prepare for the impending examinations that would enable the students to have trips within the Star Duo forest and obtain their spirit rings. All of his schemes to increase the students within his apprenticeship was to get them to the ranks of Spirit Grandmaster and even if Shen Xiu would soon reach the level, Nik still required another apprentice with no connections to the aristocrats.

The names of multiple girls appeared within Nik's mind, and he instantaneously thought of two people Gojira and Xiao Yun.

The former being Ryu'er's mother and the latter being Nie LI's mother. How he pulls them into his apprenticeship... that would require efforts and resources.

In fact, Nik wasn't even looking for their talents but their looks. With enough resources according to the theories a person can reach the highest state of cultivation. Money, Nik had plenty. Now, he just needed to find a proper hub to gather resources for his apprentice.

Finally, Nik looked at the dialogue box from one of his talents Exotic Escort.

[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of available talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc. for the host compiled. Please select.

Shen Xiu





Energy: 16



Skills: Flame Claws, Crimson Fox Aura

Element: Fire]

While Xiu's values in energy were far more outstanding, with his rank acting as a limiter, he could not assimilate the amount into his own stat. Still, Nik failed to feel depressed. Every benefit has an equal and opposite limitation. While he wrecked this world with physical power and even enjoyed the customs of the other societies, the restriction was that his life would remain at risk, and he needed to increase his rank to grow stronger.

With a sigh, Nik focused on Shen Xiu's skill. These were most probably her spirt skills, and the discovery pleased Nik to high ends.

[Flame Claws: Allows the user to coat their arms with flaming claws that have a sharpness more significant than a sword's.]

[Crimson Fox Aura Allows the user to enhance their physical capabilities by a slight margin with their aura manifesting into physical shape and simultaneously debuffing the opponent.]

Nik chose Crimson Fox Aura, but instead of adding to his own overwhelming pool of skills, he turned the ability into a skill seed and stored it into [L.u.s.t Recruitment's] Skill Pool section, intending to share the skill to someone else later.

Finally, he started to revolve his spiritual energy based on Sky's method. The reason he handed out the training of his techniques was to begin his own intensive training. From this point onwards, aside from the practice of inscription patterns, Nik would rotate the use of his own skills to train them. His subconscious mind was already used to controlling [L.u.s.t Domain] and [Pheromone Illusion], so in essence, with his mind already preoccupied with three different actions, he would continue his routine.


Unlike Nik, who represented a picture of pure calmness, Nik's Apprentices were slightly excited. Each for their own reasons. As Xiu finally demonstrated the same level of sharpness that made her resemble a somewhat inferior, but a definite Nik, Korra couldn't help but feel herself pushing harder than usual. Though unfair, Korra did not deny Xiu's advantage, and even if both of them finally spared akin to peers, Korra stood atop by a slight margin due to her experience. While Xiu posed a textbook version of Nik's technique, Korra had mastered the foundations and easily tweaked the method to match her own pace.

Once Korra was done and stumbled on her butt with a sharp exhalation, Ning'er quickly walked towards the tanned beast and presented a cup of juice. Ning'er, of course, wouldn't admit that the juice was freshly squeezed and prepared in the morning by her very own hands, but the gratified look on Korra eased much of her apprehensions, and she finally walked towards Xiu and presented her with a cup, too.

"Teacher Shen... I owe"

"As the current Matriarch of Sacred Family," Xiu began, casually accepting the cup of juice, "I owe you an apology for all of Sacred Family's past misdeeds against your family."

Ning'er matched Xiu's gaze and nodded, "Me, too. I should not have said those things out of my anger."

Xiu tasted the juice, and her gaze instantly brightened, "If you have the chance, would you teach me how to make this?"

Xiu's words made Ning'er flush, and Korra curious as she scooched her butt over to their place and inquired Ning'er with an astounded gaze, "Ya squeezed this stuff out? Got a real talent there," she muttered before snatching the cup from Xiu's hand and draining the contents once again.


Xiu hissed while Korra gave her a sidelong glance and pointed towards Nik, "Hadn't drunk enough, you greedy minx?"

Her brazen words instantly pulled a blush from Ning'er and Xiu as their glazed gazes met before they averted their faces out of sheer awkwardness. Meanwhile, Korra extended her cup towards NIng'er and inquired with a tone full of hope and expectations, "Got some more?"

Ning'er nodded and took out a rather large vat. Under the duo's astonished gaze, she felt slightly embarrassed and continued, "I-... I got slightly excited."

"Slightly, you say?"

Korra inquired about affirming her words, making Ning'er's face even hotter.

While the trio sat down to drink honey-lime juice, Ziyun's and Ryu'er's spar reached its peak.

Despite her timid personality, Ryu'er's body was as sturdy as a rock, and attacking her bare-handed made it a painful experience for Ziyun. But she strove to make her attacks swift and sharper all to keep her word with her master real Defeat the shameless Nie with her own hands!

And as determined as Ziyun was, Ryu'er was equally pissed by her mother, and while it did not show on her expression, Ryu'er, admittedly felt depraved thoughts against her mother that would have instantly attracted a seal of approval from Pavaka!

How dare she chanted Nik's name while spreading her dirty dungeons wide and squirting akin to an illicit flesh monster? And the galls to ignore Ryu'er's cry of indignation and continue on the session with a specialized toy that spread her ass cheeks and her butthole wide!!

She couldn't forgive her mother!

But... she was her mother after all...

'The best way is to take Nik in front of mom while making her beg to lick my own sloppy...'

While courageous in her thoughts initially, Ryu'er soon faltered as she recalled Xiu's estimation of Nik's size and if he was anywhere half as big as she proclaimed...

Then taking on a mate of such caliber would require assistance!

And who better to assist her than her mother?

The scene of her sloppy snatch getting eaten by her mother turned into an even more ardent scene of Nik, somehow, screwing them together while they squealed in wanton delight and let their sweaty bodies withe against each other in debauched necessity!


For a moment, the flushed Ryu'er felt weightless before her back impacted against the ground. A slightly reddened fist stopped in front of her eyes, and for the first time, Ziyun witnessed Ryu'er's beautiful and gem-like eyes!


"I understand! Mom!"

Nie Li grinned before running outside the inn and making his way towards the institute while Xiao Yun puffed her lips and crossed her arms beneath her ample bosom.

"He is getting so naughty!"

She complained as Nie Li's father smiled and hugged Xiao Yun, "Well, as long as he focuses on his studies. Now, we should leave for the estate, too. Our daughter is waiting."

Xiao Yun smiled gently and nodded before the couple got to packing their stuff. As she turned her back to Nie MIng, a gloomy sigh escaped her lips.

They were in the western region of Glory City, but instead of touring the famous hotspot, all she could do was accompany her husband within the closed walls of the inn. It was depressing, to say the least.

"Oh, yeah, did you know that Nie LI's teacher also defeated Xiao Yunfeng?"

Nie Ming spoke up as Xiao Yun hastily turned on her heels and inquired with her gaze widened, "You mean that Lord of the Winged Dragon Family?"

Nie Ming nodded with a bright grin.

"Remember that I went out for a few minutes to but some souvenirs? I simply chanced upon the scene! One of the best battles I have ever witnessed."

Xiao Yun gave her husband a glare before turning back and focusing on packing.

'I wanted to see Nie Li's teacher in action, too...'

Xiao Yun sighed. With no other sources of entertainment present for impoverished aristocrats like the Heavenly Marks Family, street fights were a significant source of entertainment!

'Dumb Nie Ming... he should have instantly taken me to the scene!'

She huffed internally.