Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 364

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 364 Savage

As usual, Nik moved to higher classes after the students from the apprentice class completed their training. Nik could easily observe the envious expression on their faces as Ziyun, Ning'er, and Ryu'er demonstrated moves far complicated and graceful than their own. Meanwhile, Xiu started to genuinely teach the kids this time around. She was dressed gracefully, and much to the student's additional stress, Xiu oddly looked divine instead of a hot beauty teeming with seductive charm.

With their training completed, the kids fell on their butts, and while Ray was instantly surrounded by boys to chat with, Ning'er, Ryu'er, and Ziyun rested together.

After being able to touch Ziyun's wrist the previous day, Nie Li felt incomparably bold and thinking of how they would marry once again. Under the right conditions this time, Nie Li moved towards Ziyun with his hands pocketed and a thuggish charm exuding from his gait. While such a demeanor may attract a commoner, to Ziyun, who thirsted after refined friendship and gentle warmth that her family could not nourish her with, Nie Li's current appearance barely pulled a ripple from her heart.

"Ziyun, now do you believe that my Ice Hearth Chant is superior to your family's Snow Wind Chant?"

Nie Li inquired with a jubilant expression, meanwhile far behind from him, Lu Piao and Du Ze looked towards each other and started to bet if Nie Li will get rekt or another pass. Lu Piao, being Nie Li's best friend, instantly favored Nie Li getting bulldozed while under Nie Li's favor, Du Ze hoped for Nie Li to achieve success in every one of his endeavors.

Ziyun, on the other hand, broke free from pestering Ryu'er as the petite peer grunted in relief, and Ziyun turned her head to match Nie Li's gaze from the corner of her eyes before shaking her head. Unlike the cute and delirious pout that would make Nie LI recall their future encounters, this time, Ziyun held Nie Li with a calm indifference as if he held no value whatsoever, "No, I do not believe. I did not practice your chant, and honestly, it doesn't matter."

Ziyun spoke the truth. In reality, every living being can absorb spiritual energy by default after a few days of practice and does not need a special ritual to perform the act. Even if someone utilized the chants, it only increased their pace of absorption by the slightest of margin, and thus, every aristocracy only looked upon the Meditation Chants to calm their minds and grow accustomed to the dynamic changes that life presents them with. And even if Ziyun's disregard for the technique did not sting Nie Li for it only calmed the heart and mind to tone the spirit of the user, it was her condescending gaze veiled under the banalities of indifference that stung him sharply, making him feel uncomfortable.

As Ziyun turned her head to let her fingers tickle Ryu'er's tickle zones only to find none, Nie Li opened up once again, "Ziyun, I"

"It is Ye Ziyun for you," Ziyun turned her head and matched Nie Li's gaze as Nie Li stammered. With a stunned expression, he extended his palm to reach out for her shoulder as she continued, "Is there something else?"

Nie Li stopped in his tracks and retreated by a step before spinning and walking away wordlessly.

Du Ze took out 3 Demon Spirit Coins and handed it to gleeful Lu Piao.

Meanwhile, Ziyun snapped her head towards Ryu'er, her violet eyes glazed with expectations. More than anyone else, Ziyun knew how much of a brash and gruff person this seemingly petite girl was. Still, even if Ziyun's indifference pulled a little surprise from Ryu'er and Ning'er, the monster-hybrid human did not move to soothe the hopeful Ziyun. Heck, Ryu'er swore that if Ziyun had cat ears, they would have been perked up!

Finally, with curiosity taking over her own inhibitions, a wide-eyed and flushed Ning'er raised her arm and stroked the top of Ziyun's head. Instead of pushing away her touch, Ziyun closed her eyes subconsciously, pushed her head against Ning'er's palm, and mewled softly.


Both of them instantly locked their gazes and blushed furiously. The pair of orange and violet eyes averted before Ning'er retracted her arm and spoke with a stammer, "That... you looked cool..."

She whispered as Ziyun smiled with her eyes widened and her expression glowing, "Yes!"

Ryu'er observed the duo with a scowl and swore internally before forcefully placing her left palm over Ziyun's head and ruffling it with her cheeks inflated.

The duo yelped before Ziyun snickered and indulged herself even if her hair needed to be unentangled later on.


"Korra, make me proud~!"

Nik cheered from the sidelines. While the L.u.s.t Apostle maintained a dignified image in front of the Apprentice Class, he was entirely different in front of senior and intermediary classes. In a word, he was a rogue. Those he created troubles, Nik would force them to act like chickens by bending their back and holding their ears by while letting their hands pass through the gaps of their thighs.

In a completely separate martial field, Korra wreaked havoc. Her fists were unable to discriminate between her peers as her hits landed everywhere!


"Ack! Damn bear! I'll" A healthy youth roared as Korra's foot stuck in between his widened mouth, and her slightly sadistic gaze matched his terrified orbs!

"What was that?"

She inquired gently as the youth shook his head. With Korra's foot filling his mouth, he was unable to even speak, and he pleaded with a jumble of grunts.

Rolling her eyes, Korra took her boot out, and before the youth could even sigh in relief, her kick knocked the youth flying!

"How many would roll to just get my foot in their mouths, and yet you beg to deny this glory... You hurt me deeply."

The females scowled while the guys still conscious nodded. After the first three lessons, Nik gave free reigns to the training and let the youths glean enlightenment through sparring. Of course, Korra turned out to be the mock instructor as the Class' leading professor turned his gaze towards Nik. With slight hesitation, he finally confronted Nik, "Teacher Nik, isn't this a little over the top?"

Nik looked towards the teacher and dropped his inexistent pom-pom which he used to cheer Korra with and stroked his chin, "I think that it is way over the top," Nik turned towards Korra who hunted down another girl with a feral grin, "But, this is the Superior Class. Every student has the same talent befitting the lord of a middle-level aristocrat, and the only thing limiting them is their background."

The teacher's expression froze as he considered Nik's words while the Apostle continued, "And, to break away that chain, facing a reckless talent like Korra is the best way. Finally, Korra also needs to relieve her stress, so this is a win-win-win situation."

He admitted casually while the teacher sweatdropped!

From the corner of her eyes, Korra saw Nik and the teacher conversing as she observed Nik's face. She did not need her vision to land hits. Heck, many already compared her acts of defeating high-ranked spirit master with Nik's and already called her the Second Martial Talent. And honestly, Korra enjoyed the sensation of being placed on a rank lower than the highest. It gave her a goal.

A direction.

Also, it made defeating the strongest sweeter and satisfying.

'But damn... how did Shen Xiu even take him? I cannot even spar with him for more than 15 minutes, and she endured an entire hour.'

While the actions were completely different, Korra still couldn't help but shiver at Xiu's tenacity. Her heart once again dropped wildly as she recalled 'inviting' Nik with a tone more than suggestive!


A slap landed on the base of her neck, and the girl who struck trembled. She actually attacked Korra successfully? Alas, bubbliness faded when a picture of an evil demon cackling in pure menace turned towards her.

"Good... now, this makes this spar more interesting."

Korra grinned, and the girl fell back, unable to even fathom the thought of Korra's treatment on her carefully cultivated maiden body.


Everyone turned silent.


Finally, while Nik left to attend his lectures on Inscription patterns, Lanruo summoned her confidant. Nik taking Xiu was an issue more significant than the death of Shen Mao, and she needed to prepare for measures!