Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 366

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 366 Breakthrough In Training

A/N: It is high time that I clear some misunderstandings regarding the system. While Nik's bloodline allows him to siphon off a tiny bit of the energy of the girls other than [exotic escort], the moment Nik reaches the limit of his rank, even the powers of his bloodline will be shackled. In this case, the limit of Rank 1 is 30 stat points, also if Nik's bloodline can support a siphoning of 1000 points of energy, it will be, ultimately, not stored within the body for the system restricts it. So, in this manner, the System is a dual-edged blade with equal benefits and limitations.

As for Battle Arts, Gravity Manipulation, and other forms of Energy Manipulation. While their benefits look barely substantial... well, Nik mainly uses Gravity, but other than that, I will try to make each of his skills more and more resourceful.

Finally, for the harem, there are only two routes possible. First, the slow one, where each scene builds up to lemon and tries to capture the beauty of the stage. Second, fast f.u.c.k and disposal, that is what most of the harem fics are. So, Daily Life of Nik (******* series that will soon be released in public) is the answer I came up with, and you all can expect high chapter updates shortly. I am feeling sloppy at the moment due to quarantine, that is all. Please, enjoy it.


Training alongside [Multi-Task] made Nik realize just how much he can achieve with this skill. Though not 100%, Nik could give each of the strengths he was training in a shocking 80%. Heck, controlling the Gravity while feeling the barrage of his peer's kinks never felt so smooth and with a mere thought, Nik could effortlessly mobilize more than fifteen strands of Gravitational Force to weave them into a drill that impacted against the natural order of the Gravity and shifted most of the items of his room. While Nik once again felt the need to change into an ample space, with a satisfied expression, he dispersed the rotating drill, and the objects afloat grew stationary once again.

The most apparent Improvement was in his ability to understand the art of Inscription patterns. Hardest and the primary step to build the foundation of an Inscriptionist is memorizing all the gestures and incantations and construct them into runes. Incantations of Lines and Runes of motive as they say. Rune is a set of literary language that forms an inscription. Each rune is composed of more than one incantations, and even a single rune can be transformed into an Inscription. But the same cannot be said for incantations. They were basically lines of various depths and thicknesses.

"There are three more series remaining," The materials regarding Incantations were divided into curves and straights. The Straight Incantations only had a single series worth of articles while the Curve Incantations spread up to three sets.

Nik sighed as Asmodeus snickered out Amateur.

With a snort, Nik focused on his Tome of Battle and sat in meditation. Once again, the apparent relief to his mental capacity made it easy to meditate on the Tome, but just like the last time, the current contents of the tome eluded him. He did not even understand where he should begin with collecting Nascent Souls to temper his body and merge it with various constitutions. Nothing made sense to him now. What was originally a collection of otherworldly martial arts turned into an illogical mixture of baseless words.

"What do you mean Amateur?"

Nik finally inquired after breaking away from the Tome. The crucial thing now is to master the intent behind the techniques rather than soldiering forward. So, Nik diverted his attention to Asmodeus' previous comment. Unlike her typical chipper nature, Asmodeus meant what she said. He was acting like an amateur, and Nik wanted to know why.

"Haven't you read it already? Blood of the spirit beasts, and the pastes of the spiritual herbs is only one of the many 'inks' with which an inscription can be formed."

"I know that. But I barely have any experience in manipulating the spirit energy"

"That's the difference between a talent and a commoner. Experiment, dumbo," Asmodeus snickered and revealed the truth that failed to reach Nik's grasps, "Inscription is also a set of language constructed from the application of Incantations and Runes. But, is there a single person who refuted the fact that no other form of energy can be utilized to form Inscriptions?"

Understanding came to Nik in a moment's notice, and he suppressed a smile before standing up.

"Hehe~ Where are you going?"

Asmodeus inquired as Nik shrugged, "You slimy genius. I can't stay in the room after understanding my benefits."

"Good," Asmodeus chimed, "Praise me more!"

Nik smiled and spoiled Asmodeus with his sweet words while reaching the Training field. Instantly, he set up a dome of pheromones and spread his L.u.s.t Domain as far as he could and stood still for a moment. Choosing the gentlest of the energy in his arsenal, Nik mobilized the Life Energy and extended his hand out, his fingers save for his index clenched shut, and the tip of index aglow in green-gold.

"Well, the moment of truth."

If succeeded, Nik could potentially combine all of his strengths to train as a singular concept, at least, his energy-based advantages.

He moved his index down and left a trail of life energy. He did not stop here. While keeping control over the already expelled energy, Nik continued to draw three more lines that crisscrossed against the first one. Looking at the glowing rune in front of him, Nik manipulated the energy within the rune to make it descend on the ground, and the moment the rune touched the ground, akin to a brittle glass, the rune shattered into minute specks of glowing green spectacles that showered the ground beneath.

While Nik's rune destructed out of his seer inexperience, a glimmer of hope reacher his gaze, and he processed the same rune, this time focusing on the precision of his strokes and then making the rune descend once again. And like the previous try, the rune shattered into specks of unrefined life energy that showered the dry training field below. It was only at Nik's seventh try did the rune successfully rested on the ground, and with an expectant expression, Nik waited. Keeping the energy within the rune stable while the four incantations enhanced the potency of life energy by itself by interacting with each other.

Not before long, a speckle of green quickly sprouted into a single blade of grass while the rune glowed one last time and dispersing in the previous fashion once again.

Still, the blade of grass represented the possibility of combining his energy-based manipulation with his training of inscriptions and train both at once! What's more, the effect of his minuscule life energy that couldn't bring even a single blade of grass to existence easily improved enough with a single rune MInor Boost.

Finally, with his thoughts settled, Nik kept on creating the same rune over and over again until he ran out of energy. Around his feet, six more blades of grass stood erect, and with a satisfied smile, Nik huffed. He didn't let this single achievement get over his head. He had merely taken the first step. He now intended to master whatever there is to Inscriptions, be they may belong to gods. Inscriptions were too beneficial.

Now, intending to stretch his limbs out, Nik took a stance and started creating a technique for Ray. The Succubus' blood helped him by a significant margin, and until now, Ray had given Nik more than enough to become a trustworthy partner. This technique would be Nik's manner of finally accepting his peer from the System and decided to give his best. He might not be a master yet, but each derivation allowed Nik to glean further into the origins of the base techniques, and even if he stood far away from the level that the likes of Saeko now stood at, Nik now boasted enough credentials to gaze at the steps leading to that stage.

For the next hour, Nik soaked himself in derivation. Keeping Ray's structure and personality in mind, Nik devised a method that would bring more significant benefit in evasion than attacking head-on. By nature, Ray was an illusionist, his level even higher than Nik, but should he ever meet someone with a treasure that could avoid illusion all-together, Ray needed a close-combat technique to have the assurance of escaping with his life intact.

Nik's act of defeating Shen Mao finally broke away Ray's hesitation, and the succubus finally requested Nik's assistance.

Still, under the pleasure of feeling a slight understanding of the martial methods, Nik did not lose his senses out and quickly sensed the entrance of a familiar persona into his pheromonal domain. And as he kicked down for the umpteenth time, wishing to incorporate Ray's physique into his technique, a slightly baffled voice finally called him out.

"Eh? Why are you still awake?"

Lanruo inquired, her body garbed in a beautiful cream robe that loosely traced her curves as Nik took out a towel from his spatial ring and wiped his sweaty face. "Weren't you hoping for it?" Nik inquired with an amused tone.


Lanruo stammered and rubbed the back of her head. Unlike her typical hairstyle, instead of a thin ribbon-like ornament over her head, Lanruo fashioned a jeweled band with a teardrop-shaped ruby hanging over her forehead.


She admitted and sighed out loud, "If it weren't for you sleeping with Xiu, I would have been sleeping peacefully!"

She spoke with a huff as Nik chortled, "How can you be so sure that Xiu isn't in my room, waiting for me?"

"Because I am coming from her house," Lanruo explained with an indignant glare as she stepped forwards and let Nik's scent assault her senses.

"Because I want to make sure that you only belong to me tonight," Lanruo proclaimed with a flushed face, but she would be darned to the lowest pits of hell for not even having the courage to face the man while stating her wishes! Her pink pupils matched Nik's violet orbs as the L.u.s.t Apostle let his towel hang over his shoulder and smiled, "Can you seriously take me on? All alone?"

"If I cannot even believe in your discretion," Lanruo opened up, "Then I wouldn't have let your roguish fingers even reach my body."

As she spoke up, Nik disappeared from her view with his body dispersing in a group of sakura petals, and his whisper rang from behind her, "What about your heart?"

Lanruo turned on her heels, facing Nik with one of the brightest smiles, "Well, what do you think, you big dummy!"