Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 368

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 368 Undefeated Devil

Nik pecked Lanruo's cheek as they lied in each other's embrace. Her tired body felt energized by the loving hug. Her soft breathing impacted against Nik's chest as he continued stroking her back wit warm affection.

"You should rest now," whispered Nik as he could already observe Lanruo's eyes drooping in drowsiness. The two really committed themselves in each other's fluids for an hour but the resultant pleasure no matter how delightful exhausted Lanruo. She softly nodded before mewling, "Nighty night, then."

She closed her eyes, fully intending to sleep while her legs naturally coiled around Nik's thighs. Meanwhile, Nik continued to inject a sparse amount of Life Energy into Lanruo's body as she drifted into her dreamworld. But, Nik's care was disturbed by an untimely knock. It wasn't Xiu. He could now instinctively feel her presence, and she wasn't out there waiting for him. With a frown, Nik slowly opened the door only to find a ragged woman with dark hair and a flushed face. Her wavy raven hair stuck on her sweat-laced skin while her light-green eyes scanned Nik's body with a licentious stare.

Nik knew her. One of the beauties and professor emerging from the side of commoners.

And if her expression did not expose her desires, the woman's scantily dressed body and the act of her fingers already rubbing against her clothed crotch made her wishes all too clear.


Nik began only for the lady named Asami to grab his arm with her free hand and stepping towards him with her lips brushing against his neck.

"You are too cruel, Nik," She breathed hotly as she exposed Nik's training, "Always giving me my greatest wet dreams, and yet, when you have your fun, we all are forced to listen. You can hear it, can't you? That Lin Kin, the whorish Ken Kao, and many others are packed in a room, m.o.a.ning in whispering delight while having their cunts plowed by everyone!"

As Asami stated, Nik did figure out the orgy party happening within the dorm, but that didn't bother him. Nik enjoyed spreading debauchery, and knowing that his actions made the lives of his peers more flavored pleased him to a great extent. But it looked like that one figure wasn't satisfied in parties of debauchery and slipped out to...

"Here to invite me then?"

Asami shook her head and let her body press against Nik. She still couldn't think straight, and the sight of a thinly veiled Lanruo sleeping on Nik's bed broke away all her inhibitions, and she rolled her tongue out to carefully lick Nik's adam's apple.

"Letting those greedy gals get their c.u.m-laced hands to mar your body, no, please." Asami humped her crotch against Nik's and cooed, "I wanna have you all for myself."

Her green pupils glowed in l.u.s.t, making Nik smile softly. While he did not take the initiative to get to know more and more girls... well, out of pity for his peers since he did not want to make all the women favor him, but he wouldn't deny a damsel in distress.

With his arm closing the door behind him, Nik placed his index over his lips, "Sorry, my room will be off-limits. My soon-to-be fiance is sleeping."

Lanruo's status barely made any difference to the l.u.s.t-addled Asami as she extended her toes and brushed the tip of her nose against Nik's and inhaled deeply, letting his scent wreak blissful havoc to her senses. Asami's lips parted and allowing her upper lip push down Nik's lower lip, she smiled playfully, "What's that? Your fiance couldn't handle you?"

With his arms coiling around Asami's and his palms gripping on her plump butt, Nik smiled in emotions, "Story of my life. It takes a team of heroes to put down the devil."

"And you are supposed to be the devil?" Asami inquired with traces of amus.e.m.e.nt tracing across her lascivious gaze.

"Oh, not at all. I am the devil's ancestor. No amount of teamwork can put me down." He tilted his head and leaned down to get closer to her ear before whispering, "All the heroes can do is plead for me to feel merciful and go easy on them."

And with her palm cupping Nik's crotch, Asami exhaled hotly, "Then it makes it even more enjoyable. The ancestor's merciless punishment that is."

"Teacher Asami, where are you?"

A loosely dressed man extended his head from the small space of his door only to find Asami in Nik's arms as they both gazed at the man. With a wry laugh, the man extended his thumb towards the duo while shouting inside the room.

"Looks like it's just the three of us. Teacher Asami won't be joining us."

As a snort of another man rung within the room, a single female voice painted the future scene within the room.

"Two for me? Lucky me!"

Nik felt speechless. Maybe he overdid it a little. This was a traditional world, and if the word got out about the teacher's apparent orgies, then leaving with their lives was already an act of mercy!

'But, who am I to stop them from having fun. At least, the teachers are honest at night.'

Shortly in the future, Nik fully expected the teachers to conduct swinger's party for most of the teachers were already a couple, and if Nik continued to play with their heads, manipulating the teachers to share their girls with others was a child's play.

"Sigh, what a mood breaker!"

Asami groaned as Nik pinched her butt and pulled a yelp out of her.

Their gazes met, and Nik inquired, "Your dorm room?"

With a ponderous look, Asami shook her head and grinned, "Not here. The dorm room feels depressing for my first time! I want something more romantic! Adventurous!"

Nik thought for a while and smiled, "I know just the place!"


She couldn't focus on anything but Nik and Asami. A fallen god with her divinity destroyed, and her situation precarious enough only held 'eyes' for Nik kneeling and mealing on Asami's sloppy p.u.s.s.y in delight as the woman's torso leaned over on the bark of a thick tree near the paradise created by the students. As a goddess of Light and Justice, though blind, she could see what others couldn't and under the veil of Asami's and Nik's l.u.s.t, the Sword Maiden, one of the seven most feared goddesses from the Draconic Ruins, only witnessed purity!

Her eyes were already tainted; thus, the maiden decided to blindfold herself. While she witnessed envy, pride, and bouts of rage from the other teachers plowing each other, she felt none of that from the duo pursuing the romance under the appreciation of the full moon.

Being a goddess, Sword Maiden felt a rushing high from purity, and that's what happened this time, too. Her face remained towards the duo's direction as her breathing, though calm, grew hotter. Her face, though impassionate, flushed.

Her snatch, though lonely, grew wetter!

Meanwhile, with his fingers sinking into Asami's butt, Nik let his tongue explore her snatch. He barely knew anything about Asami, but being a master explorer, Nik soon found the switches that made the searing walls of her dungeon undulate in carnal debauchery while her m.o.a.ns delighted the ears of small, harmless animals present.

"Oogh! I take back what I said!" Asami pleaded. Just Nik's oral treat was enough to make her feel the pressure acc.u.mulating as her elbows scr.a.p.ed against the bark of the tree.

"Let me call for support, that way Ennghhh!"

A weird yell emerged from her mouth as her head reeled back while her mouth clenched shut. Alas, clench her p.u.s.s.y she couldn't and let a vicious stream of juices straight into Nik's pleasant mouth! He lapped up all the juices and continued assaulting the slightly tired Asami's snatch!

Finally feeling her hole warm and lose enough, Nik stood up and let his thick middle and index finger dig deep into her fold, sparing not a single spot to rile her up while placing the fingers of his other hand into her slack-jawed mouth, letting her taste her own juices.

"We never actually talked before, Asami. How about you tell me a little about yourself?"

Nik inquired as he finally retracted his fingers and let the cold air blow against her sloppy cunt.

"Meeh? Aaangh!"

Asami's body trembled as she felt the air more pleasing than ever and dug into her memories covered in a l.u.s.t-layered fog.

"I don't care!" Asami snapped and turned her body, her slightly dry palms pushing against Nik's c.o.c.k while her lolling tongue flicking against Nik's lips. "Just put an end to this!"

She begged, and Nik smiled, "You are an interesting one, Asami."

He thought for a while before pulling his pants till his thighs and exposing his erect member, instantly attracting Asami's focus.

"I won't put an end to this. Not until you satisfy me," Nik cooed and pushed Asami down on her knees while gripping and pulling both of her hand up single-handedly. Meanwhile, he shoved his c.o.c.k over to Asami's face and let it rest over her cheeks, introducing a fantastic smell to Asami's nostrils and high bestial temperature to her skin.

"Now, Lick," Nik whispered his commands, and to his commands, the Sword Maiden licked her index while crouching and exposing her wet snatch from the highest point of the Institute. Her free hand rubbed against her n.a.k.e.d s.e.x as her soft m.o.a.ns soon rang aking to sweet whispers of the spirits!

Alas, none remained fortunate to hear them!


Asami Sato


Sword Maiden