Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 369

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 369 Luck Increment

The next hour, his apprentices gathered once again and findings Xiu in the group alongside Lanruo's disappearance, the group held no doubt that the pinkette would arrive alongside their teacher. By now, Nik's actions itself had credited to his rumors, and even when he kept slight moderation during his cases, Nik's inhibitions grew looser and looser. Of course, the thought made Ryu'er restless. She still couldn't acc.u.mulate enough courage to fess up to Nik and ride him hard!

'Shame, shame!'

Her mother's voice seemed to hiss in a mocking tone within her consciousness while Xiu finally turned her attention towards the entrance of the teacher's room, and alongside a surprise, Nik waved at them and smiled.

"Ah, sorry for coming so late!"

"Is that you, Asami?"

Korra blurted with an astonished expression as the wavy-haired woman following Nik with a diligent appearance, smiled with her eyes narrowed into slits. "Forgot to call me teacher, Korra?" Her inquiry brought a grimace, and with a rush, Korra decided to become impudent and jump with her body rolling mid-air and targetting Asami's face with her left calf.

With an extraordinary air of confidence, Asami stood in her place alas, a shadowy figure jumped, pulling Korra into a princess carry before landing.

"Come on, now, Korra. Show some appreciation to me. She's going to be your apprentice sister from now on."

Not embarrassed by the intimate contact, Korra snorted. "Over mah dead body!"

Nik pursed his lips. There was an apparent history behind the duo's relation. Calmly, Nik let her down as she folded her arms beneath her bosom and turned to face Asami, "What're ya doin' here?"

"I don't know," Asami whispered with a shrug before grinning, "Maybe turn you into a ragged punching bag again?"


A vein popped on Korra's forehead as the other girls looked at the scene with interest. It was only Ryu'er who yelled loudly and jumped towards Nik, her body in a similar position as Korra's, and her actions broke the tense atmosphere.

It was far more comfortable for Nik to subdue Ryu'er as he once again caught Ryu'er in his arms since she broke her stance mid-air. He glanced into her eyes as the thick locks of her hair covering the upper portion of her eyes receded back.

"What's up, Ryu'er?"

Nik smiled. Once again, Ryu'er's scent that remained unsensed by humans entered Nik's nostrils. With a knowing smile, Nik leaned down and whispered, "You are growing sloppy, honey. I'll have to train you once again, huh~ Give you all my..." he breathed hotly, letting his scent assault her senses and turn her into a flushed doll, "attention."

Feeling the stares from other girls, Ryu'er felt her heart thumping against her chest wildly as she gulped.

"Y-yes, teacher!"

She raised her voice. No point in cowering away now when she was already in Nik's arms!


Nik smiled in satisfaction and let her down on the ground, noting the apparently sad expression when she left his arms.

"Well, I don't think Teacher Asami needs any introduction. She will be joining us in training from now on."

By now, even Ning'er and Ziyun, though much more innocent than the other girls present, started to notice the ostensible crowd of women around Nik.

Huyan Lanruo, Shen Xiu, Ning'er, Ziyun, Korra, Ryu'er, and now, Asami.

Two of them were in a public relationship with Nik, Korra had already passed many illicit comments towards Nik, and Ryu'er, well... she was still slightly strange.

They both looked at each other, one orange and one violet. Both young and cream of the crop amongst the younger generations and fated to become expert spiritual masters if everything goes well. Alas, Nik's existence demonstrated that the seemingly unbeatable Spirit Masters could be thrashed in cruelest of ways possible!

They both looked towards Nik. The duo was far from the group while the other apprentices already commented about the situation and frolicked around Nik. Gulping, both of them took simultaneous steps towards Nik, unable to determine what their future would hold in store for them.

The next three hours were effectively used to train the girls. While a mental inquiry from Shen Xiu already made Nik inform her that Lanruo was already a part of her fold, it was Asami's situation that amused her. Bonding with Nik broadened Xiu's horizon, and she already knew how much the entire world could present her with. Alas, Asami, even after having an oral session, remained eluded by the world's truth, and if it wasn't for Nik actually knowing nothing about her, she would have already been pulled into his generous fold.

[Wait, so she actually sucked on it? Is that even possible?]

While Shen Xiu inquired about the s.e.x.u.a.l term blowjob, Asami demonstrated her wild martial talent by easily surpassing Korra's mastery of the technique by a slight margin, making the other girls slack-jawed while Korra snort in derision.

"Is that envy?" Asami inquired with a smug tone as she bent her back lower and evaded Korra's surprise kick.

"It isn't much of a surprise anyway. You didn't forget that I can 'see' it, right?"

Korra snorted, "Cheating, bitch!"

In response, Asami covered her mouth and whispered, "Envious, bitch."

"Can she curse like that? She is a teacher, after all."

Ziyun whispered towards Ning'er as the orange-haired girl shook her head, "I think... we need to broaden our horizons... this is the world of a.d.u.l.ts.. probably."

Hearing Ning'er's response, Ryu'er snorted, "The world of a.d.u.l.ts? To my mother, these two may as well be kids fighting over a piece of candy."

After all, a person is introduced to the world of a.d.u.l.ts when they witness their mother shaking their h.i.p.s and humping the air with fingers stuck deep into their snatch while their lips chant the name of the person's crush!

That is the ruthless world of a.d.u.l.ts!

[It can be done like that?]

Xiu remarked with an astonished expression as she gazed at the recollection of the scene where Asami licked her fingers clean with her face creamed-up!

The fox's face felt slightly hotter, and Nik shrugged, "I didn't want to burden you on our first night. I have more things that I wanna try with you!"

He smiled as Xiu nodded with anticipation bubbling within her.

Finally, as the training session came to an end, Nik bade his farewell to the girls and walked back to his dorm. Every time he encountered a teacher, they would nod at him with a face full of respect while the female teachers blushed by the mere sight of his face. Not that he felt interested in them. While he may engage in a full-blown orgy with the entire female staff, he reckoned that his interest in them might remain minimal.

Opening the door to his dorm, he found Lanruo sleeping peacefully. Walking up to his bed, Nik climbed in and spooned Lanruo from behind, making the sleeping lady feel more comfortable as she let out a soft sound and layered Nik's arms over her waist with hers and continued snoring softly. Her sleeping face made aggressive arguments for letting her sleep. With a moment's thought, Nik checked out the dialogue box from his talent [Exoic Escort].

[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of available talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc. for the host compiled. Please select.

Huyan Lanruo

Talent: Management




Energy: 3


Luck: 1


Element: Water]

[Management A talent that allows the host to grow better at managing the various aspects of life.]

While the description of Lanruo's talents was quite vague, a trademark of the system, Nik was instantly attracted to the bonus stat in [Luck]. He did not require much thought as curiosity won in the end. After all, Lanruo would always have the same talent, and if he needs some things managed... well, he can always ask for her assistance.

Accepting the increase in his [LUK] stat, Nik closed his eyes and exhaled softly. He did not know how the stat could affect him, but he wasn't harebrained to even expect a sudden change. With a satisfied smile, he once again opened his eyes.

"You need to wake up, Lanruo," Nik whispered and imbued her body with a sparse amount of Life Energy once again. With a soft groan and a loveable pout, she turned her body and faced Nik and wrapped her arm around his waist while smiling with her eyes closed.

"Don't want to. Just sleep with me. It's always comfortable to sleep with me."

Unaffected by the olive branch, Nik gingerly scratched the edge of her forehead and continued, "Come on, now. Don't be lazy. You know what they say, right?

Lazy people get their butt f.u.c.k.i.e.d."

Lanruo opened her eyes and groaned while rolling her eyes, "Hah! That's not a thing. Everybody knows that we cannot use our buttholes for s.e.x.u.a.l experiences."

Nik smiled and kissed her forehead, "Pumpkin, you have a lot to learn."

Finally, under Nik's continuous pestering, Lanruo woke up and took her time to get ready while digesting the new sides of her man exposed after she entered his fold. It was only after a tender session of kisses and hugs did she feel energized enough to skip away towards her class as Nik stretched his body and walked out of his room, greeting every teacher in his way before walking up to his classroom.

He was still an assistant professor that majored in teaching the kids martial arts. Ye Sheng did say that he would be allowed to lead a class in the next session, that is, six months later. Till then, he could only teach under the observation of other professors. Nik did not mind it. In fact, he enjoyed getting corrected every now and then and get better at teaching.

In its way, to Nik, at least, teaching was a form of art. It wasn't a power that gave Nik control over the future generation but a stage that allowed him to interact with young and innocent minds and make him feel precious, too.

It was an incredible feeling, and even if some kids were more troublesome than others, Nik knew for sure, that he hated none. Yes, they would need guidance, probably, through the mouth of their mothers, but that didn't stop Nik.

He would do anything in his power to set his students straight.

He arrived at the classroom way earlier. Only a few students had reached till now, and they stood up before bowing towards Nik and sat once again.

With a nod, Nik prepared for the class, all the points to discuss over, and the introduction of a few more incantations.