Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 370

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 370 Kaal


It was hard for Xue Yin to keep a straight face. While Nik's indirect proclamation made it slightly awkward previously, after brewing the moment for the entire day, Xue Yin felt it extremely hard to keep a straight face. Mature she maybe, but a hopeless romantic she still remained, and Nik's words seemed to have ignited long dampened blase of passion, making her body burn and glow in charms that befitted a mature woman of her age.

Instead of baggy robes, Yin sported an aesthetically pleasing, trimmed dress. The fabric traced her curves loosely. Her ears now presented themselves adorned with nephrite, chandelier-like earrings. And if Nik did still couldn't read the signals, then the act of Yin placing a single piece of the gelatinous piece of candy over his tray made Nik observe Yin carefully, and under his impudent observation, Yin leaned back on her couch and sipped on her tea calmly. A soft blush kissing her cheeks.

"Your previous words," Yin began, unwilling to stretch the awkward state of their relationship past another day. Formal she was, but rudeness coursed through her veins.

Etiquettes, she learned plenty, but Yin avoided needless conversation filled with hypocrisy.

" weren't less than a proposal." Her gaze matched Nik's. Her eyes equally violet and bright as Nik's purple orbs.

"It was a proposal. A conditional one."

Nik shrugged as Yin placed her cup down and inquired somberly, "Yes. The condition being Ye Zong's defeat under your hands."

Nik nodded and smiled while popping the candy into his mouth. He chewed on with a pleasant expression.

"Ye Zong, the City Lord, boast six spirit rings and cultivation of Rank 69 Spirit Emperor and martial spirit Earth Tyrant Dragon. His physical strength impeccable, and his tactics destructive.

Even if you destroyed Shen Mao, Ye Zong is someone out of your reach."

"Is that worry? Or a challenge?"

Nik inquired as Yin shook her head and tried to persuade him again, "Nik, you have already built a reputation that is supported by your victories. One loss, and all will be gone!

It's not worth over me. In fact, the risks are not worth over any women!"

She spoke with a frown as Nik raised his eyebrow in amus.e.m.e.nt and stood up wordlessly. This charade was something he wasn't willing to participate in, and as the old perverts quoted Actions speak louder than words. Crossing the distance and placing a knee on the couch near Yin, Nik leaned down and looked directly into her eyes, and much to his appreciation, she gazed back.

Stunning Yin, however, Nik placed a hand on her forehead and leaned down to peck before retracting his head and spoke seriously, "This challenge isn't to tag you with a price. Your previous lover is second strongest within the City, and your sight should only land on someone who can top that."

As Nik's words entered Yin's years, he had already taken a seat beside Yin and continued while looking at his cup.

"Alas, the person stronger than Ye Zong is his father, and how scandalous would it look if you ran off with an old man with a gap of more than fifty years?

So, I'll humbly accept the responsibility of entering the gap between the father-son duo's combat prowess and give you a feasible target to pursue."

Yin narrowed her eyes as she rubbed her forehead, "An asinine notion."

"Oh, how deeply your words stab my heart and shred my soul," Nik snickered. He once again engaged in a staring contest with her body. Her curves were luscious and thought-warming while the sense of elegance that came with her experience made her more than how she termed it worthy.

"Your stares have grown even more ill."

Yin coughed with a frown as Nik shrugged and stood up, "What can I do, you look different. A proper inspection is needed. By the way, thanks for this."

Nik showed the same star-shaped candy, making Yin's eyes widen.

"Hey, that's mine"

Alas, Nik already chewed on it with a blissful expression.

"That does it. No more for you!"

She stood with flared nostrils and beckoned Nik. "Enough chitchats, let's start with Irregular Incantations," She huffed and twisted her buttocks naturally, a move that remained unhidden under her previous robes and feeling Nik's stare over her ass, Yin couldn't help but grow hotter. No matter how much she states otherwise, but when faced with an appreciative stare, she couldn't help but put a performance and turn her gait more curvy and seductive.

Literature inspiring, even.

After the duo reached her workplace, they cracked into work and grew serious. Nik will have plenty of time to defeat Ye Zong, what he had to do now was focus on his studies of Inscription patterns and further his knowledge of the Irregular incantations. One month, that was Yin's estimation of the amount of time that Nik would take learn the entire source material available in her hands. Today's lecture was merely a beginning.

When Nik finally grew slightly used to the primary irregular incantations, the lecture was finally concluded. Nik felt satisfied, and his thoughts were already full of how he would be fusing multiple energies and inscriptions to train all his skills together. He didn't want to start the training of Energy fusion step by step. He could easily fuse three forms of energy, and he intended to make full use of it to further the destructive skill!

While Nik confronted Shen Mao out of foolhardiness, he was fortunate enough that Shen Mao's cultivation was instable and his information on Nik extremely lacking. The same couldn't be said for Ye Zong. If things grew serious, Nik would have to keep an eye out for many treasures in his arsenal.

"Once again, I am requesting, don't do anything stupid."

Yin spoke as she walked Nik till the door of her spatial hut as Nik looked at her before smiling brightly.

"You should dress like this often. As a wise man stated clothes maketh man."

Yin felt a slight rush as she bit her lips, but it was only after Nik had left that Yin finally grew puzzled, "Whoever Nik quoted it from..."

She thought with a frown before a smile reached her lips, "But it is good.

Clothes maketh man, huh."

She placed her palm over her bosom, feeling her thumping heart.

"Never felt like this when that traitorous guy saved me from those thugs... quite strange when you know what this rush is."

She whispered before turning on her heels and entering her hut once again.


"Looking good, people. I am sure you can slay any enemy that may oh, well, looking good is fine."

Nik smiled and bade farewell the speechless guardsmen as the captain shook his head with a wry expression. Nik felt extremely happy. It was just a feeling with no substantial cause. He walked with a wide grin etched on his face and nodding at every guy or gal that walked up to greet him.

Even when Nie Li walked up to him with a gloomy expression, Nik decided to hear him out.

Settling on the benches provided by the street vendor to make their customers comfortable, Nik sat across Nie Li and inquired with a curious expression.

"What's up, Nie Li?"

Nik inquired while placing the cup of juice in front of him as the orange-haired youth observed Nik carefully before pleading with a desperate tone.

"Teacher Nik, please, I want to become your apprentice."

He stated as Nik picked his own cup and sipped before sighing.

"Look, Nie Li, you are a smart kid, and there is definitely a bright future waiting for you. But my techniques are not a part of the equation."

Nik explained calmly as Nie Li bit his lips. His past life had already changed in such a significant margin by Nik's actions. Even the distance between Ziyun and himself felt higher than his previous life. Just a mere recollection of her gaze with which she assessed Nie Li previously made his heart render into pieces in regret.

He acted brashly and now regretted it. Alas, he didn't know how to go back to the past and now could only strive to make his future better. With Nik being in the center of most of the changes, Nie Li felt that it was only appropriate to apprentice under his teacher and grow closer to Ziyun slowly.

Nik sighed deeply.

He placed his palm on Nie Li's shoulders, but the moment he came into contact with the youth, a loud screech made his consciousness buzz, and after a momentary blackout, Nik found himself afloat in a mysterious white space with a glowing golden parchment in front of him.

As Nik observed the paper, he found out that the language on the parchment was unreadable, but all changed when the strange parchment grew brightly, constructing a figure of a tall man, n.a.k.e.d, just like Nik.

The man wore his blue hair in dreadlocks, and his crimson pupils revealed slight confusion.

Once the newcomer located Nik, matching his crimson hues with Nik, his eyes widened, and his lips parted in astonishment.

"Son of a gun, they actually succeeded!"

And to answer his voice, Sky's form fluttered out of Nik and landed on top of the L.u.s.t Apostle's head. Her words rang within the space.

"Yeah, they succeeded. It has been a long time...