Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 371

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 371 Orochimaru

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Nik inquired as he focused on the newcomer's physical features. Blue-haired men with crimson eyes flocked the Multiverse in gazillions. Yet, none could claim themselves to be superior to the similarly featured Temporal Fiend, and Kaal happened to be the first Temporal Fiend who worked hard and, with relentless dedication, spread his species across the Multiverse.

Even the Prime Incubus of the olden era sung praises in Kaal's name!

"Like Brian's Ancestor 'that' Kaal?"

Smiling at Nik, Kaal nodded towards Sky and, with a tacit understanding of her nature, inquired with a whisper, "Did this passed the rite to mention your name?"

"Not yet."

Kaal nodded and scanned the baffled Nik carefully, "Hmm, you resemble my debauched uncle Nirdai. You have my father's mark, and there are my whorish aunt's 'gifts,' too. The question is, how much do you know."

Kaal waved his arm, making the paper glow while closing his eyes, "Ho~ Who knew that lending my notebook to Frocky would profit you in such a manner. Oh, yeah" Kaal opened his eyes and grinned, "I should've asked my incarnations name, that's like the basic etiquette in the Spatio-temporal meeting between two consciousness from the same soul, right?"

He tilted his head and asked brightly as Nik nodded in understanding. Spatio-temporal? Same consciousness from a single soul? Previous Incarnations?

Sure, Nik was supposed to know everything, and with a sage-like expression, Nik opened up, "My name is Orochimaru, and I prevail from Konohagakure. My pastime is luring edgy teens into my liar, especially boys, and ride the shit out of them.

It is an honor to meet you finally."

Nik's introduction instantly made Kaal's image tremble with a dazed look on his face as he turned his gaze towards Sky and inquired with t=trembling lips, "I-is he telling the truth? Is this what has become of my future incarnation?"

Kall theatrically pointed at Nik. He, the feared Temporal Fiend who stole away the Supreme Seraphim's Daughter and assisted Nirdai and MIrage to uncover the Supreme Seraphim's greatest secret, inciting the great Holy-Infernal war now rode the puny c.o.c.ks of young boys?

What went wrong?!

"Of course."

Sky nodded and sighed in unexpressed emotions, making Nik approve of her further.

"Orochimaru has a harem of 1000 young boys and 3000 a.d.u.l.ts! Nights are dealt with in debauchery, and so the mornings!"

Sky flapped her tiny leathery wings as Kaal felt his mind buzz.

On that note, Nik found out one thing about the feared fiend of the past.

"Say, Sky, he doesn't look that impressive."

"And the same goes for you," Sky muttered, "As Kaal stated, you both are one and if not for that paper laced in his consciousness and his... well, methods in manipulating the very time of the existence, you two would have been unable to meet."

"So... this meeting is purely coincidence?"

Sky nodded and shrugged with her bat wings, "Guess that addition in your Luck stat really paid off."

"Would you have ever made me aware of the fact that I am, in fact, Brian's Ancestor?"

"Are you my future incarnation?"

Instead of answering, Sky inquired rhetorically. She was eccentric, Nik already knew that. She had given him the method to nurture his spirit ring and other object's spirit ring. That technique painted itself to be a fortune. So, it wasn't like Sky held out on him. In reality, she was more than helpful.

Nik sighed and then looked at the Kaal, clutching his head and letting out gibberish.

"So? What's with this topic of 'me' being 'you'?"

Nik inquired as Kaal exhaled profoundly and looked towards him.

"As long as you live wildly, I have no qualms. Good, it looks like my father and uncle took their interest in mystery to another level and did not even explain the situation to you.

Let me clear all of this mess to you. The chaos that I created by bedding the strongest chick that rivaled Supreme Seraphim in strength! Her name was"


Sky's voice rang and made Nik's eyes go wide as he picked the cute, palm-sized bat from his head and cradled her in his palms as he looked towards Kaal in astonishment.


"Yeah. Orochimaru calls you Sky, so let's roll with that."

Kaal looked towards Sky and sighed, "But, this slight the Seraphim took like a champ as I was the best back then. Well, relatively."

Kaal coughed as he felt Sky's acute stare and spread his arm, "But, my youth couldn't be controlled. Though a fiend, Nirdai had long challenged me that whoever could bed the Supreme Seraphim's most beautiful mistress, he would get a try at Mirage. And the horny cunt I was, I quickly snuck into Supreme Seraphim's bedroom...

Only to find him rubbing one out with the most luxurious body-pillow with its surface sporting a n.a.k.e.d celestial maiden's print."

Nik's lips twitched while Sky sighed deeply.

After a dramatic pause, Kaal sighed, "And that's the reason for the war."

"But it was said that Nirdai did sleep with his wife as Lady Mirage recorded the entire scene."

Nik frowned when he recalled the piece of information as Kaal shrugged.

"This definitely sound like the acts of those two s.l.u.ts. But my best bet is that the Supreme Seraphim could bear the lie of his 'supposed' wife getting plowed instead of letting the world know that there is no Holy Mother. Oh, wait, maybe he named his pillow that."

Kaal spoke with mild chuckles escaping his lips as Nik felt slightly unstable.


The reason for war that wiped out the Infernal Paradise was Masturbation.

"Look, you seem a chill guy, but I never planned to die, and in result, never programmed a pure consciousness. You now know the truth, and if you are brought to life without you understanding the truth, my relatives are surely scheming. So, trust no one. Notably, my father. He is the pig teammate in this equation.

My time is quite less."

Kaal sighed in distress before smiling, "Oh, yeah, anything that belonged to me in the past would automatically bond with you upon physical contact, just like the pages of my notebook."

The blue-haired youth then looked towards Sky and smiled, "It is always a pleasure to be in your presence, D"



Nik blinked and matched Nie Li's gaze as the orange-haired youth matched Nik's gaze in confusion as well.

"Teacher, you were saying?"

Nie Li opened up as Nik shook his head and smiled wryly.

"Sorry, Nie Li, it cannot happen. If you want, however, I can sometimes visit your family and select a talented apprentice there while making you the outer student who can consult me every now and then," The gears in Nik's mind shifted, and he proposed a tactic which Nie Li, for mysterious reason jumped at and instantly accepted. Nie Li help Nik pick up a date while never even feeling the slightest bit strange that why Nik would be even interested in coming to his family estate.

As Nik walked back towards his dorm, Sky's voice suddenly rang within his consciousness, 'Nik, the greatest prank imbued within Kaal's notebook was to create a time loop where the victim will keep on getting his consciousness merged with its past self. If that boy had it, then..."

Sky did not complete his statement as Nik felt a connection to the paper that emerged from Nie Li's body and merged with his even without Nie Li's notice and summoned the unimpressive parchment on his palm, "He is from future? Or, at least, he has memories of the future...

And experience, too."

Nik recalled the glimpse of Nie Li wielding the intents hidden deep within his martial arts, and his eyes finally glowed.

'Sorry, Nie Li, now, I'll have to forget that you are my student... after all, you probably aren't a fifteen-year-old teen.'

Nik continued walking towards his dorm while recalling every strange action committed by the kid and matching it with all his current knowledge.

He concluded many guesses with a surety of more than 80%!

First, Nie LI definitely knew of Sacred Family's betrayal. Second, he is a martial expert whore experience may as well surpass Elizabeth's. These two were a few of many conclusions. Nie Li and Ziyun probably had a thing in the future, that much was also evident, too.

Exhaling softly, Nik finally thought of ways to deal with the sudden piece of knowledge. Sending him to Ray did come across his mind, but Nik needed to make sure that he had extracted every usable information from the boy.

"Man, can't I have a class full of healthy kids instead of an old monster chasing skirts..."

After a moment, Nik sighed, "Well, who's to say that I won't be the same. After all, Kaal was the same."

At this point, Sky spoke up, "Believe me, you are nothing like Kaal. After all, would you laugh and let your presence be known to my father during his 'seclusion,' or would you run for your life?"

"He... laughed?"

Sky sighed, "Your past version's laugh drummed against every living being within the nearby galaxies. Of course, those galaxies also turned into dust alongside the Infernal Paradise."

Nik nodded. Whatever Kaal failed to affect his state of mind. Suddenly, Nik cursed softly, "Aw, man. I should have introduced my real name..."

After a moment's silence, Sky refuted the notion, "No, it is far more interesting to make Kall believe that his future self rode 3000 men."

"Sky... you are too cruel. The man is already dead."

"And that is why," Sky replied with a charming chuckle, "there is no need to take pity on him."