Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 372

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 372 Eternal Well

Under the midnight's graceful glow, Nik stood over the center of the training field. His breathing shallow, his muscles still twitching under the pressure of following a routine meant for a body less than half his size, his physique layered with sweat and a languid gaze observing nothing of particular.

"Ray better thank me for this... almost got myself injured." Nik winced. He overdid his derivation of technique, which he wasn't meant to, of course. Deriving a technique required time and for Ray, Nik made sure to make the martial arts routine astonishingly practical and incredibly powerful. Alas, completing the task meant to span over a few days in a matter of hours, Nik spent quite a bit of energy.

There was no reason to feel this excited. But, with the addition of the paper of Kaal's notebook, Nik felt that he simply had too many things to pursue.

Carnal pleasure, training, teaching, extracting Nie Li off of his value...

Keeping Ray's request over his head felt bothersome.

'Alongside the inbuilt activation of the consciousness-time loop for anyone who touches Kaal's notebook, the paper also had the effect of warping time.

You could have easily used the notebook to spend one year in another space while an hour passes in this world. This can only be activated'

Nik interjected Sky, "One hour, one year. Activated once daily. I know that. But, I have not reached the point where I'll sacrifice time spent with girls for power. At least, not willingly."

Nik winced as he slowly sat down. Even the slightest movement wreaked his body with sweet pain.

"Say, Sky. Don't you already know that I feel extremely f.u.c.k.i.e.d whenever I leave Mitsuko, my unborn child, and others?

A week for them, but years for me.

Though, I am still fortunate to find company each travel."

'Of course, I know that,' Sky replied after moment's silence.

"I don't even know, why would anyone willingly put themselves in seclusion just to grow stronger..." Nik sighed and groaned loudly. He also knew the more pages he collected, the higher the difference in time: one paper, one year.

Two papers, twenty years...

It was merely unreasonable!

'Probably, to protect'

"That's involuntary. You 'have' to grow stronger to achieve your goals. That's a natural process. Maybe, I couldn't express myself clearly...

Anyway, I can't even bother thinking. Oh, by the way, how did he do it?"

'What? And, who?' Sky inquired.

"How did Kaal sneak into your father's most private quarter?"

'Nobody knows...' Sky sighed as Nik exhaled deeply.

"Great, another mystery."

Nik shook his head when his chat with Sky was cut short.

"What are you doing here?"

Asami stepped towards Nik and inquired softly. She made her way in front of Nik and crouched down with her knees pushed together, but even then, her 'energized' scent easily flooded the scene.

"I felt a little depressed, so came out for fresh air."

Nik smiled in exhaustion as Asami scanned Nik from head-to-toe before resting her gaze on his open crotch. Her eyes narrowed as she scooched over to Nik's, cooing softly, "Actually, I am coming from your room. Lu Ye told me that he saw you around the field."

"Oh, yeah, except Ye Sheng, all the teachers participate in the party, right?"

Nik wondered as Asami leaned closer to Nik, her palm casually descending over his crotch and her lips breathing into Nik's ear hotly.

"Anyway, should we continue from where we left off this morning?"

Her nose brushed against Nik's cheeks as she kissed the corner of his lips. With a tired sigh, Nik shrugged, "Do as you may. But let me remind you, I am tired. Physically immobile for a minimum of an hour."

Nik didn't lie. Even with coursing Life Energy, he needed time and nutrition to get better after his earlier exertion. S.e.x, of course, would not help Nik physically, but he wasn't the guy to give up on free supper!

"Do you think you can enjoy my body right here? In public?"

Nik smiled with his tone laced in mockery towards her l.u.s.t. A slight that Asami failed to take offense for as her thoughts faltered and her gaze met Nik's only for his gaze to remain authentic and full of expectations.

"Wait, you really want to do it here?"

Nik smiled and nodded. While he did describe the scene to be open, he already had his methods to secure their session of passion from prying eyes.

"Think about it," Nik whispered, "A night full of unveiled l.u.s.t. Hours of unhindered debauchery and whoever felt the need to stop us would only get infected and mine down into the earth with mere humps."

The thought, as entertaining as it presented to be, made Asami gulp in hesitation. Her nights were already rocked by Nik multiple times using his mysterious technique, and if it weren't for her martial spirit, she wouldn't have been able to pinpoint Nik as the true and indirect orchestrator of her friend's current orgies!

"You said... you cannot move, right?"

Asami inquired with her head lowered. Her free arm traced Nik's arm and his veiny muscles before stopping over his rough and thick palm. She tilted her gaze up and didn't bother hiding the predatory glint in her eyes while her full lips curved in a derogatory smile.

As if understanding Asami's expression and thoughts, Nik's smile grew wider. A change in role was always fun and refreshing, so, with a tone meeker than fragile maidens, Nik nodded and replied, "That's right."

"Then" Swiftly, Asami let her legs straddle Nik as he sat and cupped his cheeks while brushing her lips against his, " don't mind if I pluck a ripe stud for everyone to see."

Everybody's debauchery was long since exposed. Every teacher openly discussed their fetishes to a great extent during the night and forged new bonds linked with c.u.m and c.o.c.ks! What Asami is doing was merely giving life to her kinks and bringing new realms of debauchery to the teaching staff that was held back by invisible threads of immoral shame and humiliation! It was time to introduce bondage, thigh plays, anal circ.u.mstances, and many more to her peers. She would start by satiating her needs to dominate!

"Pluck away, my good woman. I'm yours to handle and ride."

Nik's grin was cut short as Asami pushed her lips against his in a bruising thrust, and lashed her tongue against Nik's thick tongue instantly. Her thumbs pressed into his cheeks. Surprisingly, for a chiseled man, Nik's cheeks were softer than a child's!

Asami's legs locked around Nik's waist, and the act brought a new wave of pain for Nik's already wreaked body. But this time, in pain, Nik found his rush and debauched pleasure as his erect member drummed against Asami's crotch.

A soft mewl rang from Asami as she bucked her h.i.p.s against Nik's crotch, enjoying the sensation of Nik's searing c.o.c.k, though covered, rub against her already wet cunt. She still couldn't help but feel her mouth watering-up when she recalled Nik's taste. One of the best drink she ever tasted!

"You won't faint after a single shot, right?"

Nik whispered with a gentle look, his gaze peering into Asami's, rilling her internal hedonism and need to defile someone as her eyes widened, and she grinned, baring her teeth. Her soft breath grazed Nik's lips as she lowered her arm and placed both of her palms on his swollen c.o.c.k.

"Just," she whispered while pushing Nik down with her body weight and rubbing her plump butt against Nik's thighs. Since Nik earlier sat in a cross-legged position, his current pose was quite awkward. His legs still remained crossed as Asami glided her body back and pulled Nik's pants down, letting his c.o.c.k fling out in a cheerful swing.

"Quite big," Asami sighed hotly, "I still can't believe that you shoved that down my throat," Asami stated while removing her tunic and exposing her underwear covered body and changed her position once again. This time, she raised her body and slid over to Nik's face. Her knees flanked Nik's face as she matched Nik's gaze and lowered her panties, letting them drop on his face to cover his sight and assault his senses with her fragrance. Positioning her wet, sloppy, and unkempt snatch over Nik's parted and dry lips, Asami lowered her butt and carefully placed it over Nik's face. Her body leaned down. She bushed the locks of her hair behind her ear and gazed at Nik's veiny shaft. His c.o.c.k reflected within her gaze as she did not let her focus break when Nik's lips finally kissed Asami's fold.

"Heh~ How thirsty. Go ahead; my well won't dry that quickly!"

Asami snickered as her gaze grew glazed with raunchy desires, and e.r.o.t.i.c techniques she learned from Nik earlier quickly filled her head! With a gentle kiss to his tip, Asami leaned down and dug in!