Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 373

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 373 Inner Circle

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With a tantalizing kiss on the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k, Asami opened her mouth wide as her entire body twitched. Nik's tongue already wreaked blissful havoc within her warm walls, making her anus contract and pucker up every now and then. Meanwhile, letting her slippery, warm tongue wrap around the head, Asami took Nik's rod into her mouth. Of course, without physically dislocating her jaws, she couldn't take the entirety of Nik's c.o.c.k into her throat.

Breathing deeply, Nik renewed his efforts as he felt Asami's amateurish technique. She had vigor, alright, but technique, she lacked plenty in. Even when her palms pumped the hefty length that remained, the heated Teacher failed to synchronize her moves. She also couldn't make use of her cheeks and her throat to make the blowjob more impactful, and even the drag of her lips felt a little stale. She was trying, and currently, that was Asami's only merit.

But such acts still made Nik's body acc.u.mulate pleasure pump by pumps. Even if Asami's delicious saliva had already layered Nik's c.o.c.k into a sloppy one, she still continued. Dominate him? The thought that filled her mind a few minutes ago couldn't mark the height of Asami's hubris, and even when Asami improvised to massage Nik's full balls, he still failed to show any other reaction besides a slight twitch of his shaft and the expulsion of globules of prec.u.m. That is the extent of what she could squeeze out of Nik, and yet, he...


A groan leaked from Asami's lips, interfering with her blowjob as her h.i.p.s bucked against Nik's face, making the tip of his nose embed itself into the crack of her butt while she let out a sweet squirt of pleasure once again, marring Nik's chin with dripping fluids of sensuality and her thighs squishing his cheeks.

"Haah~ Haah~"

Asami panted against Nik's c.o.c.k, her cheek pressed against his shaft as her nostrils flared up by the scent of his c.o.c.k and her own fluids. Her entire body grew flushed, and sweat leaked through her pores. Once again, the woman let her fingers trail the drool covered sac as Nik flicked his tongue against her clit.

He felt slightly depressed. He was in a lot of pain, and just when he thought that he found someone who could efficiently utilize the temporary problems of his body to please him, he was smacked by fate! Bamboozled!

Asami was already on the verge of falling apart, and Nik could feel it. Guiding her to dominate him was no fun either.

With a soft exhalation, Nik finally spoke up. His voice remained slightly suppressed due to her lower body draping his face.

"We should stop here, Asami... no point in making s.e.x depressive, too."

Asami woke out of her stupor. She instantly removed her body from the top of Nik and knelt near his thighs and spoke hastily, "Wait, I am just getting started!"

Her gaze fell on his squirt laced chin and his calm gaze that checked her out from top-to-bottom.

"Hey, no need to force yourself," Nik smiled in comfort, "You just need more training. After all, I am not like other teachers."

Asami couldn't help bit her lips and grip the base of Nik's c.o.c.k before stating fiercely, "I will take you! I am trained enough, I"

"What are you two idiots up to?"

A cold voice broke the duo's conversation, and the Master-Apprentice Duo matched a crimson gaze filled with rage and l.u.s.t. Brushing her crimson locks away, Xiu peered into Asami and inquired once again, her posture calm and collected, "What do you think... you are doing to Nik?"


"No Heya! this time," Xiu whispered while turning her gaze towards Nik and walked towards him, easily swiping up his pants even if a tent formed due to the sturdy pole that still remained in need for some release.

"What are you doing? Don't interrupt, Shen Xiu!"

Asami finally frowned in frustration. She was so close to Nik, and yet, she ended up getting subdued!

"I am doing what a reasonable person should do. Nik is far from reasonable when it comes to the matters of the flesh, so" Shen Xiu looked towards Asami and replied gravely, " I am going to help him return to his room and rest. There will be plenty of time rut against each other. But not at the expense of your health."

Xiu's crimson and Asami's emerald gaze met before the defeated woman stood up and stretched. She finally pulled her clothes and then looked towards Nik. "We will train after you feel well."

Nik grinned and replied with an easygoing nod, "Yeah. After all, I still want you to take charge."

Xiu coughed softly and requested Asami's assistance, "Help me take him up to his dorm."


Asami nodded reluctantly as Nik shook his head. "There is no need for that. I'm fine right here."

"Of course, you are," Xiu replied while placing Nik's left arm around her shoulder while Asami did the same for Nik's right arm. "You can attract any and all sorts of monsters in heat," Xiu's words made Nik and Asami freeze and only when Nik cupped Asami's and Xiu's bosom as they lifted him did Nik feel slightly less awkward.

"Haa~ The misfortunes of being a capable man. Everyone just places my hands over their chest."

Asami couldn't help but snicker finally, "Good thing the male teachers don't see you that capable."

Nik's face grew dark, but Xiu had the strangest expression of all as she heard a symphony of m.o.a.ns and strange, fishy smell the moment she stepped into the Teacher's block.

"What the hell is going on?"

She inquired in a whisper as Nik detailed her on the effect of his skills over the teachers, and as Xiu's eyes widened by the information, her eyes did not feel less impactful as she gazed upon the entire hallway filled with m.o.a.ning couples just grinding their sweaty body against each other.

"That's it. You are moving in with me."

Xiu spoke after a gulp, and her expression finally pulled a giggle from Asami.

"Do I get the same courtesy?" The dark-haired Teacher inquired while looking towards Xiu as the crimson-haired fox shrugged. "I don't mind. Just keep your horny claws away from my nephew."

"Sure, as long as my claws get to sink into another treat," Asami grinned as she rotated the knob of Nik's dorm room, and Xiu's instantly widened as she recognized another teacher with three women taking care of him as he lied down in relaxation.

"What the hell is Lu Ye doing here... and why is Nik's c.o.c.k the only one that looks so terrorizing?"


In this world, with the right tools, moving out of a place was all too easy, as Nik only had to store the important stuff into his spatial ring. Within twenty minutes, under Xiu's and Asami's soothing massage, Nik finally felt the pain easing, and the trio moved quickly. He couldn't wait to live in a room other than his dorm's. Heck, there is not a single window in the place!

As the news of Nik's sudden departure leaked, well, intentionally, by Asami, the orgy collapsed, and everyone dressed hastily to bid a proper farewell to the one whose night actions allowed them to make their own lives more enjoyable.

"Teacher Nik, I... I hope that I get to ride you one day!"

A blue-haired teacher spoke the untold anguish of all the female teachers as Nik, with his arms wrapped around Xiu's and Asami's waist, smiled, "Teacher Pen... I think... you have ridden enough. Give your h.i.p.s some rest, will you? After all, a well-rested body can feel better even without a good technique."

The situation was uncanny, to say the least. Teachers appreciating each other's kink and openly proposing to their mates to add more fetishes and make s.e.x more enjoyable. It could be said that the Teaching Staff of the Holy Orchid Institute could easily compete against the most luxurious of the whorehouses, but they won't. This was an inner circle now.

One of the female teachers broke into warm tears, and her cries affected everyone around her. Even Lu Ye sobbed silently and wrapped his arm around his wife.

Seeing this, Nik's lips twitched.


He really broke them!

Gods forbid if someone finds out about the truth of what happens within the Teacher's dorm of the Holy Orchid Institute!


Meanwhile, within the student's dorm, Nie Li paced around his room with an anxious expression.

'Where did it go? Where did the page from the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?'

The artifact was mysterious that allowed Nie Li to return to the past, and it even allowed Nie Li to spend an entire year within a time wrapped space. This function permitted Nie Li to master the intent hidden within Nik's martial arts! But now? It was gone!

'Calm down. I didn't know its use entirely either way. The loss is manageable... what I need to do is investigate. Who took the paper, and if someone was really behind all this, how did the achieve to plunder my treasure without my knowledge?'

Not once did Nie Li suspect Nik. They both were in public, and Nie Li did not feel any fluctuation from the paper at that moment. It simply disappeared, and Nie Li only found about it now!

"Anyway, I need to make a foolproof plan to absorb the spirit ring of the Ghost-Blade Lantern. The students from the genius class would soon leave for the expedition. In my previous life, Shen Yue obtained the endangered spirit ring and got a boost in power.'

Nie Li's thoughts turned, and he finally pondered over Nik's offer.

"After the first test, we all will receive a week-long break. My own sister is quite talented... she would benefit from Teacher Nik's training."


In the next hour, meanwhile, Nik moved into one of the rooms present in Xiu's mansion. It was spacious and clean, and Nik quickly jumped onto the soft and fluffy bed while rubbing his cheeks over the mattress.

"No matter what anyone says, you are the love of my life!"

Unknowingly, he fell asleep and caused hellish training for his apprentices for Xiu, and Asami pulled the reigns tightly and whipped the complacent apprentice sisters into new shapes. Asami's presence had already riled up Korra, and she did not even need her smug, shit-eating grin to give her all in training.