Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 374

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 374 Youngest Spirit Ancestor

Nik garbed his body with a casual tunic, course pants, and a stupidly luxurious pair of shoes. After last night's exertion, he now felt quite languid. His new bed did not make it easy on him. Always calling, whispering its delirious m.o.a.ns and pulling Nik back into its fluffy and soft arms whenever he wished to leave. Reluctant as much he may be, Nik still had to start his day, and what better way to do so than a meal so nourishing that his face glows?

"Teacher, you are awake."

Instead of Xiu and Asami, as Nik had expected, it was an impassionate Shen Yue that greeted him. Both of their gazes met over the diner. The mansion was as empty as ever, even with the staff of maids and workers maintaining the estate.

"Yeah. Well, what time is it?"

Shen Yue stopped eating and scratched the corner of his left eye.

"Teacher, you missed the classes today. Teacher Asami and Aunt Xiu haven't returned yet."

"Then why did you miss your classes?"

Nik sat across Shen Yue and gestured a maid to bring him a plate, too. The food looked quite delicious, and even when he did not receive his intended company, Shen Yue had grown mature, and it reflected on his expression.

"It was my father's pressure that forced me to take up the classes. I am well-versed in most of the subjects, and I don' aspire to become anything other than a Spirit Master."

"So, you are dropping out? What does Xiu feel about it?"

Nik inquired, as one of the servants served him a portion of the meal.

"Aunt supports my decision."

Nik nodded. The two barely had anything in common besides Shen Xiu. As the duo ate silently, Nik finally inquired, "Have you planned on your first spirit ring?"

Shen Yue looked towards Nik and nodded.

"I will leave in three days, Teacher"

"Just call me, Nik."

Nik shook his head, and Shen Yue faltered for a moment before nodding, "All right, Uncle Nik. I'll be leaving with a team of Spirit Masters hired from the Spirit Master Association to assist me with the hunt of a Hell Fox."

"Oh, it's okay then. Do you want me to tag along?"

Shen Yue seriously thought of the offer before declining, "No, thank you, Uncle Nik," he continued with a respectful tone, "You have already helped my Aunt and me a lot."

Nik shrugged. It was only a formality from his side, so he didn't push it, "Sure. Anyway, don't feel embarrassed to ask for my help."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Nik and Shen Yue did not engage in another conversation and continued their meal silently. Shen Yue awoke a robust martial spirit Three-Headed Nine Tails Demon Fox. An attack-type beast spirit with a strange attribute that could hold various elements. Even without Nik's constant nourishment, Shen Yue would do just fine.

Finally, Nik left the estate only to face the heat of the afternoon sun. His routine broke today. He did not have any classes to teach, and the thought irked him slightly. He was feeling attached to the act of teaching and imparting knowledge. His most exceptional students were his peers that learned from his debauched nature and dipped themselves into the ocean of hedonism.

He stood in front of the gates without any aim and then decided to collect another wave of inflow from one of the ATMs brewing nearby him.

This time, Nik chose an ATM named Flying Crane Inn known for exquisite and lithe girls with tender skin and pity inducing frames built a massive fanbase and clientele. In fact, it used to be one of Sacred Family's hidden front. Of course, the owner of the inn took a few hours to claim all the property under the inn's name.

Well, Nik just had to reward him for all his hard work.

Within an hour, one of the influential whoremasters of the city was found dead, and one of the witty escorts took his place, continuing the grand business and brewing all the wealth for another one of Nik's visit in the future.

Meanwhile, Nik's wallet grew heavier by 800,000 demon spirit coins, and his world root increased by 0.7%, bringing him to a grand total of 7.68%.

"Hmm, that guy was quite pleasant. At least, he didn't fall into the category of ugly whoremasters," Nik muttered and wandered about. Once again, he thought of hunting down another catch but restricted the call. No need of weeding out all the ATMs just yet. And, he was already filled with money.

Finally, he chanced upon the Alchemy Association's site and once again sighed. No point in contacting them since he had already requested a formal summary of the task they wished to hire him for.

"Aw, shit. I really have nothing else to do..."

"Incorrect," Lilith's voice soothed his consciousness, "You can stop being lazy and cultivate the spirit rings of the items and plants in your room, or, focus on creating your own spirit ring for a change."

"Not to mention, you have to train in your inscription patterns," Asmodeus also chimed.

Finally, to land the point into his head, Sky whispered out, "Not to mention your overdue training in other elements and our own attributes for a change. You are not proficient in the control of sharpness, your flesh, and space.

So, you having nothing to do is entirely incorrect."

The trio spoke together as Nik pursed his lips.

"No, you three don't understand. A lazy person most definitely enjoys free time but also loves to complain about it... it's like If I just had more time scenario. No matter how extra of a time I receive, I just don't want to train at the moment."

The trio went silent before Sky sighed, "It was an impossible endeavor in the first place."

"I agree," added Lilith.

"Totally," chimed Asmodeus.

"Anyway," Nik picked up the conversation, "What about that spirit egg?"

His words froze the trio, and Asmodeus spoke shamelessly, "Don't forget that the three of us are deeply affected by your personality"

Nik smirked and interjected, "So, you three are also lazy and horny just like me and forgot to start cracking on whatever you wanted to do with the egg?"

"We forgot nothing..." Lilith remarked as Sky agreed, "Yes, we just... postponed it. Anyway, I believe that the incubation of the egg should remain as natural as possible."

"A sloth's excuse," Nik snorted, and Sky replied in kind, "Right back at you."

"You know what, how about I show Yin how invested I am in training and just visit her now?"

The three fell silent and didn't bother replying.


"N-Nik? What are you doing here now?"

Yin inquired with a flushed face with her clothes slightly unkempt, just like her hair, and an enticing scent lingering around her. Nik's lips twitched as he felt incomparably remorseful for cutting into Yin's session. Since he had already tied their relationship with the condition of Ye Zong's defeat, Nik decided to let Yin relieve herself. After all, there was no point in being a nosy guy when he wouldn't be assisting Yin in her current endeavors.

"I missed my classes and thought that we should just get our lessons finished early. Sorry, I shouldn't have dropped by before informing.

I should take my leave."

Yin was in a similar outfit as yesterday. The moment Nik took a step back and tilted his body to leave, in a fl.u.s.ter, Yin grabbed Nik's large palm and spoke with a furious blush.

"It was sensible of you, Nik. To utilize the free time to learn more about inscriptions, I meant. Don't worry. You aren't intruding.

Come in."

She averted her gaze and finally let go of Nik's palms. Ahh! She felt embarrassed. Super embarrassed! Why would she even invite Nik to enter when her place would most probably be smelling dirty and her thighs wet with a... with a...

Tool inside her!


Within a small cave deep within the Star Dou Forest, a youth slowly opened his eyes and swiped his black hair back. An old man sat in front of him, and the moment the youth opened his eyes, four spirit rings formed behind him, and the elder nodded with a bright expression.

"Ye Han, you broke through. The City Lord would most definitely be proud of your accomplishment!"

The boy named Ye Han looked towards the old man and grinned. "Thanks, Elder. I wouldn't have been able to reach this far if it wasn't for you!"

"Now," The boy stood up and stretched his limbs, "I really want to return to the city."

Ye Han, the City Lord's foster son who left the city to gain experience, was expected to return within a year after breaking through the Ranks of Spirit Grandmaster and become a Spirit Elder with three rings.

Instead, the twenty-year-old Ye Han took an entire year to not only break through the ranks of the Spirit Grandmaster but also, Spirit Elder and placing his foot down on the ranks of the Spirit Ancestor.

And, the youngest one at that.


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