Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 375

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 375 Kettle's Agreement

Nik felt quite flattered. While he always knew that his charm induces sessions upon sessions of masturbation amongst the needy wives back in his previous homeworld, seeing one was quite different. Of course, there remained a definite chance that Yin could have been rubbing one down while thinking of other man but...

"Ah, I accidentally spilled some tea on your couch, please sit here."

Yin replied with a slightly weird smile, still unable to match Nik's gaze. She was masturbating over the couch Nik usually sat on and pretended like didn't happen while in reality, Nik knew all too well.

The situation was exciting and made Nik smile in happiness. He nodded and sat where Yin usually took her seat. The moment Yin sighed in relief and turned on her heels to depart for preparing snacks, Nik heard a slight buzzing sound. As if something was vibrating at an astonishing pace, and the realization brought another wave of surprise for Nik.

A s.e.x toy!

S.e.x toys existed in this world?

Nik wondered internally but stood up and decided to tease Yin more.

"I should help you prepare snacks. After all, it isn't right for you to do it every time."

Nik's words made Yin gulp, "No, no. I am more than enough"

"Nonsense. Of course, I know you are better at this task. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't help, right?"

Nik stepped forward and brought his face closer to Yin's, the tip of his nose only a few millimeters away before it brushed against Yin's nose.

Yin's expression froze, meanwhile. She retreated by a step only for Nik to take a step forward. The duo continued this until Yin's back leaned against the jade counter separating the kitchen and the living room, and she finally tilted her face to look away from Nik and agreed.

"Thanks a lot."

Nik leaned closer to her ear and cooed gently as soft mewl escaped Yin's full lips, and she instantly placed her hands over her mouth. In a panicked realization that Nik already found her secret, she turned towards him only to find him walking into the kitchen and smile, "Well, come on, then. You are the one preparing the tea after all."

And with a somewhat exciting flare to her gaze, Yin exhaled profoundly and nodded. Though her gait seemed slightly strange, Nik acted as if he hadn't noticed anything out of the blue and placed the kettle over the heating inscription pattern and inquired, "How much water is needed?"

With sweat leaking through her flushed body, Yin clenched her thighs and let her inner walls rub against the infuriating toy while sighing hotly and picking the alcohol flavored packet of tea once again. "Two and a half cup is fine, Nik. Oh, and the inscription stones are placed in the drawer next to the stove. A single stone over the outer pattern is enough."

"All right," Nik worked efficiently. He picked a cup and filled it with water before draining the contents into the kettle. Just like Yin instructed, Nik poured the water into the kettle once again and finally, pilled the rawer open, revealing a stash of translucent, nail-sized stones. These were inscriptions stones filled with a standardized unit of spirit energy. The domestic inscription patterns, such as the heating, cooling, cleaning, and others, were inscribed with each rune determined as a single unit.

A single stone could mobilize a single rune, and in this way, a household, at least, a nobility, could determine the output of energy needed from the inscriptions.

The outermost rune formed a wave of heat least in terms of temperature when compared to the inner and the core rune. Still, for tea, the temperature was enough.

By now, Yin had already collected all the materials. Though she used her spirit energy to keep the rune-covered toy wreak carnal havoc within her body, with a serious expression, however, Yin expertly crushed a few ginger-lemons with the side of her kitchen knife and placed the material into the kettle.

She then placed a spoonful of powder into two cups Nik had prepared, and finally, as Nik reached out for the jar of candy, Yin bi her lips and hurriedly caught Nik's forearm. While her cheeks remained flush, with an indignant glare, Yin confronted Nik, "Don't you think that I'll let you get away with that."

Nik smirked and retracted his arm, "How cruel of you, Yin." Nik narrowed his eyes, and as Yin extended her body to get the jar from her current location, Nik eyed her slightly trembling butt and licked his lips.

Cruelty begets cruelty.

With a swift motion, Nik's palms impacted Yin's butt cheeks with a resounding *pah*, and Yin instantly felt her body lose all its strength for a moment, and a toe-curling groan leaked out of her lips!


Yin's body rested against the counter for a moment, her butt trembling wildly now, and her knees bent slightly as Nik found a small puddle forming in between her legs. Yeah, Nik realized he overdid it. And now, aside from the fated confrontation, there was no other way to resolve the situation.

Nik felt blue-balled by his own petty nature.

If only he could just stop himself from...

Nah, he enjoyed the spank.


The kettle agreed with a sharp whistle, too.


"I am... appalled!"

Yin hissed with a furious blush. She felt uncomfortable now. It was sticky and somewhat 'icky,' but she still needed to sit in front of Nik, over his previous couch as Nik sat in front of her, eying the entire jar of candy being devoured by Yin at a pace that ashamed even the likes of glutton such as Korra.

"Yin, take it easy. No need to"

"How could you?"

Yin snorted and popped another piece of candy into her mouth as Nik's face sank.

"It was just a single touch, I"

"Don't mention it again!"

"Then, don't ask." Nik rolled his eyes and groaned. Not willing to keep up with the pretenses, he stood up and walked over to Yin's side and, like the previous time, closed in on her and spoke earnestly.

"Let's postpone today's lecture."

Yin's nostrils instantly flared, "You think I wouldn't have done that?"

Nik smiled and leaned down to peck Yin's forehead, an act of intimacy that Yin now felt pretentious to reject and let Nik's lips comfort her consciousness.

Before leaving, however, Nik presented Yin with presents that came with added notes and 'how-to.'

"Man, I am free again. Oh, the misfortunes of the accomplished ones."

Nik sighed with a mournful expression. Alas, the world did not agree that Nik became an accomplished entity and sent a man with a stern expression towards him.

"We have summarized the task we wish you to take, Sir."

"Oh, you are from the Alchemist Association, right?"

"Yes, your powers of observation are noteworthy, Sir." The man nodded, and from his expression, Nik knew that the man genuinely praised him.

"So? Do I"

"It would be best if we can discuss the terms within the headquarters. Of course, we can wait if you have other priorities to attend to."

With a satisfied smile, Nik nodded, "As you would know, I did have many matters to pursue, but, since you asked, how can I reject? Let's go!"

The man nodded. His features grew slightly less strained, and he led Nik into the Alchemist Association's building. It was stereotypical. The knowledge-hardened geeks ogled women, and the s.e.x.u.a.lly frustrated did the same to Nik. Not that he minded.

The man finally stopped in front of a door and pointed at it, "Director already know of your arrival. She will be negotiating the deal."

"Oh, thanks."

Nik smiled, and before he walked towards the door, the man stopped him and finally spoke up, "Sir, whatever you do, do not accept the herb-flavored candy. It isn't tasty."

Nik's expression turned strange before he clicked the door open with a nod.

"Got it."

Hearing Nik's response, the man noted that he really felt worse. But it was the limited Herb-flavored candies. A treasure worth spilling blood over if the need ever arose.