Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 376

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 376 Director Yang

"Oh, Ning Xin, is the Director occupied?"

As the middle-aged man guarded the door, a man with a thin mustache and full belly walked up to him and inquired with a cheerful tone. Ning Xin, the man who brought Nik, nodded and stated candidly, "Director is having a chat with Sir Nik Faran."

"The philanderer?" The fat alchemist blurted out as Ning Xin sighed profoundly, "You wouldn't understand, Gao Gao. He is a human equivalent of Mint Herb Candy."

Frowning, the man couldn't help but counter, "You mean the green apple flavor, right? The Mint Herb flavor was discontinued due to its bitter taste."

With a gaze befitting an enraged best, Ning Xin peered into Gao Gao and whispered, "Run."


The higher an Alchemist is ranked, the greater the scent of medicine around them. This is what Nik believed, alas, the lavender-headed woman with extraordinary beauty and even more generous bust broke the misconceptions within his mind. Yang Xin's brownish eyes swept over Nik. Despite her best efforts to look great and use her s.e.x.u.a.lity just to seduce Nik into the deal, one look in the mirror five minutes before the meeting allowed Yang Xin to observed her eyebags...

She did not like what she saw.

Sitting across Nik, Yang Xin regained her bearings and took out a thick stack of parchments and nodded towards Nik, "I am honored that you decided to take this mission."

Her words were laced with a particular slur. Her words instantly pointed out that Nik being here equaled to him taking the task. This impatience made Nik sigh deeply. He wasn't here as an individual. He wished this deal to open a future for his students, so even if his heart blazed in l.u.s.t by seeing Yan Xin's voluptuous curves, he still opened up with an impassionate gaze, "Director Yang Xin, right? We either do this the right way, or you call me to play along with your shenanigans later over a vat of wine."

He spoke with a casual tone, and even if Yang Xin was sure that Nik observed her body with unconcealed hedonism, his current expression made Yang Xin reckon that maybe her previous assessment of Nik was simply biased on her general world view of men.

Understanding Nik's words and determined to take care of her eye bags, Yang Xin placed the stack of parchments noted with minute details aside. "The Alchemist Association has a team of Spirit Masters under its payroll to harvest herbs around the city. Recently, a mysterious fog has taken over a small portion of the eastern forest filled with Pure Lotuses. The mist does not have any adverse effect on nature or the spiritual masters. However, the moment any spirit master comes into contact with the fog, they would lose their access to their spiritual powers."

"What is the rank of Spirit Masters that usually visit the region?"

Nik inquired as Yang Xin exhaled softly.

"We do not have Spirit Masters greater than the Rank of Spirit Ancestors."

"Four rings, huh. So? You want me to enter the region and collect the herbs?"


Nik drummed his index against the table and then inquired, "What's the pay?"

"Three bottles of Spirit Acc.u.mulation Pills. Each bottle will contain ten pills."

Yang Xin explained as Nik nodded thoughtfully. These pills were nothing less than typical steroids that would enhance the cultivation of the Spirit Masters. Of course, no matter how hight the price of a drug is in the market, it was harmful in the end. Of course, there existed similar products forming within the nature that did not have any adverse effects.

"Sorry, that sounds way too dangerous."

Nik understood why he would be perfect for the situation. He didn't necessarily depend on his spiritual energy, and his combat prowess was already known to the entirety of Glory City. And with the type of beasts present within that part of the forest and the previous ventures, Nik was the safest bet.

But bet he still was.

"According to the Expedition Captain, even a team of three Spirit Elders {Three Rings} could easily collect the necessary herbs."

Nik shook his head, "Impossible. At least, for me. Sweeten the pot, and I'll only consider then."

Nik stated his intentions clearly as Yang Xin frowned, and with a bit of hesitation, she pulled open her drawer and inquired, "Mint Herb Candy?"

Nik's lips twitched. Either Yang Xin was an uncanny actress, or she genuinely believed that the Mint Herb Candy would do the trick. Either way, Nik shook his head.

"I'll be willing to take your task only as a teacher of the Holy Orchid Institute if you can conduct a recruitment drive within the Institute and select young talents early and start nurturing them."

Yang Xin frowned and inquired, "You don't want alchemical products?"

Nik shook his head and stated once again, "Like I said, I am here on behalf of Holy Orchid Institute. And, the benefit should belong to the students studying under the Institute. Particularly, the Apprentice Classes and below. Since they are most likely to demonstrate unhindered talents."

"So, you will take our task, and let the students hog all the benefits? Is that it?"

Yang Xin felt drowsy. She spent the entire night devising more recipes, so she thought that she didn't hear Nik correctly.

Nik nodded and spoke naturally, "Of course, I will take an active role in preparing the recruitment drive for the kids and hold the method of recruitment. Still, the staff appointed by the Alchemist Association will have a minor decision-making role, too."

Realizing that Nik meant what she did hear, Yang Xin perked up and silently looked at Nik.

"What if I just give you the right to select the students yourself?" She inquired, as Nik smiled and shook his head.

"Strength, I have plenty. But expertise in alchemy, none. Anyway, if the Alchemist Association agrees, only then will I accept this task."

"Then, the task will be upgraded into a long-term plan," Yang Xin stated before thinking, "How about you meet me at the Saint Judge Hall tomorrow? The same time as today?"

Nik shook his head.

"No, before agreeing on anything, I'll have to hear your side of the task, and I usually have a lecture at this time."

Yang Xin frowned, "The last time I heard, the classes are finished by this time."

Nik smiled, "I am learning the Art of Inscription from Xiu Yin of the Snow Wind Family. So, I am usually busy during this hour of the day."

Yang Xin tilted her head sideways as Nik stood up and took his leave.

"A teacher learning more and letting all the credit benefit his students... I should chat with Yin'er. She'll answer anything with enough jellies..."

Yang Xin muttered as Ning Xin walked Nik out of the Alchemist Association.


Huyan Estate.

Huyan Xiong sat across his daughter and a crimson-headed figure with a somber expression.

"So, it's true."

He stated. Just the fact that two girls requested an official meeting together made it all too evident that the rumors about Nik and Xiu were true. He crossed his arm and swept the duo with an intense gaze. While dressed in luxurious robes, his aura and body language made barbarians look like meek creatures with gentle warmth within the kind. His dry lips parted, and he sighed deeply, "So, Matriarch of the Sacred Family. What do you think of the situation?"

Xiu matched Xiong's gaze and brushed her left lock behind her ear and stated plainly.

"I am not here to discuss my relationship with Nik. He will be the one to clarify the situation.

What I am here for is to support Lanruo."

Xiong frowned and then looked towards Lanruo.

"Ruo'er, what is she saying?"

A wry expression formed over Lanruo's face as she rubbed the back of her head and averted her gaze, "About that... soo... I was thinking that maybe I can start living with"

"Absolutely not!"

Xiong snapped as Lanruo sighed in defeat, 'Instant denial... then'

She looked towards her father with a face that has been melting Xiong's heart since she was born, "Dad, I"

Alas, the world laughed at her efforts.

"You won't be living with Nik until you both are married. Or he starts living here."

Xiong spoke with a stern expression as Xiu nodded and stood up, "I should leave. Anyway, your father is correct. I am the Matriarch now. I can house Nik without any issues, but not you.

Not to mention the defamation your father would face, even Nik would go through quite a bit of trouble."

"I never expected a member of the Sacred Family to be..." Xiong matched Xiu's gaze and continued, "So reasonable."

"It's a courtesy that not many live to see. You should treasure it."

Xiu remarked before nodding towards her 'sister.'

From the beginning, Xiu knew that Xiong wouldn't have agreed to Lanruo's childish demands. The only reason she decided to tag along was to witness Lanruo's defeated expression and soothe some of her suppressed indignations.

As she left, Lanruo's loud shout echoed through the room, akin to melodious tune to Xiu's ears.

"Dad! I'm going to tell everyone that you liked getting spanked from mother."

Needless to say, Xiong's expression instantly crumbled but did not agree to Lanruo's request no matter what she tried. In fact, when Lanruo decided to bring the old grandma into the discussion, even she rejected Lanruo's notion and stated sternly that before their engagement, such thoughts should not even linger within her mind.


"Shen Mao died?"

A black-haired teen faced two figures in dark robes and inquired about the details of the events earnestly. The fact that a person without any spirit ring could put an end to an old monster came as a great surprise to the youth. He instantly stood from his position and smiled cheerfully.

"A youth like that surely has a unique constitution. I'll use his body for my Spirit Constellation Technique!"

The duo looked at each other before keeping their silence. The current Demon Lord could easily match Ye Mo in strength.

"While I'm there, I might even put an end to the meaningless charade that the city has become."

The youth muttered as he looked at one of his two subordinates, "You. Take me to this Nik.

I'll assess his worth myself."


Meanwhile, with Shen Yue inside the estate, Xiu instantly rejected the notion of anyone even thinking of any s.e.x.u.a.l act. This finally made Nik turn to the task that he has been avoiding for the longest time.

Cultivating his and the item's spirit rings.

And with his [Multi-Task], Nik finally created a loop that allowed him to efficiently diverge the entirety of his spiritual energy into the three plants, two herbs, and his spirit ring. Meanwhile, using the most basic of the meditation chants, he kept on collecting Spiritual Energy.

Usually, there is a limit to the holding capacity of the spiritual energy that the spirit masters should maintain to keep their cultivation from degrading. But Nik did not have these limitations. After all, his path wasn't the same at all. He simply collected the unrefined energy and let it course into the items in the manner dictated by Sky's cultivation method.

Under Xiu's s.e.x.u.a.l curfew, Nik noted great results after a single session. What's more exceptional is the fact that he had a whole night left. After all, even Asami was suppressed by the domineering fox and couldn't greet Nik during the night to seek for more pointers.

She was a diligent apprentice, after all.

Her thirst for learning was what made her so attractive.