Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 378

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 378 Extreme Measures

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Ye Zong exhaled deeply while punching out and exerting a force that he could have never imagined laid dormant within his own body. The greatest incentive of becoming a City Lord was to be crowned as the President of the Spirit Master Association. To gain the ability to mobilize an entire army of Spirit Masters.

Of course, all spirit masters are living, conscious beings, and they all posed a certain level of moral integrity. This limited the City Lord's control to a great extent and, in return, destroyed the chances of the unlawful utilization of the authority of the City Lord. Still, Ye Zong felt like he did profit by obtaining one of Nik's 'advance' technique that he sold to the Spirit Master Association.

Even though the Technique sacrificed flexibility, the power obtained made the loss of elasticity within the method worth it! Alas, Ye Zong's training was interrupted as a servant came rushing and informing Ye Zong of the arrival of one of the most prominent females of the City.

Yang Xin just knocked onto the doors of the City Lord!

Ye Zong frowned and proceeded to dress while instructing Ye Shou, his right hand, to bring Yang Xin to the central office. But Ye Shou's further reports on her objective being holding a meeting with Xue Yin instead of Yang Xin made Ye Zong stop in his actions.

"I dare say that this hut is the most lavish construction within the entire City."

Yang Xin sat across Xue Yin. Of course, the entire living room was personally cleaned by Xue Yin after her acts of self e.r.o.t.i.ca. She still hadn't touched any of Nik's gifts.

"The second most lavish existence. Once I crack the Inscription patternthis" Xue Yin pointed towards her forehead, "will be tho most valuable space. Anyway, Xin, it's been a long time."

Xue Yin eyed the buxom beauty with a hint of languid charm that pulled attraction from everyone. Back then, even though Xue Yin did attract Ye Zong's attention, Yang Xin was the one who did not need to do anything, and still, men dropped on their knees to get a piece of her. Of course, in the end, they both grew old and without the comfort of a man.

With a scratch on her chin, Yang Xin frowned and tilted her head, "That's not right... I brought you another jar of candies the previous month."

Her brownish pupils met Xue Yin's violet orbs as the Master Inscriptionist felt speechless at the Master Alchemist's actions.

"I... tried to create a serious atmosphere... let's forget all that," Xue Yin muttered with flushed cheeks as Yang Xin shrugged and inquired, "I want information on Nik Faran. What do you have on him?"

Xue Yin frowned and recalled yesterday's events, and her flush deepened. With a sigh, Xue Yin persuaded with good intentions, "Yang Xin... Nik is what we both should call a 'muddy' persona... he'll suck you right in..."

Yang Xin frowned at the vagueness of the answer, "I wish to hire him."

"And I wished to only teach him," Xue Yin sighed in unexpressed emotions as Yang Xin felt speechless at her peer's actions and explained the entirety of the situation. From the mist to her idea of hiring Nik and his demands that only benefitted the students.

"All right, I understand. You feel suspicious that Nik might have some ulterior motive?"

Yang Xin shook her head. She had met a lot of men and manipulated almost every one of them to reach her position. She stated the same to Xue Yin and then sighed, "I just want to know that if he is worth cultivating feelings over or just seduce him into marriage?"

Xue Yin frowned and nodded thoughtfully, "Well, the latter is impossible. I don't think you can sed wait, hold it. Say what now?"

Xue Yin matched Yang Xin's gaze with an incredulous expression.

"I am willing to offer four jars," Yang Xin stated without losing her composure and pulled another astonished look from Xue Yin. For a moment, the inscriptionist considered short-term gains and spoke with a hesitant look.

"F-five jars."


"Wait, I take it back!"

Xue Yin hastily spoke up and made Yang Xin frown.

"Is determining Nik's true nature that difficult? I always thought that it was your forte."

Xue Yin shook her head before exhaling deeply. "That's not it. I I don't want to share information on Nik," she finally stated and made Yang Xin finally observe her in scrutiny.

"Your clothes..." Yang Xin muttered, "They show off your looks."

Xue Yin's lips twitched, "Look, Xin, do what you wish to. It's not like I can stop you. But, no amount of candies can"

"Ten Jars."

"Well, I don't know Nik for thaaat long. What do you want to know?"

This deal wasn't short-term anymore. Nik already had many women by his side, if he could accept a selfish one like Xue Yin, then fine, else, she can sleep rather peacefully while having ten jars of Yang Xin's special alchemical candies!

Yang Xin finally smirked and pulled out whatever Xue Yin had on Nik, except for his orgasm-inducing spanks.

Satisfied, Yang Xin finally left Xue Yin's humble spatial abode while Xue Yin sighed in defeat.

"Hah... I am such an evil person... but..."

Her gaze fell on the ten glittering jars, and a thin trail of unsightly drool finally managed to leave the corner of her lips.

*Knock* *Knock*


Another unsightly voice leaked from Xue Yin's mouth before she pulled all the jars into her spatial ring and walked up to the door.

Her gaze landed on a burly middle-aged man with a slick purple head tied into a short ponytail and a scraggly beard on his chin.

"Ye Zong?"

Xue Yin spoke up with a frown as the City Lord nodded and felt his eyes attracted to Xue Yin's current outfit.

"Yin... you look different," Ye Zong commented, pulling a rather bright smile from Xue Yin that made her look strangely charming, letting a spark on one of his old, suppressed emotions.

"Ah, what I meant to say was that what did the Director from the Alchemist Association want?"

"Oh, Yang Xin? It was nothing."

Xue Yin smiled and then observed Ye Zong's expression before inquiring, "Were you training?"

Ye Zong smiled and described the Technique with a renewed vigor. Alas, one untimely mention of the devil, broke the atmosphere for Xue Yin, who finally returned to reality.

"Man, Nik is practically a monstrous genius. By the way, is he any good with inscriptions?"

Ye Zong inquired. Xue Yin felt quite different today, and he felt delightful by chatting with her.

"Ah, I need to check on one of my fire ignitors," Xue Yin smiled wrily and bade farewell hastily as Ye Zong stood rooted in his place and only came to be when the door slammed shut on his face. With a frown, he rubbed the back of his head, 'What the hell is wrong with me...'

Meanwhile, Xue Yin leaned against her door before sliding down and settling on her butt while biting her lips. Clenching her palms over her knees, Yin breathed fiercely as she took out one of the many gifts Nik presented one of the formidable-looking ones and gripped it tightly.

"I sway too quickly... heck!"


After the classes, Nik spent his time with Lanruo, helping her select outfits as, in her words, one can never have too many clothes and spent a better half of his afternoon with her before making his way towards Xue Yin's place.

*Knock* *Knock*

A flushed Xue Yin instantly pulled Nik into the hut and pressed him against the door and let her hot breathing graze the base of his neck while begging in desperation, "Ni Hnnngh, shhttop this thingghhhh!"


Nik looked down and found a wide-eyed Xue Yin hugging him tightly while rubbing her crotch against Nik's and her slightly sloppy chin rubbing against his chest. With a twitch of his lips, Nik inquired, "Did you lose the remote?"

Each of his gifts was remote-controlled, so that was the firs conclusion he came up with and looking at the trail on the floor that did not leave any location within the hut untouched, Nik inquired once again, "Did you try taking it out?"

Xue Yin's eyes instantly widened in profound enlightenment, and she immediately stumbled back and fell on her butt while letting out a soul-curling m.o.a.n, "Nooooghhhhh!"

Her belt was already loosened to give her finders easy access to her snatch, and right in front of Nik, with an artistic curve, Xue Yin climaxed with one of the most e.r.o.t.i.c expressions Nik had ever witnessed.

Yeah, Xue Yin made an enticing argument, and Nik had steeled himself to take extreme measures to defeat Ye Zong today and complete his vow.