Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 379

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 379 Year

"Here. Have them"

Xue Yin pointed at the five jars of the Alchemical Candy and spoke with a reluctant expression. Her hut still smelled a little, but Nik didn't seem too affected by her debauched scent and made her feel calm. Honestly, she could have never even thought that she possessed enough courage to sit across a man whom she orgasmed before not once, but twice!

There was something about Nik that made Yin feel that even the most illicit act she committed was as casual as brushing his teeth for Nik. She had explained the entirety of the situation to Nik candidly how she felt the need to hide his information from Yang Xin due to their arrangement, how she fell to the temptations of her sweet tooth, and how Ye Zong's appearance ignited the dirtiest of her desires in mere moments. But, she carefully worked her way around the fact that it was Nik's name that acted as a trigger to the lewd act of wetting the floor of her hut with nothing but her naughty juices.

Nik gazed at the jars and, without any pretense, pulled them into his inventory and then silently looked at Xue Yin until she felt uncomfortable again and adjusted her butt over the couch. By now, she had long lost any semblance of being Nik's teacher and looked like an ordinary girl caught sneaking some snacks out of the kitchen by one of her elders.

Now it depended on Nik. Which type of 'Elder' he actually was. The Cool Uncle, or the Stern Grandfather.

Alas, much to Xue Yin's surprise, Nik approached the situation with the Hedonistic Father interested in the daughter far more than the woman who bore her and smiled widely, "In essence, you were rubbing one out for Ye Zong by one of the gifts I had prepared for you?"

Nik inquired while pointing at the Clit-ended dildo. They still couldn't find the remote, but Nik stealthily took out the batteries. Xue Yin did not need to know the mechanics of the tools of pleasure. She just needed to engage with them. Nik's inquiry placed Yin in an awkward stage before she grew a slight amount of courage and realized that she didn't have any need to feel bad. She made a choice. That is all. She acted on momentary temptations. In the end, it was Nik's name that finally gave her enough courage to even try out the most glorified looking toy of all.

"I made a decision for myself. I don't"

Gathering courage was an easy task. Presenting it, however, turned out to be the mammoth one, and as Nik kept his gaze on Xue Yin, she floundered. A weakness. A step backward that made Nik push forward with a step towards her that crossed the distance between the duo and allowed Nik to pull Yin into his arms and lean down for the much-awaited kiss over the soft and pink lips of the Master Inscriptionist.

Nik did not understand why Yang Xin felt interested in him and only counted his lucky stars for that. But right now, he needed to fix an issue of the tormented heart of the mature woman, and the only way was to implant a seed and let it grow with the manure that Ye Zong's defeat would act like. And his loss would require a decent amount of thorough training that was long overdue from Nik's side.

An implant was easy to place. A single kiss that rocked Yin's mouth and broadened her horizons made her feel breathless and weak. Her knees gave up, but still, as Nik ravaged her mouth with skills that couldn't be comprehended, he kept his arm around her waist to keep her close. She can't be the only one to latch-up to him whenever she is heated up. Nik needed the same courtesy, whether by right or demand.


Xue Yin could only place her palms against Nik's chest in mock resistance as her more than active snatch felt warm and tingling once again. Her n.i.p.p.l.es felt hot, and her body grew excited.

"Hah! Hah!"

Finally, as Nik let go of her plump lips and soft body garbed in clothes with excellent elasticity to trace her voluminous treats and perky butt, Nik finally inquired the primary source of training material.

"Yin, I need all the reading material on the Incantations and Runes."

He spoke seriously as Yin, still in the world of bliss, failed to understand him. She took out thick stacks of old parchments, and Nik pocketed them into his inventory before pecking Yin's lips once again and placing the dazed beauty on the couch.

"I'll return within hours. Cleaning up your body is, however, your choice. Once I return, I'll be snatching that body of yours."

Nik whispered in a tender tone that made Yin full of sweetness, and he instantly walked out of the Spatial Hut and reached into his new room in a matter of minutes. Without wasting any time, he took out all the reading material and simply imprinted all the doc.u.ments by a single gaze through the act of self-hypnotism. He will digest all the contents later. Right now, he just needed to devour the knowledge.

The space within the Time Wrapped Space allowed Nik to copy various forms of energy without his body actually entering the strange world. As he made the final preparations and went through the contents he would need to make a qualitative breakthrough in all his skills with, Sky's voice rang within Nik's consciousness, 'What about your code of not entering the time-wrapped world voluntarily?'

"Does this look voluntary? Who would have thought that Ye Zong would be fated to have his ass handed to him today? This is the mischief of fate. I am merely forced to play along.'

Nik sighed before activating the paper within his spiritual world as it puled Nik's spirit into a world etched within its body and constructed his body in a manner that would not need any water and food to sustain and would continue to live in solitary for the next year without any distractions. Even Nik's spirits couldn't enter the place, and as Nik stood within the empty space painted in white, he exhaled deeply and stretched his body.

Meanwhile, Yin felt her mind buzzing with raging waves rising within her heart. The moment Nik stood up, her whole world spun in debauched pleasure coursing through her veins, and when she came to be, only Nik's parting words kept on ringing within her mind.

"I'll take you."

Words though pure in nature and intent, represented a sum total of words that Yin never heard in the entirety of her life. Not from her past beloved Ye Zong a least. And if Nik decided to cross the line even if she didn't wish to...

No, she wished it all right. To get her body devoured without her will and make her forcefully submit to an authority superior to Ye Zong's and finally break her dry spell of decades. But, the question was, could Nik do it? Defeat Ye Zong and claim to be the second strongest within the entire City.

Yin did not know, and her dirtied body with sticky fluids once again marring her inner thighs made it hard for her to think straight.

She needed a bath, a hot one, and after that, she needed to binge on the remaining five and a half jars left with her.

Only that way, she could genuinely calm down.

No matter what happens during the few hours as Nik stated, she would be right here. If Nik dared battle against Ye Zong, victory or not, Yin, too, dared to accept the youth's feelings.


Within the deepest corner of the Star Dou forest.

A reptilian figure, a behemoth, in fact, fell on its belly. Twelve of its limbs sprawled while the remaining two torn off and thrown away by the regal figure in front of the demon beast.

A ten-thousand-year-old beast leaves a black-colored spirit ring, and so did the Draconic Centipide Emperor. The dark-skinned figure with long dark hair and the tips of the hair dyed blue casually sat in front of the spirit ring and absorbed the black spirit ring within minutes. With a content sigh, Gojira released her renewed spiritual energy and five rings formed behind her Yellow, Purple, Purple, Purple, Black!

"Huff... I don't think I can one-shot the breakthroughs any further... fifteen years of suppression. Well, at least, I got to eat many things again. And"

Gojira licked her lips as the neon tips of her hair glowed brightly, and the recently gained spirit ring appeared behind her once again. She opened her mouth and released a ray of blue laser that instantly pierced through the dead monster's body.

"Got my favorite attack back."

With a swift stretch of her limbs, Gojiro grinned wildly.

"It's mating time!"


"I think... I'm gonna commit suicide. Well, been there done that."

Nik groaned and sighed deeply. Who knew that the goal he wished to achieve would only take nine months instead of twelve months? Three months of nothingness!

After quite a few breakthroughs, even if Nik's prowess and potency in battle increased in the manner unthinkable by even the likes of Ray and Brian, the L.u.s.t Apostle was not pent up and stuck.

The worst part was, rubbing a boner did not bring him the intended relief, but a dastardly skill meant for loners that he instantly merged with his [MIrage Manipulation].

"Maybe, I should kill Ye Zong for all this trouble..."

He muttered darkly, but a single year wasn't enough to make him forget about his students, and now he felt quite frustrated by his emotions.

"God, why am I such a good guy!"

Nik whined. Two more months remained.