Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 380

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 380 Plain Like A.b.c

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"Isn't it hilarious... being a saint for an entire year?"

Asmodeus cackled while looking at Nik's physical manifestation sitting with his eyes closed.

Lilith and Sky grew silent as the bloodthirsty blade sneaked away while Asmodeus continued cackling and letting her slimy form jump around hysterically.

"Oh, isn't it already an hour? Shouldn't he get out already?"

Asmodeus inquired as the sky of the spiritual world grew dull and heavy. Meanwhile, Lilith floated back. Unwilling to remain closer to Asmodeus. Lilith kept the egg on the flat part of her blade, and Asmodeus finally felt strange. Not minding her peer's actions; however, she continued, "Say, you guys, do you think that Nik would like... lose his drive to even have s.e.x any longer? Like, become a Nerd Apostle or something?"

"Quite happy, you look down there..."

A cold voice filled with silent rage made Asmodeus stifle as her 'eyes' darted towards Nik's location only to find the empty ground. Growing silent, Asmodeus assessed the situation without looking back and decided to make a spiritual escape. Her body instantly became translucent only for Nik to chuckle in a manner that made Asmodeus feel extremely terrified.

"Stay," Nik stated softly, and her control over Nik's spiritual world faded instantly, Asmodeus' slimy heart freeze akin to an ice block. Asmodeus slowly wrung her blobbing self to twist back and match a starved gaze. Nik's violet orbs scrutinized her entirety before grinning in the intense, primal drive. He didn't look like saints. Heck, if any nun actually barged into his path, leaving with ten loads was the bare minimum.

"Say, Asmodeus... is it just me or the world devised smart-mouthed slimes like you as the fated onaholes?"

Asmodeus's purple exterior paled as Nik slowly walked towards her while cackling. Sky closed her eyes and genuinely prayed for Asmodeus while Lilith used her bit of control over the spiritual world to isolate the egg so that Asmodeus' deranged m.o.a.ns don't potentially affect the child that the four of them were raising! Heck, only she was responsible enough to think of that!


Nik opened his eyes and looked at the rocking boner. He didn't even have to think anything s.e.xy, and he just felt natural. H simply wanted s.e.x. Lots of it! The burdens of which Nik placed on Xue Yin's capable shoulders. The feeling of growing a year older was sublime at best. He didn't feel that different. His days were dull and filled with so much training to relieve his stress that Nik doubted he'll be training anytime soon. Yet, a tiny, rational self of his screamed and admonished Nik. While his martial arts progressed rapidly along the multiple intents hidden in his moves, and his practice of Inscription patterns and energy manipulation grew by leaps and bounds, everything felt vain when Nik looked at his little brother throbbing in anguish.

Nik stood up, lowered his pants, and pressed his c.o.c.k above before tying it. His erection wouldn't go anytime soon, and the tent would become a weakness during his battle. Of course, this was, Nik could barely fight using his martial arts, but after a full year of training, Nik had no need to rely on it. Heck, he did not even need to rely on his Gravity Manipulation that could potentially kill his opponent. Nik had finally developed a long-range combat style of his own that did not suck on his own energy capacity.

Pulling his pants up, Nik left the Estate hurriedly. Throughout the entire journey in the market, Nik made a conscious effort to not worsen his condition by gazing at the females for too long and stopped in front of the stall that sold materials for Inscriptions and bought his entire stock of Inscription stones for a little over 83000 demon spirit coins. Then, with a strange gait to not tug on his testicles, Nik continued walking towards the City Lord's Mansion with a peaceful expression, and once he reached the gates, he waved his hand towards the guards who were well aware of Nik and smiled, "Can you call out Ye Zong for me? It's challenge time."

His words made the captain frown. The captain understood Nik's words completely, but the jovial tone made the captain feel that his ears might be ringing.

"You want me to do what?"

He inquired once again as Nik barely kept his frustrations to himself. The guard captain didn't induce him for that ruthless year of abstaining from debauched l.u.s.t. He almost became a hermit! Keeping a calm facade, Nik looked at the captain and spoke with trembling lips.

"I want you to call Ye Zong. I am here to challenge him."

Hearing Nik's words made the captain hesitated. But in the end, he didn't say anything and walked away to inform his superiors. Nik and the captain weren't friends, and the captain didn't feel like showing a recent acquaintance. Nik's challenge instantly made all the officials from the various families present within the City Lord's Mansion uproar, and even Ye Zong had to move out. Nik's reputation prevented Ye Zong from casually treating the young teacher, and by the time the City Lord walked out, the area around the gates was packed tight with officials. This was a challenge that aristocracies spectated directly and didn't even let the commoners near.

"Teacher! Father!"

Ziyun had arrived, too, and couldn't help but call out in worry. She was in tow with her maids and bodyguards while the young Ziyun failed to find her Aunt Yin.

Meanwhile, not willing to waste even a single minute, Nik called out, "Do you have a more private location?"

Till now, all of Nik's challenges have remained a public spectacle. His words instantly made others lock their eyes in distress, and all the official's hope was shattered when Ye Zong spun on his heels and beckoned Nik to follow him.

Within a few minutes, the news spread to the entirety of the western region of the City and attracted every single Aristocracy. This matter could potentially affect the entire political situation of Glory City. Meanwhile, from the Southern Regions, the family head of the Gin Family finally made his way towards the western region after getting to know of the battle. Nik had grown too valuable to remain an ordinary teacher, and it was time for him to recognize his ancestry.

Meanwhile, Ziyun rushed to her Aunt Yin. The young girl did not know what she could do, but her best bet was talking with her Aunt and understanding the exact situation.

Which, in reality, was Nik's need to bed Xue Yin.

Minor reasons for those who hungered for power, but for Nik, this was a mission.

After all, Nik is a man with a mission.


Ye Zong led Nik deep into the Estate. Within a dozen minutes of walking wordlessly, Ye Zong stopped at the edge of a sizeable training field and spoke with a strange expression.

"Why do you even have to challenge all the Family heads?"

He inquired while taking off his outer robe and then stepping into the field. Nik followed behind him and replied without any need of thought.

"Sometimes it's anger, and sometimes it is a demonstration. Honestly, you can call it a whim."

Nik stretched his arm and filled his palm with inscription stones. Ye Zong had his back to him and casually walked up to a reasonable distance before turning on his heels. A single gaze choked the words out of Ye Zong as Nik exhaled deeply with rumbling energy surrounding him. His gaze nailed Ye Zong, and Nik stated softly, "I am on a clock here. Don't hold back. I expect you to receive a few moves from me."

Nik smiled as he controlled a total of thirteen inscription patterns that fused different forms of elements and were programmed to shoot a condensed beam of the combined energy.

Lightning, fire, water, earth, space, gravity, wind, and light.

Instead of transforming his own energy to match various elements, Nik simply inscribed runes that converted the spirit energy into elemental energy with a speed that outpaced Xue Yin. Seeing thirteen spirals of energy backed by combinations of floating runes that looked nothing more than scribbles at first glance, Ye Zong's lips dried, and six rings formed behind him. Rock-like scales covered his body while a thick tail tore from his pants, and his palms morphed into deadly claws. Without committing any theatrics, Ye Zong quickly converged his spirit skills, and his physical body went through another metamorphosis.

His rocky scales turned darker, and his claws grew blood-red. Meanwhile, the end of his tail balled together and spiked-up. Finally, the black spirit ring behind Ye Zong glowed brightly, and a dark-golden aura layered his physique.

Ye Zong took a stance that Nik was all too familiar with before he grinned impudently and drew a series of inscriptions in front of him, right ahead of the previous thirteen. This time, Ye Zong found the speed astonishing and felt that even if he wished to stop Nik before he would reach him, Nik would be done with his task and by the time the thought died out, Nik had already created three layers of inscription patterns aside from the first layer.

Thirteen Inscriptions, Seven Inscriptions, Three Inscriptions, and a single inscription pattern.

Nik continued to bring out large numbers of Inscription stone, and they flew up, embedding themselves into the intricately developed runes and adorned the space in between Nik and Ye Zong.

"I change my mind. This battle should not exceed a single move."

Whine Nik might as much, but in the end, he did gain a deep understanding of Inscriptions and a skill about it that finally allowed him to achieve an even better understanding of the simple language.

Yes, it was like A, B, C.

If Nik wanted a Laser Beam, he just needed to draw an 'L-A-S-E-R' with the runes and voila!

Nik now had a super destructive condensed beam of energy boring down on Ye Zong.

Within seconds, at that.