Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 381

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 381 Growth

While most of Nik's innate skills remained unchanged, the skills that held potential in battles and activities of the daily lives found their levels increased drastically.

[Pheromone Illusion (Lvl 3 11):

A skill that utilizes the pheromones of the mutated being from the lineage of a fiend, incubus, and succubus elude the consciousness of the beings that are affected by the skill. This skill has the following effects:

Mind Control

Carnal Desires


Lvl 10 Boost: Dream Master Allows the user to control the dreams of the targets under the effect of the pheromones and utilize their dreams for the host's agenda.

Nxt Lvl: 19 Sp


Battle Arts (Lvl 2):

From martial arts to swordplay, and from spear arts to archery. You can learn it all. Are you a scholar who wishes to defend himself? Are you an entity much superior to others that you don't need to practice a particular art before learning it and letting your body accept it? Or, are you simply a lazy narcissistic knowledge freak? Then this skill is for you. The following are the effects of the skill.

Extrapolation of Battle Arts.

Combination of Battle Arts.

Infusion of Battle Arts into muscle memory.

Note: This skill needs its extrapolation bar to be filled before it can be leveled up.

EXT: 743 1908/100

Nxt Lvl: 11 Sp

Elemental Manipulation (Lvl 3 9):

This skill allows the user to manipulate multiple elements. The following are the manipulatable elements.

Lightning Nature Lightning, Purity







Next Lvl: 28 SP

Gravitation Manipulation (Lvl 5 9):

This skill allows the user to manipulate the gravity of the natural environment and also utilize the user's gravity-affinity energy to achieve similar results.

Next Lvl: 15 SP

Hamon Manipulation (Lvl 7 9):

This skill allows the user to manipulate the energy of Hamon that is polluted by the UV radiation of the stars. This type of energy has minimal restorative effects and high reinforcement effects on the physical body and is extremely malleable. This type of energy can be fused with compatible forms of energy to bring out greater results.

Next Lvl: 21 SP

Life Energy Manipulation (Lvl 4 9):

This skill allows the user to manipulate the purest energy of life. This form of energy has high restorative effects on the physical body.

Next Lvl: 16 SP

Energy Fusion (Lvl 3 9):

This skill grants the user the ability to fuse the various forms of energy. The level of skill determines the success percentage and the number of energy fusible at once.

Next Lvl: 18 SP

Energy Conversion (Lvl 4 9):

This skill allows the user to convert a particular form of energy into its counterpart through the use of system-neutral energy.

Next Lvl: 16 SP

Space Manipulation (Lvl 2):

This skill allows the host to control the fabric of space based on the potency of the level of the skill.

Next Lvl: 5 SP

Body Manipulation (Lvl 15):

This skill allows the host to control various functions of the body while keeping the external features of the host under the control of the user. Even miracles like creating another heart can be achieved using this skill. It is to be noted that this skill does not create bodily function but merely direct myriad mysteries of the body to intended effects.

Lvl 10 Boost: Micro Manipulation This feature allows the host to control the body at a micro-level.

Nxt Lvl: 33 SP

Absolute Sharpness (Lvl 1):

Anything struck enough can be cut. Each strike would draw effect without fail.??????????????????????????????

Next Lvl: 3 SP

Calligraphy (LvL 12):

It is the skill of forming symbols by hand and arranging them well. It's a set of skills and techniques for positioning and inscribing words, so they show integrity, harmony, and rhythm.

Lvl 10 Boost: Swift Allows inhumane pace of forming symbols.

Multi-task (Lvl 1 6)

This skill allows you to gradually cope up with the burden on the mind by committing more than one complicated action.

Nxt Lvl: 11 SP]

'Too much for micromanipulation. Can't even control a boner,' Nik scowled. The training was worth Nik's deranged tendencies. Not only he understood that his skill [Battle Arts] was actually locked and could only be leveled up by the system probably the working of his previous father he also couldn't level up most of his skills past level 10. A mysterious barrier cut Nik's path and let him remain stranded. And, to Nik's surprise, he gets an additional option on his skills once he reaches level 10 successfully.

He exhaled deeply and observed Ye Zong's stance. For him, a year had passed, yet he remembered it clearly that this martial arts stance was the one he devised for the Spirit Master Association. Previously, Nik thought that aside from the sacrifice to the flexibility, this skill was impeccable, and yet a look after a year of training made him aware that if there were no impurities in his stances, then he simply wasn't proficient enough to point them out.

He deduced Ye Zong's current strength while keeping a total of twenty-four inscription patterns in the air. Each inscription pattern was devised to balance two types of energies and then fuse them before the combined energy would be directed into the subsequent inscription patterns, and they would condense once again, and then again until the sum total of energy combined into a single Inscription pattern. In essence, Nik drew a pyramid energy fuser that converted all the forms of energy, excluding Life Energy.

At first, Nik wanted to convert the Life Energy into its corrosive counterpart and then fuse it into the giant ancient laser project in Ye Zong's backyard but then digressed. In reality, Nik tried to gain affinity with the corrosive counterpart of the Life Energy only to fail time and again. Since his body would reconstruct after every failure, he only stopped once he was sure that he did not have any chance and then focused on other skills such as [Body Manipualtion] and [Energy Fusion].

Body Manipulation, once out of control, marked the end of Nik only for him to 'revive' again, and this type of cheat grind made his mind full of the biological knowledge needed for the skill.

His [Perfect Eyesight] could observe the constant twitches of Ye Zong's eyes and the occasional gulps. The more Ye Zong felt nervous and stood rooted, the more time Nik got to channel the energies within the Inscription Patterns to channel into thicker and more potent streams of energy and fuel the three inscriptions of the third layer. Finally, Ye Zong realized the time limitations of Nik's attack and sneered internally. His calves bulged, and with a jump, he left the probable area of impact before aiming his body towards Nik to slam into him.

Nik smiled, and his Multi-Task kicked in while he utilized the bare minimum of his energy to craft runes and form inscription patterns that released an astounding gust of wind. Hidden within the gust, however, was swirling strands of gravitational force that instantly made Ye Zong's big body dance with the whirlwind while Nik manipulated a strong pull from the area where Ye Zong jumped off from.


His burly body sunk into the ground before Nik stomped and created an inscription pattern underneath him that instantly let out a combined might of light and fire that pulled a blood-curdling roar from Ye Zong whose arm barely reached the surface right beneath Nik's position. Nik already knew that Earth was Ye Zong's domain and simply 'saw' Ye Zong from the basic manipulation of earth. If stripped off from their spirit energies, Nik surpassed Ye Zong in the control of earth element.

But Nik wasn't delusional. Even without high energy capacity, his advantages placed him at a higher tier than the denizens of this world. If he needed to cry and whine over a single advantage of his opponent, he might as well remain a blue-balled bitch. But, this was just a taste of his energy fusion, and even if Ye Zong's fingers felt crisp, his integral structure remained uncooked due to his extreme defense, and he cautiously dug out of the area far ahead Nik.

At least, that's what he wanted Nik to feel, and before reaching out, the ground trembled wildly, playing tricks with footings, and Nik effortlessly floated through the efficient manipulation of gravity and wind.


The ground cracked with spikes pushed out towards Nik direction as Nik felt a slight 'tuc' before a sweet whine of combined energy rang in the surroundings and the smallest inscription pattern on the tip of the pyramid that never left Ye Zong's mark glowed wildly.

"It's a test drive. Hope you live to tell the tale."

Nik remarked while Ye Zong wordlessly pulled out walls of earth that turned deep read in color with a black pattern all over its surface that transformed into a roaring dragon.


Everything turned white before Nik's eyes widened, and the muscles of his arm ruptured.



A few dozens of kilometers away from Glory City, the infamous Demon Lord stood rooted in his tracks before his gaze condensed on a minute point above the general area of the City. It was a pure white radiance that evoked warmth within the hearts of others, and even Demon Lord was affected by it before formless crack let out a violent stream of energy and the ball of radiance collapsed into itself and with a big bang


Spread hundreds of kilometers in area, Strangely, even if Demon Lord felt goosebumps all over his body, he couldn't help but notice a strange scene. Usually, if energy spreads out, it doesn't flow in a lateral direction but an omniscient one. Yet, the spread of energy felt too flat!

Meanwhile, inside a dark lake, a white-haired figure looked with a frown.

"Such a violent tremble of law energy?"

Meanwhile, a certain goddess had even violent reactions as she took her blindfold off and let her eyes gaze at the general direction.

"They... they are healing!"

With a mixture of excitement, the Goddess of Light continued.


"Hah, hah! I win."

Nik claimed, his tattered body healed in front of Ye Zong's stunned face. Ye Zong had long lost track of reality while Nik combined Life Energy with [Body Manipulation] to repair the damages of his body at a pace that left him far more hungry than usual, and slightly thinner.

Nik's burnt arms showed traces of fresh skin, and he turned on his heels silently.

He finally decided to pull before his attack imploded. He, after all, cherished his own life, too. No point in wasting it while his boner still stood proud,

Instead of consoling the shaken Ye Zong, Nik dragged his body towards Xue Yin's location.

No matter the commotion from his reckless attack, he will deal with them after consoling the lonely woman.