Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 384

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 384 Lost Treasure

Xue Yin gulped. The pair had already moved into her room. Once again, the room projected a sense of modern charm, and the light blue walls soothed the hearts of the pair. The paint was actually the processed blood of a thousand-year-old spirit beast. Nik and Xue Yin laid in each other's arms. Instead of kissing each other in a wild passion, their expressions were soft and their passion mild. But the intimacy had grown by a considerable margin.

Just like Xue Yin, Nik was n.a.k.e.d, his c.o.c.k wasn't tied to his thigh, and he felt much relieved. In fact, the thickness and the sheer mass of his c.o.c.k allowed Nik to easily lodge his member in between Xue Yin's inner thighs, right below her soaking snatch trickling with her sensational honey. Her soft m.o.a.ns rang alongside Nik's breathing, and the two continued for a few minutes before Nik retracted his head and sat up. His body was tilted to face Xue Yin, and the moment he sat up, his abdominal muscles clenched slightly and instantly made Xue yin's inner walls tighten, too. She was tenderly nestling on top of Nik's arm, but as he moved down, Xue Yin felt reluctant.

She knew now that her probed holes would receive care greater than she could have ever expected. Seeing Nik's majestic horn in between his legs, Xue Yin gulped. She still doubted that such an organ would ever fit inside her. In reality, even basic s.e.x.u.a.l plays such as oral actions and light bondages are marked as deviant tendencies. This was also the reason why the other teachers felt so 'forbidden' when they would lick each other. To Xue Yin, the act of pleasure was simply penetrating her wet snatch, pump it till the male was satisfied, and that's it.

Even when the 'deviant' Xue Yin used tasteful toys to experience orgasms, if she had slept with any ordinary men with such high expectations, her first time would have been totally ruined. It was a good thing that Nik's benevolence would save her from that fate.

Instead of aligning his c.o.c.k, Nik placed his palms on Xue Yin's knees and leaned down to kiss her legs. Her skin was soft and smooth. Nik felt like this world itself was a perverted one where females did not grow excess hair while men were just full of it. Nik's palms grazed down Xue Yin's calves, and once he reacher her ankles, he swiftly pulled them and straightened her legs. Xue Yin gulped. She now indeed looked defenseless. Her entire body was presented to Nik's eyes. From her slightly plump b.r.e.a.s.ts which she wrapped her arms around to her tender garden, and her clamped legs with her toes curled in slight awkwardness.

Feeling strange, Xue Yin finally inquired while eyeing Nik's tool, "A-aren't you going to put it in?"

Nik shook his head and leaned down to kiss the base of her left thigh right beside her crotch that made Xue Yin feel breathless and wished to pull her knees up once again only for Nik to restrict the movement by placing his free arm over her thighs.


Xue Yin whimpered as she felt Nik's hot breath over her snatch. She had a bad feeling about this, and under her astonished gaze, Nik planted a soft kiss right above her crotch, minding her pubes. His fingers' meanwhile' dug into the fleshy prison that hid Xue Yin's deviant snatch and rubbed the moist fold directly.

Soon, under Nik's affectionate massage, Xue Yin couldn't help but tilt her body to let her crotch present itself towards Nik's face, and with a gleeful expression, Nik pulled her lower body by gripping her h.i.p.s and letting her thighs wrap around his face. The feeling was heavenly, needless to say. Her thighs squished his cheeks while her soaking fold was right ahead of Nik's lips, the fleshy opening brushed past Nik's lips as her savory taste landed onto his tastebuds through the parting of his lips. Instead of the predominant musky scent, Xue Yin presented a delightful and mild scent that did not overwhelm Nik.

With his palms gripping her butt cheeks tightly, Nik prayed to all the gods that he would definitely f.u.c.k if they presented themselves as females and sealed Xue Yin's lower lips with his dry ones. The mature lady was not a 'maiden' in the physical sense. And even if this deficit would have made the other spirit masters feel apprehensions, Nik delighted himself by letting his tongue slither into the warm dungeon. His tongue was the monster that this dungeon did not summon. Alas, the real boss, still had to dive and inspect the area.

The tip of his tongue expertly flicked around, noting the change in the tone of Xue Yin's voice and mapping the entire dungeon and all the pleasure points. Her sensational juices soon trickled once again; fortunately, Xue Yin's garden never had the shortage of irrigation, and Nik continued lapping up all the fluids he could, devouring every single droplet and tasting them akin to a gastronome. And he was proud to place Xue Yin's drink as an upper-tier liquid.


Xue Yin gasped with her inner walls titillated while her palms grasped Nik's head, taking ad fistful of his hair while pushing his face deeper. She loved every stretch of his tongue as Nik's techniques made her convulse in debauched delight. Her mind had already submitted to the genuine pleasure that a monotonous toy failed to provide and even pumped her crotch against Nik as she felt her body trembling each time Nik mustered another orgasm out of her.

While each orgasm brought a bout of strength that made her body push against Nik's face harshly, the subsequent relief would then sap on her vigor and make her arching body fall on the bed in a relaxed state.


Nik retracted his neck as Xue Yin's hold on his head grew weak while admiring Xue Yin's wet form. Her limbs sprawled while her b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggling with each heave of delight. Licking his moistened lips, Nik leaned forward while aligning his crotch. He didn't feel the need to go easy on her. Xue Yin had already taken the massive dildo that only fell short to Nik's c.o.c.k by a small margin. Needless to say, Kaya had spent a lot on that particular model. But she didn't need one now, and Nik gracefully took the used toy for his own plays.

If Xue Yin could go all nasty on that toy, then she could take Nik's c.o.c.k like a champ after a few pumps.

Stroking Xue Yin's forehead, Nik smiled and kissed her lips, not disgusted by the trail of drool leaking from the corner of her plump petals. This intimate action also allowed Nik to push the tip of his tool against Xue Yin's wet p.u.s.s.y while a soft and amorous grunt leaked through the kiss. Nik remained relentless and slowly pushed in as the feeling of his searing member rubbing against her moist wall, stretching her walls and interior into new dimensions, made Xue Yin contract her abdomen and tighten her innards, making the invasion into the dungeon a daunting task.

Yet, invasion Nik commenced, and with a simultaneous rub on her erect clit and the other hand warmly stroking her forehead, the impact grew mild, and the moment Nik pushed in the entirety of his member and forced her inner walls to contract, Xue Yin winced.

Nik observed the sting through her expression and instantly activated his [Mirage Manipulation] to finally turn the pain into pleasure, making Xue Yin walk the path where pain and pleasure mingled the true path and slowly retracted his h.i.p.s, his shaft, and bulbous-head scratching the deepest itches of her toy-used cunt and molding her entirety into the shape of his c.o.c.k. Xue Yin's arms interlocked Nik's shoulders, and her legs rested on the back of his thigs as Nik cruelly pushed on her through a mate-press while each pumps growing steadier and quicker. The roughness, too, increased with each thrust.

Xue Yin's slow breathing grew ragged as Nik finally let her chortle in extreme pleasure as he leaned down to tend to her collarbone with a trail of hickeys while releasing soft grunts with each pump. Her moist snatch expanded in each thrust and contracted while Nik retracted as if it had a consciousness of its own, but Nik understood that this was an instinct Xue Yin formed after years of s.e.x.u.a.l training to find a method of breathing that provided her with maximum pleasure!


While she m.o.a.ned vigorously, rocking the entirety of the City Lord's Mansion, her tongue barely had any strength and lolled out. Her eyes remained dazed and rolled up towards the ceilings as the wet sound and the noise of their crotch smashing against each other interlaced, making the listeners blush in shame and envy.

As the two rutted against each other, Nik's c.o.c.k bulged slightly once again, and with a deep groan, he ejected jets of s.e.m.e.n that didn't even take moments to fill Xue Yin's cunt to the brim and paint her walls white. His spunk leaked through the corner of her lower lips, but to Nik, it still wasn't enough!

He already had a high s.e.x drive, but with one year of getting blue-balled in a conscious realm, he only continued to pump into her without any thought. As his load was pushed back after successive pumps, Xue Yin continued to m.o.a.n in delight as Nik's s.e.m.e.n was a literal source of nutrition for the opposite gender. Her vigor restored only to be spent in successive pounds.


*Three hours later*

"Ooohhh! Hnnnnngh!"

Xue Yin's m.o.a.ns rang wildly. Having s.e.x with Nik was like a loop. His s.e.m.e.n would nourish the mate while his pounds would sap the strength while Nik himself was a ball of unending l.u.s.t and virility that failed to c.u.m outside every single time!

The officials of the mansion had already taken their leaves from the mansion. At first, hearing two couples in a heated passion also made the audience excited, but after consecutive hours, they felt incompetent and left to satisfy themselves. While the couples usually remained in their own courtyards, today, they did not feel comfortable and rented a room at inn.

The whorehouses also noticed a spike in lavish customers.

Honestly, Nik had already become a loyal citizen of the City. Even in his session, he assisted the City's economy!


*Eight hours later*

The sky had long turned dark and when the tired officials returned


Xue Yin's unhindered scream shook the mansion. Instantly, the group of officials fell pale and trembled while the females felt their snatch moisten at a breakneck pace when a unique aroma that had long covered the entire mansion reached their senses. Envy!

Females envied the m.o.a.ning putty of deviancy while the men envied the level of vitality to rut this long.

Strangely, the person who felt the most affected by this development was the dead-gazed Ye Zong, who seriously stamping various doc.u.ments diligently.

Under the effects of Xue Yin's m.o.a.ns, Ye Zong felt his life flash in front of him and recalled his own feelings for the beauty in the past.

All he needed was a green hat, and he would perfectly fit the role of a man who let go of a treasure too many times.