Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 385

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 385 Conspiracy

Shen Xiu looked at Nik and Xue Yin with barely concealed annoyance. Still, in her loose robes that provided comfort during the sleep and her disheveled hair tied into a makeshift bun, the fox eyed the two and whispered with uncharacteristic warmth.

"It will be an honor to live with a Master Inscriptionist."

Xue Yin nodded with hesitation. She still felt like she shouldn't have left her spatial abode. But Nik's persuasions over her creamed fold made it hard for Xue Yin to deny the fact that if they lived together, then they could have more fun. Not to mention, Xue Yin had already understood the foundation of the spatial inscription that the Snow Wind Family provided her only needed to experiment individually. She could comfortably live with Nik. The best part was since Ziyun was Nik's apprentice, the two could always meet each other here. Instead of losing anything, she was gaining Nik's daily affection.

Hearing Shen Xiu's words, Nik nodded with a smile, "Yeah, just think of how much fun the three of us could have together... and it would be so wild when Asami joins in, too."

Nik spoke with an elegant tone while picking up the cup of tea and supping the contents before leaning back and sighing gracefully. For a moment, Nik's unnatural refined action attracted the pair's attention before his words sunk in and made their face flush in embarrassment. Now the two women couldn't even look at each other.

"Anyway," Nik commented softly, "I should go ahead and train the kids outside."

Shen Xiu failed to wake up in time and missed the training while Asami held the reigns until Nik returned a few minutes later after the training started. Much to Ziyun's surprise, she saw her Aunt with Nik and recalled the heated session that was stretched till a little after midnight. Of course, Ziyun still didn't get the chance to chat with her Aunt and casually slip in the fact that everyone heard her...


Finally, as Nik left, Xue Yin and Shen Xiu looked at each other before slumping on the back of the couch and sighing deeply.

"My breakfast usually consists of a hundred-year pain condor," Shen Xiu suddenly spoke while locking eyes with Xue Yin and expressing the untold tales of women who actually bore the brunt of Nik's 'ruthlessness.' Shen Xou finally smiled mildly, "It helps to control the tiredness and has nutrients that target a female's body. Nik usually does everything he can to ease the physical burden... but, I think, turning our diet is also a great measure since our bodies are slowly adapting."

Xue Yin sat up straight and nodded with a grateful expression. "Thank you, really. And I hope... I can live cordially with you."

Shen Xiu shrugged and spoke in a non-committal manner, "I think that's the only option. Do you know the truth about Nik?"

Xue Yin's expression faltered slightly, and she nodded, "If he is going to hook-up with girls in every adventure... well, his past actions have made it clear that the probability is high, then we should keep a united front if we ever meet with the girls of a different world."

Xue Yin matched Shen Xiu's gaze. While Xue Yin was more influential in the city, Shen Xiu was more prominent when it came to Nik.

"Of course," Shen Xiu smiled, "There might be more... well, calling them sisters should be appropriate. So, I hope that you can help me modify this estate to accommodate as such?"

It was a known fact that Xue Yin held an undeniable passion for Architecture. Shen Xiu's words made Xue Yin's gaze brighten as she nodded with an invigorated expression.

Meanwhile, Nik had once again made Shen Yue train in 'auto mode' and moved towards his group of apprentices before smiling widely. He didn't care if he looked too weird. He just felt satisfied atter relieving his s.e.x.u.a.l frustrations. It might felt selfish towards Xue Yin, but he didn't let the thought dampen his mood.

"All right! Ready for another hour of pressure training?"

He inquired while gazing at the girls. Korra was more than ready to go for it while Lanruo looked at him and sent a mental message through their connection.

'Why were you with Xue Yin last night?'

Nik's gravity descended on every single apprentice present. While Ryu'er was subjected to a 100% increase, the others were only subjected to 50%. Lanruo, meanwhile, stood with her back slightly bent as Nik's reply appeared in her consciousness.

'That is not a question, right?'

Lanruo bit her lips. Truth be spoken, she now felt overwhelmed. This feeling wasn't present when Nik also slept with Shen Xiu, but now, Lanruo had grown slightly sensitive to other's views on Nik and found that none looked at him like a normal master. Asami had long since exposed her intimate relationship, and even Ziyun was now showing a slightly strange reaction to Nik's presence. Meanwhile, the most open with their stares were Korra and Ryu'er!


Not even in her dreams would Lanruo had ever imagined that Ryu'er would have the guts to even try and approach Nik, but there she stood straight and proud with her petite body subjected to a pressure double than her's. Taking a deep breath, Lanruo felt her eyes warm up. Yes, she was now starting to get annoyed by the fact that she couldn't have Nik only for herself. While she was already aware that Nik had more women even before meeting her, that was in a different world. Before she drowned in her sea of negativity, Nik's soothing voice entered her mind.

'Hey, there, you are not going to feel sorry, are you?'

His words pulled Lanruo attention, and at this moment, other girls had started to stand straight. Her eyes locked against Nik's eyes as his smile grew wider, 'Do you really think that I am the only thing that you need in your life?

I am not going to lie. Despite my appearances, I am slightly broken. Other than you girls, I only have... well, f.u.c.k, I only have Brian and Ray, right now. But you have so much more. Your family. They cherish you, and I treasure you, too.'

His words were gentle as Lanruo felt a little lighter and stood up to match the pace of her apprentice sisters.

'Honestly, I can never be good with men. I beat your father-in-law to a pulp, killed Shen Xiu's father/brother/grandfather/ancestor-in-law, and this streak doesn't end here. So don't limit your horizons onto me. I am a part of your life, and you are, similarly, a part of my life.'

He stretched his limbs while increasing the limit of gravity his body can support and felt his back bending, "I will join you guys in today's training. It'll be a nice change of pace."

He smiled and strolled towards Lanruo and, in front of everyone else, took her arm with a wide grin that shone on Lanruo's slightly troubled heart and made her feel sweet and gooey.

God! She hated the feeling! Just let her stew on it!

'Can't do that!'

Nik's cheerful voice rang within Lanruo's consciousness, making Lanruo smirk as she followed the girls in jogging with a grin of her own.

With all her bitterness removed, she looked at each of her apprentice sister who would gaze at their direction and smiled smugly Suck on that!

After the girls jogged for fifteen minutes, they continued to train in the stances to improve their physique. The primary way to grow stronger in this world was by the method of absorbing spirit rings...

'Aw shit... I forgot to refine the spirit rings of those swords again...'

Nik sighed in distress. This was not being efficient at all. For the next hour, as the girls trained and Lanruo sat aside to train in her illusion, Nik decided to optimize his training once again. He had already achieved a lot of proficiency in most of his skills. All he had to now is preserve in other skills and balance his growth while also cultivating his spirits. The three spirits had already demonstrated that they are capable of battling independently, or, in fact, commit any task separately. The moment this thought appeared, Nik's expression paled, and he found that silently, the three snails were actually plotting against him.

He was called lazy time and again, but, in truth

'You guys can cultivate the spirit rings of the items, too!'

His words shook his spiritual world. Previously, Asmodeus and Lilith would have simply snickered because they could do so. While it looked like the duo was most supportive of Nik, the truth was that Sky was the most innocent one, and the two spirits that laid on the land were the actual deviants.

Now, however, the two spirits didn't dare mock, not after finding out that Nik had grown too familiar with his spiritual world that he could easily subjugate their control and...

Asmodeus' slimy body shivered in delight as she recalled Nik's punishment. Deep down, she just wished to make a fool of Nik and get pinned down again, but even then, she would have to start refining the spirit of the herbs herself. Meanwhile, Lilith's glimmering body grew dull. She would no longer be able to float unfettered and would actually have to work for her own strength.

Oh, how the times change.