Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 386

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 386 Worst Of The Decade

The classes of the Holy Orchid Institute came to an end, and the teachers left to pursue other tasks. A few students slumped against their desks while many stood up and started to chat and laugh with each other. In the apprentice class, Ziyun, Ning'er, and Ryu'er had begun to sit in each other's company. Aside from them, there was another girl who would occasionally come up to them and strike a conversation.

In reality, this girl was the only one who did not feel intimidated after seeing the trio practice their vicious moves. It was already fantastic for the other females of the class to keep up with the foundational techniques, but when they would gaze at the trio and observe the complications of the technique, the entire class except for Nie Li and Du Ze would flounder.

Ziyun looked towards Ning'er and Ryu'er. Ryu'er's appearance always tempted Ziyun to pinch her cheeks and spoil her. Ryu'er looked like a beautifully crafted doll who did not creepily follow Ziyun's movements like the wooden dolls her father gifted. Alas, every time, Ryu'er would make sure to speak openly that Ning'er should sit in between herself and Ziyun. No point in letting Ziyun's lecherous fingers touch her dignified cheeks. Only Nik should have that right. But today, Ziyun actually wanted to have a chat with Ning'er. The classroom wasn't the best place to start the conversation, and at this time, a curvaceous girl who looked older than her age walked towards the trio.

Her hair was tied into a ponytail while wild locks covered her forehead. She wore a cheongsam alongside pants that only reached her knees while the ends of her cheongsam reached the lower part of her legs, finally attracting the viewers to her martial-military boots. With one gloved knuckle on her waist, Xiao Xue snapped the trio out of their daydreams.

"Hey? I want to buy better gloves, wanna join me?"


Xiao Xue was, surprisingly, the one Ryu'er didn't hide her genuine emotions from. The thought of countless hours of shopping, inspections, and the eventual extension of the field of shopping. From gloves to shoes, clothes, and then spicy foods.

"I'll join!" Ryu'er finally spat in indignation! Nik and Xiao Xue! Only these two knew how to ensnare her poor self into their devilish schemes. Meanwhile, Ning'er shrugged. She now understood the importance of rest in her growth and didn't deny the slight tangent, "I will join you guys, too."

Ziyun hesitated. She really wanted to have a talk with her aunt to clear the air out, but she also wanted to discuss it with Ning'er first. They both were of the same age and even if they aren't the best of friends now, they dis spend some quality time together. Finally, Ziyun nodded and smiled softly, "But you won't be allowed to pay for all the snacks."

Xiao Xue grinned and nodded while Ryu'er shrugged. She was fine as long as she wasn't asked to pay. Her mother wasn't the best parent and, of course, wasn't the greatest tradesman. It was already a miracle that they could eat unhinged... well, maybe, their appetite may be the reason for their low cash budget.

Unknown to the group of girls, Nie Li stood in the sidelines with Lu Piao's arm around his neck, consoling Nie Li.

"Come on! Liven up! Cheer up! Other motivational quotes!"

Du Ze looked at Lu Piao with a grim expression, "Saying other motivational quotes isn't actually encouraging at all."

Lu Piao's lips twitched as he saw Xiao Xue leaving the classroom with other girls from the corner of his eyes, and he smiled widely, "Nie Li, you wanna strike a chat with Ye Ziyun, right? Don't worry, I'm going to sacrifice myself for that!"

He patted Nie Li's chest as Du Ze sighed. Lu Piao was an imbecile that could make others befriend him easily. Du Ze could only feel distressed by his fate that he was the balancer in the trio. Nie Li was obviously depressed after Ye Ziyun didn't return similar enthusiasm while Lu Piao...

Like he said, is an imbecile.


Now, instead of Shen Xiu, it is actually Asami that accompanied Nik after the classes. Shen Xiu was now busy with her new trading center. She wished to make a single point of trade dabbling in all the sections of markets From various cultivation materials to mundane items. With her gaze individual wealth, Shen Xiu also planned to kickstart her business with an opening auction. Of course, even with a large force of labor contracted by the Huyan Family, Shen Xiu required to complete multiple objectives before she could organize a successful business opening.

With Nik, Shen Xiu's horizons were already broadened and she was astute enough to instantly pick on the concept of a 'mall' and base her development on that concept.

On the other hand, Xue Yin still took some time to settle in, and after sleeping once again in the early morning, she woke up in the middle of the afternoon and started to organize her room. Arranging her room was easy. She only needed a bed and a few furniture, but it was her working office that required a lot of time to make an intimate space.

As an Inscription Master, Xue Yin was already accustomed to her routine, and this routine did not merely include her daily lifestyle, but also the scent and a few sounds that helped her trigger an inspiration in the past. All of this belonged to her working space, which was connected to her bedroom by an inner door.

Finally, Shen Yue had left the estate in the morning and decided to prepare a few more items such as beast repellent and specific luring incense alongside a few defensive Inscriptions. He was now the sole heir of Shen Xiu's coffins, so Nik made sure that Shen Yue doesn't unconsciously start to get affected by his wealth instantly, and for that, he appointed the fiercest general by his side.

Ray... no,

Ye Ray.

After presenting Ray with his desired technique, he asked Ray to look after Shen Yue. He made sure to state the fact that he simply wants Shen Yue to grow into a better man, how Ray does it, or which hole Ray mobilizes to achieve this goal should Shen Yue meet his eyes, Nik did not care that much. If Shen Yue actually entered Ray's harem, that would actually be a significant responsibility off of his shoulders, for he had already accepted the fact that Shen Xiu wouldn't leave without her nephew.

On the other hand, Nik and Asami were actually making their way towards the Alchemist Association. They followed Ning Xin, the herbal candy fanatic, and finally reached the Alchemist Association. Whatever deal Nik and Yang Xin struck, the inexperienced teacher wanted a veteran such as Asami to be present. She has been in the world from the start and clearly knew how to start the recruitment drive for the students.

Asami loosely tied her wavy hair and followed Nik. Ning Xin was leading the way while her emerald gaze landed on Nik's buttocks.

Asami, from the moment she met Nik, was never conventional. With a playful smirk, she closed the distance between Nik and used her right arm to hide the deeds of her left and finally let her left palm cup Nik's left butt cheek. Nik raised his eyebrow in surprise but kept his pace steady while Asami leaned forward and whispered hotly, "I always wanted to try this... do men feel the same? When the pinch women's ass?"

Asami licked her slightly dry lips as Nik thought over her words while letting Asami enjoy his butt. This was the least he could do. After all, she is the first girl in the world to ever give him the head. In fact, Nik twisted his gait to make Asami cup her palm more comfortably as he whispered in kind while turning his head back, brushing the tip of his nose with Asami's.

"Try pinching then. Tell me, how does it feel?"

Asami's gaze gained a predatory gleam as her thumb and bent index pinched Nik's butt. She carefully analyzed the firmness before stating, "It felt... fulfilling."

"Well, there you have it. This is why men love butt... oh, that's the same with b.o.o.b.s, thigh, neck, n.i.p.p.l.es, p.u.s.s.y, nose, cheeks, and last but not least, waist."

Asami's lips twitched as she pinched Nik's waist, and she put some distance from Nik once again.

Finally, after Ning Xin led the pair to Yang Xin's office, he looked at Asami gravely and spoke up, "Miss Asami, I urge you that when the Director offers you the herb-flavored candy, do not accept it."

Nik couldn't help but look at Ning Xin... he was indeed a candy savage.

Meanwhile, Asami nodded. Ning Xin wasn't lying. Herb flavor was the worst discovery of the...