Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 389

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 389 Smite

Spiritual Constellation Technique is a miraculous technique that sacrifices many living beings of the same species and allows the user to occupy the body of another human being and leave the previous body as an empty husk. With this, even the spirit of the previous body will be pulled into the new host, and this way, the user can have additional spirits!

When Shen Mao struck a deal with Demon Lord, he was fooled into using the incomplete version, and thus, even when Shen Mao could use the spirits of his previous bodies, the act itself would mark his demise. The same didn't stand true for the chimera transformed Demon Lord. But if that was it, then Nik and Ray wouldn't have felt so awkward.

Nik's and Ray's bodies were riddled with scratches while the scantily dressed familiar beside Ray sighed and stuck her tongue out, "Bah! This guy has a hard-on! He has frickin four c.o.c.ks at the moment, but he just had to go berserk!"

The familiar was named Yar, the opposite of Ray, for she was female and curvaceous, something that Ray wasn't.

Hearing Yar's words, Ray sighed in distress while Nik gazed at the armaments equipped by the Demon Lord.

"This is a complete set of spirit bones..."

He whispered gravely. At this moment, he couldn't share Yar's enthusiasm towards four bulging c.o.c.ks under Demon Lord's superbly elastic pants. When a spirit beast is killed, they would usually leave a spirit ring with one of their racial ability embedded in it. But, sometimes, the spirit beasts would also produce a special type of bone overflowing with spiritual energy and another one of their racial skills embedded in it.

This was called a spirit bone.

Right now, around Demon Lord's transformed head was a Tiara glowing softly, his limbs were covered in red armors of sorts, and finally, his chest was covered in spiked armor. After Demon Lord used the spirit ability of his strange crimson spirit ring, he had grown berserk and acted on his instincts. But whenever the duo closed towards the western edge of the pit formed by the Demon Lord's earlier roar, he would stop and simply growl threateningly.

"Is there something behind us?"

Nik wondered out loud while Ray and Yar shared the sentiment. Ordinary hosts, Nik could easily take care of, but against stupidly strong beings like Demon Lord, the trio could only dodge after their first attack became unsuccessful.

Nik did think of using his high-powered inscription laser, but a Demon Lord who ran on his instincts wouldn't sit still...

"I want to try something"

Before Nik could complete, Yar chuckled in, "I hope it's not a blowjob. Can you imagine it getting in your throat."

"Oh, come on!"

Nik groaned as Yar spoke with an indignant expression, "What? I have to joke when I feel nervous. Damn, boy, you should start treating a lady nicely!"

"Can we just focus?"

Ray sighed deeply. Even if the Demon Lord stopped momentarily, he wouldn't snarl from far away for long.

"Just, when I say Side get away from my direction. Till then, stall him for three minutes."

Nik retracted Lilith while taking a step back and then rushing along the edges of the pit. Meanwhile, Ray and Yar shot towards the Demon Lord, or that is what the monster felt for a moment because it was a high-level illusion using their combined might. Ray was infernal. He could summon his s.l.u.tty familiar that would allow them to combine their stats. This way, they can momentarily surpass the limitations of their stats and fight higher-ranked hosts. But, this Demon Lord was easily a Rank 5 being in terms of the [Transmigration Paradise].

Nik still had a trump card that could easily take care of the Demon Lord. Though unwilling to use it, he would be forced to activate it once his cowboy dreams fail. This was also the reason why Nik invited Ray. The use of this trump card would be too great of a loss for him.

The moment the Demon Lord turned towards Ray and Yar due to their illusion, Nik encroached behind him. Under Ray's widened eyes, a dark shotgun with a purple sheen appeared in Nik's hand, and he instantly pulled the trigger!


Alongside the volley of bullets, even Nik's battered body was thrown sideways! The moment Nik pulled the trigger, the Demon Lord moved with instincts at a speed that even Nik couldn't observe, signifying his superior strength, and instantly crushed the Dark-purple rank shotgun that Nik had received from the Dark-purple medallion graced by Shen Mao's corpse.

The gun was twisted beyond recognition, and Nik's right arm was completely shattered.

Even with his regenerative abilities and the wondrous medicines of this world, it would take around a week to recover.


Ray shouted as he mobilized Yar into his body. Instantly, Ray's eyes glowed harshly, and his powers of illusion boosted astronomically, finally pulling a pained roar from the Demon Lord only for the Tiara on his head to brighten.


Ray/Yar felt their minds incomparably dizzy as the Demon Head's wildly grinning face finally recovered a little sanity, and his words shook Ray's heart.

"I have to thank you. This attack woke me up!"

His grating voice spread through a large area of forest, and he turned towards the section of forest where a few strong beasts had gathered. They were intelligent enough to observe from the sidelines. Licking his lips, Demon Lord thanked all the heavens for bringing these fortunes at his doorstep, but at this moment, Nik's dialogue box appeared in front of Ray.


Instantly, Ray used his remaining strength to jump away from the Nik-shaped hole far at the edge as Demon Lord frowned and finally looked at Nik's direction, feeling a grave sense of danger.

It wasn't only him, but Ray, Yar, Gojira, and other beasts grew restless, too.

Groaning and still embedded in the pit, Nik located Demon Lord from inside the hole and sighed darkly. The spirit bones could be transferred after a person is killed... but if Nik used this, there was a possibility that not even a single trace of him would remain.

Left with no choice, Nik took out a pure white token glowing in golden hues and messaged Ray to step away before willing the item.

[Do you wish to smite the willed target?]

A message different from the usual system notification appeared, and the image of the current visage of Demon Lord was projected into his mind.

Nik instantly agreed, not willing to waste a single moment. He looked towards the Demon Lord with a dark expression. Never did someone made Nik so mad. The worst part was, Nik had never even cucked this guy, but he came to fight and kill him on his own accord! How unreasonable! At least, he should have waited for Nik to visit his woman's chambers, if he had a woman beside him in the first place.

"What is this feeling?"

Demon Lord snorted and sauntered towards Nik's direction when a burst of a golden blast destroying the pit in the process which Nik was embedded into and shot towards Demon Lord.

Sneering after failing to find any form of pressure behind the attack, Demon Lord clasped his palms a roared loudly! A phantom of blood dragon formed behind him, but the moment the phantom dragon shot towards the light and came in contact with it...

The phantom simply vanished.

It was at this time, rings of dangers shook Demon Lord's body, alas, it was too late.


"The world will?"

The Maiden of Sword still kept her blindfold. Her eyes had recovered after coming into contact with the light energy hidden behind Nik's blast and using it to recover most of her injuries inflicted on her during the previous war.

Now, aside from the fact that Nik could mobilize the law's energy, he could even invoke the world's will?

She really wished to meet him now. Not through her phantom-like the first time, but in real life. Alas, without her divine spark restored, she still couldn't move.


Using the [Life Energy Manipulation] and the full capabilities of his [Flesh Manipulation], Nik recovered most of his wounds aside from his right arm and slowly stepped out of the deep hole in the wall. His expression was exhausted, unlike the shocked expression of the spectators.

Nik's gaze then fell on the Diamond Medallion, and he sighed even deeper.

White, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Dark Purple, Golden, Dark Golden, Diamond, Legendary, and Unique.

These were the grades of items in the system. Nik used one turn of his [Smite], which was a Legendary item, and even lost his awesome Dark Purple level shotgun only to receive a Diamond Medallion?

Nik's gaze fell on the woman with the crystal hair, and his expression finally recovered.

At least, he has the chance to return the favor on this bitch's guild.

With a snort, Nik pocketed the Diamond Medallion and walked towards Ray to help him stand up.

"Sorry for pulling you into this shit... I'll compensate you once we reach the City."

Nik helped the shaken Ray stand as blood leaked through Ray's nostrils. Usually, the two don't casually talk about compensating each other easily, but this matter required Nik to reciprocate Ray's help with a sincere gesture.

"No worries... but, man..."

Ray sighed as Yar's voice echoed in the surroundings, "I really wanted to try stuffing with four c.o.c.ks."

Nik sighed deeply. He truly wasn't in the mood of all this after exhausting so much, and he mumbled out, "Sure, whenever you feel like stuffing, come by my place, I'll stuff you up with ten pillars."

This time, Ray's expression turned dark because he knew Yar well enough to understand her next words.

"Why couldn't you just seduce Nik into the Harem?"

Yar's sighs were full of emotions as Ray canceled the summon with an impassive expression. Even Nik's lips twitched as he felt like taking back his support. At this time, Ray looked at Nik darkly and hissed out, "If you stop helping me stand straight just because of Yar's words... mark my words, you will regret it."

"I wasn't."

Nik lied with a straight face and slowly flew into the air with Ray in his arms. Alongside the pair, a strange woman was also pulled up with her body dangling in the air and wobbling wildly.


"Man... that was so strange..."

Gojira pouted while stomping her foot! Where was the blood boiling battle? A single attack from Nik and Demon Lord vaporized?

That's it?

She wanted to see more!

At this moment, Gojira already had a fierce blush of excitement while the fight only served to moisten her body. Alas, the battle ended too abruptly.

"That move... we want to face it..."

The other monster beside Gojira spoke up and broked the Empress of the Monsters out of her tantrum.

"Anyway," Gojira grinned and looked at the flock of beasts of various contours and shapes. Most of Gojira's followers were humanoid due to her fascination with the species back in the day.

"Congratulate me! Your queen will get another mate tonight!"


While the monsters' sudden roar shook the forest, Blood Cardinal only looked at Gojira's smiling face silently.

How can the Empress of Monsters become so happy by being a human?

Blood Cardinal couldn't understand, but she simply knelt on one leg behind Gojira and then turned into a puddle of blood before disappearing. Most of the monsters did the same, and finally, Gojira left for the City with a gleeful expression.

With her loyal followers' cheers, she now definitely had to get Nik...

'Ah, wasn't Ryu'er interested in him, too?'

Unknown to Ryu'er, Gojira had just remembered that she was only supposed to 'test' Nik.