Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 391

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 391 Resistance Is Futile

[Current Era Demon Lord killed. The host has gained 13.67% World Root.

Total World Root gained: 20.65]

[Hidden conditions met.

Champion's Executioner: 8/100%]

In the world of elements, Nik had mercilessly killed the young avatar and gained the hidden quest.


This term, Nik finally felt like he had pried open the door to an understanding of what a champion entails for the particular world. Be it heinous or virtuous, any person who has the support of the world and is destined to bring astonishing waves upon the world would be categorized as a Champion. It doesn't matter if the society marks this person as a kind and benevolent hero or a villainous slaughterer. A Champion is someone who has the charm and strength to leave a deep mark, no a deep scar in the annals of history.

But destiny and fate have always been cruel mistresses. One of the champions, if not the only champion, found himself smote by the will of the world that was supposed to protect him.

'So... if I actually hook-up with women close to that dead monster... will the [Champion's Netori] also increase?'

Nik was deep in thought.

Honestly, Nik felt that anyone close to Demon Lord would be equally nasty and if he was unfortunate, then nasty in a physical manner instead of mental.

But with the power of [Multi-task], Nik not only gained realization about the situation of the Champions, but he also enjoyed Shen Xiu's and Xue Yin's tender care to release a bit of his frustration. The current circ.u.mstance also made Nik realize that no matter what era humans are in, giving a head within a moving vehicle is what makes the couples truly satisfied. In the modern world, Mitsuko and Souko loved to dive down while driving the cart, and right now, Xue Yin and Shen Xiu took the initiative to dive down while the cart slowly made its way towards the City Lord's Mansion.

Asami's act of using her lips to please Nik had been deeply engraved into Shen Xiu's mind, and she wished to try it out.

With Shen Xiu scooched towards Nik's right, and Xue Yin to Nik's left, the two women, docked their faces against each other as Nik's massive shaft sprung free and plopped on pair's aligned cheeks. Even without any effort from the side of the two women, Nik quickly grew hard while gazing at the scene of their slightly scrunched up expression.

Current, Nik only relied on his left arm, and thus, the wise Master Inscriptionist found her cheeks getting stroked by Nik. The act made Xue Yin nuzzle her face against Nik's palm while closing her eyes as Shen Xiu gazed at Nik's right arm in distress.

'Let's see... how Asami did it was...' Shen Xiu's gaze flashed while her fingers coiled around Nik's erect c.o.c.k. Feeling Nik's heat through her hand for the first time, Shen Xiu gulped while Nik's c.o.c.k reflected within her pupil, which was compared against the wet shaft Shen Xiu observed the other night.

Hesitatingly, Shen Xiu extended her tongue, and after gathering enough courage, she licked the veiny underside of the shaft before her gaze met with Nik's incredulous one, and she instantly retracted her tongue. Seeing this, Nik felt slightly defeated, but his strokes over Xue Yin's face were now laced with [Mirage Manipulation], and finally, Xue Yin m.o.a.ned softly with a comforted expression.

Xue Yin's soft, relieved m.o.a.ns only made Shen Xiu look at her partner in crime in a stupor before she gazed at Nik's c.o.c.k with relentless determination and once again leaned down, letting her tongue lick Nik's shaft tenderly. This was one of the licks that Nik would classify as 'dry.' There was no need to speak for Nik, even Shen Xiu felt that her efforts were nowhere enough.

Back then, spits flew while Asami's widened lips and inflated cheeks leaking with thick fluids only gave a sense of genuine emotion that Shen Xiu still hadn't grasped.

Finally, Shen Xiu licked her lips, her gaze rose once again to match Nik's gaze while collecting her saliva around the tip of her tongue and then, she opened her mouth once again, letting her sloppy tongue start from the base of his c.o.c.k as both of her palms loosened the grip around the underside to accomplish the task.

'That was a good one,' Nik mentally complemented Shen Xiu, allowing the fox to understand that this was the correct path to facial enlightenment and by now, even Xue Yin was attracted by the languid-like sound of Shen Xiu slurping Nik's c.o.c.k from base to tip.

Enamored by the partially glistening c.o.c.k, Xue Yin failed to understand why Shen Xiu would even use her mouth when she suddenly recalled Nik's acts of giving her an oral, too. Truly, it was an eye-opening experience for Xue Yin, making her momentarily ponder if the opposite was true for Nik, too. Did he feel good when Shen Xiu licked him? Xue Yin looked towards Shen Xiu with an expectant gaze as Shen Xiu ignored her surroundings and, with a slightly more passionate gaze, dived down once again.

As strange it might feel, Shen Xiu felt her body acting up by her motions. To make the experience more sensual, instead of rigidly gripping Nik's c.o.c.k, Shen Xiu slightly lowered Nik's shaft from the base, and instead of licking or swallowing, Shen Xiu connected her sloppy tongue and let her warm saliva flood over the surface of Nik's c.o.c.k. Seeing this, Nik raised his eyebrow in surprise while Xue Yin gasped loudly, letting her palms cover her parted lips as her gaze remained glued on Shen Xiu's next performance.

Once Shen Xiu felt that Nik's c.o.c.k was lubricated enough, Shen Xiu covered the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k with both of her palms while lowering her head to the underside of his shaft and pushing her cheek against the searing c.o.c.k while letting her wet lips gently soothe Nik's shaft with a tender peck.

At this moment, Nik looked towards Xue Yin and raised her chin with his left index finger before bringing the index to his lips and smiling. His intentions were clear, and instead of awkwardly gazing at Shen Xiu lubricating her treat, Xue Yin felt that it was more appropriate to get busy. So, she st beside Nik, but he had different plans. Leaning down, he hotly cooed into her ear, "My lap is empty, you know."

His hot breath made Xue Yin feel dizzy as she stammered before scooching her plump ass over Nik's thigh while keeping her legs turned towards the outer direction, and she finally raised her chin and instantly locked her lips with Nik. Her tongue, motivated by Shen Xiu, sought opportunities on its own and struggled against Nik's fleshy treat while exchanging each other's fluids.

The thing to be noted was that the two of them were under the effect of his [L.u.s.t Domain], and that was also the reason why the two women were so cooperative right from the start. Nik's left arm coiled around Xue Yin's back and squeeze her soft bust, letting his fingers sink into the cloth while Xue Yin let out a sensual m.o.a.n. The raven-haired woman clenched her knees around Nik's thigh while squeezing her inner thighs against each other, letting her moist entrance mush into her warm flesh.

Meanwhile, Shen XIu gained confidence in her own moves. She didn't move like an amateur but let her parted lips push against Nik's c.o.c.k and wrapping her tongue around the tip while pumping her saliva. The fox's hands gradually pumped around Nik's c.o.c.k deeply, letting her palms grease-up with her spit. At this moment, Shen Xiu's slightly disheveled face was filled with debauchery and l.u.s.t. Nik's scent, right from the source, was too great and too wonderful to not treat herself with. Her breathing was already ragged, which she made full use of by keeping her lips seal against Nik's pink tip and pumping hot air against the tip, time and again, finally milking out thick globules of prec.u.m that filled her body with heat and her mouth with a fantastic taste!

With greed filling her heart, Shen Xiu finally opened her maws and copying Asami, barely covered 1/3rd of Nik's c.o.c.k; still, her palms had plenty space to rub Nik's shaft and rub she did!


Xue Yin, on the other hand, left her body into Nik's arms and her own palms over Nik's chest, clutching his tunic while finding her body more and more attracted to the scent that kept wafting from Nik's c.o.c.k. Her entrance was long wet, and her body was already 'battered' till its peak capacity. Merely a moment's away from the flooding rush!

Feeling Xue Yin's intensity, Nik finally pinched her plump a.r.e.o.l.a and twisted her left n.i.p.p.l.e through her outer robe, making her body shiver in hedonistic delight while Nik's thigh and Xue Yin's robe grew wet. She didn't just squirt, she accidentally ripped another source of a clear stream of liquid that instantly made her feel both hot and awkward!

"No worries," Nik whispered through the small gaps in the kissing session as he let out a soft groan before taking Xue Yin's lips and locked his gaze with her narrowed and enamored pupils.

*Pmmph* *Pohmmpp*

Shen Xiu, meanwhile, continued her almost bruising blowjob. The intensity of which finally made Nik's c.o.c.k bulge even wider and without any notice, let out jets of white, hot spunk that inflated her cheeks forcefully!

"Fhuaaa! *Gasp*."

Shen Xiu had to let go of Nik's c.o.c.k as his jizz flew and painted her face white with thick ropes as Shen Xiu raised her palm while letting out a stream of thick c.u.m akin to a white waterfall that soon fell on her b.r.e.a.s.ts and knees, marring her perfect looks.

"Did you *hah* *hah* shoot this much inside me?"

Shen Xiu raised her gaze and locked her eyes with Nik while closing her lips, savoring the unnatural taste of the remaining drink. She was not expert in the art of sucking and milking, leading her first failure, and her face and hair streaked with thick ropes of c.u.m. It was truly a marvel how Shen Xiu even lasted two shots from Nik within an hour!

Nik smiled at Shen Xiu's words. Sure, some capable men could remain pretentious after getting praised so highly, but Nik wasn't one of them. So, he could only shrug and turn his face away with a fake blush. "Aww, you make me feel all bubbly..."

Shen Xiu's and Xue Yin's lips twitched. Finally, Nik enjoyed the process of the two tantalizingly removing their clothes, just for the extra service before taking care of their appearances. They could reach the City Lord's Mansion any moment now. Still, Nik pulled both of them onto his laps while his raging boner enjoyed itself getting cushioned by both of their butt cheeks as Nik continued rubbing Xue Yin's moist entrance through her clothes. Meanwhile, he started with Shen Xiu's ears, slowly moving down her back till the point his neck could extend.




Korra gazed at Asami with one of her eyes swollen shut, her perspiration mingled with Asami's as Korra whispered, "You lost..."

The surrounding cheers could not even enter their sense as a teardrop leaked through Asami's eyes. "Shouldn't you state I won instead?"

Asami inquired while her bosom rose and fell with each deep breath.

"You never cry. Not once since you took care of me."

Korra stated as a matter of fact while Asami's smile broadened, but her tears didn't stop and only grew in intensity. Sobs now filled her breathing as Asami barely whispered, "That doesn't mean I am made of stone, right? And even if I were a rock, there are times when I shatter."

Korra's body shuddered in anguish that she had long determined to be gone, and yet here it was, triggered by Asami's pitiful look. Finally, Korra sat up and helped Asami sit up, too. The two looked at each other before they cracked. One laughed loudly, and the other one chuckled through her tears.


"Please, take a seat."

Ye Zong gestured towards the chairs respectfully as the flushed Shen Xiu, and Xue Yin took their seats. Nik, meanwhile, waited for Ye Zong to reach his seat and then nodded before taking the seat in the middle. Cups of tea was served, and finally, when the maid had left, Ye Zong inquired hastily, "Benefactor Nik, the Demon Lord"

"He will no longer be of any concern," Nik replied calmly while. After a single blowjob, Nik let go of all his past hatred and achieved peace. Now, whenever the Demon Lord is mentioned, Nik revels in joy whenever he thought of his hideous face twisted in fear before his death.

Hearing Nik's words, Ye Zong's body trembled and felt slightly awkward after seeing a flushed Xue Yin sitting beside Nik. Ye Zong instantly raised his cup for Nik and spoke with an extremely respectful tone, "You have resolved a major disaster for the City."

Nik looked at Ye Zong for a moment before asking, "How is Ziyun?"

"She is well. She asleep right now, and her friends took their leave a few minutes ago."

Nik nodded when Xue Yin bit her lips. Unable to finally stop herself when Ziyun was finally mentioned, she stood up and stated as a matter of fact, "I will be with Yun'er and won't be returning to the Estate, today. I apologize for my rudeness."

Nik nodded, and before Ye Zong could give his agreement, Nik smiled softly, "Take care of yourself, too. Don't overdo anything."

Xue Yin nodded and left hurriedly. She knew every corner of this place; hence, she could reach Ziyun's side even without any escort.

Finally, as Xue Yin left the room, Nik's and Shen Xiu's gaze turned sharp. They both looked at each other, and finally, they decided on the direct approach to getting some compensation. With a confident expression and clear conscience, Nik locked his gaze with Ye Zong, and when the latter felt extremely weird, Nik grinned, "Ye Zong, I want three spirit bones, none lower than 10000 years and also the one that the Demon Lord wanted."

Since Xue Yin wasn't here, Shen Xiu and Nik had already decided that pulling control over Ye Zong's mind is a better and direct way to earn an 'honest' reward without having to haggle. Of course, Shen Xiu, at first, wasn't satisfied with this. She wanted to negotiate, but Nik's proposal was extremely lucrative once he said that out of these Spirit Bones, one of them would be placed into the auction for Shen Xiu's successful business launch!

Now, Shen Xiu looked at the slightly dizzy Ye Zong and grinned, speaking the words that she loved hearing out of Nik's mouth, "Yes, Ye Zong, do the right thing.

Resistance is futile."