Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 392

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 392 Mother's Egg

"A hundred-thousand-year?" Nik raised his eyebrow in surprise. Previously, Nik couldn't have used his [Pheromone Illusion] to put an expert like Ye Zong under his control. Even now, Ye Zong wasn't under his control but deeply influenced by him. This meant that Ye Zong would do almost anything as long as it does not conflict with the City Lord's moral compass. For instance, if Nik made Ye Zong try and kill an innocent boy, he will struggle and might even break free from Nik's trance.

Right now, after a careful chat, Nik understood the real reason behind the Demon Lord's actions.

This world's power system is divided into spirit rings and spirit bones. Through absorbing spirit energy present in nature, a cultivator can absorb a spirit ring once his energy capacity reaches a certain threshold. These thresholds are known as ranks, and the only way to consume a spirit ring is to hunt a demon beast and then absorb the spirit ring that is produced over its corpse. Honestly, now, even Nik felt that this system was a little forced.

A cultivator is someone who has the experience and knowledge of cultivation.

This expression was stated by Sakonji in the previous world, and now, Nik finally felt that his description, though vague, was far more genuine than the entire system of this plane. Of course, Nik was inexperienced to conclude anything, but after recalling Sky's observation about this plane, Nik understood that this system of cultivation was forced. Instead of focusing one's own spirit ring, the cultivators of this word are compelled to enhance the martial spirit that is sealed into them.

Aside from the spirit rings, a fortunate cultivator may even come across spirit bones that enhances one's physique and ability to wield spiritual energy.

Spirit bones have myriad abilities, and none can be underestimated.

Within the Snow Wind Family's treasure, there were seven spiritual bones that even the elders were unaware of. Only Ye Mo and Ye Zong knew it. And, apparently, the Demon Lord knew this information, too. Out of all the spirit bones, there was only one that was coveted by the Demon Lord Eight-Armed Devil's External Spirit Bone.

Once a person fuses with a spirit bone, they won't be able to remove it again or merge with another spirit bone in that particular region. Demon Lord was already armed with spirit bones from top to bottom. Now, he could only fuse with a single type of spirit bone An external one.

"Yes, Father came across a corpse of the 100000-year-old Eight-Armed Devil. He couldn't find any spirit ring, but the moment he discovered the spirit bone, he took it and left immediately."

Shen Xiu frowned, hearing his words.

"Why didn't he absorb the ring?"

Ye Zong shook his head with a bitter smile, "Back then, Father had only reached Rank 53, but he did not wish to leave such a fortune and immediately fled after storing the external spirit bone. If he had absorbed such a potent resource, death would be certain."

Hearing this analogy, Nik pointed out the problem within his words, "What about the remaining spirit bones? Why not absorb them?"

Hearing Nik's inquiry, Ye Zong trembled slightly while his mind suddenly resisted answering the question. Feeling the struggle, Nik snorted and calmed Ye Zong before inquiring once again.

With a momentary clench of his jaw, Ye Zong finally exhaled deeply as he replied in a whisper.

"I am saving them for Ziyun... the set of Pure Ice Phoenix spirit bone belongs to her mother...

That set originated from Ziyun's mother."


"So? That was it? You felt helpless for the first time and decided to vent through fighting and crying?"

It was a profound skill that Korra used speaking clearly while her cheeks inflated with food. It was already evening, and dusk prevailed over the city. Bright lanterns surrounded by reddish paper glowed and illuminated the clattering restaurant. Korra kept on eating, devouring meal after meal while Asami groaned in distress as she was all too clear that Korra had no money, and Asami would walk out with a lighter spatial ring.

"You don't understand," Asami snorted with a soft flush. She averted her gaze in embarrassment while pushing her indexes against each other. Korra had gotten it right, but Asami would never admit it.

"Well, as long as you are feeling relieved. I can start calling you a bitch again," Korra muttered. Who knew that Nik would suddenly take-off after enraging a monster with 61 spirit rings? In fact, until now, the entire city was under the shadow of the morning's incident, and even if the citizens continued their routine, they were anxiously waiting for an announcement from the City Lord.

Korra sighed with a gloomy expression. Still, to curb her irritation, she continued to eat. Suddenly, Korra looked towards Asami and inquired, "Doesn't your skill allow you to find the status of the person your Seeker has marked?"

Asami nodded but then looked away once again, "I- I never marked Nik..."

Asami's martial skill was quite technical. The orb allowed her to investigate her surroundings. Even if her martial skill was categorized as a support-type, finding beasts with similar talents was quite hard, and Asami had to risk her life to not only kill the thousand-year Compound Mantis but also absorb its spirit ring.

Korra raised her eyebrows in suspicion. Her eerie gaze remained on Asami's expression before she snorted.

"Whatever. Nik wanted to fight that monster, so who am I to worry? It's you guys who have gone down on him who needs to worry, right?" Korra hissed in annoyance and stood up. Surprisingly, Korra slammed a demon spirit card on the table and left with a snort, leaving Asami stunned.

Korra actually paid?

Is she that pissed?

Meanwhile, with a wide gait, Korra left with a sour expression.

'Ohh~ Look at me~ I have long hair, and fair skin... ohh~ please, Teacher Nik, save me,' Korra mimicked internally as her gaze grew darker.

Is she that unappealing?

'Wait, no.'

Korra suddenly recalled Nik's promise of venturing into the Star Dou forest to hunt for a spirit ring. Her gaze flashed as she started making preparations. It was surprising how forgetful she can be when...

'Ah, shit... I forgot to call that bitch with her name... and... my remaining money!'

Korra groaned before taking a deep breath and leaving with slight skips.


"I'll just hunt for a spirit ring in the star dou forest for your upcoming auction," Nik hugged Shen Xiu from behind with a single arm of his as they traveled back to Shen Xiu's estate in the carriage. Meanwhile, Shen Xiu shrugged and smiled lightly, "Finding out that Ye Ziyun is half phoenix is already astonishing, and when she pairs up with a set of 100000-year-old spirit bones... well, it should be spectacular."

Nik sighed deeply, "Ziyun's mother, huh... why does a pure phoenix need to die after giving birth... if her mother was still alive, I would have enjoyed meeting her."

Hearing his words, Shen Xiu snickered and cupped Nik's jaws while planting a tender peck. "Don't you feel satisfied by taking Xue Yin and that spirit bone from Ye Zong? Even targeting her dead wife."

Nik's smile broadened, "It's just a meeting, dear. Who knows what happened after that?"

Shen Xiu pushed her cushy rear against Nik and leaned down to whisper hotly, "I can anticipate it. Her m.o.a.ns would have occurred and made Ye Zong feel incomparably pathetic."

"May your words become a reality."

Nik whispered with his gaze flashing as he took the initiative to seal Shen Xiu's lips.

"Oh, what about that girl from [Paradise]?"

Shen Xiu inquired, momentarily breaking the kiss.

Smirking, Nik lowered his palm and traced her smooth stomach down to her slightly moist crotch, "I thought you could anticipate the m.o.a.ns of your future sister..."

He leaned forward and took Shen Xiu's lips roughly.


Meanwhile, within Ye Zong's personal chamber, the city lord sighed deeply. Whenever he thought of his wife, he felt regret. He would have never forced the responsibility of giving birth to the next heir of the Snow Wind Family upon Ziyun's mother had he known that she would have to sacrifice her life to nurture Ziyun with her blood.

Even the egg she produced had turned into a rotten waste that he had to place away. His wife had left the world, but she made him vow that he would use her set of spirit bones only for Ziyun.

This vow was the reason why Ye Zong acted out and struggled deeply once Nik tried to take the set of spirit bones away from him. Finally, Nik had to leave with the spirit bone that the Demon Lord coveted.

Had Nik known that the spirit brewing within the egg within his spiritual world was Ziyun's mother and if Ye Zong knew that his wife would soon sprout within Nik's spiritual world and land into his debauched palms, he would have fallen unconscious in anger and regret!