Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 393

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 393 Cruel Prank

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Nik and Shen Xiu had discussed a few terms with Ye Zong during their visit to the City Lord's Mansion. The City Lord was self-aware during the process of finalizing that the news of Demon Lord's demise is to be kept hidden and to report instead that both Nik and the Demon Lord have been grievously injured. Alas, this self-awareness slipped into mindless hypnotism when he detailed upon Ziyun's origins. Still, Ye Zong had to give up the Eight-Armed Devil spirit bone, which brought the Demon Lord to the City. The spirit bone was something he or even his father couldn't covet any longer.

In light of Nik's injury and the fact that a haggard Shen Yue had just returned just before dinner time, Shen Xiu had to accept the fact that his evening, the couple couldn't spend alone. Aside from Shen Yue, Shen Xiu, Nik, Asami, and Xue Yin, the estate was populated by servants and maids who took care of the establishment while Shen Xiu had long bought a property to renovate for her trading center. Her shrewdness was revealed when she spread the announcement in the same evening that the name of her trading center will now be The Glory Center!

This instantly made many low-level aristocracies scoff secretly, but amongst the middle-level, the Huyan Family did not comment anything, and the same was true for the remaining five families that found their faces trampled by Nik. This meant, even the Snow Wind Family, the strongest political power of the region, accepted the fact that the independent Sacred Family now had the foundation to directly utilize the name of the City for their benefits!

This is how politics in such a power-driven world works. The mightiest fist makes the rules even if the opposing party has a higher number of backing or higher status.

"Where have you been?"

Shen Xiu usually strolled out in the front yard when she found an exhausted Asami walking into the estate. Seeing the unusual gloominess instead of well-appreciated craftiness on her face, Shen Xiu couldn't help but inquire in curiosity. She had already eaten to the brim, and now that a source of entertainment arrived, why would she let go?

So what if Asami might become her 'sister' in the future and judging Nik's character, she would definitely become one at present, there was no need to keep up the veil of pretense and cordiality among themselves. Shen Xiu would chat with people that are pleasing to her eyes and would sneer at those who don't. It was that simple.

"Nothing," Asami sighed deeply, but then, her eyelids fluttered, and her gaze scrutinized Shen Xiu's current form. She wore a light and loose robe for comfort's sake while remaining in high spirits. Is Shen Xiu unaware of the fact that Nik might be in mortal danger at the moment? For a moment, Asami faltered after the realization that she might have become too caring for Nik. This realization did not sit well with past experiences that made her want to push aside the subjects such as love and warmth.

But still, it was different for Shen Xiu, right? Alongside Lanruo, Nik had already proclaimed his intention of marrying Shen Xiu, so why wasn't she anxious and cluttered into exhaustion?

"Do you know what happened to Nik?"

Asami finally inquired and matched her emerald gaze with Shen Xiu's crimson one.

"What about Nik?"

Shen Xiu inquired with a frown. Deep down, the fox seemed to have realized something, and she furthered her show of anxiousness and confusion by crossing her arm beneath her bosom. Her long crimson hair flowed down without any clips, and two locks that framed her oval face also cascaded over her pushed-up bosom.

Feeling the sincerity behind Shen Xiu's expression, Asami sighed and walked forward. "Let's go in... I am too tired to be explaining while standing outside."

The pair went into the living room, where Asami asked the maid to prepare a refreshing tea for her. Asami had already eaten a lot, and only tea could calm her mind. Once the maid left, Asami sighed deeply and leaned on the couch before looking at Shen Xiu sitting across her with an uncomfortable expression.

"What happened to Nik?" Shen Xiu hissed in annoyance once again, allowing Asami to feel that she really did not know about Nik's sudden battle. Nodding, Asami detailed on the situation. As she continued speaking and unconsciously letting her worries known, Shen Xiu's eyes grew bright before


She finally couldn't hold it in, making Asami frown at her reaction.

Understanding that stalling any longer would just stale the entire premise of her entertainment, Shen Xiu finally revealed cold hard facts with an amused grin.


Asami widened her eyes in disbelief! How could Shen Xiu play with her in such a cruel manner? Asami was genuinely worried about Nik.

At this moment, the maid finally brought a cup of tea only for Asami to stomp her foot and order the maid to follow her while Shen Xiu continued snickering behind.



Klas groaned while struggling against her binding while glaring towards Nik in absolute fury! Her petite body flushed due to embarrassment, and much to Nik's surprise, an emerald puddle was illuminating the dark underground room. Nik was the one who undressed Klas, so of course, he knew about her peculiarities. Her n.i.p.p.l.es and hair were crystalline, while the membrane of her body glowed during darkness. For instance, now. Even when Klas' body trembled in unconcealed pleasure while glowing fluids dripped down, Nik could easily observe that even her snatch was glowing.

Unlike the norms, instead of cute pink opening, the inner flesh was glowing emerald with a diamond-like pattern. If it weren't for Nik personally pushing a dildo into Klas' slit, he would have never found how unnaturally soft her walls are!

Still, after a few minutes of admiration, Nik started to draw inscription patterns on the ground leisurely. He still had many inscription stones left, and once he had placed all the required Inscription crystals, Nik lay down in between inscription and finally focused on healing his arm. In fact, repairing the damage of his arm was his secondary goal. The main priority was to understand the truths about Life Energy.

His control over the energy was already impeccable and refined. If he still couldn't cross the threshold, then the problem lay in his understanding of the said form of energy, and bathing his entire self with Life Energy was the most simple of the solutions he could come up with to glean some insights into the energy.

Before he started this, however, Nik expelled two of the lazy spirits. Disgruntled Lilith and Asmodeus may be, Nik now made sure that the duo simply doesn't laze within his spiritual world and utilize their own time to refine the spirit rings of the weapons and plants they need to consume.

"No need to feel so angry, just cultivate the rings while I heal my right arm."

Nik stated plainly, unwilling to relent to the amorous feelings they kept on sending towards his direction, and when the two found that Nik remained unmoved, the duo spirits moved towards the two plants and three blades before cultivating the spirit rings with their own energies and effort.


Lanruo stared at the piece of paper sent by Chen Linjian, the son of the Divine Family's Patriarch.

"An old ruin? Should I ask Nik to tag along? That could be fun... just the two of us..."

Lanruo muttered before turning her attention towards her wardrobe. She had long since heard of Nik's return by the man in question himself. Still, Lanruo waited to meet with him. After the particular confrontation with Nik, Lanruo felt quite calm when it came to their relationship. Instead of hastily buzzing around Nik, she decided to spend some quality time only when it can allow their feelings to deepen.

So, the time spent during training or the classes was instantly removed, and with such an opportunity, Lanruo felt that it would be quite a waste to not even try.


Lanruo looked at the list of students willing to join and also found her apprentice sisters within Korra, Ziyun, Ryu'er, and Ning'er.

Steeling her nerves, Lanruo decided that she will invite Nik during the early morning. She and the other two partners already knew that Nik was going to focus on healing during this time, so she didn't contact him.

"Hmm, this would look good," Lanruo decided on the outfit she would wear tomorrow and went to bed. Who knows, she might also come across a compatible beast and earn her first spirit ring.


"What is this?"

Yang Xin remained seated as she lazily looked at Ning Xin, who handed her a scroll.

"President sent this. He said that you should read the contents and strike a deal with the Holy Orchid Institute even without Nik's employment."

Yang Xin frowned and then unfurled the scroll only for the contents to make her eyes widen in astonishment as she unconsciously licked her lips. She then looked at a particular letter filled with multiple recipes regarding a common material known as the Purple Haze grass, and she finally nodded, letting Yang Xin leave and then slumping on her desk in exhaustion once again.

"Holy Orchid Institute... one talented teacher and another astonishing student... what else can I discover there?"

She questioned rhetorically.

The President of the Alchemist Association was too important to be left out of Ye Zong's circuit, and he was one of the select few that found out about the Demon Lord's demise.

Nik killed the Demon Lord!

That, alongside his humble demeanor, had already made his value skyrocket in front of the President's eyes. So, to build a better relationship with Nik, the President ordered Yang Xin to get on with the recruitment. The President had already discussed the details with the Principal.

Recalling the Principal of the institute, Yang Xin scowled, but being a professional, she had to keep a straight face when talking to perverts.

Only a pervert like Nik could interest Yang Xin due to his astronomical feats!


Meanwhile, within a grand palace, a scantily dressed woman continued to roll on the bed. Her wavy black hair paired with her curvaceous body and glimmering purple eyes gave a sense of debauchery that could pull many into her charm. Only the boldest could remain unfettered by her beauty.

She is, after all, the previous Demon Lord's daughter and the current Demon Lord's prize!