Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 394

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 394 Instruction Manual

Currently, Nik's body continued to tremble every now and then. His forehead was covered in sweat, and even if the torrent of warm Life Energy filled his body, Nik did not feel any comfort. Not with all his focus on controlling the shards of his destroyed bone and then piecing them together. To accomplish this task, a person needed to have a vast perception and in-depth knowledge about the living body and its variations. Ordinarily, to reach such a profound state of knowledge, a single year, nay, even a decade, would fall short.

Fortunately, in the previous world, Nik massacred the nobles of the state and stocked on the world root that allowed him to complete a hidden requirement and gain a new talent Skill Palace. This talent allowed Nik to increase the level of his skills based on his accomplishments. Ordinarily, a host would collect the skill points by completing missions. Once a skill is leveled up, the host would gain a burst of information that would imprint itself onto the mind of the hosts. This information is what allows the host to understand the difference between the upper and lower level of the same skill.

Nik, meanwhile, through the use of [Skill Palace], had another path to level his skills. Instead of collecting skill points and then earning the complementary knowledge, Nik would practice the skill enough time to gain a similar amount of experience that the higher level of his skill would require. For instance, Nik's [Body Manipulation].

Through continuous and unhindered experiments, Nik's foundation in the aspect of a living being's physique as astounding and with each level-up, Nik would still gain a burst of all-rounder information regarding the skill that would clear the vagueness in his understanding. Using this method, Nik brought his [Body Manipulation] to an astonishing level of 15 and even gained a specialized branch of knowledge that allowed Nik to manipulate his own body at a micro-level.

Right now, to compensate for his lack of understanding of Life Energy, Nik planned to focus on the effects of the said energy while micro-manipulating his right arm and gain some inspiration regarding the Life Energy. Nik did not even use his [Multi-task] to divert his attention and focused on the state of his right arm. Every single knot and twitch of his flesh and bones were noted by him. The inscription beneath him, meanwhile, glowed in a greenish-yellow hue that finally brightened the entire room.

Klas finally had the chance to observe her surroundings. This room wasn't the dark dungeon she had thought out to be but a lavish bedroom. Besides Nik was a giant bed surrounded by a translucent sheet, and the whole floor was carpeted. Although her luminous squirt seemed slightly dull, it still continued to glow.

At this moment, Klas' eyes widened when she found a luscious figure on the bed. Although her face seemed to be covered by the sheet, her curves couldn't be hidden, and Klas' could even make out bright red clothing over the glamorous tanned skin.

Still, the feeling if danger within her core department grew by leaps and bounds!

As a crystal-men, she should not have such a feeling, and the only feasible explanation to the situation was the figure in front of her was a being higher on the evolutionary chart... much... much higher!

Still, Nik remained unaware of the infiltrator and continued to focus on the understanding of the Life Energy.

His arm was healing rapidly, and after two hours, his right arm had returned to its previous state. [Body Manipulation] increased by a level, but his [Life Energy Manipulation] strayed on Level 9.

The inscription pattern dimmed around his body, and darkness prevailed once again, hiding everything in its veil except for the horrified Klas who didn't dare breathe deeply.

"F.u.c.k... failed again," Nik groaned and stood up while his body was covered in sweat. He had even gotten slightly thinner, and his expression was exhausted. Still, the failure in leveling up his [Life Energy Manipulation] didn't control his state of mind, and he stood up with a pleased expression while moving his right arm. There was still a duration of weakness that Nik needed to tackle against, but his overall situation had stabilized.

Finally, he turned his attention to Klas and smirked. Walking towards her, Nik stroked her fair and warm cheek while a snicker escaped his lips, "Why do you look so scared? It's not like I'll hurt you."

At this moment, Klas' expression turned even more twisted while she struggled against her binding intensely. After all, under the veil of darkness, a pair of glowing blue eyes with crimson pupils appeared behind Nik while an equally pleased tone occurred behind the L.u.s.t Apostle.

"Same here," A whisper brushed past Nik's ears, making his hair stand against the edges as a pair of arms wrapped above his chest while a chin gently scooched onto Nik's shoulders as the needy scent assaulted Nik's senses!

"I won't hurt you... if you defeat me, of course."

The strange entity continued as Nik slowly cranked his head sideways and found the identity of the mysterious newcomer quite astonishing!


"Mom still hasn't returned yet," Ryu'er mumbled while eating dinner. She was already capable enough to cook her own meal. Right now, she was the only one in the entire household and kind of felt lonely.

"Now that I think of it," Ryu'er wondered aloud, "Mom said that she obtained 5 rings... that should mean that her bloodline has matured, right? Why hasn't she returned then?"

Ryu'er and Gojira held a special connection through which they could communicate. This was done through imprinting Ryu'er with her spirit for more than 10000 years! The objective of every demon beast who turned into a human is not only to cultivate once again but also to use each breakthrough to stimulate their remaining bloodline once again. This would give them an edge against ordinary spirit masters.

With five rings, Gojira should have stimulated her bloodline enough to rival a ten-thousand-year beast with her body's physical strength itself. And if that was unreasonable, then Ryu'er's existence was even more special! The moment she got her first spirit ring, her rise would be swift.

"She even said that Nik won... but why was Ye Ray accompanying him?" Ryu'er pondered. She had nothing else to do. This was also the reason that she accepted Xiao Xue's invitation of tagging along the expedition into the old city ruins.

"Whatever... Nik is a man, Ye Ray is also a man. There was no way the two of them could be together, right?"

She questioned herself. Existence like Ryu'er had it too easy to uncover the gender of lower evolved beings like Ray. His scent gave him away.


"Gojira... can you let go of me?"

Nik inquired. This was the most rational way to break the ice and continue the conversation. After all, Nik had already discovered that physical resistance was a vain endeavor for Nik couldn't move. And... what else could he even say at the moment?

Yo, how's it going?


"Hmm? I thought you were into this kink. Getting immobilized while being f.u.c.k.i.e.d," Gojira kept no pretenses up and softly peck Nik's jaw while restraining him, just like he restrained Klas. "Do you even know," She continued, "With your scent overflowing the room, how hard it was to even control myself?"

Gojira asked rhetorically as Nik knew that it must have been a simple task seeing that she did not pounce on him while he was healing himself.

Her fingernails easily tore his tunic, revealing Nik's glistening body as she licked the base of his neck from the side and snickered, "Even your sweat tastes tantalizing and has a redeeming quality over females. Tell me, you are not a human, right?"

Nik gulped and smiled rigidly, "Are you?"

"Of course, not," Gojira breathed into Nik's ears while her index broke through his tough skin rather easily and drew a thin stream of blood, "I am way better than fragile humans... if you know how to use me, that is."

Alright, boner alert.

"See? That's what I am talking about," Gojira whispered, and her left arm gently traced over Nik's tool, and once she figured out his size, Gojira's eyes widened while the explosion of l.u.s.t due to Nik's blood entering the scene made it even harder for Gojira to resist.

"Were you a Dragon or something before becoming a human?" Gojira inquired, her b.r.e.a.s.ts squishing against Nik's back and feeling the impending round of abrupt mating, he finally snorted and grinned recklessly, "I am way better than some slippery lizard...

If you know how to please me, that is."

Nik turned his face towards Gojira as the dark-skinned beauty smiled wildly and locked lips with Nik before retracting and licking her lips.

"Fair enough."