Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 395

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 395 Crashed Vase

Klas was in a very disturbed state. As a talented crystal-men, she was allowed to join the [Transmigration Paradise]. To reach such a state, she had committed ruthless actions and lost her innocence regarding the views of the world the moment she traveled into her first world. Just like this plane, her first world was a wide-ranged world from rank 1 to 6. Pirates reigned supreme, and the whole world was lost in cruelty because the top-level law enforcers were deeply corrupted. In that world, survival was quite a harsh task, and she only accomplished her mission once she slaughtered an entire village!

This was a new level of view towards life, and it completely changed her.

Klas felt a sense of deja vu. This was an open ranked plane, and her views were challenged once again. The woman behind Nik should be powerful. Nik himself was a monster in disguise. After all, he killed her recruits and her partner with a single move, and the only reason she was alive was depicted by the current situation.

Nik's l.u.s.t.


Right in front of Klas' widened gem-like eyes, Gojira and Nik locked their lips. It wasn't merely a contest of technique but also strength, for a thin trail of blood leaked from the corner of both of their mouths. At this time, Gojira's body trembled unconsciously, and her glamorous dark-skin flushed in excitement. The blue tip of her hair glowed brightly as her mind was addled in l.u.s.t.

"I take it back~" whispered Gojira as her fingers trailed down Nik's abdominal muscle while her hair moved according to her will and locked his wrists, "You are no dragon! A dragon tastes spicy. You are just a ball of aphrodisiac!"

Gojira snarled in between her ragged breathing as Nik's expression grew fervent, too.

"That's the sweetest compliment I have ever received, Goji, but do you really wanna play like this? Tying me up?"

Nik was the man who explored every kink as long as his own anus wasn't on the line. Gojira's act of tying his arms was one thing, but Nik failing to leave her grasp was another. So, if she really wished to dominate him, he at least needed to try and convince her to establish some ground rules.

"Tie you?" Gojira smirked as she used her hair and flung Nik. His body flew in a beautiful arc before smacking against the large bed, and if it wasn't for the high-quality structure of the poor bed, Nik's weight alongside the force might have already destroyed it. But, if Nik couldn't break, it didn't mean the same for Gojira as she landed on top of Nik a breath later, the bed's legs finally gave in as the duo sunk slightly. "I am not going to tie you," the thin strap of Gojira's lacy red lingerie was already falling as her b.r.e.a.s.ts pressed against Nik's chest, "It would be unnecessary, a form of pretentious dominance that doesn't befit me."

Swiping her wild hair back, Gojira leaned down and breathed hotly against Nik's face, "What I will do, however," she panted while using her hair to pull down Nik's pants, "is rock your world and make you worship me. Then we'll make another baby so that my dear daughter doesn't feel lonely."

Nik's eyes twinkled in amus.e.m.e.nt as his raging c.o.c.k pushed into Gojira's butt crack, only a thin fabric away. With his hands finally free, Nik traced his fingers over the tip of Gojira's nose and acknowledged her as a threat that didn't merely go down even after drinking a slight amount of his blood.

"Very well," Nik whispered, his fingers finally pulling down Gojira's lower lip playful as the duo kept on gazing at each other, "Please don't feel ashamed if you cannot achieve your former objective... after all, I have never gone serious before...

The latter task, however, will be fulfilled."

Forced Orgasm.

Gojira's eyes widened as she let out a loud yelp. Her butt trembled while she finally settled over Nik's c.o.c.k as a clear gush impacted against Nik's crotch. The woman's upper body was arched up with her b.r.e.a.s.ts, finally jiggling out of the restraints of her lingerie, and her expression still captivated in a blissful daze.

Nik grinned watching this, and his finger trailed up Gojira's abdominal muscles while each second, she was struck by another [Forced Orgasm]


She m.o.a.ned softly, her saliva finally trailing down her chin.


Her volume turned up a notch as her waist trembled and made her soaked cunt rub against Nik's wet shaft.


A toe-curling groan escaped her mouth as her face was already a wet mess, just like Nik's biceps were a scratched one! Still, the moment Nik cupped Gojira's bountiful b.r.e.a.s.ts, she breathed hotly and tilted her face to nail Nik down with her gaze. A glint that riled Nik up was clear within Gojira's eyes as she smiled manically, and even when her whole body trembled under the non-stop stream of orgasms, Gojira leaned down once again.

"Aii ainht gunna tahp aout naow~"

Gojira slurred her words out as she extended her tongue and licked Nik's chin before Nik parted his lips and allowed her slimy treat to slither in. Meanwhile, he harshly gripped the back of her head and pushed her down, locking lips against Gojira's.


"Aunt, did you hear something?"

Shen Yue inquired while looking around.

Shen Xiu frowned and concentrated for a moment before shaking her head, "No, I don't. Is something the matter?"


"What was that?"

Gojira inquired while her legs locked against Nik's waist exceptionally harshly. Her eyes were wet while her forehead was covered in sweat. She was already palming Nik's cheek while exchanging a rather sloppy kiss with her tongue, only managing to find a way to retreat and allow her to question now.

"You mean this?"

Nik's smile indicated another orgasm as Gojira's head snapped up while her squirt reached Nik's stomach this time around.

"Stahp, doiimnngh this!"

Gojira roared as Nik finally sat up and pinched her right n.i.p.p.l.e while tugging her b.r.e.a.s.t forward and inflicting another orgasm upon the unruly woman who dared to coerce Nik into mating with her.

He wasn't that easy!

Nik might be a simple man, but even he had his limits. Sneaking up on him was one of them.


Gojira m.o.a.ned deeply without an ounce of regret within her heart. She was waiting... waiting for Nik to already commence banging her naughty human cunt while she squealed in delight. His shape and size already dictated that he had what it took to dominate a queen. But even now, with all her treasured fluids leaking, Gojira trembled in aching need for this glorious aphrodisiac-man to f.u.c.k her wildly.

Was she rubbing her snatch against Nik's shaft in vain?

Of course, not.

Nik was a simple man.

And simple men forgave quickly.

"Get on with it already!"

Gojira groaned while slamming her palm over Nik's chest and pushing him down.


They both actually tore through the mattress, and Nik's back impacted against the ground harshly.

'What the'

With a formless wave of energy, Gojira smacked the broken bed away as it slammed against the walls and cheekily grabbed Nik's jaw before leaning down and biting on Nik's upper lip softly.

"I said, start f.u.c.k.i.n.g me already!" Gojira snarled in a deep tone once again as her free hand finally rubbed the tip of the impressive c.o.c.k that even her full butt couldn't hide away completely!

With narrowed eyes, Nik reversed the position instantly. He might not have high power, but he could use his technique to gain the upper hand when her back landed against the ground, Gojira grinned and locked her legs onto Nik's waist while hugged his neck and brought him closer, "Got ya! I am not letting go until I get what I want."

She breathed in desire as Nik stood up and pulled Gojira alongside. Klas, meanwhile, finally saw the impressive size that she unfortunately messed against. Nik and Gojira now face each other. Both of them were already a mess. Nik a bloody one while Gojira a l.u.s.tful one. Still, both licked their lips as Nik tore her panties away while in uncanny sync, Gojira slightly extended her body backward to allow Nik to position his c.o.c.k against her moist snatch.

"Can anyone do this for you?"

Gojira inquired as her h.i.p.s bucked forward slightly to pull Nik into her dripping cunt before stopping and then wiggling her waist while pulling Nik's entire c.o.c.k in rotation and tightening around his tip simultaneously.

"Can guy do this for you?"

Nik inquired in kind and then mobilized the full effects of his Hamon and pheromones to twirl around her b.r.e.a.s.ts and penetrate her anus and expand her butthole instantly.


Gojira let out a weird noise while Nik took this chance to grab her sweet buttocks and pushed her down, ramming his c.o.c.k deep into her monstrously hot p.u.s.s.y while lowering his head to suck on her tender neck and leave the evidence of his crime.

In delight, Gojira squealed madly while taking an initiative of her own to buck her h.i.p.s against Nik and rutting wildly. Locking in an ardent kiss, their bodies continued to collide against each other. With each pound, Gojira's butt jiggled while her squirt dripped down from the curve of her butt. Nik, on the other hand, felt the challenge in pumping his tool. Each time he retracted his h.i.p.s, he needed to contest against Gojira's tightening walls! If she had the control, then Nik might have been forced to melt into her!

Nik's c.o.c.k stretched her inner walls while pushing her motherly w.o.m.b deeper and deeper. Now, Nik was utterly appreciative of the idea of planting a sibling for Ryu'er into Gojira's belly, and this plan would start from this moment onwards!

With warm jets of spunk smearing her insides white, Nik continued pounding in genuine commitment as Gojira continued to contract and expand through instincts.

She could barely hold on.

Even if her bloodline was higher than Nik's, she underestimated the foe too much!

Nik might not be a dragon, but if a dragon's cunt presents itself in front of him, then even the blissful dragon would worship Nik.


"Aunt! The house is trembling!"

Shen Yue shouted in worry as the maids and housekeepers had already run off outside the estate. Asami had a strange expression while Shen Xiu, unaware of the fact that Shen Yue had just given his cute first time to Ye Ray, tried to protect his innocence.

The house was trembling indeed, but with a straight face, Shen Xiu frowned again.

"I don't see it trembling."

"That vase fell and broke!" Shen Yue hissed as Shen Xiu's face grew sharp, and she took a vase out of her spatial ring and threw it towards the pointed direction.


"Ah, that vase? It slipped from my hand. Anyway, the stars look bright, so let's go out and observe them."

If Shen Xiu was boiling in rage, she didn't explode in front of Shen Yue and waited for the real mastermind behind the act to emerge.