Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 396

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 396 Defeated Dragonslayer

"Let's try again~"

Ball's deep into Gojira's surprisingly durable cunt, Nik collected her hair into a tight grip so that it didn't stick on her face and leaned down on her sweaty back while using his free arm to pinch her fat, pink n.i.p.p.l.e and whispered hotly.

"Huuh~" Gojira breathed, her eyes rolled up and her tongue hanging.


That's what Gojira was!

Filled to the brim as Nik retracted his magnificent h.i.p.s slightly and then pushed deeper once again, pushing out the excessive c.u.m and furthering the size of the puddle of warm c.u.m formed in between Nik's and Gojira's knees.

"Didn't you say that you'll become the center around which I'll revolve?"

Nik whispered with a mocking grin as he twisted his wait to churn Gojira's inside and make her m.o.a.n weakly once again. With a depressed sigh, Nik sat straight once again while pulling Gojira's body up through her hair as if she was nothing but a mindless doll destined to serve men and had only realized it today.



Nik slapped Gojira's b.r.e.a.s.ts harshly, making the cantaloupe-sized bosom jiggled in pained, submissive delight while he ruthlessly f.u.c.k.i.e.d her from behind. Each pump shook her body while her seed-packed w.o.m.b clenched in need and mindless pleasure.

"Ooh~ More!"

Gojira groaned as her arms weakly reached back to trace Nik's h.i.p.s while begging him to quench her thirst. Just seven rounds of seeding weren't enough! Now, he had to make sure that she became his proper s.l.u.t! Screw being the Empress of monsters! Crowning as the Empress of the s.l.u.ts that Nik rears sounded much more suitable. And what does a person of her position needs?

Another intense session of mating!

Breed me!

Her heart squealed in desires but only translated into weak m.o.a.ns. Her puny human body may give up, but her monstrous spirit couldn't. This was nowhere enough! Why isn't her belly inflating by the sheer volume of his spunk, why was she still even able to groan!

"F.u.c.k me unconscious!"

She mustered her remaining strength to snarl wildly. Her butt cheeks clenched, and her walls wrapped around Nik's c.o.c.k tightly! With the intensity increasing by several times, Nik hissed as his c.o.c.k stung slightly before he grinned, "Just another 'hip' day. Welcome to Nik's h.i.p.s training services, Goji!"

Nik let go of her hair and didn't even care for the nails digging into the side of his thighs. These kinds of injuries would heal by themselves! Both of his palms harshly squeezed her buttocks before smacking them tightly, leaving a dark-reddish handprint on her chocolate butt!


Gojira still m.o.a.ned, but not for long as Nik forcibly removed her grip from his thighs and picked her left leg up while tilting her body sideways. Both of his arm wrapped around her meaty thigh while her knees locked over his shoulder, and he bucked his h.i.p.s into her snatch harshly. Thrusting deeply while pushing out more of his spunk only to create enough space and


Nik groaned softly while shooting another massive load of purity into her w.o.m.b, making her body tremble as she almost fainted blissfully. Well, she would have, but how could Nik allow Gojira to have her wish easily? She still hadn't acknowledged Nik after all.

Taking his sloppy tool out, Nik admired the sight of Gojira's awesome snatch shooting a thick stream of jizz mixed with her own fluids while lying sprawled on the floor. The stream didn't even come close to stopping judging from the intensity, and Nik walked over to Gojira's face.


Nik softly slapped her cheek while cackling. His own body was layered in sweat, such was the intensity of the session! But he didn't care. His knelt near Gojira's face and brought her disheveled head over to his laps. He slapped her face once again.

"Wake up. Didn't you want to make me worship you? It won't happen if you snore away!"

Nik pushed Gojira's lower lips with his wet thumb before his eyes sparkled in enlightenment. He instantly took out a leathery object from his inventory. Attached to the ends of the leather strap were a hook and a holder while the middle section parted way to a wide metal ring attached to four, round-edged straps. This was a spider gag that Nik bought for a particular situation, and it looked like he found one.

He instantly lay Gojira down once again and pushed the ring into her mouth, making her lips wrap around the ring while the four straps would act as enforcement to keep her mouth from shutting. Finally, he hooked the strap behind her and tightened the belt to fit the gag.

With a malevolent gleam in his eyes, Nik produced yet another bed and flung the c.u.m-soaked stock onto it, returning the favor. Finally, he walked over to the bed and adjusted Gojira's position so that Nik only had to kneel and shove his c.o.c.k over to Gojira's face.

Of course, it would be no fun choking an unconscious woman with his c.o.c.k, even more so when a woman of Gojira's caliber is in the scene. Instead, Nik injected life energy into her body to rejuvenate her while his jizz acted as a natural source of nourishment so that a woman simply doesn't exhaust easily! It seemed like Nik was made to defy Gojira's needs, and even then, fulfill them.

"Wake up!"

Nik commanded grandly. One palm placed on his waist and the other gripping on his massive shaft and smacking his c.o.c.k against Gojira's face.


Gojira mewled while her eyelashes fluttered, and her gaze swept over the rapidly enlarging c.o.c.k.



Gojira snarled but, much to her surprise, found herself unable to move her lips. She had the thought of breaking this constraint with a bite, but Nik spoke up at this moment, "You could easily break this gag... but remember? I am better than a dragon if used right.

And the blowjob is the third way to use me correctly. Do you really want to miss this chance? To taste me directly."

Nik leaned down and locked his gaze with Gojira's. It was just like Nik stated. It seemed like dragonmen like Ryu'er's father didn't have half the capabilities as Nik and only knew how to rut like an animal...

Well, they were animals back then.


Gojira snorted while Nik smiled brightly and pecked the tip of her nose, making her eyes flash momentarily.

Then, he sat straight once again, placed his palms on top of Gojira's head, and brought his throbbing, layered c.o.c.k closer to her widened mouth. This gag was a particular order from Mitsuko's side considering Nik's size. Meanwhile, Gojira gripped on the bedsheet nervously.


Gojira instantly wished to look down alas, Nik's c.o.c.k immediately entered her soon-to-be mouth-p.u.s.s.y and used his arms to push her head against his c.o.c.k, instantly pushing into her throat with a single motion while his balls flew forward and lightly smacked the lower part of her chin.

The barely conscious Gojira felt her vision go dark instantly as she gulped, only for her throat to wrap around Nik's c.o.c.k and suck him in a downwards motion!

"A natural, are we?"

Nik smirked but kept his crotch against her lips without moving, allowing himself to selfishly enjoy the bobbing of her throat. It was only after a few breaths did Nik frown and moved back.


The sound of compressed spits echoed as Gojira laid with her eyes closed and soft breathing marking her unconscious state. Seeing this, Nik clicked his tongue and sighed. Of course, she was already pulled into his fold after he came into her. Right now, out of all his s.e.x.u.a.l partners, only Asami was left to be claimed. After all, she hadn't passed the rite to l.u.s.t.

Now the Gojira was unconscious, Nik's overbearing expression receded in a moment, and he waved his arm to collect all the fluids over Gojira's body and cleaned the room simultaneously. He left the luminous green puddle of the exhausted captive while Nik pushed the rather massive blob of fluids through the drains of the underground chamber. Nik even swept his pheromones to remove the slightly musky scent acc.u.mulated after hours of release and finally produced a trustee sheet to cover Gojira's body. He also stored a mental message within Gojira's consciousness in case she woke up while he wasn't around.

Now that Nik knew the true origins of Gojira a spirit beast who turned into a human. Most of her actions, such as her inquiry regarding Nik being a dragon, and her ability to let out a fragrant, enticing scent to attract potential male made sense.

"Oh, I forgot the pillows!"

Nik tapped his forehead before taking out two fluffy pillows from his spatial ring and scooched Gojira's head over the pillows. Of course, he had also unbuckled the gag once there was no chance of getting a deepthroat.

Finally, with a satisfied expression, he focused on the tab from his first talent [Exotic Escort]. He still hadn't absorbed Xue Yin's talents, and now, it was Gojira's turn. Honestly, Nik wished to save these turns and then use them once he ranks up after completing his promotion quest. But, the moment this adventure is concluded, Nik would not get the chance to utilize these turns.

[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of available talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc. for the host compiled. Please select.

Xue Yin

Talent: Architecture




Energy: 8



Skills: Elemental Palms, Quick Ink, Structure Derivation.

Element: Plant]

Xue Yin had a strange martial spirit Myriad Prints. The physical structure of the spirit was an ancient map, and its effect was for Xue Yin to instantly remember anything she draws or write on the map. She was also a Spirit Elder and, thus, held a total of three skills. Using her myriad prints, Xue Yin quickly became the youngest Master Inscriptionist but failed to attract the elders of Snow Wind Family as Ye Zong was married to a Phoenix. But, the moment Nik gazed at her talent, his expression brightened as he instantly thought of asking Xue Yin's help for one of the tasks that have been bugging him since ever.

Nik then looked at the description of the skills and the talents. Architecture, as the name suggested, allowed Nik to gain insights on buildings and other constructions. Meanwhile, the three skills had a direct relationship with Xue Yin's current capabilities as an inscription master. Elemental Palms allowed Xue Yin to construct different pairs of arms based on her intentions Fire, water, earth, and wind and control these palms to draw the inscription patterns, instantly skipping the step of converting the spiritual energy into an elemental one.

Quick Ink, meanwhile, allowed Xue Yin to spit out a stream of dark Ink that is entirely under her control. The attributes of the Ink could also be manipulated. Finally, the structure derivation allowed Xue Yin to derive the incomplete inscriptions she draws upon her martial spirit. Of course, there was a precondition that her foundation should be vast enough for the derivation.

In reality, Nik was actually moved by all three of her skills. If he truly wished to pursue the art of inscriptions, then any of these three skills could provide immense support when pushed to a high level. This showed Xue Yin's meticulous nature in selecting things in her life. Alas, she chose the wrong person to pursue, and heaven smiled upon her, presenting a better option.

Finally, Nik selected the [Structure Derivation]. He couldn't increase his stats, and this was a cold hard fact. There was no point in whining. He was already quite fortunate, and his strength already surpassed the general norms. Nik did not have any reason to covet more power. He is an admirer of beautiful things, and only females will Nik ever l.u.s.t over!

But, even after selecting the skill, he did not absorb it but placed it within the skill pool of his [L.u.s.t Recruitment]. He had many skills whose effects he still couldn't push to the limits. There was absolutely no point in devouring more skills.

Nik then proceeded to look at Gojira's tabs, and his gaze instantly turned bright.

Too bright!

[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of available talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc. for the host compiled. Please select.

Empress Gojira

Talent: Might

Strength: 36

Agility: 34

Vitality: 46

Energy: 117

Charm: 43

Luck: 6

Skills: Plasma Claws, Draconic Armor, Phantom Strength, Blood Churn, Plasma Beam.

Element: Water]

Nik was stunned for a moment. No, he did not care about the possible increase in stats and the fact that he was only able to select only one of the options.

[Exotic Escort] worked based on the difference in strength. The larger the gap between himself and his partner, the higher the stats he could potentially receive. That is why Nik didn't receive anything noteworthy aside from the [LUK] stat from Lanruo. But right now, the rewards provided the evidence that Gojira was at a level far greater than Nik, but even then, she allowed herself to get used in the nastiest manner.

'Maybe... she didn't get any after turning into a human?'

Nik speculated, unknowingly hitting the mark on his first try.

Finally, Nik regained his composure. The talent Might increased every offensive move of the host by 200%! Meanwhile, her skills were equally deadly and combined with her ability, she was simply a killing machine. But none could provide an enticement as high as 6 points in [LUK].

Nik still recalled the day his luck increased by a single stat, he was able to gain a part of Kaal's treasure. And combined with the fact that there was no exact process of increasing his stat, Nik instantly absorbed the 6 points in [LUK]. He didn't feel any different, but that didn't bother him. With the task of digesting the effects of the number of members in his fold increasing, Nik gazed at the exhausted body dangling above the bright green puddle of orgasmic fluids.

Nik walked forward while licking his lips in anticipation.

For a moment, the languid Klas felt her heart tremble as Nik took out another bed. Just how many beds does he even have?!

Seeing the platform of debauchery, Klas sighed internally, but the tantalizing twirl of his indexes over her e.r.o.t.i.c, stimulating bits never cam as Nik lowered her body onto the bed and tied her down in practiced ease. Strangely, Klas couldn't muster a single ounce of energy when suddenly, her eyes finally gazed at the ceiling and found an intricate inscription pattern drawn over it.

Wordlessly, Nik performed the same cleaning services.

His hostility towards Klas was never high, to begin with, and after such a refreshing session with Gojira, Nik felt most of his pent-up frustration after the battle fading away.

Once he covered Klas' n.a.k.e.d body, Nik gazed at her jeweled pupils and smiled.

"This inscription would last for three days. Seeing that you never asked for food... well, you are gagged, so, even after so much time, you didn't indicate any intake of nutrients. So, stay tight. I'll come here later in the night, and this time, I will give you my complete attention."

Nik smiled warmly and let his fingers run over her surprisingly soft crystal hair.

Klas shuddered, and she instantly struggled. Seeing this, Nik smiled and shook his head. His fingers stroked her soft cheek while Nik leaned down and whispered softly, "No can do. You'll remain gagged."


Klas groaned as Nik turned the lights off and left in his merry way.