Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 397

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 397 Departure

Dawn broke the night sky as freshening dews formed over the golden leaves surrounding the Sacred Family's estate. Before leaving the underground chamber, Nik took Lilith and Asmodeus back into his spiritual world while bringing the plants and rustic blades into his room. Since it was already the time to train his apprentices, he stepped out of the estate and only found Shen Xiu and Asami sparring with each other.

"Morning! Xiu, Asami!"

Nik grinned and walked towards their direction. Today, Shen Yue was supposed to leave and hunt for his first spirit ring. Since he had dropped out of the academy, there was no need to follow the rules of the academy and had already targetted a black-claw fox as his first spirit ring.

Nik's words made the duo pause. Shen Xiu wore a loose top alongside form-fitting training pants meanwhile Asami wore a casual outfit for comfort's sake. Their sweaty bodies made it easy for Nik to understand that this spar had continued for a little too long. "Where are the others?" Nik inquired while pulling the slightly sour Shen Xiu into a warm hug and sighing softly. Just like how his partners felt recharged after a tight, loving embrace, Nik, too, felt at ease.

"You didn't know?" A simple hug instantly melted all her acc.u.mulated indignation from the previous day, and she whispered in surprise. Ziyun had already stated the group's departure on the expedition a few days ago. Hearing her inquiry, Nik shook his head while Asami snorted in apparent anger, "Chen Linjian has invited talented students for a trip to the ruins near the City. It's a rather large group, and Ye Ziyun told you during training."

Hearing her words, Nik frowned and focused for a moment. As expected, the irrelevant piece of memory back then emerged, and he found that Ziyun did ask for Nik's permission on the group's behalf. Still, he looked towards Asami and smiled, "Someone's in a bad mood."

"Who wouldn't be?!"

Asami retorted. Her sleep was destroyed, and she was already frustrated after Nik's disappearance yesterday. Shen Xiu's tasteless prank also fuelled her indignations, making her now cross her arms beneath her b.r.e.a.s.ts while taking a slightly defensive stance. For a moment, the surroundings grew silent. Was it hard for Nik to understand that a person might worry for him? No. If he slept with someone and that woman ran off to have a battle of life and death with a simple notice, then Nik, of course, would worry, too.

Letting go of Shen Xiu, Nik stroked the fox's cheek and whispered, "Can you give us a few minutes?" Hearing him, Shen Xiu felt a little roguish and wished to deny, but she understood if she kept on doing that denying Nik's extremely tiny requests one day, he might not even feel the value in asking her anything. From that point onwards, their relationship would only deteriorate. With a soft sigh escaping Shen Xiu's lips, she hugged Nik tightly once again before exhaling loudly and then leaving at a hurried pace. Her destination Nik's underground suite. She wished to find the identity of the new Mistress.

Meanwhile, Nik walked closer to Asami and only stopped a few steps away. "I really should have taken the time out to find you and assure you that I am fine," Nik admitted. If Asami did not worry for him, then it was fine. He just had to bed her for enough time to become an irrecoverable part of her life. But now Nik knew that Asami might not merely be a one-night stand at this pace. He extended both of his palms and let them hang awkwardly while taking a step forward.

"Won't you give me another chance?"

Nik inquired with a genuine smile as his gaze flashed. Meanwhile, Asami snorted once again. Her arms didn't move from their location as Nik waited without a hint of impatience.

"That was seriously cruel of you," Asami spoke up while nailing Nik down with her emerald gaze. She then looked at Nik's hands and snorted, "Don't think that I feel anything for you. I just thought that we were friends Hmmmmgh!"

Well, Nik tried the good guy way.

Now it was time for the L.u.s.t Apostle's way.

His lips instantly sealed Asami's puckered, pouting ones while one of his arms gently supported her head as Nik tilted her body downwards while the other arm cupped his left butt cheek, gripping on that tight, trained ass as Asami's words turned into a surprised yelp. She tried to push him away, alas, she was no monster and soon found her senses flooded with pleasure that stimulated her body in the most familiar of l.u.s.t and ardency. Her palms were placed on Nik's chest, and soon, she gripped his tunic tightly and pulled him even further.

Finally, Nik retracted his lips but kept his mouth parted and the tip of his tongue right above Asami's open mouth, letting the mixture of their fluids drip back into her as she snarled while clenching his clothes even tighter!

"This isn't how this works! You are unfai"

Nik narrowed his eyes and dipped down once again. This time, the broad of his tongue coiling around Asami's cute little tongue and ravaged her insides. Her mouth was warm, and her fluids delicious. This was the taste that only a being made of l.u.s.t could enjoy. His lower palm had already pulled her pants down and directly squeezed her ass. It was firm and perky. A pleasant sensation flooded through Nik's palms as he continued fondling Asami and making her mouth feel good. His fingers even brushed past her damp crotch and rubbed the side of his hands into her butt crack, making her m.o.a.n and tremble under Nik's tender care.

"Did I get your forgiveness?"

Nik demanded, in a thuggish tone. Right now, Asami's eyes were curved gently as her eyelids covered a greater part of her eyes, her face was flush, her lips were glimmering, and her hot breaths soothed Nik's neck. With a tremble, Asami shook her head and sighed in need, "N-not yet. Your crimes are heinous, and your heart is vile...

Repent more!"

This time, she pulled Nik down and engaged in a rough kiss. Using her flexible body, Asami jumped and wrapped her thighs around Nik's butt like a koala hugging a tree's branch and continued to groan against his lips. If Nik could have a sense of taste when it came to women, his fluids also acted as an exotic delicacy to females. His blood had the highest potency of his aphrodisiac, while his saliva only had mild effects. But a large intake would definitely produce the desired results in women.

Nik stood straight with Asami clinging onto his body and her face and butt under Nik's ministration. Before the things grew too heavy, Nik decided to stop. They both breathed heavily with their chests heaving and pushing against others. Seeing the current Asami, Nik once again leaned down and pecked her nose before retracting. "I will repent more. In fact, I'll teach you a new thing tonight, alright?"

He whispered while letting Asami down, who instantly wrapped her arms around Nik's waist the moment her legs landed and nodded while rubbing her head against Nik's torso.


"According to common sense... the woman who accompanied Nik should be broken without any reparation. After all, the entire estate trembled... but why did Nik send us a message that they should prepare themselves to welcome another sister?"

Shen Xiu wondered aloud and finally opened the door. The underground room was dark with Klas' hair glowing softly in an enchanting manner while Shen Xiu fuelled the primary lighting inscriptions that Nik had set-up and found a dark-skinned figure sleeping with her body twisted sideways and her exposed arm and legs covering the sheet. Most parts of the bed were already hidden by her luscious, thick hair, and the figure had a small smile on her face.

A content smile.

Shen Xiu's eyebrows trembled as she involuntarily recalled the sweet little Ryu'er who is always timid but steadfast. Ryu'er had already won the admiration of other apprentices when she trained under the effects of a 100% increment in gravity. This was something that even the current Korra couldn't act efficiently in.


Shen Xiu blurted out with a slightly disturbed expression. As a denizen of this world, she knew that targetting a single mother was wrong, and even if she knew that Gojira was the one who entered the room out of her own volition, Shen Xiu would still give Nik an earful! After all, she wasn't as morally volatile as Nik. But still, after spending a single night with Nik, Shen Xiu knew that Gojira was anything but a feeble mother. Not anyone can f.u.c.k with Nik in such intensity that the estate trembled for four continuous hours!

After a moment, Shen Xiu shifted her attention towards the tied enemy and snorted. Walking towards Klas, Shen Xiu looked at the strangely constructed woman with a gaze anything but hostile and pressed her cheeks tightly and leaned down. Shen Xiu locked her gaze with Klas' slightly pained one and squeezed her cheeks even tighter.

"You actually tried to target Nik?" She hissed ruthlessly and let go of Klas' cheeks before smiling eerily. "You know... even if I didn't sleep with Nik a lot, I have learned a few tricks," She proclaimed while pulling down the thin sheet covering Klas' petite body and targetted her n.i.p.p.l.es. Klas' n.i.p.p.l.es were glimmering green in color with the same metallic texture but a soft feel that was malleable and squeezable. Shen Xiu took out two red-colored clips and smiled maliciously before pinching Klas' n.i.p.p.l.es with the clips and enjoying her heated groans. She then left the clips on her n.i.p.p.l.es as such and covered her body with the sheet once again.

Looking up, Shen Xiu confirmed that the inscription pattern was still safe and then gazed at Klas' lewd expression. Her face was aglow in l.u.s.t and passion as she had long lost her natural reasoning. Even the pain of her n.i.p.p.l.es twisting caused her to wet the bed with her natural resources.

Stroking her cheek, Xiu smiled softly, "Well, now I know why Nik was even interested in you..."

She leaned down to her ears and cooed hotly, "You are born to become a natural slave. Just look at your expression. You are practically begging others to use you!" And to prove her point, Shen Xiu took out a giant mirror from her spatial ring and placed it at the leg side of the bed where Klas saw her own figure, her expression, and finally, the look in her eyes.


Tears emerged from the corner of her eyes as Shen Xiu's eyes curved in delight.

"That's right. Keep it up. Practice your skill in begging more... after all, your life depends on it now."

Xiu cackled while taking her leave.


It was already six in the morning. The group is supposed to leave after two hours, and all of Nik's apprentices had finally converged outside the Sacred Family's estate. Korra looked at Nik and Asami while Shen Xiu had retreated to bed to get her overdue sleep. Meanwhile, Ziyun was accompanied by a slightly awkward Xue Yin.

As it turns out, finding out that her m.o.a.ns were easily heard by the beloved Yun'er and her past crush was some quite an embarrassment. After Ziyun had woken up, she had a long chat with Xue Yin, who also consoled and assured Ziyun that she wasn't in the fault if anything would have befallen Nik. Meanwhile, Ryu'er frowned. Although Nik had swept all the scents over his body with his natural fragrance, Ryu'er still felt a little weird and inhaled loudly.

"Alright, remember to prioritize your safety. Although the ruins are quite close to the City and there are only a few hundred-year spirit beasts, you will only battle them in groups."

Nik spoke with a heavy expression. He really forgot that the girls were going to go out on an expedition. If he had known that, instead of gravity training, he would have started theoretical lectures so that the girls remain familiar with all the poisonous plants around the City.

"Yes, Master."

Ning'er nodded with a relaxed expression. Inwardly, however, Ning'er felt incomparably sweet when she found out that her master even had such a worrying, mother-like side to him. She wasn't the only one, other girls were slightly surprised to see their roguish master acting as such.

"Why don't you join us?"

Lanruo suddenly spoke up. Before Nik could reply, even Korra grinned, "Yeah, Teach. It would be fun. A little vacation of master and students!"

Hearing two of the seniors pitch the idea, the remaining crew got interested, too. Sadly, Nik shook his head smiled, "I have prior commitments today. And I cannot simply skip the classes."

'Pretty please?'

Lanruo's coo rang within Nik's consciousness as he denied without hesitation.

'Lanruo, stay safe and if you run through any trouble... call for me. Oh, and ai have a surprise for you. I'll show it to you when you return.'

Nik smiled and then looked at others before stepping forward and pulling Lanruo into a tight embrace.

"Stay safe, you hear me," He whispered as lanruo nodded with a sigh, "Your surprise better be good."

Chuckling with a shake of his head, Nik leaned down and took her lips in front of others, making the young maidens blush while Xue Yin looked away with even more awkwardness because Ziyun turned her face towards Xue Yin.

"It'll blow you away."

Nik smiled.

He then looked at other girls and then grinned towards Korra. "If any of them enter into trouble, let them solve it themselves. And lastly, all of you, don't try to be heroes for others, alright?"

The girls nodded, and then Nik finally felt a little relaxed, "Did you all pack extra pair of panties? If not, then you should always do that, after all"

Before Nik could lighten the mood, Lanruo headbutted his chin with an indignant snort and then walked away. Korra chuckled and smacked her h.i.p.s, "I knew you were the right master. I think the same."

She laughed loudly and then followed behind Lanruo. Meanwhile, Ning'er, Ziyun, and Ryu'er bowed with a flush and left hurriedly. Finally, only Asami, Xue Yin, and Nik remained.

"Sigh... they didn't hear my full advise," Nik sighed and wrapped Xue Yin in his arms. The mature lady always deserved special attention to make-up for her past years of loneliness as Nik continued, "Extra pair of panties is just the beginning. What about shoes and other articles of clothing..."

"Then... you should have started from there."

Asami was slightly speechless.

"Anyway," Nik shrugged and pecked Xue Yin's lips with a broad smile.

"I'm off to work, beautiful. Wish me luck."

Xue Yin smiled in return and brought her face closer.

"Here you go~" She whispered before wishing luck to Nik's lips.