Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 398

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 398 Poor Pervert

"All right, we will discuss Spirit Fusion. Can anybody start by telling the most basic description of the concept?"

With the addition of [Calligraphy] in his pool of skills, Nik's handwriting had improved by leaps and bounds. If the gravity of his voice couldn't enamor the students, then his dazzling writing would. Hearing the topic's name, Gin Kao raised his arm alongside many other students. By now, Nik had already installed the method of raising the arm quietly to answer instead of shouting collectively. Sweeping the classroom with his gaze, Nik pointed at Gin Kao and waited for the kid to explain. Since Gin Kao was from an Aristocracy, he fluently started to explain the parameters of the concept Spirit Fusion.

"When two spirit masters have compatible martial spirits, they can try and fuse their spirits together for a brief period. Spirit Fusion is an extremely rare occurrence, and only a few spirit masters ever achieved this technique in the past."

His explanation served as the foundation on which Nik continued while gesturing Gin Kao to sit down.

"Exactly. But, exceptions persist everywhere," Nik said with a smile and walked towards the board, flaunting his skill once again and drawing two swords on the board. One looked like a steel sword with a straight edge, and the other one looked bony, fused with flesh, and ferocious. Nik then proceeded to draw two stick figures above the swords. One had short hair, and the other one sported long hair.

"Consider this situation." Nik tapped the board with the chalk and attracted the attention of the students, "These two swords do not look compatible, right? The left one (straight edge) is a martial spirit that leans towards the light element, and the right one (bony one) leans towards the dark element," Saying this, Nik then pointed at the two stick figures above the two spirits.

"What about them, the spirit masters. If they have extreme compatibility, can they fuse their spirits?"

Nik waited for a few breaths and looking at the slightly troubled expression of the students as if they are asked the toughest mathematical question of the decade. Nik smiled from the depths of his heart and answered for them, "They can fuse their spirits." Nik's words sent the class into a clamor, but Nik kept his smile and continued, "Now, what about this situation?" As he spoke, he erased the malevolent sword and drew the exact same sword on the right, matching the features of the left one.

"Now, the swords are exactly the same. They are even compatible spirits that might raise the potency of the attack by 200%. But what if the two Spirit Masters are hesitant towards each other?"

Nik inquired while scooching up on the desk and gazing at the students with interest.

One of the students finally raised her hand.

"Yes, Xun Yai?"

Nik encouraged the girl with a bright smile as she stood up with a soft flush on her face and stammered, "Um... they may not be able to fuse their spirits, b-but, with enough practice, they may get it done."


Nik waved his hand to gesture Xun Yai to sit while Nik jumped up from the table and pointed at the spirits.

"This lecture is fairly simple and logical. First, raise your hands if you still didn't understand until now." As Nik stated, this was a reasonably straightforward lecture, and all the students understood the facts. But this wasn't the hard part.

"Now, You all will divide yourself. Tool Spirits on one side and beast spirits on the other."

His words made the students feel weird, but they still did what Nik asked. Once the students were separated, Nik gazed at the larger group of tool spirit masters and then swept his gaze over the beast spirit masters.

"Now, you all will take part in a mock exercise. First, you all should contact the student with the most similar spirit as yours and then try to fuse your spirits. Remember, you do not have to actively merge your spirit, but simply hold each other's hands and extend spirit energy in the point of contact, alright?"

The education system of this world didn't make these young teenagers s.e.x.u.a.lly healthy. For them, even holding hands was considered quite a high goal, which didn't sit right with Nik. So, for the past few days, Nik started such mock exercises, which would reduce the tension between young boys and girls while allowing them to mature mentally. Honestly, if you have consent to hold hands, it isn't wrong or embarrassing at all!

Nik's hard work reflected through the ease of communication between the genders. He didn't care if his students could fuse their spirits or not, but he definitely cared for their emotional well-being. It was hard to imagine any of his students become a three-hundred-year-old hermit due to the incompetence of the educational system. Not only the apprentice class, but Nik also commenced the same mock exercises in intermediary and senior classes. Of course, he set up guidelines so that the activities don't turn into grounds of harassment, and he had to beat up a few unruly boys more than seven times before they came to their senses.

As the class continued in the mock exercise, Nik sat and observed the students while activating his [Life Vision] and training it over time. This skill required a lot of energy, something Nik did not have, so he can only increase the level slowly, with deep acc.u.mulation.

At the end of the class, not a single pair could fuse their spirits, but even then, the students surpassed Nik's expectations and actually formed three-man groups that would be required in the upcoming examination. Seeing this, Nik really hoped that his apprentices had already formed teams or else... well, they would have to pair with each other. When the time comes, Nik won't be around to shoulder the blame.

After the theory class and the martial training was finished, Nik was intercepted by Ye Sheng.

"Vice-Principal, are you well?"

Nik greeted politely, not in the least bit weirded out by the recollection of overly excited Ye Sheng during the nightly orgies. This was Nik's s.e.x.u.a.l maturity.

"I am doing good, Nik," Ye Sheng laughed. He looked vibrant and full of life.

He then touched his beard while gesturing Nik to follow him with his other hand. "Let's talk while walking. It takes a long time to reach the Principal's office."

Nik frowned for a moment, and then followed Ye Sheng as he described the sudden interest of the Alchemist Association within the Holy Orchid Institute and the extremely favorable terms of partnership in the long run. The one who established the relationship was Yang Xin. According to Ye Sheng, she left the academy a few minutes ago, and she also explicitly stated that Nik should be privy to these matters.

The only cause that could bring such a sudden change, that Nik could think of was his victory against the Demon Lord. Although Nik used the Smite Token, it allowed him to portray strength that couldn't be controlled by the Alchemist Association. But still, instead of speculating, he would rather hear it from Yang Xin directly. The only reason he denied to adventure with his apprentices was due to his engagement with Yang Xin.

After fifteen minutes of jogging, they finally reached the library tower and walked up the stairs. Ye Sheng knocked on the doors and waited until a grave voice echoed out and allowed Ye Sheng to enter the office.

"Lord Principal, I have brought Nik."


Inside the lavish carriage marked with the Alchemist Association's insignia, Yang Xin sat with her arms covering her cleavage. As a woman, it was hard for her to reach such a high position. Of course, she had to seduce many men and flirt with plenty to get things done, but she still felt the jeepers whenever she had to meet with the principal of the institute.

Incredibly pathetic is what Yang Xin classified the principal's lascivious intensity as. After all, there is a limit at how much someone can stare at a pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"Huff~ I had to pull another overnight to create a new contract for Nik... I need to sleep!"

Yang Xin groaned and plopped sideways on the seat of the carriage with an exhausted expression. Pushing her palms into her cleavage, Yang Xin took out the locket. This was a spatial locket. With this, Yang Xin pulled a green pill with an exceedingly terrible stink.

"Ooof! I'm awake!"

She yelped hurriedly and stored the pill into her locket.



Nik blurted out with his expression turning cold by the second, and the gravity in the room practically solidifying. Nik's electric gaze fell on the bald principal with a round body and short legs. Ordinarily, Nik would not curse at those with charm lower than his. But the pictures of his apprentices on the table... and that expression...


Nik whispered and gazed at the black-tinted bespectacled man and threw Lilith straight at his terrified face. Ye Sheng was already in a panic. Everybody in the city knew that the principal was a great philanderer, and keeping the pictures of girls wasn't even the worst thing he had committed. There were many more scandals in his name, but fortunately, all of the girls in those scandals were merely paid entertainers.

Seeing the infernal broadsword growing larger in his vision shook Son Ma to his very core, and he wished to leave everything and run. Yes, he was willing to run even his treasured collection of paintings he had drawn himself. But where could he run?

Before the blade cut the man's head off, however, it descended and destroyed the table before Nik threw a large fireball and destroyed all the pictures. Next, he walked forward and wielded the blade himself.

Nik was aware of the principal's reputation, and now he was sure that two beings were controlling the institute. This guy was merely the front.

Nik observed the round-bellied man and inquired warmly, "Are these all the images?"

His tone was laced with hypnotic powers, and the principal shook his head.

"N-no! I have more! Take them!"

He instantly took out a hidden spatial ring and threw it towards Nik. With a single thought, Nik was able to sweep through the contents, and in the next breath, he crushed the ring.

"Good." Nik smiled and waved his hand, instantly reducing the blaze into a fading wisp while snapping his finger and sending Ye Sheng out. From the moment Ye Sheng entered the orgy of the teachers, his will was laced with Nik's control.

Finally, he looked at the principal.

"Sigh, what are you so afraid of? Get up, already."

Nik shook his head while the principal remained on the ground. Never did Son Ma receive such a fierce retaliation due to his hobbies. At least, not after he accidentally saved the angel and became the principal. Heck, he even cultivated up to six spirit rings, but all of this was incredibly forced, so when faced with Nik, who held the potential to spar against Ye Zong and defeat him if serious, Son Ma stood no chance.

"It seems like the other principal allows internal conflict? After all, she still hasn't interrupted."

Nik smiled and retracted Lilith into his spiritual world. Nik just wanted to shake Son Ma deeply so that he could control him. Never did the thought of killing him appear within his mind. Not for mere pictures. Since when did Nik become so petty? He will, of course, bring hell to his consciousness so that he never gets his brother up, but killing him wasn't Nik's choice.

"W-what other principal?"

Son Ma stammered as Nik tilted his head.

"The one who is stronger than you."

Instantly, Son Ma's eyes widened, and he hissed, "You mean the angel? She is on the roof. Please, don't hurt me. These pictures I drew was not to ruin anybody's reputation"

"Shh," Nik whispered while bringing his index over his lips. "I understand. Drawing a woman you like is quite a wonderful feeling. But... sorry... if I don't do this, I'll regret it," Nik continued softly and then instantly placed Son Ma in an illusion of all the girls he drew, except Nik's students from every classes, with a rather hefty little brother who wanted nothing but to taste Son Ma this time around.

Seeing Son Ma's expression becoming pale, Nik nodded with a broad smile and a satisfied expression before journeying up the roof of the Library. Meanwhile, Ye Sheng still stood outside the office with a dazed expression. Nik let him be and walked ahead.


While Nik reduced the number of perverts within the city by one, the expedition group was moving at a steady pace. Glory City is the last establishment of humanity with the borders surrounded by Star Dou forest. What lies ahead was a mystery since no-one ever had the strength to explore the forest entirely.

"Ye Hong, concentrate, will you!" Chen Linjian shouted as Ye Hong merrily accompanied Ray. Right now, the group was surrounded by the seniors from the genius class, while the talented students from the lower classes moved in small groups in between the perimeters set by the students of the genius class. Well, all except for Korra.


Korra's massive frame jumped on the green fur ape as it exploded in a mass of gore.

"There ya go! First, pay me, and then, you can absorb the ring."

A purple ring slowly stabilized above the remaining portion of the corpse as a student from noble origins paid seven thousand demon spirit coins and went forward to absorb the ring. Seeing this, Chen Linjian wasn't irritated. Aside from exploring, the group would also raise their strength by incorporating rings every now and then.

"Guys, we will rest until Chu Chang absorbs this ring. In the meantime, you can explore the surroundings. If you are fortunate enough to find a beast compatible with you, do not hesitate to hire other students for assistance."

The students nodded and paired with the members they knew and went off to different directions excitedly.

"Ray, we should find a spirit ring for you, too."

Ye Hong spoke with a smile that creeped the living life out of her younger cousin Ye Ziyun. She instantly pulled Ray and hissed at Ye Hong, "Stinky cousin, don't hog Ray. I need to spend time with her, too."

Before Ye Hong could refute, he found Ray smiling towards him and nodding.

Aside from Nik's apprentice, even Xiao Xue grew close to Ray, but it seemed like a few guys wanted to join their party due to their background and beauty.

"People, I'm off to loot a few more brats!"

Korra licked her lips and jumped off to the direction where the member of the Gin Family went. Meanwhile, Ning'er sighed openly and whispered, "Master should have also restricted Korra to act recklessly."

"Hmm?" Ray looked towards Ning'er and smiled, "Isn't Korra the strongest out of your group?"

This time, Ye Ziyun spoke with a bright expression, "No, she is experienced. But the strongest one is Ryu'er!"

Ryu'er turned her head away with a sigh and rolled her eyes. Not that anybody could see her eyes.


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