Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 403

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 403 Real Sweets

Humble Shen Yue's skill wasn't. The moment he arrived at the estate, he found Shen Yue's figure wrapped in a violet phantom. A yellow spirit ring revolved around him as Shen Yue looked towards Nik and bowed slightly.

"Uncle Nik, I was just showing my spirit skill to Aunt, Asami, and..."

Shen Yue looked towards a dark-skinned woman with blue hair tips. She wore a rather childish nightsuit and was already drooling when Shen Xue glared at her. "All you know is sleep and eat! At least pay attention when Yue'er is demonstrating his skill!" She shouted, but that only pulled a sigh from Gojira.

"Yo, teacher Nik... quite a handful you have here!"

Gojira greeted casually, not letting the fact that there was a whole new world filled with people far stronger than her current self affect her. She then frowned and looked at Shen Yue, "Got a nice skill there. Keep practicing, I guess."

"What do you mean by that?! At least praise my nephew properly!"

Shen Xiu snorted as Shen Yue already regretted not finding Ray when he found that he was in an expedition. Meanwhile, Asami smiled towards Nik and spoke up, "These two have been going at each other from the moment Gojira returned after closing her bathhouse."

"Ah, of course," Nik nodded in understanding when suddenly, a tear-stricken Xue Yin shuttled towards Nik and hugged him tightly while sobbing. Till now, Nik wasn't even able to take a step into the estate, but without any troubles, he stroked her back while looking at the three women with a confused expression. Do things really need to change only after a single day? He exhaled softly and silently hugged the trembling Xue Yin until she regained her composure while gesturing everyone to enter the estate already.

As they moved, Nik looked towards Shen Yue and finally dispelled all his thoughts on using him to break Nie Li's mentality. Nie Li had returned from the future and became a valuable treasure trove for Nik. He wanted to deal with Nie Li by powering up Shen Yue by making him train under a hypnotic trance, but now that he had entered Ray's fold, he knew well enough to stop that plan right there. Now, Nik had already planned to deal with Nie Li personally. He wasn't afraid even if Ray was beside Nie Li.

Why? Because Nik now understood the true nature of Champions by a slight amount.

Champions were people favored by the will of the world. Nik had already killed one of the Champions, and after realizing the nature of Champions, it was easy enough to title Nie Li as one. A reincarnator with many skills and a cheat item in the form of Kaal's notebook. Even when this cheat was, in reality, a prank. Even now, Nik did not know the correct use of Kaal's temporal demon spirit book. The change in the flow of time was the most basic of its use. And since Nik was basically the owner of the book, he didn't have to go through Kaal's cruel prank of time loop where he will be forced to return to his past in an event he died.

As the group entered the estate filled with warmth due to the glowing inscription patterns, Nik led Xue Yin to the living room while commanding the maid to prepare a meal for the group. Shen Yue instantly excused himself. He had no interest in women's squabble now that he was pulled into men's wrestling.


Night had already descended as the expedition stopped and erected camps in the area. The Ancient Orchid Ruins, though closest to the City, would take one day and half a night to reach. The remaining distance was already discussed to be covered tomorrow. Everyone came prepared, and soon, Spirit Masters started guarding the area.

"How is it? Do you feel any discomfort?"

Within Lanruo's tent, Korra and Lanruo sat across each other. Right now, both of Korra's forearms were glimmering gold as her expression was a bit strained. "Hnng," she grunted, "A little painful, but manageable. Thanks for assisting me." Korra opened her eyes with exhaustion filling her face as Lanruo shook her head and pulled the blanket over Korra.

"No need to thank me... I am just slightly good at this kind of stuff," Lanruo smiled and then sat on her bed with a sigh, "Anyway, you were lucky enough to not only kill the duskgold dreadclaw bear but also refine its spirit ring as your second one and also gain...

Two spirit bones!"

"No need to be so dramatic," Korra chuckled weakly. Right now, she didn't look like her usual self, even for a single bit. She was too exhausted after refining the claws of the duskgold dreadclaw bear into her arms, filling the two slots of spirit bones a spirit master can absorb.

"Oh, come on!" Lanruo rolled her eyes, "We are talking about duskgold dreadclaw bear! One of the ten fiercest beasts of the Star Dou forest and the strongest bear species! Let me be a little dramatic!"

"You do you. I am sleeping now."

Korra sighed softly and closed her eyes. From fighting the overpowered duskgold dreadclaw bear to absorbing its spirit ring and exerting her mind and finally, absorbing the two tyrannical spirit bones, Korra had broken her limits thoroughly and found herself entirely spent! The moment she closed her eyes, she was already asleep.

Meanwhile, Lanruo remained within the tent. Someone had to stay by Korra's side after she was even unable to wake up after such difficulties. A soft sigh escaped Lanruo's lips, and she wondered...

Could she ever fight like Korra?

Although the answer was negative, it brought great insight to Lanruo. If she couldn't fight courageously, then she should have enough evasive and silent methods to fight. This was the path she was willing to pursue.

While Lanruo meditated, she had already decided to use this expedition as an opportunity to find herself her first spirit ring and breakthrough to become a Rank 1 spirit master.

While two of Nik's students were inside the camp, the remaining three were sitting around the large bonfire. Ning'er looked towards Lanruo's camp in worry. None of them explained that aside from the spirit ring, Korra was fortunate enough to gain two spirit bones simultaneously. Being part of aristocracies, how could the girls not understand the risk of exposing such a fortune? The surrounding students might have torn faces then and there and attacked Korra regardless of the cost. Even if Ziyun could observe Ning'er's worry, she dared not comment upon it. After all, there remained a chance that someone might overhear them.

Meanwhile, Ryu'er sighed in distress. She finally realized what felt wrong with Nik this morning. And the realization brought no comfort to Ryu'er. Instead, it soured her mood to such an extent that she felt like removing the limits and rampage in the surroundings!

After all, Nik's body was veiled thinly by her mother's aura!

Nik might remove the scent and other traces of his deeds, but the aura of an empress in the heat was hard to get read of.

'Damn it! Damn, all of them! I have been nothing but nice!

All the time!'

Ryu'er spat internally, but outwards, she mewled softly as Xiao Xue passed her hand over her shaggy hair. The pink-haired lady of the Xiao family looked distressed, just like Ryu'er.

"Is everything all right?"

Ning'er looked towards Xiao Xue. In front of them, a few female seniors were preparing fresh soup for everyone. Although, the amount received by each of them will be less, all of the students had also prepared meat jerky for themselves. Not to mention the fact that Xiao Ning'er comfortably contributed the giant vat of Blizzard Honey so that it could be shared with everyone else.

She couldn't possibly drink all of it, so why not share it? This warm-hearted and open-minded nature won everybody's respect in the group.

Far away from the girls, Nie Li swept his gaze past Ning'er while sipping on the honey.

'In my previous life, Xiao Ning'er was engaged to Shen Fei, Shen Yue's elder brother, against her will. This was because of the Sacred Family wishing to devour the Winged Dragon Family. But now, not only the entire Sacred Family is obliterated, but their connection to the Dark Guild also came to light and allowed me to link many events of the past. But, the core of all these changes, Nik, actually continued and defeated more Family Heads.

And, I have a reason to believe that the City Lord has also lost to Nik.'

Nie Li thought with a shudder. He still recalled the absolutely mind-boggling sight of the white light exploding in the sky silently. If not Nik, then who? All the fingers point towards his direction, and even if Ye Zong and Nik did not comment, it was probably clear to the major factions of the City. Nie Li exhaled deeply and then focused on Lu Piao, who was gazing at Ray. The succubus sat beside Ye Hong and acted as the perfect wife-to-be. This act was necessary.

This world was filled with countless talents, and as Nik thought, Ray wanted to use this expedition to hunt!

Which better way to hunt other than luring the beasts by acting weak and spreading the scent of a monster in the heat?

Ray smiled happily as 'she' chatted with multiple men while his familiar was already groaning and m.o.a.ning inside. Each familiar is a unique being, but even with all their quirks, they were nothing but absolutely loyal. The only reason why Ray and Yar even grew this close was because of Ray wanting to find his elder sister Clara had made him walk on a path of loneliness. As the only succubus, there was a major prize on his head. The act of Nik surpassing the tribulation and sniffing out the Prime Incubus lineage had already demonstrated him a way to gain the rewards and strengthen himself. But he didn't have enough strength to surpass the bloodline tribulations, and Ray was previously informed that the Infernal Lords wouldn't make a move to help him.

All this made Ray treat Yar like close kin. Ray might be wary of the world, but when it comes to Yar, she had Ray's full trust. That is the reason why Ray named Yar, the inverse of his name.

"Ah, Ye Ray! You are so kind and talented! How much you have to endure by staying close to this buffoon. It's truly a pity!"

Chen Linjian laughed heartily. He was merely jesting and teasing his friend, alas, the wise heir of the Divine Family did not know that Ray was nothing but a man who valued commitment! If Chen Linjian wants to have a piece of him, why would Ray not reciprocate?

But at the moment, 'she' only smiled in embarrassment and hid 'her' face into Ye Hong's chest as the surrounding students from the genius class laughed loudly.


*Back to the sudden change in Glory City*

"Ehm, I lost my composure. Sorry."

Xue Yin whispered with a face so red that made Nik compare it to ruby rabbit's meat! He could just gobble Xue Yin up with a seasoning of her love juices and well-cooked flesh from her body's temperature. Still, Nik suppressed the sudden desire to compare all of his girls with the dishes he has devoured since that would be weird, and focused on Xue Yin.

Instead of the living room, everyone sat across a lavish dining room and waited for Xue Yin to continue. After exhaling deeply, Xue Yin pointed her trembling index towards Gojira and hissed in anger and sadness. Her expression was incomparably pitiful.

"She ate all the candies."

"All right, if someone else doesn't say it, I will," Gojira huffed and eyed Xue Yin casually. She wasn't the least bit affected. What had Gojira not snatched from others and eaten? But this woman, Nik's partner, simply had an unnatural obsession towards these candies.

"These candies aren't that sweet. Try Nik's blood or c.u.m for a change. They are way better!"

The surroundings froze while the only person who had given Nik a real blowjob Asami nodded in understanding.

In her words, it was healthy, sweet, and revitalizing!