Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 404

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 404 Asami's Entry

To bring a smile to Xue Yin's face, Nik brought out the jars of candy that Xue Yin had previously given to him to relieve a bit of guilt in her heart. The act of filling her coffins with such a wealth instantly made the mature woman give a toothy grin.

"That's why I love you!"

She squeaked happily while storing the jars into her spatial ring. Xue Yin was a woman who grew satisfied with small things in her life. Now, Nik was slowly spoiling her. In just a single session of 5 hours, a 'small' thing would not even leave any sort of emotion within Xue Yin. But, she now enjoyed the feeling of being spoiled. Nik treated her like a princess during the day and then ruined her tender holes, making her a proper woman every night.

"Anyway, I will be teaching all of you something important."

Nik suddenly spoke up and eyes the girls around him with a somber expression. His body language made the girls around him serious as their backs straightened, and they leaned forward slightly.

"It is a new technique. The partner who masters it first would get treasures actually worth being envious of."

As Nik said till here, he looked towards Asami and smiled, "But first, I might as well fill you up with crucial information about me."

Saying so, a translucent screen appeared in front of Asami as she felt the gazes of her 'sisters' concentrate on her. The screen was light blue in color and inquired if Asami was willing to become Nik's partner. Being an astute individual, Asami observed each person around her, even Gojira, and found that all of them were looking towards her while gazing at the screen every now and then.

"Is this like a cult or something?"

Asami inquired in hesitation. In the past, a few cults have arisen in the City and caused great damage to its foundations. By now, every type of cultist activity was disbanded forcefully, and if the City found even the slightest trace of this virus, it would mobilize all its strength to eradicate it. Right now, she couldn't help but associate Nik to being a cultist. In fact, Nik was also a little dismayed. He wanted to teach all the girls present something important, and that would reveal the existence of the [Transmigration Paradise]. Sending out the L.u.s.t Recruitment's notice did not directly expose the name of the paradise, but, if Klas exposed the name during the demonstration, there would he lethal consequences.

"Of course, not." Nik directly refuted her statement and pondered for a moment before speaking, "In a way, you'll become my close confidant. There is no cult, but you and I will be able to share each other's secrets with a single thought, but there is no need to push each other into the corner and force these secrets out."

Asami hesitantly nodded and accepted the invitation when her eyes grew dazed. The first thing she had to go through was the sudden emergence of the rules of [Transmigration Paradise]. The paradise couldn't even deliver the invitation for potential hosts to join it as ling as Nik continues to deny it. After the rules came an essential insight into Nik. He didn't hide much from Asami; well, he didn't expose his entire life to anyone. If he did, what was the point of even talking to people? He could just f.u.c.k and fill their consciousness about his tales. That is it. Life would be simpler, but the colors would grow dull.

Seeing Asami in a daze, Nik turned towards the girls and smiled brightly. "All right, aside from Lanruo, all of you are here. Now, I need to tell you a few things. First, I plan to wreck the Dark Guild. Second, I would be dropping my job as a teacher after the half-yearly examination has been completed. Last, I need your help to find various herbs within the forest," Nik said while looking towards Gojira.

"Wait a minute. Why are you leaving the institute?" Xue Yin inquired with a frown. While the other two looked at him with interest. Hearing Xue Yin's words, Nik smiled sheepishly.

"From morning, I assist in all of your training before spending a significant part of my time in the institute. I honestly enjoy my time teaching the kids, but if I pursue that, I can't help Shen Xiu in her goals, I only have a little time to study stuff with Xue Yin, and as the people around me increases, I'll have to carefully divide my time so that none of you feel left out."

Hearing him, Gojira snorted and narrowed her gaze.

"We aren't that needy, boy."

She wasn't wrong. Each of the girls only acted the way they did because of Nik. All of them are strong individuals. Shen Xiu has remarkable tolerance, Asami is a martial genius, Xue Yin is a master inscriptionist, Lanruo has the capabilities of turning a dwindling business into a gold mine, and finally, Gojira was literally strong, her physique and spiritual prowess far greater than Nik. Hearing Gojira's words, Nik shrugged and didn't even think of refusing her. This was a matter of opinion. A grown man would still have parents worrying for him. Similarly, a man like Nik would feel his life wasted if he doesn't use it to spend his time with the girls around him and run off to teach.

Both of the prospects felt amazing, but Nik prioritized the former.

"Of course, not. In fact, none of you are needy or desperate. But why would I need your approval to divide my time?"

Nik smiled and continued leisurely, "Not only this, but you all are also familiar with the consciousness pool that can allow us to do our things while accompanying each other. Not even the basic infrastructure has been laid, and I want to ask for Xue Yin's help on this matter."

Nik's words made Gojira frown. She didn't like how Nik brushed past her pride, but the thought of him taking the lead uncharacteristically made her special bits twitch. She licked her drying lips when Asami suddenly gasped and interjected the discussion.

"Holy shit! This is simply far more dangerous than a cult!" She yelled while pushing her palms against the crystal table harshly. How could a person even think that multiple organizations target different worlds for their own benefits? But the moment she looked at Gojira, her expression changed further, "And, you! Are you really the Dragon Slayer, Godzilla? The beast on top of the most dangerous species?" Asami inquired with her heart trembling while Gojira, dressed in a loose robe with her cleavage wildly exposed and her waist-long hair cascade over her torso, raised her arm and shrugged. "Ah! Calamity of the strongest monster. Aside from my cute fans, even humans are affected by my reputation."

Xue Yin and Shen Xiu already had their moments of shock, so they didn't care much. Meanwhile, Nik didn't simply expose Gojira's existence to Lanruo due to Ryu'er being with her. Exposing Gojira meant exposing Ryu'er, and Nik didn't want that until he was present in the scene. "Does that mean your daughter is also a" Asami continued while Gojira placed her index on her full lips and gestured Asami not to continue. Seeing her casual gesture, Asami's lips twitched before she inquired once again.

"So is that legend real? The existence of a dragon that could compete against you?"

Asami didn't let others speak but inquired with a child-like expression on her face. Seeing her current state, Gojira finally smiled and gave a toothy grin, "Of course, it's real. But he could only exchange moves for a few minutes before he would be forced to recover. If you wanna know a real talent, look at him." Gojira pointed towards Nik and smiled shamelessly. "He is the one who knows how to exchange moves. He is better than a dragon."

"Of course, it is only natural."

Nik accepted the praise without an ounce of blush and looked at everyone seriously. "Since all of you now know the crucial aspect of my life, we can begin all of your training."


On the outskirts of the City, two figures were racing. Their expression was ragged, and their body filled with injuries. If Ye Zong saw these two individuals, he would find out that one of them is his adopted son Ye Han, and the other man is the elder of the Snow Divine Family.

"Young Master, leave! I'll hold that"


A grotesque sound rang in the silence of the night as Ye Han's eyes widened, and he found the elder looking at him with widened eyes while a soul-shaking pain wreaked havoc in his body. Before he could scream or vomit blood, a large hand covered his mouth and continued stabbing him from the back.


The elder raged, but he felt his vision tilt and 'descending.' It was a strange experience, and he hadn't heard anything like this before. But how could he? Not everyone lives to tell the tale of their head getting sliced off of their neck. In his last moments, the elder saw that the person stabbing Ye Han was, in reality, Ye Han!


"Why are we here?"

Shen Xiu inquired as Nik opened the doors of his underground chamber. It was lavishly designed by Nik himself so that he doesn't feel homesick. Meanwhile, within the center of the room was a bed occupied by a sleeping woman. Strangely, the area around the woman's bosom was raised sharply as if two towers were constructed on her n.i.p.p.l.es. Seeing Nik's expression turning strange, Shen Xiu coughed gently.

"That woman targetted you alongside the Demon Lord. I needed to punish her in some way."

The gazes of other women around Shen Xiu changed. Asami didn't know that this captive was taken from the battle with the Demon Lord, so she initially held a slight amount of pity for the woman. But even then, none of them aside from Nik and Shen Xiu knew what was above her n.i.p.p.l.es. The situation was strange, but Nik decided to bring the girls in and close the door. He then moved towards Klas and carefully studied her Klas. He had several notes from Brian and Ray regarding the structure of the Transmigration Paradise. Just like the Incubus Society, Succubus Society, and the Fiend Society, prominent lineages had their own societies. Klas's description easily matched some sort of variation of crystal-men.

Usually, the crystal-men would have body comprised of crystals, so this was Nik's first time looking at such a hybrid. But that didn't stop Nik, and he pulled the bedsheet above Klas' body away, revealing her delicate body with her n.i.p.p.l.es pinched by long clips. Seeing this, Nik nodded in satisfaction. He wouldn't stop his girls from enlightening themselves. With Shen Xiu taking such strides, Nik only felt proud. After removing the clips, Nik looked at Klas' swollen green n.i.p.p.l.es glimmering with a tinge of moistness covering it before looking at the four girls.

"Today's lesson will be divided into blowjob and anal. This lady here will be the 'tool' of the demonstration. Of course, I'll bring her in my fold sooner or later, so she will be the first one out of you who'll ever give me a proper blowjob."

Nik smiled beautifully as his [L.u.s.t Domain] expanded, and his [Pheromone Illusion] filled the space.