Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 406

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 406 Practicals

Nik rubbed the underside of his veiny shaft against Klas's smeared p.u.s.s.y. His girth so wide that his c.o.c.k dr.a.p.ed over her emerald p.u.s.s.y lips as is she only had a single hole, her mouth, which was slobbered after many throaty groans and wet adventures. Nik placed both of his hands on the base of her thighs with her foot far apart and leaving a wide gap for Nik to lock his gaze with Klas. She was terrified, and it was apparent in her gaze. But being the apostle of l.u.s.t and spreader of debauchery, Nik looked past this fear and only found unhindered passion! Right now, Nik hadn't used his skills at all. [Mirage Manipulation] was untapped, and even if his domain and pheromones covered Klas, he didn't specifically target her. Not to mention the skill of infusing Hamon into his touches that could stimulate the pleasure areas.

Matching Nik's gaze, Klas groaned and begged. Her body tried to struggle but only served to rub her snatch against Nik's c.o.c.k and to let her erect nubbin get teased by one of the popped veins. Her eyes were streaming with tears glittered in faintest of green, but her hair was glowing unnaturally. Even her n.i.p.p.l.es gave off a soft sheen that attracted Nik's attention. This was the classic case of mind drowning in refusal of the sea of body's acceptance. How could Nik not fulfill the wishes of the maiden who could compete Pavak, a living spirit, in terms of cushiness of the interior? Instead of keeping her legs pushed back, Nik straightened her lower limbs so that her foot grew closer to Nik and allowed him to plant a tender peck on her ankle.

"What's the use of this pointless struggle? Your legs are unbounded, and you haven't tried to kick me even once. I know a few things about crystal-men," Nik whispered as he turned his face and gave Klas's other ankle a peck. This tenderness was merely a prelude to rough, educational joyride. "Your hair and certain other parts glow wildly once you feel extremely excited. From the moment you were captured, this is the only time your hair gave off such a reaction."

He retracted his h.i.p.s and let his thumbs rub either side of her fleshy entrance. Her major labia were slightly on the puffy side, giving Klas a fragile feel, but the moment Nik mobilized a little bit of strength, her green cunt instantly spread wide while allowing Nik to admire her glowing interior. In the deepest recesses, Nik could even see the twitching entrance of her w.o.m.b. Instead of prolonging the inevitable, Nik filled the entrance with a push of his tip. Nik let go of her puffy folds and pushed on her legs once again while slowly dragging his c.o.c.k into her moist snatch. With each inch, Klas's expression changed, and by now, all the tease Nik had performed made the girls sit with slightly rigid positions. Out of them, only Gojira enjoyed the feeling of l.u.s.t wreaking her body while eagerly watching the show.

The previous battle was an utter defeat for her, and now, if she could gain insights into Nik and his technique, she could coordinate her body to counter and squeeze Nik accordingly. While others couldn't do this, Gojira could. After all, she had complete control of her body. Even the current twitches and thin squirts that juiced her body up was intentionally uncontrolled. After all, what would she even do after restricting all her pleasure senses? Become a f.u.c.k doll with no emotions? Please. She wasn't a hermit who wished to grab the heavens with a mere grasp of palms or a relentless harlot ready to f.u.c.k and ride anything that moves. She had a class, and after finding out that her body had quite literally submitted to a person who fought beings partially greater in rank, Gojira was satisfied. Unlike her, however, Xue Yin, Asami, and Shen Xiu did not have this level of expertise.

"Ho~" Xue Yin breathed hotly. Her mature, needy m.o.a.ns only made the hearts of younger Shen Xiu and Asami flutter. How could this candy-loving bimbo even let out such a motherly m.o.a.n? It was as if her m.o.a.ns were commands. A direct order from heaven that Xue Yin needed to be filled. Impaled by the gloriest of the knight in the armor so infernal and debauched that the mere sight induces heaven to send down even more beauties of Xue Yin's caliber. After her entrance to Nik's fold, Xue Yin had long refrained from wearing her baggy robes and garbed outfits that accentuated her curves. So what if other people gaze at her with eyes filled minute slivers of l.u.s.t that might not even compare to the ocean of l.u.s.t Nik retained? Could they do anything? No. The can only gaze at her beauty... and well, accidentally hear her m.o.a.ns.

With the two edges of her robe below the belt flipped outwards, Xue Yin exposed her lacy white panties soaked in her scent and nectar. Her fingers rubbed against the garment while making full use of the texture of the fabric to ease the burning itch growing at a steady pace. The other corrupt arm of hers entered from the top of the collar and sunk into her left b.r.e.a.s.t while thumbing her puffy a.r.e.o.l.a, making the sleeping n.i.p.p.l.e rise to full attention. Meanwhile, Asami and Shen Xiu continued to explore their own bodies, but the trio still observed Nik earnestly. Nik specially arranged this, and this educative session was also the reason why Nik simply didn't mobilize the full extent of his pheromones.


Nik m.o.a.ned softly. It felt like finding a glove that fit perfectly. The entirety of his shaft had been pushed into her wet mine with her sloppy walls tightening and squishing around Nik, instinctively printing the shape of his c.o.c.k over the poor dildo. After all, the bigger's winner. With a new template into Klas's emerald mine, scratching the walls and hitting her w.o.m.b with every throb, it would be a surprise if her body didn't take action personally.


Instead of letting her presence known outrageously, Klas merely whimpered while the shape of Nik's c.o.c.k inflated through her skin and even reached her abdomen. She was 'that' flexible! Her body did not have organs but extremely durable and flexible compartments so Nik could ride without any fear. This was a woman whose species allowed her to take the full brunt of Nik's c.o.c.k, and beneath the thin layer of suppression was a boundless pleasure that awaited her. Once Nik had entered into Klas entirely, he didn't move. Instead, he leaned forward as his body dr.a.p.ed over Klas's.

'Ah, was he that big? I, a talented expert from the Absolute Guild, lost to this man. But when did he grow this big... this tall...'

"T-this hot..."

Klas whispered.

It took a full second to register the fact. She whispered! The gag

Before she could think further, Nik smiled and threw the gag away before sealing Klas's soft lips. Her tongue, unsurprisingly, was bright emerald with a fleshy texture. Klas's eyes widened in surprise as she even hugged the back of Nik's neck! Even her hands were unbounded. Before the unholy actions of retreating from this ritual even emerged in her mind, Nik dragged his h.i.p.s slowly. The curve of his c.o.c.k teasing the tense flesh as her slightly trained butt gaped with Nik's movements.


Klas m.o.a.ned. A full m.o.a.n unhindered by any form of restriction. Even Nik's lips couldn't suppress her body's delight and unwilling to let Nik's c.o.c.k continue this tantalizing tease, Klas flexibly straddled Nik's waist and bucked her h.i.p.s forward, impaling herself against Nik's c.o.c.k while clenching and squeezing her moist entrance instinctively. It was slightly unsettling for the four women to see such a petite girl with Nik's c.o.c.k literally pushing her skin around her abdomen up while f.u.c.k.i.n.g with such vigor. It was quite a gratifying act of already detailing on Klas's origin before showing them this scene.

But they understood one point clearly.

This isn't anal.

As expected, Nik only smiled at Klas's vigor, but burdening her mind with an orthodox session wasn't what Nik had in mind, and with a feral grin, he sat up while pulling Klas's lithe body alongside. For a moment, Klas's pupils rolled back as she felt 'full.' Her procreation compartment was pushed to the limits, and the connecting tube was letting off alarming signals that made Klas's almost lose her mind! This wasn't natural at all! A crystal-men isn't supposed to understand l.u.s.t and experience pleasure. It could be said that Klas's officially ventured into the uncharted territory that none of her elders or the queen of the hive had ever experienced.


Klas squeaked meekly while Nik once again sealed her lips and pushed her body up at an appropriate distance despite her struggle before humping upwards in a debauched delight with his full balls smacking up against her pale ass and making those cheeks tremble. He didn't let go of her head even for a moment while he delivered more-than-expected results by continuously driving his c.o.c.k in and out of her cunt until his own tool was soaked in Klas's, green, mineral juices.

"Ah! Ahh!"

Even if Nik sealed her lips, he still let go every now and then just to enjoy Klas's m.o.a.ns. Her sweet breath lingered against his neck as her sweat-damp body latched against his body. Her perky n.i.p.p.l.es and plump bosom were mushed against Nik's body as the dazed Klas simply admired Nik's form through her glazed vision.

Seeing that Klas was on the verge of losing consciousness once again, Nik slowed down his pace, and after a few more strokes, he reluctantly stopped and simply let Klas rest against his body with his c.o.c.k still lodged deep into her body. With a breath of relief, Klas's body leaned down, and her head nuzzled against Nik's chest as she continued muttering her begs, "More... please! Don't stop... I want more... don't be this cruel, please... I beg you!"

She continued her whimpering as Nik smirked and let his voice into the consciousness of the four girls before raising Klas's body and tilting her posture slightly while stretching her asshole and making her wet treat fall into the scrutiny of the other girls. With a delightful expression, Nik continued in their consciousness, "Now, I'll pump deep into this hole, and you all can compare the results. This hole is equally pleasing."

Without making Klas beg any longer, he shifted her body up, freeing his c.o.c.k with fierce 'plop' before aligning his c.o.c.k against the stretched, deformed entrance. The moment his tip probed into her ass, Klas's fate was sealed as Nik instantly bucked his h.i.p.s and groaned softly. She was too tight! Instead of only preparing her cunt, Nik should have simply pushed both the holes with a pair of dildos... in fact, he could have used the long, two-sided dildos. That would have been more efficient!


Klas finally let out an energized groan! Her ass felt like it could tear apart any moment, but it felt too good! In reality, every woman has their own preferences, and anal was chosen only by the really adventurous one. But, who was Nik? He was a being made to please women no matter the hole. In fact, anal was his own preference, so this demonstration was merely to dupe the sage individuals fingering their snatches while m.o.a.ning softly in sync with Nik's pumps!

"Ohh! N-no! No more!"

Klas squealed, and even if her words denied further pumps, the tight clench of her butt only rejected her requests. Snickering, Nik changed the position with him pinning her down and sitting straight while her body lay against the fluffy bed. His eyes locked against Klas, and he spoke with a carnal charm.

"A prize like you is making demands?"

Nik inquired while grabbing the front of her thighs and f.u.c.k.i.n.g her ball's deep! For a moment, Klas's eyes converged to a point, and her lips opened in 'o' pattern with her delicious green tongue lolling out.

"N-no! I am s-sorrrryyyyy!"

Klas's words pulled a satisfied nod from Nik as he rammed his c.o.c.k further!