Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 407

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 407 Master Treatment

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"Ah! Ahhh! Oh- oh, God! M-more!"

Once accustomed to, Klas could only squeal under Nik. Even though Nik impaled her butthole, a soft bulge still formed due to the curve of his c.o.c.k, literally pushing Klas's anal muscles and w.o.m.b upwards. Her soft cries tingled Nik as he leaned down to suckle on her tender neck. Klas, at the moment, felt too pitiful. She wanted to straddle the hunk driving her, but with Nik's arms specifically keeping her thighs down, how could she even raise her legs. The only bit that soothed her trembling body was the fact that the moment he leaned down, Klas could finally hug him and pull him further.

"Woah... he doesn't show mercy, huh..."

Gojira muttered as she witnessed the intense pumping session with her own eyes. A person with Klas's physique, if directed by commonsense, should have been broken in the most literal manner. Nik's meat rod was unnaturally huge for someone like Klas, and the continuous bumps over her abdomen painted the evidence of the act being incomparably wild. Similar to Gojira, the trio looked at the act with their glazed eyes alas, Nik had only started, and he wasn't planning on using his skills in illusion to subdue this woman. He would use the plain ol' l.u.s.t to make sure that Klas can never even imagine to try and target his life again.

So, with a ponderous look flashing on his face for a moment, Nik grinned wolfishly and stopped leaving a trail of hickeys on her neck and let his right palm shuffle over her wet snatch. His face tilted up as he kissed Klas's left ear and inquired hotly, "More? You want more after your sins?"

Nik's thick middle finger curved and pushed against his thumb before he relaxed his thumb and flicked Klas's dark-green clit.


With a weird sound, Klas couldn't help but buck her h.i.p.s up, which only made Nik f.u.c.k her extra hard while a thick stream of glimmering emerald liquid impacted against the base of Nik's crotch while Klas sobbed.

"I-I won't! I aiiim sorryh!"

Klas whimpered and cooed. Still, the apostle didn't care. Her sins were too heavy and needed to be purified from top to bottom. Of course, Nik rubbed her naughty entrance until his fingers were soaked in green before he casually pressed Klas's lips with his right palm and shoved his index and middle finger into her mouth. "I simple sorry won't do!" Nik smiled gently. He could not even think of hating the woman he was rutting. He only knew how to ease her tension by letting her taste the sensual honey she produced on her own. As if adapting to Nik's thoughts, Klas sucked on his fingers with a gentle purr.

"Good girl."

Nik whispered as his c.o.c.k bulged by a slight margin as Nik bucked his h.i.p.s even wildly before dragging his shaft deep into her anus and shot ropes of thick c.u.m that soon filled her hole! Klas's eyes rolled up to a single point before her lips parted, and she found that she did not even have the strength to suck with her lips! But all of that changed soon enough when Nik's nutritious seed started to revitalize her. This was the effect of a higher-tier evolutionary being affecting a low-tier one.


The sound of a hole unplugged rang within the room as Nik pulled his tool out alongside a burst of thick spunk leaking from Klas's gaping asshole that dripped down the crack of her plump butt before forming a grand puddle over the bed. Nik exhaled softly as he looked at the four enamored ladies before sending them another wave of description detailing on the act of oral pleasure. Though an amateur, Asami had barely grasped a slight amount of insight into the act. But Nik didn't let the girls relax as he scooched forward and then decided to walk to the upper side of the bed.

There were multiple ways to enjoy a deepthroat. One was to let the partner take the initiative as she would display her technique and slowly build the pleasure and excitement. The other was to incorporate oneself into the act by interjecting in between and use one's h.i.p.s and hands to make the experience more pleasurable. But looking at the seeded Klas lying on the bed with her limbs sprawled and her lower lips twitching into acc.u.mulating orgasm, Nik only focused on 'using' her further. This would be Klas's retribution. Should she accomplish the task, Klas will have the right to become a proper confidant.

And of course, to use her without care, Nik only had to stand behind Klas's head with the bed's altitude enough to align Klas's lips and the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k as the apostle carefully caught her chin with his index and thumb before raising her jaws sufficient to fit the tip of his c.o.c.k. The rest...

Her body's elasticity shouldered all of it!

With a deep pump, Nik filled Klas's mouth as her a large bulge expanded her throat, making the four raunchy women gulp in fear. This move had defeated Gojira while Asami simply couldn't reach this stage even after two previous attempts. Seeing the ease in which Klas's body could be used, these four were also starting to believe that Klas might have gotten herself captured intentionally. After all, looking at her eyes that was merely a few inches away from Nik's full, green-orgasm soaked balls, they could easily find her pupils glowing in happiness!


Klas approved of Nik using her throat in gurgling delight as her throat choked on his bitch-trainer with light green spit flying out from the corner of her lips and covering the remaining portion of his c.o.c.k. But this was merely the beginning. He instantly started to move. Slow at first and then gaining pace at later stages with Klas's throat bulging and retracting to its normal state at a high interval. Meanwhile, Nik's balls smacked her forehead while her spit that slobbered Nik's shaft soon fell over her cheeks and slid 'upwards' since her face was tilted behind. Nik, on the other hand, crouched his body slightly while keeping a firm grasp over the base of Klas's neck right above her collarbone while bucking his h.i.p.s wildly.

It felt too great. This session's experience matched the level of enjoyment he had with Virya and Pavak. They both were the same. Their pussies fit like a glove while their throat seemed to have limitless elasticity! Not to mention the increase in l.u.s.t and debauchery just by the sight of Klas's remaining body spasming as she squirted once again with her petite body arched up and forming a gentle curve of orgasm.


Klas groaned as Nik's h.i.p.s glided while f.u.c.k.i.n.g Klas's mouth-p.u.s.s.y. There was no point in going easy on her since she had the capability of taking the entirety of Nik!



Alongside the sound of his balls ruthlessly striking her forehead, the squelching sound of her saliva dripping out of her mouth with every pump rang within the room and once Nik's felt like he was at his limits, instead of continuing deepthroating Klas, he took his shaft out and let the jets of c.u.m paint her body white. There was no point in allowing his future s.l.u.t to keep her dignity. To properly engrave himself into her without even using most of his skills, Nik let his searing c.u.m drench her face and chest. A few thick ropes of his holy seed also reached her crotch region as Klas groaned in frustration, but a single slap from his c.o.c.k over her unruly lips made her whimper.

"D-don't stahp now!"

With her body covered patches of Nik's c.u.m, she still begged for more. As a crystal-men, as long as her core compartment is filled with power supplies, she could enjoy the sessions for as long as she wants, not to mention the fact that Nik's seed was taking effect on her once again, turning her into a refreshed s.l.u.t for his c.u.m and pounding that would leave her ass cheeks numb and her digestive compartment full with organic seed! She wanted more! With her decorative hall filled with c.u.m was nowhere near enough.

But how could a servant order the master? The very fact that Klas continued to be unruly made Nik smack his green-tinged c.o.c.k against her lips continuously as he whispered coldly, "What was that? You even have the guts to order me?"

Without waiting for ger reply, Nik pinched her nose and used his free arm to flick at her dirty, swollen n.i.p.p.l.es.

"No! I wouldn't!"

Klas whispered hastily with a soft purr escaping her lips as Nik teased her n.i.p.p.l.es while Nik raised his eyebrow in amus.e.m.e.nt and brought his sloppy c.o.c.k over to her forehead, continuously smacking it and ruining her face with her own spit.

"Good. Then answer me. What you should be saying?"

Klas's body trembled while her mind worked furiously.

"M-master! Please treat this dirty Klas as you wish!"

She spoke up and pulled a satisfactory nod from Nik. With his task fulfilled, Nik gazed at the remaining four girls with a l.u.s.tful glint passing through his violet hues, and he grinned in a lewd manner.

"Now, can the four of you collectively surpass my little servant?"

Nik inquired while sitting on the edge of the bed and stroking Klas's thick hair. Hearing his mocking tone, only Gojira could reply for the other three 'disappointments' had already lost their basic mental cognition temporarily while they furiously dug their own snatches.

With a snort, Gojira stood up and pulled down her robe without any hint of embarrassment.

"Only one way to find out if that s.l.u.t is better than me."

While Gojira snarled arrogantly, she felt her prospects dwindling after seeing the entire spectacle of Klas taking Nik's c.o.c.k in her throat like a champ.