Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 408

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 408 Physical Genius

The darkened room was filled with the wet noises of flesh hitting against each other. Each *pah* sound was followed by a groan which would vary in intensity and alongside push out thick cream from the cunt plowed that dripped down on another creamed body unceremoniously. With both of Asami's hands clutched by Nik and pulled back, Nik didn't let the saucy teacher slump on the bed and f.u.c.k.i.e.d her from behind with a pace so rapid that even the sturdy bed felt like giving out. The mattress was already dirty. Asami's knees flanked Klas's waist as Nik continued to ram his c.o.c.k into Asami with the puddle over Klas's crotch growing and size and depth.

"Ohh! Aghhhhh!"

Asami's hair was disheveled, and since it wasn't tied, it stuck against her sweaty body, giving a slightly uncomfortable feeling, but with Nik nourishing her hole for the first time in her life, this slight was bearable. With her body pulled and each pump shaking her body to the core, even her plump b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled while her naughty n.i.p.p.l.es felt sensitive by the slightest of breeze. Meanwhile, hugging Nik's thigh and suckling on his tanned skin was another dark-skinned beauty with glowing blue hair tips. Her luscious lips sucked and occasionally bit the flesh near Nik's knees, drawing out traces of blood that had already proven to be far more effective than any form of drug available in the world!

The moment Nik's glistening blood came into contact with Gojira's greedy tongue, her eyes narrowed while her butt instantly humped against Xue Yin with their legs scissored against each other. Before Xue Yin could even m.o.a.n, Shen Xiu, with her wicked smile and a heart so loyal that even moved the L.u.s.t Apostle, whispered with her hot m.o.a.ns synchronizing with Asami's glorious grunts. "It won't do... preferring other treats over Nik's treat. Taste it properly now! You candy-loving harlot! How easy it is to seduce you with merely wrapped candies! Taste this! Nik's holy jelly!"

Shen Xiu straddled Xue Yin's face, and her sweaty cheeks already held Xue Yin's nose while Shen Xiu's creamed cunt continued to be eaten by Xue Yin! And she loved it! It could be said that the continuous stream of Nik's treat had already cured her tastes and made her realize how low her standards were not only in men, previously, but even in gourmet delights!

"Hmm! Mo Ogghhh! rhe!"

Asami let out a toe-curling m.o.a.n was Nik's c.o.c.k bulged by a slight amount before filling her w.o.m.b pack by his seed once again! With this, even the continuous cycle of revitalization would become fatal for Asami and sensing the fact, Nik slowly let go of Asami as her c.u.m-soaked body hugged the already unconscious but super adorable Klas covered with Nik's seed. Once again, it slightly felt uncomfortable, but she had previously known the fact that Nik always cleans his 'plate' after finishing the meal. With this assurance, Asami slipped into her dream world.

Just like Asami predicted, once Nik continued to rut against Gojira for hours and finally vanquished his last foe of the night, instead of leaving, Nik made sure to clean everything and even shifting the girls to a new bed before destroying the already dirtied one. It was a fact, 90% of Nik's spatial ring was filled with beds as if they are disposable. Once he made sure that all the fluids have been properly drained into the sink at the left corner of the room, Nik didn't put clothes on them. Instead, he jumped into space in between the girls, with Gojira, Shen Xiu, and Xue Yin to his right and Asami and Klas to his left. For a moment, he thought of his ignorance and how he didn't even know his own 'servant's' name. This problem could be tackled with a single mind search, but Nik decided to ask her in the morning. He also needed to gather a detailed report on the Dark Guild and plan out his revenge in the cruelest manner possible.

The Demon Lord's surprise action against Nik had generated more losses than benefits. Not only Nik had to compensate Ray with [Siren's Call], a gold level item which could have sold for more than 59000 SO due to its slightly practical effects, Nik also had to mobilize the [Smite Token] while also losing his shotgun! That was the most prized item in his inventory, not because of its skill, but that type of gun genuinely made Nik feel happy and satisfied. Nik was not unfamiliar with firearms, and in fact, many forms of weapons even rolled within the System Market, but out of snipers, handguns, and stuff like that, only explosive arms like shotguns, missile launcher, grenade launcher, and the kind could kindle his gunpowder-instincts!

And the galls to break his first gun ever!

Nik had to exact revenge properly.

Unwilling to negative thoughts ruin the pleasant feeling of just having an orgy, Nik regained his composure and then brought out the slime Asmodeus and the sword Lilith. Both looked indignant, but Nik now grasped the truth of the situation. Aside from Sky, who only needed beast souls and, in fact, has already helped Nik quite a lot, he did not dare go easy on these two lazy s.l.u.ts. The moment they were brought out, they needed to refine the spirit rings of the items in the room that suited their demands with soft grumbles. Of course, they would grumble. They were corrupted to become like Nik lazy and s.l.u.tty. It was only now that Nik started to focus on his strengths and reinforce them while reducing his weaknesses.

With the matter of making these two lazy spirits work settled, Nik then continued to refine his individual spirit ring. He had already grasped the method described by Sky. The main factor of refining an individual spirit ring was to fuse his spiritual energy within his blood and then, after some time, remove the fused energy. Once Nik collected the volume of energy, it would be tainted with his blood, and then he could pull this energy within his spiritual world to refine it naturally. After a brief period, this new form of energy would completely be absorbed by his spiritual world. This would raise the quality of his spiritual world in Sky's words and also allow the growth of the spirits within this world to increase in pace.

Nik still didn't understand what benefits there were in raising the quality of the spiritual world or the milestones that noted the qualitative difference in the spiritual world. But Sky had already given him enough reasons to believe in her, and Nik did, too. The thing to note, however, was the incomparably high demand for talent to gain affinity with this form of energy. From the beginning, Nik either gained the affinities from his partners or continuous manipulation of a peculiar form of energy. But even after days of controlling this Blood-spiritual energy Nik still felt like he was far from even grasping the fundamental insight of manipulating this form of energy. Once all his priorities were trained, Nik then opened his eyes and checked his watch.

To keep a note of time, Nik brought a digital watch from his homeworld through inventory. Looking at it, he realized that more than 2 hours had already passed, and it was already getting close to training the girls.

'Oh, yeah,' Nik realized with a sigh. The girls were still in their expedition. They are scheduled to return tomorrow. The realization made Nik sigh before he turned his attention to the next priority.

[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of available talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc. for the host compiled. Please select.

Asami Sato

Talent: Physical Genius




Energy: 2




Element: Earth]

[Physical Genius: This talent allows the host to passively learn any form of the physical technique after a few minutes of observation. The effect of this talent is directly related to the foundation of the host. If the host has no previous skill set in regards to the one it currently wishes to glean insights from, then the time taken to learn the technique would grow higher.]

It wasn't even a tough choice. Asami's energy stat was higher than Nik's since the system didn't limit her. This was one of the reasons why Nik felt genuinely 'less' guilty even if he let his partners remain within the [Harem] in a comatose. At the very least, they won't be limited by the [Transmigration Paradise] and forced to venture into different worlds. For instance, if Gojira makes a contract, then all her stats would he instantly limited until she slowly ranks up. Why would Nik even inflict this kind of problem on his loved ones?

Instead, he was more than happy to become selfish and use the [Harem] to keep them safe while increasing his rank until he gains the right to bring allies even without the contract. Nik held a strange belief that this was a certain possibility!

Once Nik had gained the [Physical Genius], he brought another window in front of him and smiled.

[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of available talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc. for the host compiled. Please select.


Talent: Crystal Body







Skills: Crystal Shards, Cruel Gaze, Earth Devour.

Element: Crystal]

'So... I can learn the names from here, too... neat.'

Nik thought internally before looking at the element section. Crystal element sounded nice, but Nik wasn't willing to another workload on himself. Then, he gazed at Klas's skills and selected [Crystal shards] since [Cruel Gaze] was merely a low-level skill of mind control and [Earth Devour] allowed special crystal-men like Klas to eat stones and minerals aside from the rock they are formed from and sustain with slight difficulties. This skill had a basic condition for the host to be a crystal-men, so Nik gave up on it. Crystal Shards, meanwhile, allowed the user to summon shards of sharp crystals and surround the body in the form of collective offense and defense. This skill was placed within the skill pool before Nik glanced at her talent.

It merely described the natural bloodline advantage of Klas's species and hence, was incompatible with Nik.

Once this task was completed, Nik closed his eyes once again and decided to try the special boost of his skill [Pheromone Illusion] [Dream Master.]