Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 409

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 409 Dreams

"Oho! Miss, look at this!"

Old Kon smiled in delight while flinging his kitchen knife up as his Cloud Chief caught the blade and sliced the thick cocoon floating in front of a ravishing woman. The woman had thick eyelashes, healthy skin tone, mind-boggling curves, and wore clothes so tight that made Old Kon 'rise' in excitement.

Seeing from one perspective, Old Kon was actually showing his deepest foundation of cooking skills due to his infatuation with the beauty present in front of him. Old Kon's muddy eyes would shine up occasionally as the woman would smile and match her glimmering violet hues with him. But this was merely the perspective of Old Kon.

In front of him, from the perspective of a burly youth with tanned skin tone, chiseled jaws, and a pair of calm violet hues, only l.u.s.t could be seen. "It's official," Nik smiled as he learned and experienced the direct essence of the cooking skill that Old Kon prided himself in. "I am a Fatale, too." Nik crossed his arms, deeply aware of the fact that in front of Old Kon, it looked like the woman simply pushed her humongous b.r.e.a.s.ts up. This wasn't Nik's illusion. He simply traveled into Old Kon's dream and pulled out his cooking experiences. Previously, Old Kon was dreaming about his young grandchildren. Now, however, he found himself demonstrating his skills akin ensnared monkey. This curvaceous form wasn't Nik's doing either. This was the form that Old Kon was willing to expose his secrets to.

Using [Dream Master] was quite different from [Mind Control, Illusion, Carnal Desires]. The three forms of [Pheromone Illusion] actively utilized the pheromones acc.u.mulated within his blood. It was just that currently, the acc.u.mulation outclassed the expenditure by a huge margin and gave off a feeling of unlimited resources. But that wasn't the case. [Dream Master], however, expended his pheromones at a pace greater than ten times the usual amount. This expenditure is to infuse a qualitative change that combines all the three aspects of Pheromone Illusion Mind Control, Illusion, Carnal Desires through the catalyst Dream Master.

Old Kon showed all the three effects of Nik's basic skills in his dream. He was filled with l.u.s.t due to the natural illusion Nik's consciousness had to take, and under Nik's active mind control, the l.u.s.t apostle soon learned the essence of Old Kon's cooking style. But this barely concluded a part of his entire foundation since Old Kon had experience in identifying materials and innovate more techniques. Still, Nik did not linger for long. [Dream Master] was not an omnipotent skill, and once the thread of pheromones connecting the two consciousness is cut due to Nik's expenditure, his consciousness would be stranded within Old Kon's and his real body might even suffer severe backlashes.

So, Nik retreated promptly while Old Kon's dream shifted towards his grandkids once again. Just that he did not feel like entertaining his stupid, snotty grandchildren when he was already enjoying the buxom lady's company.

"Huff!" Nik opened his eyes within the room. In the corner, Lilith and Asmodeus continued to refine the spirit rings. Nik exhaled deeply. After becoming a l.u.s.t-attributed species for so long, it was easy to find out his current stock of pheromones, and just a single hour of [Dream Master] actually reduced his reserved by 60%! This was a volume that Nik had never expended in a short period.

"Well, I can train later," Nik muttered under his breath as he was still dazzled by the sheer thoughts of food and cooking techniques energies within him. This was the effect of learning Old Kon's cooking essence, and he needed to sleep and rest his mind to digest this gain. Not only that, but Nik also gained experience in manipulating the dreams and now felt a little assured that he could slowly chip away on Nie Li's advantage. With a satisfied smile, Nik slumped down and sprawled his legs over the thighs of the girls closest to him and spread his arms while Gojira and Asami soon snuggled up to his right and left chest.

After a few hours, however, Nik's sleep was interrupted as he groaned softly. He still loved sleeping despite the fact that his body could function for a few days without the act. He slowly tried to shift his arm up and rub his eyes but stopped the moment he felt a little sore. He was familiar with the feeling and knew that his arms had become a pillow while the sharp pain from his chest

Of course, Gojira is biting from the side with a satisfied smile as she drew more blood without even waking up. With a smile, Nik relished the sting and lowered her head to nuzzle his cheek against Gojira's head. Today's sleep finally made Nik recall the peace and content of sharing the bed and now felt even more languid. He closed his eyes once again while exhaling softly. His expression grew peaceful, and unknowingly, he fell into sleep once again. In fact, after waking up in the middle of sleep and then continuing it made Nik sink into the dreamworld even heavier than before and by the time he woke up, aside from Klas and Gojira still around him, wrapping their arms and straddling his thighs, Nik found none of the girls. Even Lilith and Asmodeus had retreated into his spiritual world to take care of the spirit egg.

With his forearms finally unoccupied, he slowly slithered closer to the ears of the duo and rubbed them as Gojira and Klas groaned simultaneously. "Wake up, you two." Nik smiled, but how could he not spoil the two girls? He played with their ears until their eyebrows scrunched up in irritation as they huffed. Gojira only rubbed her cheeks against Nik's chest, which was already hosting a rather infernal puddle of Gojira's saliva and his blood. Speechless, Nik manipulated the liquid away and then nudged Klas to wake up once again.

"Must... sleep!" Gojira groaned as Nik could only wonder how she was even managing her business. Gojira had already shown that she did not have such a mundane capability. Meanwhile, Klas finally got up and stretched her arms with a soft mewl. Her hair was different than ordinary humans, and even if they were soft, the strands were thicker than an a.d.u.l.t's thumbs and couldn't be counted on fingers. Even her morning hair looked strange and adorable.

She turned her head towards Nik. Instead of saying anything, she frowned and then hurriedly mobilized the screen of the [Transmigration Paradise]. Ordinarily, hosts cannot spy upon each other's screens, but Nik could easily look at Klas's screen that stated that her contract had been suspended temporarily due to her affiliation with Nik and all her progress of this world will be lost after she leaves this world. Seeing this, Nik's lips twitched while Klas sighed heavily and finally turned to Nik and gazed into his violent hues before stammering awkwardly.

"M-master... good day."

Nik nodded and then smiled, "We have a long time in this world, so let's try to get to know each other." Nik didn't even want to hear the sheer shamelessness in his statement. Klas was rightfully his now. She tried to attack him, she tried to kill and once lost, she completely fell into Nik's palms. And he wasn't simply going to expect that she would be all right by the fact or he would ignore her deeds. That is how relationsh.i.p.s are forged based on past interactions. Even if the two didn't start out in the best manner, Nik had a great tool to fix the relationship between opposing gender.


Klas sighed while recalling the night's deed. Feeling powerless, her n.a.k.e.d body slumped down on the bed once again with a weak groan. She didn't feel like moving just yet!

"Anyway, do take appropriate rest. I'll be meeting you after my lectures are concluded."

Nik whispered and leaned down to peck the still-slumbering Gojira. Truly, she may be classified as the laziest person in the estate presently. Feeling Klas's gaze turning towards him due to the tender affection that Gojira received, Nik chuckled and slowly scooched out of bed. He still had 30 minutes remaining before the classes began, and he started wearing clothes. As for Klas, he completely ignored her large puppy eyes demanding a loving peck on her cheek, too quite reluctantly, at that. But Nik knew that spoiling the woman who had motives for your life three days before may not be the most productive of acts.

Klas needed to slowly digest the facts while Nik continued to solidify his control over her. And the realization that he did not feel even an ounce of guilt while manipulating his partners to create a cordial environment made Nik exhale deeply. At least, he now saved himself from one lane of guilt.

Once Nik walked up, he found Asami, Xue Yin, and Shen Xiu over the dining table. The moment Asami looked at Nik, she smiled and pointed at the plates covered with delicious meals. "We are going to get late. Hurry up, will you."

Nik grinned, seeing the trio fully dressed. "Did you guys sleep well?"

He walked over the table and sat on the chair with most dishes in front and instantly picked the 'light' ground crab to start his day with.

"Well, sleeping with you felt nice."

Shen Xiu admitted while Xue Yin blushed as she stammered.

"I-I also threw away all those candies... no point in keeping them."

Hearing her, Nik's expression paled. The five jars of candy he gave to Xue Yin yesterday were one of his prized collection. He could understand that Xue Yin 'enjoyed' his taste better than the candy's, but she could have returned the jars to Nik, right? It's not like Nik could substitute the jellies with his own c.u.m...

Seeing Nik, Xue Yin smiled before bursting into a fit of giggles. "Oh, Nik. Appreciate the humor... isn't this what they call a 'practical' prank in your homeworld?"

Xue Yin inquired while Nik silently crushed the thin crust of crab and snorted softly.

"That wasn't funny."

"It was."

The trio spoke simultaneously before smiling towards each other.

"Nik should accompany us to sleep more often..."

Xue Yin suddenly demanded while the other two nodded.

"I was thinking the same," Nik smiled. He would just train his girls at night and then give them room in the estate itself. Just one night of peaceful sleep with the group made Nik realize how hectic his life was slowly turning into.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Xue, I'll be bringing you into the consciousness pool once you are free from your research. Be sure to contact me, all right?"

Nik stated while placing the empty plate away and finally attracting the trio's attention when did he finish a skull-sized crab in a few seconds?