Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 410

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 410 Doubts

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The apprentice students were practicing the foundational technique. After getting accustomed to Nik's techniques, not only all the students, but even the teachers practicing the technique found themselves growing healthier by the day. By now, the students were proficient enough to practice without many mistakes, but there was still quite a distance left from the eloquence Nik expects the students to reach. As the kids trained, Nik also pulled a part of consciousness into studying [Tome of Battle].

Previously, Nik could only focus on one aspect of training while leaving the other aspects to his subconscious after relentless training, but now, with [Multi-task], Nik could divide his consciousness in ease. This way, he kept an eye on the training so that he wouldn't potentially neglect any unforeseen accident while trying to crack the later parts of the [Tome of Battle]. Once again, Nik reviewed all the martial arts techniques and philosophies that contained hints of myriad intents before shifting his attention to the latter part of the tome.

"The first part contains all the physical techniques that have been incorporated into [Battle Arts], but the latter techniques are not simply restricted due to condition of affinities..."

The meeting with Kaal had allowed Nik to become suspicious of the seemingly casual moves of the strongest of people. Khooni, his father from the previous lifetime, had restricted the [Battle Arts] in some form that forced Nik to use skill points to level it up or by now, Nik might have even mastered intents hidden in his martial techniques. Next, Nik had now grown suspicious of Mirage's and Nirdai's motives, too. He didn't express them but the act of not even being interested in the technique that the third onahole could present already spoke louder than words. Nik had even stopped bringing out Mirage's and Carla's versions of onaholes because he was afraid of getting affected by the Prime Succubus in a way he couldn't even identify.

In fact, it was Nirdai's actions that puzzled Nik. After allowing him to surpass the tribulation and breaking off from the Incubus lineage, Nirdai might have lost all his handle on Nik. But deep down, whenever Nik recalled the flash of caution on Kaal's expression when he discussed Nirdai, Nik once again felt that things weren't so easy, after all. Finally, as if these hidden troubles weren't significant enough, Nik now felt a headache whenever he thought of another bloodline source within his inventory Battle Seraphim.

Once Nik became a L.u.s.t Apostle, he also became the one who eradicated the last traces of Prime Incubus from the multiverse. This made him eligible to receive the reward from the 'mighty' Supreme Seraphim. The rewards were Tome of Battle, Bloodline origin of Battle Seraphim, Invitation to Holy Society, Smite Token, Valkyrie Art, and a Diamond Medallion.

From Diamond Medallion, Nik then gained a World Key that would allow him to mark a unique world's coordinates and then assist him in returning to this world.

Aside from Tome of Battle, Nik only used his Smite Token just recently. And now, he secretly felt glad by his own laziness. Now that he knew what kind of person Supreme Seraphim really is, Nik was able to think from his mindset. If Nik was a million-year-old man who still rubbed one out to body pillows while naming them the fabled Holy Mother of the [Holy Paradise], would he even allow a third party to gain an advantage of his lineage's legacy?

If the bloodline and the holy tome of cultivation alongside the mystic Valkyrie Art was not a juicy piece of legacy, then what was? Now that Kaal's existence had cleared many misconceptions of his mind, Nik focused on the latter part of the Tome and found that the real reason he couldn't develop the energy systems described wasn't due to his affinities, but his bloodline.

It was as if the Tome wanted Nik to absorb the bloodline provided by the Supreme Seraphim. This made Nik store all this wealth within his inventory with frustration. These gifts were too valuable to be sold but too dangerous and suspicious to be used. With a deep sigh, Nik pulled his mind from the tome and focused on his own body. After one year within the harsh, lonely world, Nik is now able even to control the involuntary actions of his body if he focused. First, he creeped the students out by not blinking for more than 2 minutes and only stopped when his eyes felt a little dry.

This was quite an accomplishment in Nik's mind, too. Now that he can control these involuntary actions, that meant if he truly focused on the infused movements of his [Battle Arts], he may gain a deeper insight into his techniques. But this was only a thought, Nik still needed to experiment.

Once Nik was free from the apprentice class, he went on to teach the remaining four classes and then finally ascended the Library with a wide grin. Who doesn't wish to chat with a goddess? Well, Nik's ambitions pushed him farther than a mere chat, but every goal is achieved step-by-step.

"You are here again..." Samya commented softly as she kept her back straight, which only made her plump b.r.e.a.s.ts more prominent! Her eyes were still blindfolded with a clothe so Nik couldn't guess what Samya 'looked.'

"I remember saying that I'll come by daily."

Nik smiled and floated around Samya once again. Though tall, the fallen goddess still fell short to Nik's height, so he simply sat beside her with his legs crossed. It was a novel feeling to float in a sitting position, and today, Nik finally thought of trying to sleep on the clouds... surely, he has enough capabilities to achieve it. All that needs to be tested is the experience!

"So? You never told me what the realm of gods is like? Do the unicorns fart rainbows?"

The earnest expression on Nik's face made Samya hesitant. Did Nik really want to learn about this fact? There are multiple kaleidoscopic beast gods in the Draconic Ruins, but...

"There have been a few unicorns, but none of them are attributed to rainbows, if that is what you are asking."

"Oh," Nik pursed his lips in a sigh. Since he already felt an incomparable heartache by leaving Ignit within the world of elementals, Nik had already stopped spoiling lovable pets. He would rather be alone than attaching himself to a few darlings that will be forced to remain here...

'Maybe I can bring them in my [Harem]. By now, the restriction of only partners being able to enter the [Harem] has long since lifted...' Nik hesitated internally, but he still let his imagination run wild and inquired with an excited expression, "Then what about flying spiders, tiny koalas, and what types of horses are there? Oh, and salamanders!"

Samya's lips twitched as she thought for a while.

"I never... tried to find a large spider but have heard of many. Meanwhile, Koalas do not exist in the realm of gods. And by salamanders, do you mean dragons? Then yes, they do exist, but these dragons are very rare."

Nik, who had grown accustomed to the norms of his homeworld, pressed a mental 'F' for the Koalas and then nodded.

"What about the horses?"

He asked once again as Samya coughed softly.

"Did you only come to chat about animals?"

Since she didn't trust Nik and had lived longer than him, she felt that this talk about beasts was merely a method of lower her guard. Alas, Nik did come to learn everything about the cute pets he could gain in the realm of gods... well, once he gets stronger, and instantly nodded.

"Of course. It's a shame that I wouldn't find any Koalas there. They are cute."

Nik muttered in distress as Samya felt a little cold. Now, either Nik was genuine, or his acting was really great. In reality, it was both. But, Nik wasn't trying to act this time while Samya continued to probe Nik's intentions.

"How we talk about something else? I am a goddess, you know. The techniques I can teach you"


Nik snorted. Technique this, technique that. If he was truly that hungry of power, wouldn't he have used the exotic skill to get Gojira's talent Might, too, while also learning the skills from other girls? "Can we not talk about the techniques? My head already grows stale after discussing this with the students. That's right, recite some of the mythic tales of your world!"

Nik grinned, "And if possible, I don't need to hear the tales of men. Awesome women are all I need to learn about! I am sure you won't sing your own tale despite being a goddess, so you must have known other female goddesses, too, right?"

How a moment, crisp breeze blew in the silent surroundings as Samya took a deep gulp. She thought for a while and then nodded.

"Sure, I'll tell you about the strongest goddess of Fire in our realm Yu Yan."


Nik nodded and took out a few snacks from his inventory and let them float in front of him. A bag of fries and beer was already in his hands as Samya took a moment to realize that these dishes are a new discovery for her. She didn't pursue the origins of the floating snacks and began the story.

"The gods and goddesses were originally residents of this world who surpassed the tribulation of this realm and ascended. In essence, gods are merely stronger human beings, and beast gods are stronger beasts. We can have... kids. We can populate just like the mortals." Previously, Samya didn't wish to detail this to Nik, but she still continued regardless, "Even I am one of the descendants born in the Realm of Gods... we call it Draconic Ruins. But still, in Draconic Ruins, there is an existence that is stranger than us the beast/humans gods and goddesses."

Nik didn't interrupt once Samya grew silent and recollected instances of her good comrade's life.

"Yu Yan... she merely had a human appearance. But in reality, she descended to the world in a meteor shower. A strong village elder near one of the craters found her and took care of her until Yu Yan grew and demonstrated her peerless talent in the element of fire. She was even somewhat like you being able to defeat spirit masters without any spirit ring... well, you can be said to have surpassed Yu Yan in this aspect."

Samya sighed, "Yu Yan's life wasn't a tough one that a god usually face. She casually became a goddess, a strong one at that, and gained the greatest merits in the untimely war. Well, I know you asked for a mythical tale, but to my generation, Yu Yan was a living legend."

Samya smiled softly as Nik shook his head.

"No, it's all right. Anyway, this Yu Yan. What was she like? It is hard to understand a true myth... but since you know Yu Yan. Can you describe her personality?"


Samya chuckled for the first time. "She was an arrogant one, all right. Smacking gods and goddesses that didn't suit her eyes while establishing her shrines on the territories of the divinities stronger than her. In fact, aside from her caretaker, she only let a few close friends talk to her with a straight gaze."

"So, you were a friend of hers?"

Nik inquired in curiosity as Samya nodded.

"In a way."

Nik nodded and then pulled out two beer cans and a pack of fries before placing them in front of Samya.

"I don't know if you get hungry or not, but if you feel like trying something new, then you can taste them."

Before leaving, Nik thanked Samya for the tale and continued to teach her how to open a beer can else she might crush the whole can.

Once he left, Samya continued to look at the 'offerings' for hours as she pondered over Nik's intentions of sharing these with her. What if the materials were poisoned? Nik, of course, didn't know it, but if he did, he would have taken them away without a hint of hesitation. Why would he let his beer cans remain under the suspicion of being poisoned? They were great!