Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 411

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 411 Perfect Gangbang

Nik and Asami moved while chatting casually. Xue Yin had already called out on Nik the moment she took a break from her research, and since Nik was already free, the duo decided to eat lunch within the estate itself. Strolling through the institute's infrastructure, they greeted other teachers. A few more enthusiastic than others. While the teachers still contained their basic sensibility to not stretch their claws towards the students, credits to Nik, they grew bolder amongst themselves.

The teachers had stopped wooing their preferred partners, after hours of physical comparability 'tests,' through poems and refined culture, but grew more direct. The courageous one would win the female teacher's heart, and since the couple had already taken part in a rather massive orgy, they would grow to trust each other better. Well, although Nik orchestrated this unintentionally while just using the teachers as a chance to level his skill up, he still did not want any part of their twisted logic and, after a brief greeting, would leave alongside Asami.

Across the gates, however, a petite figure with a curvaceous lower body and the top of her head covered with a hood could be seen with her arms within the strange pouches cut into the slightly tight pants. Seeing her, Nik and Asami exchanged glances. Stepping forward, Nik tilted his head slightly and inquired the first host of a paradise to hook up with him.

"Klas, did something happen?"

The emerald-eyed woman turned towards Nik with an impassive expression, just like Nik expected. Since Nik didn't touch Klas's core belief and ideology, the morning's embarrassment, and sweetness, though real, was uncharacteristic. Nik recalled the first impression Klas left on him when they arrived in this world Cool and Collected. So what if Klas felt a little excited after the session? If she didn't, then Nik would have felt depressed.

Similarly, so what if Klas regained her composure? If she didn't, then it would have been a blemish to her stature of being a guild member of Absolute. Absolute alongside a countable few guilds dominated the [Transmigration Paradise]. Their members would be nothing but cold survivors who know how to accomplish their tasks. Encountering peace-loving beasts such as Nik was what the term unforeseen risk is all about.

"I" Calm, she may have been, however, once Nik stood in front of her, Klas felt her own thoughts slipping away. Clenching her jaws and taking a deep breath, Klas finally whispered.

"I am here to pick master."

Klas felt no remorse for her guildmate. The only thing she felt sad about was the fact that she had allowed her teammate and recruits to die. As the leader of this expedition, the loss she would face is plenty. But, since things have already turned bleak for her, why cannot Klas turn and look for another source of protection? Nik was willing to accept her, he showed her a good time, and finally, strength speaks louder than affection.

Klas didn't believe in true love. She believed in strength. A couple might love each other, but in the next moment, a group of bandits might as well **** them and leave them in their filth. Could the couple love each other with a pure heart again? No. Instead, the scar of the bandits' strength would remain on them.


Klas looked up and matched Nik's violet hues. It would take a little time to submit, both of them knew this, but since Klas took the initiative, she successfully showed her sincerity and managed to carve a path into Nik's life.

'Woah... this girl is the real deal.'

Asami's words echoed within Nik's consciousness as he nodded with a smile. His gaze narrowed, and he leaned down slightly with his large palm landing on top of Klas's head and stroking it softly.

"How thoughtful. Thanks."

Nik grinned.


While Nik, Asami, and Klas returned to the estate to have a tummy-rounding meal, the atmosphere was nothing but chaos in the City Lord's Mansion.

The guards were already whispering amongst themselves regarding the 'young master's' accident and how the Snow Wind Family lost an elder. This news seriously affected the Snow Wind Family's status, and with the Sacred Family gone and the balance of power chaotic, the Divine Family soon started preparing for schemes to gain the best of this situation. Alas, this 'jubilant' news didn't last for long when a group of students returned to the City and announced that a duskgold dreadclaw bear attacked the expedition that Chen Linjian arranged secretly. At once, all the family heads with their kids within the expedition paled.

From the Snow Wind Family and others, rank 4 and Rank 3 Spirit Masters quickly grouped intending to rescue their family's youth.

On the other hand, with all the clamor, Shen Xiu, who could be said to have the internal knowledge about the expedition from Nik/Lanruo, used this moment of panic and fl.u.s.ter to contact many dissatisfied service members and traders under these families and make a bold move to bring all of them under the first trading conglomerate The Glory Center!


Ye Zong sat at the injured Ye Han's side with an anxious expression. Ye Han had almost died due to an encounter with a strong spirit beast that seemingly sent Ye Han to temporary amnesia. Meanwhile, with Ye Lin's status unknown, Ye Zong instantly thought of the worst, and now, after learning that Yun'er is in grave danger, he simply couldn't sit still. But what else could he do?

Ye Zong didn't dare leave the city due to him being the only force who could defend against any unknown risk... no, at this moment, Ye Zong finally realized he wasn't the strongest. He had already been defeated with strength so one-sided that he couldn't even move after a few minutes of battle.

"F-father... please don't exhaust yourself."

Ye Han's eyes were barely open by a slit as he pleaded softly. His voice made Ye Zong shudder as the tough middle-aged man patted Ye Han's forehead and shook his head.

"I won't. You shouldn't speak at this moment. Your neck is injured."

Silently, Ye Han nodded before closing his eyes.

'Hmm... my skill actively drains my spiritual energy. Should I use a bit of eye-mouth wonder powder? To infiltrate, I have already spent quite a sum.'

'Ye Han' thought internally before rejecting the notion.

'Ye Zong would leave after I act into sleeping. Though mourning, a City Lord's tasks are continuous. Now, the officials would pressure him further, hehehe... soon, I'll meet the new Demon Lord... soon!'


Right now, Nik and Xue Yin stood within a lavish apartment. The floor was furnished with smooth carpets, and the azure curtains blocked the sunlight.

Extending her palm, Xue Yin could actually 'feel' the warmth from light.

"Amazing," she whispered. "This is a consciousness realm... but it feels so real."

Xue Yin's eyes glowed as Nik smiled.

"I got the hang of it after a lot of time. This is a consciousness pool that instantly integrates the senses of every person connected to it. The warmth you and I would receive from the same amount of 'sunlight' would be based on the temperature we wish to feel."

Nik smiled. The two of them were within the consciousness pool. In the previous world, Nik was quite frustrated by the fact that the others might not be able to share the sense of taste, smell, and touch, but once he thought over this issue during his year-long hermit life, he realized that his worries were unfounded.

This world is supposed to be a collective pool of consciousness that shares their sense in real-time. Nik isn't the only one sharing; the other girls that would enter this world would also share their senses. The only reason Nik brought Xue Yin here was to assist her in developing a central city within the consciousness world and then connect the consciousness of all his partners so that he could accompany them at the same time!

Since he can't bring them out of the [Harem] in real life, he would do his best to accompany each of his partners in this leisure world. The best part was...

The moment Xue Yin turned, she gasped in amazement as two seven 'Niks' stood with a smug smile.

"My consciousness is separated at the same time. I can only maintain 8 separate consciousness with one controlling the main body. This way, I can integrate the experience with all of you at the same time while enjoying myself."

Nik smiled as the seven bodies fused into one.

"This way... doesn't this mean that in this world, we all get our personal Nik?"

Xue Yin inquired with extremely bright eyes while Nik grinned, "I will be at your service in every moment. In the real world, I'll study with you, and in this world, we all can share each other's culture and entertainment."

This was Nik's main objective. To create a small base and spark up the fusion of cultures while different partners will set up various structures around the city based on their taste. Nik also remembered Kurumi's thirst to join the adventure and got his inspiration from her. This way, whenever Kurumi, Mitsuko, or anyone else is free, they can enter the consciousness pool and meet up with Nik.


Xue Yin suddenly whispered with a worried expression, "Isn't it pushing yourself too much?"

Being a master inscriptionist, Xue Yin could only imagine the strain on Nik's mental energy and how much this arrangement would exhaust him. She was, in reality, thrilled and felt her selfishness more than satisfied by the prospect of her personal Nik, but she simultaneously felt terrible.

"Don't worry."

Nik grinned and stepped forward and planted a soft kiss on Xue Yin's forehead. "Just like you, I feel more than excited by being with everyone at the same time... well, seven of you..."

"But this number will increase! Believe it!"

Nik picked Xue Yin from her waist, making her yelp by the sheer 'reality' of the feeling as he rotated her in his arms.

"But, my little architect, why don't we try this out."

Nik jumped onto the most fluffy bed he could have ever imagined and hugged Xue Yin tightly as she giggled brightly. Soon, however, an expression of fright and horror appeared over her face.

"S-seven Nik for me?!"

She squealed with widened eyes as seven Niks looked at each other. The one beneath Xue Yin kissed her cheeks while the other six shuffled out of their clothes with a dirty grin.


"Hmm~ Naughty!"

Xue Yin mumbled under her breath with a beautiful smile as she lay her head over the work table. Meanwhile, Nik stroked her hair with a warm expression. Just like he imagined, with seven different points of views and senses, the feeling Nik wasn't additive but multiplicative. Internally, he feared what would happen if the number increased, but at the moment, his breathing grew ragged. Even for him, this was a little over the top.

In the absence of [Multi-task], Nik could only forget about such an experience, and even now, his head felt like exploding!

Exhaling deeply, Nik leaned back on the chair while closing his eyes. His consciousness was burning with l.u.s.t, and his body soon started to feel it. The situation was controlled with [Body Manipulation], but Nik estimated that the control over his boner wouldn't last longer than two days if he finds himself in a dry spell.

"F.u.c.k," Nik whispered with a deep flush on his cheeks. This was an expression that he never revealed to anyone. "I need to... oh, yeah, there should be spirit bones for the skull that supposedly increases mental attributes. I should find one of those soon."

Nik barely closed his eyes when Shen Xiu's message woke him up, and the contents weren't appealing at all.

"I'll be going, my candy bimbo... just get better at blowjobs. You'll have plenty of training now!"

Nik smiled and leaned down to peck Xue Yin's forehead. The master inscriptionist purred softly while enjoying her first session with multiple Niks. Of course, while only a single one plowed, the others tended to her body. If they went full 'power' on Xue Yin right from the start, losing her mind was not an impossibility.