Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 412

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 412 Endless Trump Cards

In front of the uninvited guest, Shen Xiu sat straight with her gaze, scrutinizing the person sitting in front of her. Shaggy brown hair that almost covered the half-lidded, darkened eyes with an equally unkempt beard on his round face that reached his abdomen. He wore a plain robe with edges crumbled and sandals that showed the man's rough feet. This person was none other than the Gin Family's patriarch, who jumped into the carriage to rop Nik back into the family.

"Lord Gin, what brings you here?"

Shen Xiu inquired as the maids placed tea and snacks in front of them before serving. Seeing the cups of tea, Gin Bai frowned for a moment before he parted his lips to expose his yellowish teeth.

"I wish to meet my unfilial descendant!"

His tone was slightly thuggish. This made Shen Xiu raise her brows momentarily, but she stayed quiet in the end. Nik's fake identity couldn't be more 'real.' Everyone with a little bit of investigation would find that what Nik said about him being a part of Gin Family is actually true, and he left the family out of various reasons. Of course, as long as the 'young' Nik didn't use the family name, the Gin Family itself would ignore Nik. But... is it easy to ignore Nik now?

With a battle strength so high and a dual spirit talent?

Of course, not!

Even a drunkard who spent a significant portion of his life brewing delicious wine would know that Nik was someone who should he pulled in. But, Gin Bai was the patriarch, after all. Nik left the family and grew strong without helping the family out. He had to show a tough stance and try to use ancestry to pull Nik back into the Gin Family.

"Oh, unfilial?"

Gin suddenly felt a massive pressure over his body that almost made him fall down the couch as the amused tone continued, "I can spend some time with all the women in the family and show how filial l am, you know. I'll pioneer an entire generation of the family for you, is that enough?"

Nik smiled as he looked at the unkempt middle-aged man who called him unfilial.

Unfilial! Nik?

Heck, he now has a memory of f.u.c.k.i.n.g his own mother! If this isn't filial, what is?


"Very nice!"

Gojira commented in satisfaction as she looked at the board of her bathhouse. The bathhouse was already a strange concept that Gojira brought in with the wish of creating a culture that she used to enjoy as a monster. Previously, many people were afraid of getting peaked at, but once the commoners came in groups and enjoyed the bath, they practically became hooked!

Right now, the exterior was modified to give her bathhouse an ancient charm while the insignia of the Glory Center could be seen etched on the left pillar of the bathhouse. That's right, yesterday, before Shen Xiu made any move, Gojira had already approached her, intending to settle her business under her center's name. Of course, this Empress was overbearing and instantly demanded Shen Xiu not only to supply the employees but also to keep all the profits of this venture for herself.

Needless to say, Shen Xiu agreed. She didn't care for the minor profit, but with Gojira, a popular business owner, joining with the Glory Center, it became easy for many to create thoughts of joining, too. And today, Shen Xiu turned her losses into gains by sending 58 partnership contracts out, and 52 of them were already signed! With just this, the Glory Center would hole more than 67% share of the total market of the western region of the City!

"Hmm, this entire place has been turned into a business property... I don't like sleeping here, too."

Gojira muttered, then without a hint of hesitation, she turned on her heels and went on her merry way. This business was simply a means to an end. Recklessness faded when Gojira decided to take care of Ryu'er in her early years and to establish this business, she worked hard. Now that Gojira could earn without even lifting a finger, she would obviously turn to the most enticing thing in her life.


According to him, there was already some sort of stage being set where all his partners could interact. The person Gojira was most interested in, however, was the woman bearing Nik's child. She needed to meet her at least once!

"Oh, I should probably tell Ryu'er about Nik being worthy... she still has to grow and mate, after all."

Gojira mumbled while rubbing her chin in a sage-like manner while walking towards the Sacred Family's estate.


The backyard of the Sacred Family's estate was quite large. Right beside the backdoor of the mansion, Klas stood with her chest heaving as her gaze remained fixed on the muscular youth with a slightly thick frame. There was not a speck of dust on his face, and yet, Gin Bai remained kneeling in front of him while clutching his stomach and vomiting blood. In every sense, Klas still had to understand Nik's true might since she had fallen unconscious in the previous battle. Gin Bai alone should have the strength to defeat her and the partner she arrived with. This was the pure terror of an open-ranked world.

Behind the calm scenery, myriad dangers lie.

'Is he really... rank 1?'

Klas questioned herself internally. This was the might needed to survive within an open-ranked world without any fears. While the emerald crystal-men gulped, Asami and Shen Xiu stood with a few inches of distance between them.

"Did Nik really say that he should be given all the women?"

Asami inquired in amus.e.m.e.nt as she gazed at Gin Bai's face filled with hatred and shock.

"Nik just wanted to prove his fealty..."

Shen Xiu muttered as she sighed heavily. After taking the matters of the family in her own hands, Shen Xiu barely had enough time to cultivate. Now that she had reached a bottleneck of rank 30, Shen Xiu needed to absorb a spirit ring and successfully breakthrough to rank 31, becoming a proper Rank 3 spirit master.

In fact, Asami was in the same rank. Her slightly less talents limited her in the department of cultivating spiritual energy, but she soon found that today, her situation grew better by a tiny margin. Anyway, her martial spirit seeker was slightly special and would need strange spirit monsters. She already had a list of various spirit beasts that are good in detection. Now, all she needed to do was cultivate and quickly reach rank 30.

"Kuaah! You damn"

Gin Bai gritted his teeth, but Nik only glanced at the fallen opponent before pressuring him further. Gin Bai left an unsavory impression over Nik, and the apostle couldn't care if this family head lost all his face.

"Speak carefully. Do you want your kids to be fatherless and wife to become widows?"

Nik whispered as a look of rage flashed across Gin Bai's face. But finally, he kept his quiet. Out of all the middle-level aristocracies, Gin Family was only ordinary in strength. Now that Nik was attached to Huyan Family, Gin Bai wanted to make use of Nik only to have his face trampled on the ground. What injustice!

After the short bout of rage, Gin Bai felt sad and fearful. How could a person even become this strong without using any spirit?

Unfair! Truly unfair!

Seeing Gin Bai turning silent, Nik finally exhaled and gestured a few maids to help him up and send him off. This time, not even Shen Xiu made any move since Gin Bai already had the intention of returning to his family and focus on brewing wine wholeheartedly. It was such a long time since he wanted to step into the political games of the city, but now, his first move had already led his untimely defeat.

Meanwhile, within the living room, a single part of Nik chatted with Shen Xiu and Asami while Klas stood behind Nik with her eyes closed. The other half of his consciousness was already helping Xue Yin building a neat city with as much entertainment service he could think of. The central city would be a hub of interaction while each of his partners could develop a center of their own to showcase their world's specialties. In fact, Nik might just ask the girls to create these centers in batches, and the group would consist of the girls from that particular world.

"Huff~ It is now getting tiring."

Shen Xiu lamented while producing multiple letters.

"After erecting the building for the Glory Center, I have been receiving all sorts of invitations."

Shen Xiu mumbled as she looked at the sheer size of the letters in disgust. Meanwhile, Nik and Asami could only shrug.

"Xiu... can you add a special event on the opening of the center? Me battling all the remaining undefeated family heads."

Nik inquired. This idea has been roaming within his mind for quite some time. If Shen Xiu can arrange it, then Nik can defeat all of the family heads in a single day. This would save him a lot of effort.

Hearing Nik's suggestions, the three girls looked at him abnormally. But Nik simply smiled. His request may be the epitome of laziness and arrogance, but he wanted to try this out. Even if he cannot defeat all of the family heads, he could at least complete the side quest by 70-80%. Not to mention the fact that Nik's challenge might even increase the excitement for the openings ceremony.

After considering this matter from the rational mindset, Shen Xiu finally nodded and smiled.

"This is good. Hehe," she giggled with ill intentions before continuing, "Now, I can finally suppress those patriarchs into cooperation."

"Where is Xue Yin?"

Asami inquired as Nik detailed on his plans to the trio.

Once they heard this, Klas's expression changed as she couldn't help but speak up.

"Master... aside from senses, have you tried to share your experience?"

Nik leaned back and pushed his head over the edge of the couch to look back as he smiled, "What do you mean?"

Klas matched Nik's gaze by leaning down and stating truthfully.

"If your words are to the point... then can you think what can happen if all of your partners openly share their techniques and create a wide base of information regarding all the paths in the multiverse?"

While Asami and Shen Xiu frowned in confusion, Nik understood Klas's words entirely, and his body shuddered for a moment.

Continuing Klas's line of thought, it wouldn't merely be sharing. But, this pool of information would act as a base to the innovation of other techniques that might not even be present in the multiverse!

What does this mean? Having methods that none could deal with?

Endless trump cards!

Nik finally couldn't help but reward the sincere maid with a pull if her hand and bringing her down for a slow kiss with his tongue sucking and ravaging her mouth. A soft blush touched Klas's face, but she soon regained her composure and stepped back dutifully atter Nik was done. Once she had an appropriate distance, Klas didn't forget to look towards the stunned Shen Xiu and Asami to lick the trail of drool that wasn't green and smiled softly.

Being Nik's maid did not mean becoming a servant to others. And deep down, Nik appreciated this fact from Klas.

All he had to do was quickly find a maid costume for Klas, a miniskirt-type, instead of the dark clothes she currently sported.